Caribbean Airlinesmy flight reservation

K Dec 09, 2019

I have called Caribbean airlines 3 Times already and each time spent over 1 hour waiting for a customer
Service representative. Upon speaking with customer service who was not only dismissive but carried a negative demeanor each time, I was completely dissatisfied with the customer service. I was calling to find out what accommodations could be made for my fiancé wedding dress as we chose Caribbean airlines to fly with for our upcoming wedding. I got a different answer each time and no guarantees for anything. Delta and Jet Blue who also fly to Jamaica make accommodations for brides who are traveling with their airlines. Caribbean airlines customer service acted as if we were begging for a favor. We are considering taking the loss and booking with delta or Jet Blue for our wedding. As we are not confident our that our travel for our wedding will be up to par as it would with other airlines who make it easier. The customer service automated system needs work and is very tedious.

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