Caribbean Airlinesmissing items from luggages (vhadsila silas) and my mother-in-law basmatee raghunandan

V Aug 02, 2018

On July 17, 2018, we boarded Flight BW527 at JFK airport to Cheddi Jagan Airport, when we reached home some items was missing from our luggages, 2 bottles of mouthwash from each of our luggages and some other items. Also one of my luggage was damage a long rip in front, I can't used it anymore.

On July, 28, 2018, we boarded Flight BW726, from Cheddi Jagan Airport to JFK Airport, we were given seat #26B and 25 B, all the way at the back of the plane, my mother-in-law is 84 yrs old, we were seated next to the toilet which smells very badly, our flight was disgusting and very unpleasant,

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