Caribbean Airlinesdelay of flight #bw10 on 17 july 2018

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Please be advised that we booked a Business Class flight # BW10 departing from JFK to MBJ on July 17 2018 . The flight was scheduled to depart at 7:15 am and arrive at MBJ at 10;10 am. Upon our arrival at the CA departure at JFK we were informed that there is a delay on the flight due to mechanical issues and being reschedule to depart at 3:30 pm. However it came past 3:30 and the attendant could not give an updated answer, we and others waited without being told what the decision is until approximately 4:30 we were informed that the flight is due to depart soon.
We probably lift off about 6:30 pm and arrived at MBJ after 9 pm. We missed our ride to the Hotel and consequently arrived at our Hotel ( The Grand Palladium) approximately 11 pm, at which time every restaurant was closed and we had to accept an inadequate room due to the delay. having lost of an entire day of our vacation, we had to booked an additional night that costs us in addition to all teke other incurred costs an additional$350, 00.
We are interested to know what compensation will caribbean Air offer us for this dlemmna and for us to be continued customers, this was not our fisrt flight and we would like to know if the CA will make it our last.

Thanks kindly for your consideraton on this matter.
Jay T.Budhu & Paulette R. Budhu MWPHJT


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    Petra King Aug 24, 2018

    my daughter and i arrived at Piarco airport on the 21st August 2018 around 12.30pm her flight was 2.25pm BW1526 at the counter we were told of a delay in flight the agent had problem reading her itinerary she could not find the ticket number I showed her the booking ref. since I know once you punch it in the computer the itinerary will come daughter was booked in she was told her flight was at 4.00pm I told the agent that her connecting flight was at 6.15pm. my daughter check in before 4.00pm I left the airport only to be contact by my daughter at6.02pm telling me that she was told that she was not booked in on the connecting flight and that she will have to rebook or contact British Airways and the agent left I had to contact someone in Tobago to go to the airport and see what was taking place the person got there after 7.00pm my daughter still being at the airport flight already left. I need answers because if they are saying that they were looking for her, she was travelling alone her ticket was confirmed how now I am hearing that she was with a group who were they looking for, do they know what she looks like isn't there a PA system that is used to notify passengers was this used. I am sure if she had contraband in her luggage she would of been found. I rest my case ticket#125-8775890123 MISS JONELLE KENISHA KEFIRA-KING a name to remembered etched in Caribbean airline minds a birthday present ruin 1711.00 USD down the drain because of human error but I work in the oil and gas industry and when human error are not address look out the big one is coming

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