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+971 44 405 222(Dubai, UAE) 95 66
+962 65 001 622(Amman, Jordan) 41 36
+20 238 272 828(Cairo, Egypt) 64 45
+974 800 0097(Doha, Qatar) 50 39
+92 42 111 227 336(Islamabad, Pakistan) 1549 688
+966 920 033 786(Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) 94 49
+92 21 111 227 336(Karachi, Pakistan) 742 306
+971 44 405 222(Kuwait & Sharjah) 61 44
+92 42 111 227 336(Lahore, Pakistan) 1549 688
+973 16 198 927(Manama, Bahrain) 41 38
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Careem Networks Complaints & Reviews

Careem Networks / Careem

Jun 15, 2019

Yesterday i booked ride from monal to parking of trail 3. I use to hike towards monal in the evening and take ride of careem downhill. Usually the bill hovers between 300-450 depending on the peak factor and car. Yesterday, me and my friend reached monal around 7:30 PM and booked careem...

Careem Networks / the location accuracy issue

Jun 15, 2019

i am complaining about the issue i am facing with careem rides in Pakistan. The location the App catches is not accurate. the careem driver waits at wrong location for 10 minutes and cancels the ride and i am waiting at my house gate seeing no ride arrived. and the i get charged for the...

Careem Networks / block his name muhammad majid khan careem id # 1419061

Jun 14, 2019

Dear Sir Please note my Careem captain who was on pay roll did some fraud and didn't give me my complete money. He vanished before eid holidays he owe me money of last two weeks kindly inquire him about this and block his ID Name Muhammad Majid Khan Careem ID # 1419061 Suzuki Wagon R...

Careem Networks / captain bad attitude

Jun 13, 2019

My name is Hajar. I ordered careem to my accommodation located in Silicon Oasis City to have a trip to business bay today at 5 PM In the middle of the road, the captine asked me what's my name and told me that I'm not the one who should pick up and he picked me by mistake. I tried to...

Careem Networks / stolen my baig

Jun 12, 2019

A.oA, Sir aj subha 11.6.19 ko many lahore station sy cream raid book krwai jo mara cloth baig galti sy cream ki gari ma rah geya hai jis kis b cream cptn k pass Mara baig hai plz mojy wapis kr day thanks. Malik fahad 03223808282 03004689637 Sir ma galti sy dosri cream ma beth geya jo K many...

Careem Captain / unawareness of the rider location and uneducated captain

Jun 12, 2019

I am hassan from Pakistan. I ve order for careem bike an hour ago, I my self called captain 4 times, he is totally illiterate and unaware of location and maps he cant even operate careem application. He wasted my one hour totally poor service and poor management I was regular rider of...

Careem Networks / non increase of fare rates

Jun 11, 2019

Hi Careem Team I have decided to convey that I am a vendour and I want to highlight an important issue which is really keeping me disturbed. As it is very clear that there is a lot of increase in the price of petrol and other fuels in the last couple of months and there is no increase in...

Careem Networks / sir kise ki majbori ko koi nahi dekta

Jun 10, 2019

Sir mujse ek bar poch leya hota kuch phr id blck karte sir mere yeh id unlock kare kal se 1 ride ki or achanak id band howe sara time wait kiya phr office bi geya wos ne requst forward ki magar abhi tak id on nahi hwesir plz yeh id sba on ho aj agr nahi hota to bi bata de mein carem pe q...

Careem / dear sir

Jun 08, 2019

Dear sir I am careem captain and also a student in pakistan lahore dear sir In last year my careem captain id has been blocked by careem in pakistan I have no criminal issue and any other issue etc but I dont know why my id has been blocked by careem paksitan I have never issue with customer I...

Careem Networks / complain

Jun 03, 2019

Yesterday i booked ride from ur service.. then i called ur driver name shaz sajid naz golden cultus (AML-972)... it was literally showing 4 minutes away from mine location. I asked from driver when will u reach .. he mentioned me that i had ur point of acess nd i will reach in 6 minutes. I...

Careem Networks / complaint regarding your captain and charges

May 26, 2019

Yesterday i booked ride from ur service.. then i called ur driver naming syed murad ali... it was literally showing 4 minutes away from mine location. I asked from driver when will u reach .. he mentioned me that i had ur point of acess nd i will reach in 6 minutes. I waited there from...

Careem Networks / captain

May 26, 2019

Abdul Rehman LRL...1357 Driving... Suzuki Baleno... ... when l booked a ride yesterday... and I got into the car... he misbehave... abused us... He is such aterroble person... he asked ys to get off the car... asked me and my family to step down the car... without any reason... This is the...

Careem Networks / careem fraud/ injustice umrah ticket winner 03311347262 pakistan

May 24, 2019

Dear Sir, I hope you all are doing well, as per the subject cited above, i have received the call from 042 38900927 Lahore office of careem. (the screen shoot is attached.) On that call i was congrats by your employ as winner of UMRAH Ticket from the customers who has maked rides till 17th...

Careem Networks / harassing behavior if the driver

May 23, 2019

The captain with whom I just drove in by my account of maham rajpoot just made me mad.. The driver was flirting throughout the ride and used vulgar language, he was harrasing and he was clicking my pictures during the ride... Not only this, he also contacted me after the ride... You need...

Careem Networks / action on my complaint for charging without using the package

May 21, 2019

Dear Careem Team, As I was enjoying best services from Careem for the last few months, I had several issues which was resolved in a very efficient and professional way. This last experience I was disappointed from the way my compliant was treated. To cut it short, I buy packages for my...

Careem Networks / reversal of guarantee

May 19, 2019

Dear Associates, I am Nabeel Noman (Careem Bike Captain ID 1550894) my weekly guarantee 5160 pkr was showing in my portal and now i again check my portal then my guarantee having id 668400161 was reversed due to fraud. I want to know that why my guarantee is reversed and share with me my...

Careem Networks / careem extra charges

May 15, 2019

I have used careem ride at around 9a.m for my office, i have careem package and there was 127 rupees cash in my account which was off (use credit first ). After the ride careem charged me 600 rupees after package discount which is normally rupees 200-300 without package or discount. Careem...

Careem Networks / careem car service

May 15, 2019

I am Noor ul Arfeen, and my id is [email protected] i recently installed careem app in my cell phone and called for a ride in an emergency situation. I was at NICVD karachi and wanted to go to MBCHS karachi, i called for ride, but the captain said he cannot come and he transferred...

Careem Networks / ride is cancelled

May 13, 2019

I have package of 20 rides. On my ride driver told me that the ride is cancelled and after awhile I got notification of the same while I did not cancel my ride. It was deducted from my package though I did not do any cancellation. The driver received a call from a customer waiting for him...

Careem / taxi

May 10, 2019

The driver took the original fare from me even though there was already some money in my wallet. He didn't take the deducted fare as there were money in my wallet as well. I want that amount of money back in my wallet as the driver took the total fare from me. If he took the total fare...

Careem / wrong billing/robbed by careem

May 09, 2019

I booked a ride on 6th May, its billimg summary is as follows: Reference ID #781860404 Thank you for using Careem on Mon, May 6. Your ride fare was PKR 91. Pickup 06:54 PM Street Number 63 - Rawalpindi Dropoff 07:48 PM Morgah Road - Morgah Road - Morgah - Rawalpindi - Punjab Your fare...

Careem Captain / careem

May 07, 2019

i booked cream last hour and the captain reached to the wrong location when i try to call him to inform my location, his contact number was unreachable...his mobile was switched off...isnt it a dirty trick to impose unjustified penalty on customers...after 15 min i had to cancel the ride...

Careem Networks / I am complaining about the cheater captain, named mehmood no.030878888872

May 06, 2019

I took Creem Ride on 1st May, 2018. A person who was driving the creem cas as careem captain was nice in starting of ride. later on he begged us money but we refused. he in the end beg for 5 starts. I gave him 5 star rating in the car. Bill was of 425 and I have given him 1000 note. I said...

Careem Networks / outstanding payment

May 04, 2019

I had not entered and/or ridden the ride I had been charged for. The ride I had booked did not even reach my location (the location was correct last time I checked). Why am I being charged for a luxury I have not even used. Please look into this as I cannot use careen due to my outstanding...

Careem Networks / ride

May 04, 2019

I booked a ride with careem whose fares were not more then 300 at the time of booking but I got charged 900 and the ride details are still not appeared on my account ride was booked at 11 pm at 3 may 2019 and now after 12 hours there is no details of that ride in my history still waiting...

Careem Networks / misbehave. misconduction

May 03, 2019

I was creem a auto 2-05-2019 for mehran block to maraghzar road. I try to contact him and make call 5 to 6 time but he did not pick my call. On my creem status show he arrived.but i try to find him he was not showing there. i was waiting his call but he didn't. I call him again i want to...

Careem Networks / charging me fare without having a ride

Apr 30, 2019

I booked a taxi from Gulberg palace hotel near waheed murad chock on 30th April at 7Pm but captain called me and asked me to cancel the taxi because he was on another ride. But I still got the cancelation charges Rs 108 without having a ride. I would like careem to clear the balance from...

Careem Networks / driver of careem

Apr 30, 2019

Respected authority, I booked a ride n driver said that he reached, I was unable to find him near me. I called him, texted him even with your own voice box, the number was closed. And after struggle of 15-20 minutes, I saw -161 as my credit. As if its my mistake... highly...

Careem Networks / I am complaining about careem captain

Apr 28, 2019

Careem Captain named as Zafar Iqbal having vehicle Grey Suzuki WagonR. Registration number LEA-2517. I booked a ride with him. He was about 13 minutes away from and I request him to come as I was waiting. He put the message 'arrived' and hasn't reached. Then I call him thrice he didn't pick...

Careem Networks / fraudulent behavior of careem captain.

Apr 28, 2019

I booked a GO ride on 11 April 2019. The ride was confirmed as GO plus with estimated fare as Rs.325. I talked to captain on anonymous number to ask him wether he knows the address he asked me for my private number on the pretext of calling me back for address confirmation. Meanwhile i got...

Careem Networks / outstanding balance

Apr 28, 2019

I booked a ride and called the captain, the captain denied to go to my drop off location and I'm asked to pay for it? Why is that so? Also, I again booked a ride and again the captain denied to go to the drop off location, cancelled the ride before two munutes and still the outstanding...

Careem Networks / I complain about charges.

Apr 27, 2019

Mene perwadhae jana tha. I_8 Markaz se bike order ki. Hum do bandy thy jiski waja se bike wale ne le jane se inkar kia. Bike wala bola k me isko cancel kar donga. Lekin careem ki taraf se mujh per 46 rupees charges daley gaue hai. Halankeh mene ride hi nahi kia. Please charges cancel kar...

Careem Networks / someone using my account careem

Apr 26, 2019

My name is Ayaz Ahmad Zafar, last year i registered my self as a careem captain, few days ago i closed my accounts as careem captain by visting careem registration office, but now someone else using this account with my name and picture on it with different mobile number, my relative told...

Careem Networks / wrong cancelation charges

Apr 25, 2019

My wife booked Careem from Rabi center Rawalpindi for E-11/2 Islamabad. The first two captains (One of them was Mr. wajab Mehmood Car No. EZ-931) confirmed but a few minutes later asked me to cancel the bookings as they could not come. The excuse from the first: Water in corborater The excuse...

Careem Networks / captain

Apr 25, 2019

I book a ride of bike (don't know his name and bike number), his contact number is 03227649883. Estimated arrival time was 14 Mins and after 20 mins I called him that he is going towards opposite direction, Captain said that I've cancelled the ride. But ride was not cancelled by him. I...

Careem Networks / disgusting behavior from a careem driver

Apr 24, 2019

Hello team.. I booked a car from Lusail Katara hospitality to Madurai restaurant. My contact number is +974 30451235. Someone accepted the ride and we waited for around 15 minutes. He was moving away from us and so i called him. He rejected my call and after 5 mins I again called him...

Careem Networks / bike rider poor response

Apr 24, 2019

I booked a careem motorcycle ride on 22nd April from sardar tuk shop pir vidai to paf chock at about 7 o clock three time However the captain told me he was coming after few minutes i cancel the ride myself because captain didnot move on the location every time. However my account is now...

Careem Networks / adma blocked

Apr 23, 2019

Im Naveed Abbas from Ialamabad having captain ID 490729 .It is blocked please unblock it asap. And please increase bonuses as well. Weekly bonus should be 3000 at 90 rides and 2000 at 80 rides. Daily bonus should be 1200 at 1000 earning. I provide such a good service for our beloved...

Careem Networks / about the captain

Apr 23, 2019

I booked a careem rickshaw ride today from sabzazar lahore. However the captain didnot reach on the location and told me he was there and to cancel the ride myself om contacting him from another no However my account is now showing negative balance even though the captain asked me to...

Careem Networks / regarding negative credit

Apr 20, 2019

April 20 2019 I booked a carfrom careem @10.50 am captain is mohammed naseruddin, mobile no: 009747053070 toyota. Camry. I was waiting for him while and he didnt reach my destination, when I try to called him. He didnt pick up the call and he cancelled the trip, and I hired next taxi, he...