Captain D'sservice


Every time that I eat at captain d's, I always call my order in first so that the service would be just a little faster. After doing this for about the 10th time, it doesn't matter if I call the order in 1 hour before or 10 min before. Every single time that I call an order in, we end up waiting for at least 15 min while other customers come in, order food and leave. There is always an excuse. This time (tonight) it was the "kitchens" fault. I find that hard to believe when I specifically told them what I wanted. Not hard! 2 orders of 2 fish 2 chkn meals and a meal of 1 fish 1 chkn. All 3 w/sides. Not hard! I have done this! It's not very professional for a worker to blame the kitchen by the way. That's the same thing that I have been told every time I pre-order! Either jonesborough tn needs a whole new makeover of workers or they need extra training. Just ridiculous! Capt. D's isn't cheap and we love the food (when it's actually right) but my god! This is every time that I pre-order! And no, I didn't say anything because I prefer not to have my food tampered with. I know this happens. Not in this store hopefully but that's the reason I am sending an email. After so many times wanting to eat here, this will probably be the last time. The workers, including mgrs, obviously don't have their stuff together. Just ridiculous.

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