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Complaints & Reviews

Capital One Auto Finance — harassment

In February of 2007, I purchase a vehicle from Capital One Auto Finance. My payments was due on the 25th of each month before my due date I would recieve Harassing phone calls two...

Capital One Auto Financecalls 8-9 times a day

Dear Capital One, I have asked numorous times to quit calling me every day! I will not answer the phone! I have no job! Car, House-which was foreclosed on due to the death of my Husband. I dO NOT WORK! I have nothing! Not even a bank account! I am tired of being harrassed every day! and I'm tired of all the foreigners taking us Americans jobs! When you call I can't even understand You foreigners! So, don't call! You won't get any money out of me because I have none! I can't help the situation I am in! That was uncontolable! You don't care about the consumer at all! I will never get a loan thru you again in life!You have made me mad, angy, hostile and I'm not a hostile person! You have harrassed me for over a year! So, please give it a rest! You can't squeeze blood out of a turnip! Can u understand that? I am asking you again quit calling me---Peggy Palazzola! If, you do not quit calling me, I will take futher action even, if that means getting a Lawyer!

Capital One Bank — unfair increase in membership fees

To Whom It May Concern: That holds or has a Capital One Credit of any kind If anyone in this world has a Capital One credit card account either a Visa or a Master card account...


I have an upside down mortgage with capital one. I have tried for 2 years to be proactive and fix this. I have written letters, spoke to attorney's, called the bank upteen times, visited branches etc. Currently I hold a mortgage that is over $500, 000. I had a forensic audit done on my appraised used in 2007 to fund my loan. This appraisal was fraudulent. Square footage was made up. All comps were fraudulent etc... Capital one's underwriting department failed to flag this prior to funding the loan. I went to re-fiance my home and uncovered all this information which I had documented per forensic audit. Capital one refuses to work with me. They refuse to connect me with anyone at the bank other than a customer service representive to fix this issue. A national bank committed FRAUD and is getting away with it. How is this possible. Please HELP!

Capital One Secured Credit Card — low interest rate credit card from capital one is a scam

Low Interest Rate Credit Card From Capital One is a Scam. Avoid Capital One Secured Credit Card like the plague. Here's their corrupt procedure: 1) Tell you to send in $300...

Capital One Bankdenial of access to my account

In the take over of Chevy Chase bank I was forced to be a Capital one customer.
Although I talked several hours with 5-8 representatives for several days the bank could not provide me an internet access to my account.
Till now I do not have such access, and I became a prisoner of Capital One bank.


I talked to capital one auto loan that I have a car loan through. I asked for a extinction they said I am eligible. They had me sign a paper which I did. They said I had to pay a 35 dollar fee. I said I would call back last week to pay which I did call back, the agent said don't worry about it. But then they took out my pymt. I talked a agent today sept 16th they said oh you didn't pay the fee, plus your not eligible. I am having surgeries is why I asked for help in the first place. Everytime I call they are Ruid I got hung up on by a supervisor today. I am so sick of the way I get treated by them. I wish somebody would call me that is over the supervisors that are over the agents.

Capital One Bankpoor service

Capital One has just taken over Chevy Chase Bank in the WDC area offically this Monday Sep 13, 2010. Being a former CCB customer, I have been experiencing nothing but problems this week. They include, missing acounts in my online profile, failure to close a matured CD, large balance requirements and service charges to two of my accounts without warning, and accounts frozen for no apparent reason. In addition I am also not able to use my ATM card which was supposed to be valid till I get the new Capital One card. Since Tuesday, I have been on the phone with various bank personnel as well as visiting the local branch all without success in resolving the issues. I've been told by the bank staff that I am not alone, that many CCB customers have been affected by similar problems. I have never seen a takeover that is this problematic and the worst is I don't know if there will be an end to it or if it's just the beginning of many more problems to come.

credit card billing

For the past two months Capital One has NOT sent us a billing statement on our credit cards...we've had these cards for several years and have never been late last month I caught it and paid by phone this month it got past me..and I didnt realize I had'nt paid until it was late...I don't know what's going on...I'm asking them to remove any negative statements from my accts if they don't I can live with out their Credit cards...anybody else experiencing this... not recieving your statements? Thanks

Capita One — charges on my credit card

The protection play from capital, made two unauthorized charges on my credit card. I pay 10 dollars a month for that plan, and when I lost my job on 2009 then help me pay the...

Capital One Auto Finance — capital one auto finance

I have received numerous calls from Capital One Auto Finance since June, 2010 (I'm writing this August 4, 2010). They call my home beginning around 8:00 a.m. until late in...


I received a "congratulations for coming out of bankruptcy" offer from Capital One in the mail. Pre-approved, no fees, etc. I had not applied for any kind of credit card in 5 years, and thought, ok maybe this is a good time to get one and begin to establish payment history again. The day I activated the card I was told I had $300 for credit and/or cash - both of which were available immediately. I went to a movie and charged $16.o0. The next day I was making a purchase for which they'd only accept cash (ok...a new kitten), when I tried withdrawing $125.00 from the card, I was denied several times. So I called and was told that the card was suspended due to potential fradulent activity. How so? I used it once for a whopping $16.oo charge.'re trying to withdraw cash and that's a red flag. It would've been nice if someone had told me that. So now in order to get the suspension removed, they want my driver's license, pay stubs, bank statement, proof of residence (copy of a bill). I told them this felt a lot like a scam - they give me a card w/o any proof of income, etc., and suspend it right after the first charge then demand all this information so they can turn around and screw me. The woman I talked to was a total ###. I told her that I'd just paid the balance - which included an annual fee that I was not supposed to be charged - if I was a fraud, why would I pay it? It's all explained in the letter, she said. What letter? I never received a letter. Oh, I'll fax it to you - so she put me on hold for 5 minutes and then said it'd be faxed in 5 business days (what a joke). So, I said, what if I choose not to send you this "proof" you want? We'll close your account. Meaning, I now have a negative mark on a credit report I am trying to fix. Extortion? This is so so so very wrong. The entire credit industry is a massive fraud - how can three frickin agencies who know nothing about a person collect random data used to slap a number on you that then determines if you can buy a house, or a car, or get a job., or what rate you'll pay for insurance (gotta love that - you are not extending me credit, and yet you use my credit to determine my rates). And god forbid if you try to correct any of the "data" they have on you. It is criminal and I wonder if anyone will ever put a stop to it. I'm going back to my cash existence.

Capital One Autoruined my credit

Capital One auto has ruined my credit!!! I have tried tooth and nail to protect my credit to the best of my ability with all my accounts. As of now I have not been late with anything for over 7 years, so I have relatively good credit. I refinanced my loan with Capital One Auto in early 2008; I went a few days past my due date.

I called Capital One and they wanted to charge me a convenience fee of $15 for paying over the phone. I opted out and decided to go online because the represented told it was free of charge. I went through this entire process to get registered into the online system and sent my payment online. It comes to my attention the next month invoice shows I owe 2 months. I immediately called Capital One to resolve this misunderstanding. Apparently the information I put into the system was incorrect therefore the payment never went through and now I am late 30 Days. I spoke with supervisor and several other representatives they all pretty much gave me the same spiel that it was not a bank error. This was 2 years ago; I have tried diligently to dispute this item with the bureaus but to no avail. Capital One insist the item was correct and they I am 30 days late.

About 2 years later they come up with another late!!! Ok I have to admit for the last year I have fallen behind on my payments but I have never exceeded more than 30days, because at this point my credit would not be affected. I applied for forbearance for my July's payment, which I sent in mid July. They have confirmation of receiving it their form plus the $35 Dollar processing fee, but the application is apparently is still pending. I got a texted on August 2, 2010 please call Capital One, so I immediately did. The representative said that my request was still pending and I am now late 32 Days!!! I was irate to say the least and she said I will have my manager call you tomorrow. I called back and got the run around... Finally, a supervisor called me back and apparently the forbearance is curtsey and the fact remains that I am effectively 32 Days late... Well I still process your forbearance but I can not remove the 30 Day late on your credit because it is not a bank failure!!!

I think this company is full of! $%&^ and they are ###. I feel they purposely ruined my credit so that I remain their client. Preventing me from seeking credit elsewhere!!!

rude customer service

Capital One needs help training their customer service representatives! My husband and I are consolidating credit card accounts. We each elected to close one personal credit card each. I chose my Capital One card because it has the highest interest rate although it is my most seasoned account; mainly because they refused to lower the rate to beat the other two cards I currently hold. Upon paying off the entire balance and calling to request the account be closed, I was given quite the sales pitch about this being a bad idea. The kid basically gave me a lecture on banking. I interrupted him, nicely, to let him know the decision had already been made and I already understood the principles of closing seasoned accounts and still wanted to close this account. He then rattled off the policies about closing accounts and hung up on me. After being a card holder for 8 years and always paying each bill on time, I still got the boot in the butt on the way out the door. What's in my wallet? A credit card from the nice folks at my local Credit Union. Screw Capital One.

Capital One Bank — online banking

I do mostly online banking for bill payment. on 07/13/2010 I posted 4 bills . I got the confirmation as i always get. but next bill I was surprised to see the late fee on those...

Orchard Bankemail scam

I have gotten a lot of spam e-mail in my life, and I understand this is part of having e-mail. But it seems that Orchard Bank Credit Card has found a way to send e-mails from a ton of different servers, so no matter how many you "unsuscribe" from they just keep coming!!! I personally have "unsuscribed" approximately 5 times, and I just got two more today! It's driving me insane because I want to find the person to yell at but it's such a large company I don't even know where to start! Can I add that this is credit card spam and I am in the middle of a bankruptcy.

Capital One Auto Finance — vehicle loan never paid down after auction

I took out a $20, 000 loan from capital one and had the brand new vehicle for two months. I had too go to prison for a year and could not make the payments. The truck got...

Capital One Auto Financeharrasment

I, ve benn a customer of Capital one since 2004 and have not missed a payment in 22 months but the problem that I have with Capital one Auto Finance is that my due date is on the 1st of the month but my payment had changed for 3rd of the month and Capital One Auto finance will not change my due date and they have ran up all the fees and keep giving harrasing phone calls and the treat of reposes the car and all they have to do is change the due date. So why would Capital One Auto Finance cause all these problems when they have a customer that has paid for 22 months without missing a payment.This is a bad business pratice and I will tell every-ne not to do business with them because they are not fair!!

refusal to release funds available

After having a Capital One Card for years, I paid it off completely in March, 2010. After just several small purchases, I went to use it again to purchase tries for my van. I...

no invoices

I have not received an invoice from Capital One since I have been in Credit Solutions. Since it is a holiday I will be contacting them Tuesday or when I return from my reunion. ou have filed a suit and I would like this settled out of court. I have NEVER had a credit card that you sent a picture of with a cat, tiger or whatever it is. I have lost my husband (no life insurance) son in AACDC awaiting transfter to drug rehab, was laid off form my job on 5-28 after 17 years because of the dealth of a partner (MD office) and would like to get this settled. Do not want to go to court as I have been through more than enough in last couple years.

Capital One Auto Financescam

paid my car loan off April 2, 2010. Today is May 15, 2010. I have yet to receive my title. I need to sell my car and can't. I lost buyers twice because I can't deliver the title...

Ironically, while they are permitted to cause financial harm, fees piling up, and report credit delinquencies, or even take away cars that have not been paid on time... I have no recourse available to me immediately.

loss of $ 4500, because I was unable to sell the car, due to the missing title sign off.

Does anyone have a word or two of advice?

Capital One Auto Financethey approved our car loan and denied it 2 weeks later..

We got approved all paper work is signed and turned in because of a address conflict we had to resubmit paper work with our military address and now they denied it cause we will be living on post mind you my husband is military is this legal??? I am at my witts end with these people and they cant seem to give me a honest answer why we were denied I have had enough... I am trying to find out if this is legal for them to do once the paper work was done we made our down payment and everything went through can the y go back on something like this... I though once it was done and you signed everything then that was it

credit card fraud

I have read about Capitol One's Credit card customer complaints and they all have the same problem with them as I do.
It 's nearly impossible to get out from under their contract "this is a warning to anyone "this is their general practice" and you also will have your credit messed up due to they will immediately turn your name into the BBB if they cannot continue to get your money...I asked..I begged them over the phone to tell me the sum and it would be mailed and was promised to be let off their hook...I sent $224.00 to end the nightmare..still received a bill, again..called them, they informed me that Interest had incurred while the 3 days evolved before they received the money order and I owed them $3.36 cents...I told them I was going to send them $20.00 to cover interest once again and to keep the change...By the way, has anyone that got screwed over by this company noticed that they hire people that have a middle eastern voice that it's nearly impossible to translate what they are saying?
Jibber-Jabber..double talk at it's best...Nothing against those people but this is america and they should at least have people that can relate-convey messages which is called customer service... you actually leave the phone thinking" that was a worthless call..also knowing Capitol one hand picks those people therefore it's the customers fault for not understanding Omar..
I'm 61.. 100% disabled Viet nam vet ..Capitol One is something the hard working American needs rid of ..we work -fight hard for our money..this is like taking from my kids and Capitol one or any company with their practices should be shut down..especilly with tens of thousands of valid simular complaints as I have grown to know.
They have nerve to screw up your credit through the BBB, I am finished paying them...I never used the card but paid the monthly bill required, It was to help me get a better credit standing but turned around to bite me...They are proof positive that they care less about a persons credit..they also know it's not the customers fault...they will eventually be investigated ...I will not give up until everyone concerned has heard this story..they cost me over $550.00 and a bad credit rating so therefore they will be exposed to every source that I can summons and contact...I know the County Att. personally, this will get the ball rolling on these people..RB

breech of security

I had joined a health club (melaleuca) which is another story I posted on here a while, ...ppsssttttt stay away from that one as well. Anyway I told Capital One I didn't want melaleuca chaging my account. Capital One said they couldn't stop it. They advised me to cancel the credit card and get issued a new card and number and that would prevent any further transactions from Melaeuca. Four weeks later a charge showed on my card and Capital One had authorized a chargwe from Melalauca on my account. CAPITAL ONE ALLOWED THIS, ..WHY!?

I talked to four diffrent repersentives who either had no clue or couldn't give ma solid answer. So for Capital Ones lack of incompetence I have paid the bill in full and canceled the account. I have opened a new account with another credit company.

Til' the day I die I will always warn others of Capital One's lack of customer service and finacial security to its account holders.

creates loopholes for scam artists

I fell victim to a fraud/scam using my capitol one card in the amount of over $15, 000.00. Part of the scam was to have me sign paperwork authorizing the 15K payment. The...

Capital One Auto Finance — still no title sign off after 2 months of pay-off

I paid my car loan off April 2, 2010. Today is May 15, 2010. I have yet to receive my title. I need to sell my car and can't. I lost buyers twice because I can't deliver...

Capital One Auto Financeunprofessional

I entered into a car loan with Capitol One about 3 years ago... since that time, my income has dropped to 30 percent of what it was when I bought the car. I kept up with my payments up until a few months ago, when I tried to refinance, and the refinancing was denied by other companies because Capitol One had reported my payments late, twice, when I had never been late. Since the time that the refinancing was denied, I fell behind a few months, but I called Capital One, and I was on the phone with them for about 2 hours, extending my loan, and the guy I spoke with told me that my account, from now on, would be reported paid, up-to-date, if only I would enroll my bank account and routing number for automatic bank drafts. Well, they've been drafting my payments, all right-- but they haven't reported any of my payments and have on file, ON MY CREDIT REPORT, they say that I haven't made payments, at ALL, in months. How do I stop these drafts?? Change my bank account?? It seems like now I am powerless over my credit, my money, and what I want to do with the car. I am totally over trying to make the payments, since my credit is going to *** (due to Capital One's faulty reporting) --- I am thisclose to dropping the car off to them and saying screw it. The damage has already been done. Ugh. Not to mention that, whenever I call them, I can't speak to a supervisor who can answer any questions.

This seems completely unprofessional...

Capital One Bank — assessing fraudulent nsf fees

Capital One processes transactions in a way to collect more NSF fees. Yesterday afternoon I checked my balance at 4 PM and had $205 balance. I made two transactions around 5:30...

illegal and deceptive practices

I have evidence of the illegal and deceptive acts Capital One has engaged in, from holding mail deliberatly with their carrier so that it's postmarked late (even if I sent in...

Capital One Credit Card Co.they are #s

They were stupid enough to give me a credit card right after i went through bancruptcy. I paid my bill over the minimum amount every month, and on time everytime.
I then lost my job, and contacted them and told them i wouldn't be able to pay my bill on time.
they charged me late fees, which put me over my limit, so I got charged over limit fees on top of the late fees.
My bill is over 4500.00 now, and almost all of that is the fees.
They took me to court, which I had to go to 4 times. In the end there was a judgement put against me. The whole time I am making payments to them through a credit councelling agency. But they want more than I can pay. I'm paying 80.00 a month, but they want 200.00 a month.
Now they have put a garnishment against my bank account. The problem is, I don't have a bank account. And I have never had an account at the bank they are garnishing.
I have called them at least 50 times through out this whole ordeal. i have spoken to the lawyer who represented them in court, but none of them will listen, and don't have a clue, of what's going on.
But I am the one getting screwed, with all the charges, that they put on my card, because they won't do a damn thing to help me out.

account freezing

I went in to the Flower Mound Branch of Capital One to deposit a pair of checks, one of which was for my mentally and physically disabled father in law for whom I am Attorney In...

unauthorized fed tax withholding

When you setup a new Capital One Money Market account, there is a question that asks if you are subject to Fed Tax withholding, and if yes, you check the box. I have never checked the box, but now for the 3rd time on 3 different accounts, they have withheld fed tax. On one account, the only way I could resolve the problem was to close the account. I was told that I had to write a letter and ask to have the tax withholding stopped, I did that twice and they did not stop it. I was finally told by a CSR that the only way they could think of to stop it was to cancel the account and open a new one so I did. The next account that it happened on, I was able to get a CSR to stop future tax withholding but not until after tax was withheld. Now on another new account, they have done it again. I keep copies of forms so I can prove I never checked the box.

At first, I just thought they were screwing up, but now after a 3rd occurrence, I think it is a plan. I think what they are doing is withholding tax on your account balance, then they apply the interest you have earned. If anyone questions it, they say oops, sorry about that and maybe fix it for you but in the meantime they have used your money, then withheld tax that you didn't ask to be withheld so that they are paying interest on a smaller balance. For most of the accounts the amount withheld is probably small, in my current case, $2.32, nothing huge, more of a nuisance, but on hundreds of thousands of accounts, they are saving huge interest payments.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

high interest rates

Capital one is screwing people big time, good customers with very good credit are being hit with very high interest rates arbitrarely and when you call them they don't want to budge their only advice is you either keep the high interest rates, continue paying and shut up or, they will close your account (screw your Fico's) and lower the rate. So either way they screw you. New customers BE AWARE! THEY WILL LURE YOU WITH A NICE LOW INTEREST RATE only to raise it after a year or two and there is nothing you can do. They did exactly that to me and it will take me 32 years to pay them $15, 000 with a monthly payment of $400!!.
The government should take a look at this abuses and do something about it instead of fighting over health reform or anything else that is good for the people.

Capital One Auto Financestole my insurance money

My car was in an accident and the insurance check was sent to me payable to myself and Capital One. I contacted their call center on March 23rd, 2010 to get the address and process to get the check signed and payment sent to the body shop. On March 30th, 2010, Capital One promised the body shop payment by Friday April 2nd, 2010. They are now not returning my calls or the body shop's calls. My car is being held hostage by the body shop and Capital One has the Insurance Money. BAD BANK

Capital One Mastercardpoor customer appreciation and lack of customer appreciation

Always always giving misleading information. Every customer representative apologizes for the one before because of giving incorrect information. I want my credit card increased and I want my loyalty as a customer to be appreciated. I am tired of capital one treating me like crap because they know I need them to rebuild my credit and I think they use that to their full advantage. I have always paid my account on time with the exception of a couple of times but all in all they have always told me that I am a good customer. Then do something to show it. I want my card increased to 750.00 or 1000.00 before Friday. I work my butt off at two jobs and make more than enough money to cover any payments that become due. I have submitted previous complaints to do with capital one and I would appreciate a response by return email.. Thank you.
Please email to [protected] or call [protected]. If I can take the time to contact you then I would appreciate you taking the time to respond to me

deceptive customer service

April 4, 2010 Richard Fairbank, CEO Capital One Financial Cooperation 1680 Capital One Drive McLean, VA [protected] Fax-[protected] Dear Mr. Fairbank: As a customer, I find it...

outrageous rates

Capital One and their rates are outrageoulsy high. Yes I was late on my payments, but the past due was more than half of my mortgage and I was still under my credit limit!!! They would not work with me in any way for a reasonable payment plan that I could afford. They also called 2-3 times after I made payment arrangements.

If they are calling your job send a letter in writing (Cease & Desist) for them to contact you by mail only!that last thing anyone wants is collection calls at work which puts your business out there.

Capital One Bank — illegal fraudulent billing

To make a long story. I've been a customer for years and have two accounts with them. Each month I would send one check payment for both of my accounts. On my check I would...

Capital One Auto Finance — billing and customer service

I have been a Capital One Auto Finance customer since 2003. I recently purchased a second vehicle in 2008. I experienced some financial distress and signed up for their Car Pay...

Capital One Credit Carddeceptive and dishonest

Capital One didn't send notice of rate increase. When I received statement with increase notice, they wouldn't let me opt out - too late. When I called this February to find out why the disclosure notice wasn't on the statement, they said it would be on the next one. They also told me that if I pay just the minimum payment, the payoff time was "never". Then miraculously my credit card was cancelled. I called to find out why - they said I called and cancelled it. I did not, but they refused to admit it or fix it.