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Complaints & Reviews

Capital One Mastercard — chasing justice

continual calling, even thought I explained the situation to them. That I was now going through a Credit Bureau. That because they closed the doors to where I work, and I knew I...

Capital One Bank — terrible service

My bank used to be to North Fork Bank and before that was Greenpoint Savings Bank, now it is Capital One. Service in my bank used to be great, they catered to the neighborhood...

Capital One Credit Cardrates and terms

DO NOT do business with this company. Capital One should change their motto to ' Take what you can. Give nothin' back ! " We have been Capital One customers for over a decade. Until about two years ago all went well. We have superb credit scores and have NEVER been late on a payment. Our initial rate was 6.9%, but two years ago it suddenly jumped to 12.9%. No explaination other than they had the right to change terms. Today's statement shows a rate increase to 16.9%, again with no explaination other than " we have the right ..." This company expects me to keep my part of the agreement or they'll penalize me, but they can do as they damn well please. My choices are 1) Suck it up and bend over or 2) close the account and move on. SOME isn't enough---- they want ALL OR NOTHING. And nothing is exactly what they'll get.

loan modification scam

Please, please don't fall for this or take out a loan at Cap One! Or at least check them out thoroughly on the web, they are even worse than I am experiencing; I fear the...

Capital One Secure Cardnot refunding money or providing services

<P>It all began with travel plans for a trip to Australia. In discovering that my bank, Wells Fargo, charges "foreign transaction fees" in the use of their card abroad, I did some internet searching and discovered that "Capital One" was recommended for a travel credit card because they don't charge "foreign transaction fees" for purchases abroad. Being an individual against credit cards, I went against my better judgement and applied for a Capital One Card. Since I don't already have a credit card, they approved me on January 17th, 2011 for a "secured Master Card" requiring a $200 deposit. I went ahead and transferred from my bank $250 so that I would have that amount to use for foreign transactions. Not hearing from Capital One for a month and a half, I became concerned. Finally I get a letter from Capital One to my home address stating that they put a temporary hold on my Capital One Account to make sure no one is using my Capital one credit card without permission. However, Capital One had not yet sent me a card. I received phone calls from their “fraud” department requiring me to submit a utility bill to prove who I am. Since I'm about to embark upon a journey abroad, I was renting a room from a friend pre-travel. Since I did not have a utility bill, as it was all inclusive in my rent. The agent then said I had to send my bank statement or my W2 forms. Invasive? Certainly. That they needed my Bank Account Statement or W2 form was none of Capital One’s business. If they were giving me a loan that might be different, but a secured card is me giving them money to loan back to me. I thought this was ridiculous. I told the agent this, he agreed, but claimed it was their policy.
He then claimed I could circumvent this by driving to any bank, preferably where my bank is, and have them do a visual identity check. I had to leave early from work to do this before the bank closed. Wells Fargo said they would not do that for other banks. I called back the agent who then said if I faxed my drivers license, passport, and/or social security card, it would remove the hold and Capital One would send me the card. I drove an additional 10 miles to a fax outlet, paid them $3 to fax Capital One a copy of my passport, drivers license, and social security card. The next day, Capital One stated these documents were received, but were not worthy of identity proof. Really? A US Passport? Drivers license? Social security card? They then stated they required a bank statement or W2 form. I stated I only wanted this account because Capital One doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees, and I would be leaving soon for a trip to Australia. He said he found a “Chase bank” at 3306 Centennial Blvd in Colorado Springs who was willing to do a visual ID check. He even had a representative named “Krista” who said she would do it. So ONCE AGAIN, I leave work early, to drive 10 miles to this said bank, to make sure I arrive before the bank closes. The representative at Chase wasn’t informed that I did not have a bank account with Chase. Just like with Wells Fargo, they will not do a visual identity verification for another bank unless I was one of their clients. Again, Capital One had cost me “time away from work”, “expenses in gas and time driving, wear/tear on my vehicle, for useless trips. As this was the third trip they had caused me to drive when gas prices are at a stunning $3.30-3.50/gallon now? As my current rate of pay at the time was $26 an hour anyone could do the math to see that Capital One has already cost me more time than this card was worth.
<P>Figuring if this is representative of the hassle that Capital One is going to give me in using their card, I don’t want the service. I told them to send me back my money. The representative said he didn’t know how and couldn’t. Really? Capital One representatives are not informed on how to do reversals? Send me back my money to the account it came from? If me, an average Joe can do it with credit card transactions I accept from clients through Quickbooks, I guarantee their agents could do it immediately. The agent suggested I dispute the charge with my bank to get my money back. I did this, and Capital One refused to release the funds as it is a valid authorized deduction. A couple of days later I receive the card stating I now owe “$29.00” for a membership fee. Really? Capital One charging me a membership fee for a service I cannot use? I call Capital One and they still state I cannot use the account or get a refund without sending my Bank Statement. I fax them my statement. It takes them 3 days to get back to me. I called their “Fraud” department. The Agent said they had received my bank statement, but my representative had to call me back to verify the account. On March 16th, I Faxed a letter to their office and mailed copies requesting full refund of money. I finally get in touch with them and on 3/17/11 I speak to their agent Shyr. She asks personal info again from me. She had the nerve to ask for my pin number for my debit card with Wells Fargo. Excuse me? She claims they cannot verify my bank information with Wells Fargo. She put me on hold for 20 minutes. Finally Capital One gets “Olivia” from Wells Fargo on the line. They warn me that the 3rd party on line exchanging sensitive information, I accepted for certain private information. Upon mentioning the claim # I did with Wells Fargo, Olivia ouldn’t pull up on her display, and then connected us 3-party with Chris at Wells Fargo claims. He notated the conversation and updated my claim. He was witness to “Shyr” stating they would return the money that day. I was put on hold for another 15 minutes while “Shyr” transferred me to “Kyle” of Capital One’s Retention / Account Closure department. He was very apologetic with my Capital One experience and said he submitted the transaction to refund my money. He stated it would take 5-7 business days to appear in my account. No refund was received by 3/28/11. So I contacted Capital One inquiring where is my money on 3/29/11. Agent "Joseph" said the previous Capital One representative should not have said 5 business days, For Joseph said it will take 2 billing cycles to return money. I told him this was not acceptable. Capital One had my money for over 45 days with no services delivered but hassle and waste of my time. I need my money back. I Told them I’m going to file complaints with state attorney office, Better Business Bureau, The Department of finance, etc. He promised that my funds would be returned electronically Friday at the latest on Monday that the account representatives are refunding my money now. On May 31st, I received a Refund check in the mail for $250. Relieved I Deposited it. I then receive on April 5th notice from my bank that Capital One put a stop payment on the refund check and now Capital One was charging me a return item fee. On 4/7/11 I called Capital One to find what was up. I spoke to Supervisor Lor and explained the situation – she said she doesn’t see a stop payment request so was investigating the matter. Nothing showing up in her computer. She took my direct deposit information and said she would get it straightened up but no action resulted by 4/21/11. Capital One has now stolen my money and has held it hostage for over three months and have not delivered product, services, only hassles and headaches. To all fellow travellers and individuals thinking about using Capital One - Avoid them at all costs. They are thieves. This article will be updated if and when action is taken to repair the damages done by Capital One - or if the fact that their action of holding my money hostage leaves me stranded while travelling abroad. I see a lawsuit in the making.

Thomas M. Baurley

Capital One Master Cardcredit cards mailed to the wrong clients

On April 7 2011 I went to get my mail at home and was socked to find out that I got five (5) letter from Capital One, all letters were address to me and my address, after opening each letter I found the letter stating that Capital One was mailing out new credit cards with chips to those who did not have chip credit cards and I would have to activate it or them, after opening all envelopes I found myself with FIVE CREDIT CARDS!!!, I called Capital One to ask why they mailed me five (5) Credit cards and to my surprise they were OTHER PEOPLES CREDIT CARDS WITH THERE ACCOUNT BUT THE LETTER WAS TO MY NAME AND ADDRESS!!!.

They passed me along to the Fraud department where the representative took the info down, I asked why I was not sent my credit cards yet and if what happened to these people happened to me did FIVE PEOPLE GET MY CREDIT CARDS LIKE I GOT THERES !!, and was my credit check for there info. I was not happy and very worried, the fraud representative said he can only pass me on to the accounting department to speak to a supervisor and that I would have to wait FIVE business days to get my new cards but I could not use my old card which did not expire yet. I advised him this was not far because this was CAPITAL ONES MISTAKE and I should not have to go though the hassle of this, the representative said he could not help me I would have to speak to the supervisor in the accounting department, he passed me along and I had to explain the situation all over again. WOW !!! I advised him that any criminal minded person would have taken advantage of this and Capital One would not know and the customer would not know either until it was to late, the supervisor told me he was pleased that I call it in and thank me I asked if he would do something for me since I was honest enough to call and REPORT THERE BIG MISTAKE!!, the supervisor told me all he could do was put a rush on the delivery on my card...BIG DEAL THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT B4!!!. I advised that I could go to the media to and let them know what DUM MISTAKE THIS WAS ON CAPITAL ONE MASTER CARDS PART this was. The so called supervisor seem to be grateful but would not do anything to help me, really. I advised him this kind of mis halfe should never happened ...I mean if they mailed me one (1) by mistake it is understandable BUT FIVE (5)< credit cards..WOW. So now when you see the commercial for Capital One and it says " what is in your wallet?" One can say someone elses Credit card thanks to Capital One...

Capital One Mastercard — misleading and fraud

I received a capital one gold card with a limit of $500 (red flag number one) a gold card set at $500 anyways I got my first bill $487.00 paid $100.00 and everything was fine...

Capital One Bank Credit Cardgreedy company

I had a Capital One credit card. I started getting irritated with the company when I first paid off my card, and then was charged additional interest on my statement. I called them and said that interest keeps accruing unless you call them first and tell them when you are sending your check in and what the balance would be on the date the check should arrive. They took the interest off becauase they said I was a good customer. Then, they keep sending you their balance transfer checks pretty much weekly, then they called and left a message on my answering mine offering me a lower interest rate. The final straw was when I got a letter in the mail saying that I just couldn't cancel my account (I cut the card up and mailed it in along with a letter) because I had to send them more info including my SSN, DOB, phone number etc. I called them again and was transferred to a "supervisor." He made small talk and then said he wanted to make sure I understood their offers. I told him right offf the bat to close my account and hung up. What a bunch of overgreedy people this company employs. It'll be a cold day in hell again before these sheisters are in my wallet again.

predatory billing practices

capital one for years has been one of the worst credit card companies for predatory billing practices rate hikes and despicable collection practices and terrible customer service. also a guaranteed credit card through them the money to secure the card mysteriously disappears and now I see an articleby the head of the new consumer protection agency praising the ceo of capital one nigel for his understanding ### his company is one who created the banking mess and has caused severe financial turmoil in families in america. good advertising campaigns do not make a terrible company into a good company.

Capital One Auto Financelate payments

I cosigned on an auto loan for our son 2 1 / 2 years ago. He was layed off 2 months later. We have tried to help with the payments which are large but we had fallen behind and tried making arrangements with capital one. We thought we had made arrangements made twice and then we start getting the calls and i try to explain and of course they do not listen and so we make more arrangements and the whole thing starts over. We have repeatedly been lied to. Our son is back to work and we called capital one in january to make payment arrangements, i had them on speaker phone with our son and my husband listening, and made arrangements to have weekly payments taken out of my sons checking account since january and we paid the late fees that were due and now they are calling for late fees again.

Capital One Credit Cardfraud alert on the first day

I applied about a week ago for a Capital One Credit card when I received a pre-screened offer in the mail. I was approved and received my card in the mail today. I called and activated it and was told I could begin using the card immediately. I made two small purchases with no problem. As I attempted to make a third purchase at Verizon Wireless, the sales associate told me my card was declined. This struck me as odd, due to the fact I had only made $15.00 in purchases and my available limit was $300.00. I called Capital One and the account manager told me that a "Fraud Alert" had been put on my account. She then proceeded to tell me that in order for the Alert to be lifted from my account I needed to provide Capital One with copies of: My social security card, drivers license, birth certificate, proof of address and proof of income. I mean seriously, do these people do any kind of personal info check or verification BEFORE they issue someone a credit card??? Unsatisfied with her answer, I called another account manager with Capital One, and was told the exact opposite of what the first person told me. Later in the evening I looked at my account online and found that there in fact was no sign of any security alert or fraud alert on my account. I tried to chat online with a rep. The rep that I chatted with apparently could only type one word per minute and told me that the info I provided him was incorrect and that he could not find any account associated with my social security number or address I provided him. Extremely pissed at this point, I called Capital One AGAIN and was told that my account was due to be closed because I had made " Too many inquiries about my account's status" and that " I was acting suspicious by asking those kind of questions about my account." I told the rep to close my account and take my name off of the mailing list. Furthermore, I will be closing my Capital One Bank account, as will my entire family. This company has got to be one of the most incompetent and unprofessional companies I have EVER dealt with in my life. They just bait people by sending them credit offers in the mail and issuing them credit cards only to deny them any use of those cards. And by them canceling my account it will undoubtably effect my credit score negatively. IF YOU GET AN OFFER FROM CAPITAL ONE, YOU'RE BETTER OFF BURNING IT, as you will save time and frustration.

Orchard Bank — charged 49.60 to my account by hudforeclosure co. without my authorization

both my personal bank account and a credit card account in my name were charged an amount of $49.60 on February 11, 2011 and I DID NOT! authorize these charges. I have notified...

overcharging fees

Amazing how you have to opt out of not going over the limit. Ironic how I got capital one to build my credit and it has hurt is worse than ever! I lost my job and my limit was $1500. I went over by $2 and now I owe $3800+. They would only discuss a payment plan of $400 a month. If I couldn't pay $100 how am I suppose to pay $400. I felt like it was a pryamid scheme with them telling me to go ask family and friends. They said they would work with me and they didn't!!! I closed my card and am still getting fees. NEVER AGAIN! I will live on cash and everyone who wants me to take their bs credit can shove it!!! Capital One needs to take responsibility for the financial crisis in the US!!!

late fees

I have a platinum credit card with Capital One, A/N:[protected]. I have setup auto-pays through my checking account, JP Morgan Chase A/N making minimum payments through...

interest rate on balance transfer

I have received a balance transfer offer from Capital One. I called and agreed on a balance transfer of about $8500 at 0% APR (no fees) until 7/30/2011. (I transferred another $2500 later.) It was July 2010. I later received the card and making the minimum payments to avoid any changes in the terms.
I now realize I was paying 14.99% APR. It is my mistake that I did not check the e-statements. I did not because I was not using the card for any purchases. When I opened the e- statement now, I found that I have been paying interest charges. I called the bank. They said the rate was 14.99% from the beginning. The senior account manager’s name is Darrell and is ID is PQN254.
I did not apply for a 14.99% card to transfer a balance from a lower-interest rate card. I want to eliminate the interest payments I have made or at least lower the payments. They say the only thing they can do is to lower by $50 out of about $800.

Allied Interstate For Capital Onephone calls

I have had several calls a day from this company but do not know why as I
do not have an account with them.

Capital One Credit Cardthey keep on charging and charging and charging

Don't ever get a credit card from them no matter how good it sounds. I filed for bankruptcy several years earlier, I was approved for a credit card with Capital One. I thought it would be a good way to reestablish my credit. I told them that under no curcumstances were they to extend my credit limit over $1, 000.00. Long story short and several years later, they kept increasing my limit. I did not use the extra money but there came a time that I was unemployed and homeless so I used a portion of the credit funds as a down payment and first two months rent. I paid them on time the minimum amount due for several months and they kept increasing my limit. When I was having trouble paying the minimum balance, I called to work out a payment plan with them till I got back on my feet. They out right refused to work with me. I went to managers managers manager but they still refused to work with me. I paid what I could and they killed me with charges and raised my interest rate so high that there would be no way I would ever get ahead. They wanted all or nothing and I told them that they will be getting nothing because I had no money to pay them. If I did I would have done so. I canceled my card and every month they charged me. The charge went up month after month for years. They had debt collectors galore after me. One even said they were a lawyer. I sent them copies of my income tax return, my bank account with a $2.00 balance, and explained that I was living in a barn. They continued to make offers to pay a lesser amount in full and all would be fine. After 5 or more years they finally stopped charging me. My balance went from $3500.00 to over $15, 000.00. All interest! Well my credit couldn't get any worse then it was and there was nothing I could do about it and eventually stopped stressing over it. I know several people that experienced a similar situation with them and are still being hounded from debt collectors. What's in your wallet? I'll bet it's not money and if you are smart you will cancel your card and burn it.

Capital One Credit Card — fraudulent decription of 0% apr offer

Late in 2010 Capital One were offering cash advance checks at zero percent APR for 12 months. I was buying land at the time and decided that this would help cash flow, decided to...

Capital One Credit Cards — acct suspended for suspected & fraud & within 30 mins of activating card

My capital one master card acct was suspended for suspected "fraud" within 30 mins of activating my card!!! Stay away from capital one credit card offers!!! When I recieved the...

Capital One Credit Cardsmisrepresentation of overdraft protection

capital one offered me overdraft protetion, but failed to inform me after a few months that it would run out.
They also were charging me which was only suppose to be a one time fee. After bringing these charges to their attention they apologized and only waived one of two charges. Now on my feburary statement my APR as went from 13.15% to 22.90% and my mimimum payment as gone from $15.00 to $17.00. I never was late and I would have not went over my limit if I had known that I would not be protected.

Capital One Credit Cardfraudster

I bought a U.S. Army collectible watch from Vietnam-turned out to be a fake.Ebay would do nothing, PayPal would do nothing so since it was a fraud I figured I'd try disputing the charge. After I sent my facts in twice as told by the diputes people I got the the disputed claims manager & he said you keep sending in all this paperwork etc-yep that's what I questioned the staff about but was told to do it. After the manager got snooty I asked for his supervisoe which he said would do no good. I eventuallt talked to a nice lady and left a voice message for Mark of the Executive Response committee, who refunded the money but said if the seller came up with strong proof they would have to refund him but I would be told first.Feb/1/11 they took the money without notice and said it was mostly because I had not sent the item back(they had said not to in their letter) and now they want more proof it is a fake than before.I have filed a complaint with the omsbudman and the banking omsbudman but I don't think Capital One Canada wants paying customers, they want to help Vietnam prosper by selling fakes. Needless to say I have another card. Watch bought Oct/11/10 & still fighting with capital One. If you can avoid their credit cards because if you dispute a charge they put you through ***.

they won't stop sending checks in the mail

I have a CapitalOne Visa small business credit card for convenience. I wouldn't ever consider carrying a balance nor use the checks that they frequently send. I feel that existence of those checks is risking one's financial security because it is so easy for someone else to get their hands on them and use them for themselves.

Supposedly one can contact CapitalOne and have them stop sending the checks. I've done so 2x. Last time I asked them to discontinue was just before Christmas 2010. I was told it could take up to 30 days to stop.

Since that time I've received 4 or 5 sets of the checks with the last coming on Feb. 8 with the January Statement (way more than 30 days). I'd think that since security is involved, they'd chase after the same day's outgoing mail and intercept any checks and stop sending them immediately. But they don't. It's because CapitalOne hopes that someone will else will get and use the checks they send to you so they can charge you for the other person's use.

While they continue to put my finances at risk due to their behavior, they try to sell me service to protect against unauthorized use. They are clearly trying to suck $ from you in whatever unethical way they can. I imagine that their employees with a conscience have trouble sleeping at night.

I'd strongly recommend staying away from CapitalOne!

Capital One Canada — credit card rebill

I purchased what turned out to be a fake collectible. To keep this short after exhausting other options I disputed the charge with Capital One Canada, and after going up the chain...

capitol one unethical

Back in mid December, I received a credit line increase on my Capitol One credit card, shortly thereafter I received a letter from Cap One with checks to use to make it easy to use the increase. I did and wrote a check in late december for $1000 to a company. About Jan 24th, I received a letter from Cap One that they had made an error and the credit line increase in December was somehow doubled in error and that they had reduced the credit line - 2 days later I received a notice from the company I had written the check to that it had bounced! I can understand making an error but they should honor committments. I contacted Cap On their "Secure" email many times and all I received was "sorry and tough" replys. I am 60 years Old and have never written a bad check until Cap One came along. I have taken care of the bad check and have also filed complaints with the Attorney General.. All I can say is If you get a increase from Cap One, Never use the checks - they will turn you into a criminal bad check writer!

Capital One Bank — id theft - bank teller cover-up

On sept. 26, 2009 a fraudulent capital one counter check was cashed at the capital one bank in babylon, ny. The check was for $4500 and was drawn on my capital one account and...

Capital One Credit Cardaccnt suspended for suspected fraud within 1 hour of activating card

I recently (after receiving offers from them every 2 weeks for 3 months) opened a new Capital One Credit Card Account. I received my card a few days ago, phoned the number given to activate and set up my PIN...of course I had to first listen and respectfully decline their offers of insurance, fraud protection etc. (a 20 minute process). Within the hour I stopped at a Bank's ATM and attempted a $100 cash withdrawal only to receive an "unauthorized transaction" message. I promptly phoned the number given on the back of card and was told that my account had been suspended due to suspected fraud prompted by my transaction attempt. Are you kidding me! Why had nothing of the sort come up when I activated my account not even an hour earlier...furthermore, they have my phone number (which was verified along with all my other identifying information when I activated the card) Why did they not call me?! Their reply was that they waited for the card holder to phone since someone fraudulently using the card would not bother to call...that is absurd! Then, after many phone calls to finally be able to speak to a supposed manager (they all claim to be the highest one up) I was given a list of items to fax to them to prove my identity...3 days later this issue is still not resolved (they couldn't read the driver's license...but didn't bother to phone to let me know that either...even though I gave all my contact info in my fax cover sheetand asked that they phone with any additional questions)...I really think they were simply trying to sell me the insurance, fraud protection, and monthly credit report crap and that since I declined having those charges put on my card they are now looking for a way to rescend their credit offer. I am unable to get to anybody within that organization with any authority to help me. It is seriously the worst customer service I have experienced in a very long time, like you every time I call and am transferred I am disconnected...and there is no way to deal with just one person, so you have to go through the whole history each and every time you phone. They really need to get their act together, and I would love to be able to contact someone higher up in their organization.

worst bank ever

Capital one is the worst bank ever! i am a victim of fraud they are giving me the run around! I filed a complaint over a week ago and still havent received my money! Over $600! My money is currently pending the official post and i am still waiting. I have been with credit unions that give your money back or half back right away this bank didnt help me out at all! i cancelled my card and everything and i went to the bank and they asked me if i had my card? for what? why the heck would i carry around a cancelled card?! i was also told to put a hold on my account just in case and was told later on that my money cant post unless the hold is off! please train your people capital one. im sorry i am leaving this bank asap and sticking with the credit unions...oh yeah i was also told that they cant refund me over draft fees due to someone stealing my money! come on now! worst bank ever!

Capital One Auto Financeharrasing phone calls

I just took out an auto loan with Capital One Auto Finance in late December. My first payment isn't even due until February 1, 2011, yet I am receiving 6-8 calls PER DAY from them on my cell phone. When, after dozens of calls, I called the "877" number they provided, I was told they were calling to "welcome" me.

I provided my SS# and when they started asking questions about my address, phone #, employer, etc., I cut them off, stating that NONE of that info had changed in the 2 weeks since I took out the loan and that all I wanted at this point was for them to STOP calling me. I was told that they would remove me from the "welcome" call list, yet I'm continuing to receive calls.

I've called three different phone numbers today trying to find someone within their organization who can make the harrassing calls to my cell phone stop. I now have a message in to someone at their Corporate office in McLean, VA but am not optimistic that the calls will stop. I've never seen a business organization that was so intent in *** off a new customer under the guise of "welcoming" them. I don't need to be "welcomed". I just want the payment coupon in the mail each month and to be left alone unless/until I'm late with a payment.

Capital One Credit Cardlower payment agreement

I have been with capital one credit card for about 10years in the last year i went over my limit by 2 pounds and obviously got charged. As they stopped sending me statements this amount accumulated as i kept up my normal monthly payments (which were not enough). I requested that the charges be taken off my account which they declined. In the meantime i lost my job and was on benefits sent them covering letter with income and expenditure form with offer of payment. which thery declined and kept piling on the charges. they have passed the debt on to collection agency which are hounding me approx 20 calls a day. sent duplicates to debt collection company of correspondance. They will not except my offer of payment. But atleast all interest and charges have been frozen. I have stated about the justice act 1970 and they have stated over the telephone that they will still continue to call. I have offered to pay the debt in full minus the charges but they will not except. whats my next route and ideas?

harassing creditors

Got a new phone number for my work. Apparently, the guy who had that number before owes Capital One Auto Finance money for an Altima. The creditors call ~2-4 times daily and it is completely useless to talk to anyone (they are useless themselves)and very unhelpful, especially if they feel the slightest bit of defiance on your end.

After trying different angles and wasting about an hour of my life, I got to a worthless piece of flesh that was obviously not management material, however claimed to be a "account manager" and "no one above" his position and will "stop the calling". Although I talked to an individual so far up the chain of command, the calls continue.

If you google "Capital One CEO", you find a link that has a possible address to the CEO of Capital One at their corporate headquarters in VA, the Attorney General of VA and the Commissioner of Financial Institutions of VA. As a potential customer, I will never deal buisness with this company (especially after seeing the complaints) and I will make it a duty in my life to encourage others to do the same.

Capital One Auto Financeno customer support

Trying to get a lien release faxed to me at 3pm AZ time to complete a car sale. But East coast office to which I am transferred refuses to do so until Monday because the order has to be by 2p East coast time. They were very nasty and continued to explain they were closed tomorrow, so I would have to wait til Monday. Most likely losing a car sale over this as I need the lien release today. What company in this day and age doesn't have 24/7 service nor can't service their west coast customers at THEIR normal business hours.

Capital One Bank — postpone wire transfer for no reason

I went to capital one bank houston stadium branch yesterday to wire transfer my money, and the transaction actually confirmed and done when I was there, but some hours later I...

Capital One Credit Cardnot receiving promotional interest rate

I received an offer from Capital One for convenience checks with a promotional rate of 5.99% as long as checks posted by 11/15/2010. So I wrote two checks on 11/7. The first posted to Capital One within a few days and I received the promotional rate on it. The second posted to the Capital One card on 11/15. When I received my statement though, I did not get the promotional rate even though the mailing clearly stated in multiple places the offer was good through 11/15. Thankfully I kept all the paperwork. So Capital One is INCORRECTLY charging the wrong interest rate on this transaction, a much higher one of 17.9%. I phoned Capital One and was on the phone for 30 minutes with a representative stationed God-knows-where who could not help. The supervisor he transferred me to was better; she is sending this over to another department to review. Just in case that is not enough to get this corrected, I just wrote their "disputes" department, and am sending copies of all the paperwork I saved, including the initial offer which clearly states "must post by 11/15. Here's what I am sending them, minus of course the dollar amount and other information that is personal. And my caveat to you reader, is to save paperwork and check your statements carefully, especially when dealing with Capital One. I am writing to notify you that you have made an error in the interest rate being applied to the transaction dated November 15, 2010. That check qualified for a special transaction rate. Please see the following attachments: Attachment A – copy of letter from you “Dated Notification” . It states “Act by 11/15/2010 and get a 5.99% APR for 12 months. It also says “limited-time”…. “must post to your account by November 15, 2010. Attachment B – copy of second part of letter from you, right above the checks you sent. See the section titled “Use-by-date”; it clearly states “these checks must post to your account by November 15, 2010 for the promotional APR to apply. Attachment C – copy of statement from you showing that the check for $xxx posted on November 15, which means it qualifies for the 5.99% interest rate. Please rectify your error immediately, adjust the interest rate retroactively to the 5.99% rate that should have been charged. Otherwise, I will be taking legal action.

Capital One Banknsf fees

Since capital one bank somehow took over chevy chase bank, they first said they wouldn't be changing anything. Wrong. They changed everything! They run debits before deposits every evening run, and they do it in a way that they can bilk every cent from every customer they can get. One chaek for $125 resulting in a $12 overdraft, cost $70 in fees, as the very next night my paychexk went into the bank, and they ran debits before deposits, collecting again for online bill payments that normally would not overdraft my account. They do debits before deposits and by paying bills online, they get you every time. They are the # of the earth, thiever and crooks.

Do not do business with them, if you do, find another bank, these thieves will eventually get you

Capital One Auto Finamce / Stonebridge Benefit Services — payment protection plan activation


Bill Pay On Capital One Bankbill pays before scheduled date

I was a customer of Chevy Chase Bank. CCB merged with Capital One Bank and I was transferred to Capital One Bank. Ever since this transfer I have had trouble with the Bill pays. This month I notice a Bill pay scheduled for Dec 15 to my Mobile Phone company had been debited to my account on Dec 13. Additionally, I was charged 35$ for not having adequate funds to meet the bill pay. When I called the Bank to ask why I had been charged 35$ and why the Bill had been paid out before the sceduled date, they referred me to clause 7 of the Bill pay agreement which says that laser transfers can be paid out before the actual scheduled date. I told the Bank this is not good enough, because a customer cannot plan their financial portfolio if the Bank is paying out bills before they are due - all at their whim and fancy (because they do have a choice to reject the payment if it comes in too early). This is just not good enough in a competitive banking world. I never had this problem with Chevy Chase.

Orchard Bankunsolicited emails

Orchard Bank sends me several emails a day regarding my account with them and I never have had an account with them or never will. They also send emails simply to try to get me interested in their credit card. I have written them several times over the past few months, asking them to stop the emails. They always write back and say to be removed from their list I need to write them a letter with my name, address, telephone number, and signature. I then write back asking them "why would I supply you with even MORE information so you can harrass me with regular mail and calling too?!" They do not have a right to email to begin with, so no customer should have to write them anything and waste a stamp! Even though I tell them to remove me and that I will not write them, they just send the same email. There is nothing that can be done, as far as I know, regarding this company.

Orchard Bankavoid them

I have been living in Thailand for over 3 years. We came over here with an Orchard Bank credit card and told them we were moving here. After 2 weeks here, we tried to use the card and it was declined. Every single time we have tried to use it (over 30), it has been declined due to high security risk and we have to call so the transaction can go through. This is very inconvenient and the last time we tried, we called first and tried to pre-authorize the transaction we would be making in the next ten minutes and the rep said it would be fine. We used the card, declined again, and we called. They said we would have to wait an hour until the security department got in. That doesn't work when you are at a restaurant. This is absolutely the worst card I have ever had. I emailed customer service with this complaint and their response was to call Orchard Bank credit customer service, which I have done over 30 times. AVOID THIS CARD IF YOU PLAN ON USING IT OUTSIDE THE U.S. WORST INTERNATIONAL CARD EVER!!!

Orchard Bankscam

I've been a customer of Orchard mastercard for late, good rating.Said I would receive periodic increases accordingly.Never got such.called to inquire & was told I'd have to "Pay"for any increases given to me.I established this card after a bankruptcy to build it's doing anything but.and Now...If I close it it's held against me.The advice I have is wait & get a REAL credit card through a legitimate co.if needed that bad.if it isn't I'd suggest you to pay cash!!!or do without.

interest rate

We are behind in our capital one payments and we are financially struggling due to a recent job loss. We are trying to get capital one to lower our interest rate and they will have no part of it. They want us to make 9 payments before they will lower our interest payments and i have expressed to them that we cannot make the 9 payments at the current dollar amount. We are working with a financial consultant who said we should ask capital one to work with us but we are getting nowhere. The fact that we cannot make the minimum payments is hurting our credit rating. Is there anyway i can get them to work with us? Your help is appreciated.