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billing mistake

Received several calls regarding a bill in my son's name notified Capital One Bank that there is an error. I have called Bank One many, many, many times and told them My son is a minor (no credit cards in his name). Advised me they had made the necessary corrections, recived notification from GLOBAL Credit Collection Corp, that Capital One has turned the account over to them for collection. Notified Global but of course they are not interested in correcting the matter.
I have contacted the Credit Agencies (3) of fraud.

fraud committed by merchant and credit card company

While vacationing in Turkey I bought a carpet from Gordes Carpet. Purchased a cashmere on wool carpet. Used my Capital One charge card to pay for carpet. Carpet was switched in store by merchant and a different carpet was deliberatelly wrapped and given to me to take home. When going thru security in Munich, Germany I realized the carpet was switched because I had to show what was in the package. I notified Captial One on 27 October 2008. Gordes Carpet put thru two charges. I informed Captial One of the switch and the scam and told them not to honor the first nor the second charge. I was told nothing could be done for three more days and to call back. Of course on day three I called and was put on hold several times. I called back two days later and told my complaint would be put thru dlispute resolution. I questioned how they could evern honor the second charge when I was home in the United States when the second charge was put thru? I was told they could do nothing. I would have to take the carpet back. That was impossible and I would not chance sending the carpet thru the mail in case Gordes would lie and say the carpet was not received. During the dispute phase Gordes lied saying I changed my mind, the carpet was wrapped in front of me and that I had the carpet I wanted in the store. I was convinced that Capital One was more concerned for the merchant and didn't care if a scam was being committed. Capital One does not represent their customers. When ever I was able to talk to the dispute department I always spoke to someone from India who I could not understand and they didn't have a clue as to what my complaint was about. One even suggested I fly back to Turkey to return the carpet. Another suggested getting a second opinion for another carpet dealer which I did. The appraisor confirmed this was not a cashmere on wool carpet. It didn't matter Capital One honored the fraud on behalf of Gordes. Never use Capital One, nerver buy anything from Gordes Carpet and run in the opposite direction if a quide called Oz, a representative from Lewis cruise line wants to show you were to buy carpets. You will be cheated!!!

  • Go
    GORDES CARPETS Aug 28, 2012

    Dear Manager of the www.complaintsboard.com,
    The above mentioned comment is totally unreal.
    We want to know the personal information of the writer in order to sue to save our rights and also we ask you kindly to delete this comment if not please be informed that we may use our legal right to sue you too.

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online banking / nsf check

I was with Hibernia National Bank for 8 years before they sold out to Capital One.
In my eight years before, through times with up to a million dollars or more on deposit down to below $200 I almost never had customer service problems. If I did, the problems were quickly and efficiently taken care of.
Now, I routinely have "Transaction Returned" listed on my online statement with no explanation as to the transaction at all. No amount, no check number, no nothing. When I submitted an online inquiry, I was told that they didn't know what the transaction was. When I inquired further, I was directed to call my local branch. The number they provided to do that went to someone's home phone. The service is so bad it borders on unbelievable.
Once I finish this quarter of business, I will find somewhere else to bank. They took a great mid-size local bank from a 9 - 10 customer service rating to a 2 or less.

  • An
    AnnieC Mar 09, 2009


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  • Da
    Dan Hart Mar 09, 2009

    They would much rather serve the illegal immigrants and those who do not speak english. Bank of America should be forced to change their name...

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  • An
    Angelo_Frank Mar 17, 2009

    Capital One can't even keep their online banking site operational. Is this another case where they will be down for a week at a time? What a bunch of incompetents. Of course their executives will get bonuses for failure just like AIG.

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  • Pa
    pamela Mar 24, 2009

    Capital One is the worst bank I have ever dealt with. I am a small business owner that isn't getting a bailout from the tax payers. I was forced to close my business accounts because they were returning my checks and charging unbelievable fees for the privalidge of being my bank. In December, we only took in credit cards for payment (we had Capital One credit card processing) and I had to make payroll. The credit card payments had not credited to our bank account yet and they would not okay the payroll checks. My son went to the local branch to cash his check with the branch mgr. to okay the check and was told that I needed to find another bank because they would not help us anymore. i found another bank who wanted our business and closed all the Capital One accounts. yesterday I received a letter from the credit card retention department charging us 891.00 for early termination of our account. I called the number on the letter and was told I would have to pay 305.00 in fees. They took our bailout money and they are unwilling to help any of their customers. I hope all their customers close accounts and this bank goes under.

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  • Jj
    jjmcgee May 13, 2009

    Oh please. It honestly doesn't have ANY information about the returned amount? And you have no idea why the transaction was returned? It may have something to do with you not having enough for it to get paid. For example, if you make a large deposit and it is put on hold (something that is federally regulated, not by the bank itself) and a check comes through, it will be returned. And you will be charged a non-sufficient funds fee b/c you had insufficient funds at the time. It's your responsibility to make sure your deposit is completely posted and you have enough to cover your checks. So if you're pissed at anyone, it should be yourself, because it is not bank error.

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  • Tr
    TrueHeart0130 Mar 21, 2010

    Please, remove it from credit bureau

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  • Ba
    BANK DRAMA Mar 24, 2010





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  • Je
    Jen of Woodbridge Sep 27, 2010

    I was with Chevy Chase Bank for years and their online banking website was extremely well designed. Now I have been forced to switch to Capital One and they have the worst online banking website that I have ever seen. It is hard to believe that in 2010 this is the best they have to offer. All I can see when I go to pay my bill is what account I am paying it out of, as if many people have more than one account. I think to list the account one time is sufficient, but they list it besides each payee. You cannot view the payee's address without clicking on the "edit" button. Only one month popups when you click on the calendar and if you want to see your previously paid bills, you have to go to another screen and then remember what the amounts are.

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ripping consumer off

this credit card company does not want to help. I have not used my card in four months. They raised my limit...

auto loan scam

I took out a loan on a new 2007 Ford Focus and borrowed around $15, 000. Never late on a payment and the rate was reasonable. After a year I decided it was time to reduce my debt load and tried to pay off the loan. Tried being the operative word here. Called Capital One for the payoff and was told on 3 separate occaisons the payoff was $11.723.90. Went to my bank, sent Capital One a cashiers check for $11, 723.90 which was processed on 2/23/09 one day BEFORE the date Capital One said the payoff amount was good through. But NOOOOO! Now there is a mystery $50.52 in "additional principal" due. I had to use Western Union for an additional $13.95 to send in the additional $50.52 to "satisfy" the already paid off loan. The buyer of the vehicle is waiting for his lien release having paid cash for the vehicle. Capital One says it will take them another 72 hours to produce a lien release, even though they KNOW the loan has been satisfied.

Take it from someone who KNOWS. Captial One's auto finance rates look attractive to you. Think again. I will NEVER borrow from Capital One again. Ever. Whats in YOUR wallet? It ain't in mine.

  • Wi
    Will Mar 19, 2009

    I agree with Davy. I was consistent with payihg my loan to COF that I took over be-
    cause I co-sign for someone who lose there
    job. I asked them to refinance for me be-
    cause I'm retired and couldn't pay $471.00
    amonth. Even they got help Nov. 14th with
    $3, 555, 199.00. But still, they want bugg!

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fraudulent and unauthorized eft

My wife had 2 HSBC Orchard Bank credit cards designed with building our credit in mind. However, they have completely lost our business! My wife called the customer service number (which is an offshore outsourced call center) toward the end of January to switch our bank accounts. She also mentioned something about how she was going to make a payment online when she was able to. However, the agent took her comment and decided it would be a good idea to just debit our card instead of waiting for my wife to do it. Well, my wife made our online payment on 2/9/2009 and the call center also debited our card the next day. So there were two amounts of $414.37 taken out of our bank. My wife and I have a one year old baby and are both going to school. I am the only one who works and she stays at the apartment with our baby. We have very little money as it is and the double dip from Orchard bank made us overdraft severely in our bank. So the 2nd payment bounced from our bank and of course we were charged a $35 fee. Well, since that payment bounced, they went ahead and tried to debit it a 3rd time on 2/17/2009. This time we had 6 purchases that weren't paid and generated $210 worth of overdraft fees because of their incompetence. Our bank was great and said that as long as HSBC Orchard Bank will send them a document stating that they withdrew an unauthorized payment they would refund the fees. We spent 2 hours on the phone with Orchard Bank and they would not send the letter and would not admit fault. They stated that my wife on 1/31/2009 authorized the payment and that all calls are recorded but they are not able to listen to the calls because they are only for training purposes and not for their accountability. I told him that I was there on 1/31/2009 and heard my wife state that she was going to make an online payment instead and if he could provide a call proving otherwise I will leave them alone and not speak of it again. He again repeated that the calls are only used for training purposes and they could not pull a call. Orchard Bank has effectively stolen close to $700 directly from our bank account now and still does not show her full balance on my wife's credit card statement. Where did that money go? Also, as an aside, if my wife authorized a phone payment why would she go and make an online payment? Also, if the calls are recorded, why can't their own supervisors and managers listen to them? I've worked in call centers for 10 years and have been a supervisor in two of them. I pulled calls when there were discrepancies like this. I know they can do it. Why won't they? Also, how much competence is that on the side of the accountants for the company not to recognize that we had already made a payment? Do not! Do not! Do not be suckered by HSBC or Orchard Bank. They are crooks and their customer service is the worst!!!

unauthorized billing

Just received in the mail a notice that my credit card interest rate is being raised to 29.4% and I am never late on my payments. This is criminal that these Banks/Credit Card companies can do this to their good customers after they received Government Bailout Funds from the Taxpayers of America. I plan on paying this off, hard to immediately though cause I am unemployed, and canceling this card. I am sick of the Corporate Greed in this country and upset that the banks and credit card companies are GETTING AWAY WITH IT!!!

  • Valerie Jul 22, 2008

    I went over the limit by accident for the first time (someone put a charge on I wasn't expecting). I paid the minimum due over the phone which I thought was okay. I made no new charges. The next month I was over limit again because the finance charge was added to my balance, an over limit fee and a phone fee was added. I paid more than the minimum ($23.30 more).

    I was over limit again the next month because the finance charge of $24.89 was added. Again, another $39.00 charge. If I pay the minimum due this month, I will again be over limit. I know this is morally not right, but is this legally right? I will pay way over the minimum due this month to get out of this cycle, but this makes me mad.

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  • Valerie Oct 31, 2008

    Capitol One Credit Cards billings are manipulated and charged over the limit fees when accounts are not over the limit. The over the limit charge does however take you over the limit and hense another over the limit fee is then charged. This has been happening the past couple of months since I called asking the my interest rate be reduced. I was told it would be if I had no over the limit fees.

    I have watched my statement carefully online and just checked the statement a couple of days ago and still had a small available balance. My credit limit is $5, 000. My balance now is $5, 021.76. It went over the $5, 000 limit when the $39.00 over the limit fee was charged on 10-25-08. Look at the balance and when the only recent charge was the $39.00 to see that my balance couldn't have been over the limit when my account was accessed the $39.00 fee.

    I like other Americans are struggling to keep up. I try and make more than a minimum payment every month. These type of company practices are what has helped put this country and our economy in the state it's in. Why isn't something being down to stop them.

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  • Ke
    Keren Feb 09, 2009

    I have a capital one master card.I made a over the phone payment so it wouldn't be late. I wanted to use my debit they said we can't do that you have to use a check.Which they charge $15 to do. So I gave the girl my check # and she wrote the wrong # down.A week later I get a letter saying this is an invalid account.So I call capital one back and tell them they wrote the wrong check # down.So they had me do it again don't they write the wrong # down again. A week later the fraud department calls me.She tells me to call her back tomorrow.I called 29 times left 6 messages and this lady will not call me back.Than shortly after that I get a letter in the mail from capital one saying they have been trying to reach me to take care of this which they haven't.So I call again get the voicemail leave yet another message begging her this time to return my call.She never did so I filed a report with the bbb. That $97 payment owed is now a $300 plus payment.

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  • Ad
    A. Davis Mar 21, 2009

    That sounds like a change in terms. I would call Capital One to clarify what is changing before you get more upset. Also Capital One credit cards hasn't gotten any government money like other banks have. Capital One doesn't do mortgage loans like other banks so, there is no financial strain on them like a regular bank. Change in terms like the one your got are not credit risk associated, so no fear there of that being the reason for the increase. Also as bad as this sounds, your good payment history would not prevent a change in terms.

    The right to change your terms is in your orginial terms as that annual fee most likely was. As far as the annual fee goes, sometimes it can be waived, but considering the economy and the fact that the fee pays for the mantainence of your account, it's unlikely you will have the fee waived this year. If you have ever had it waived before, you are fortunate and should look at the years you have had the account, take the fee amount and divide it by the times you have had the fee waived...then the overall cost of your card is very minimal.

    If you have not opted out of the change in terms yet, I suggest calling Captial One to get clarification on the change before you opt out.

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  • Em
    emily Mar 30, 2009

    29.4% is your new default rate, not your purchase APR. Read your letter again, or call in to have it clarified for you. I would hate to see you close your account over an APR you may never see (if you pay your monthly payments on time, etc...)

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  • No
    none123456789 Jun 12, 2011

    you only go to 29.4 if you are late twice in 12 months.

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auto loan

I purchased a car in April of 2007 a Mitsubishi Gallant with and got a 1200 dollar trade in value on the old...

Capital One

Credit Card Interest

Capitol One Bank is raising my rate from 6% to 14%. Why? Their reasoning is because of "the economy". I have an excellent credit rating, and am not behind in any payments; so their real reason is greed -- or better said, Capitol One expects customers who pay their bills on time to "bail out" the bank's poor decisions. They recently unfolded a plan to "help" those in financial crisis by revising your debt. They make it sound like the "banks" are actually helping ... the fact is the "banks" are merely squeezing the consumer to re-coup their profits. We paid off the card, and cancelled it. I will never do business with Capitol One again!

  • Re
    ReRe727 Feb 18, 2009

    The only thing I would like to address is the "bail out." It is not actually such a thing. The "bail out" is in fact a loan, one that banks have to pay back, and with interest of at least 6%. So if the bank is borrowing at say 7%, does it make sense from a business standpoint to be charging customers less? Banks have to make a profit, or they dissolve. Do you really want the banks to go under and only have one or two choices of who you do business with? I certainly don't. I enjoy the choices I have for my banking needs, individually and as a small business owner.

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  • Cr
    Craig Carter Feb 20, 2009

    Gee. I told the banks to lend money on a 400, 000 home when the person only made 25, 000 (I don't think so). The problem these banks DON''T know what the value of the loans they made or bought in "bulk". Now they want to keep the money from the federal govt. and make thoses who have been making their payments on time to keep making them at a much higher interest rate (they want the honest hard working person to "bail" them out). Seems like the bail out for the banks is the average working person, who in turn make higher tax payments due to the so called bail outs that is supposed to loosen money. Do we really want 50% of all Americans filing for Bankruptcy? The problem is we have taxation without representation. In the meantime the Speaker of the House is going to Italy on a personal junket. There is not a dime worth of difference between the Democrats and the Rebublicans. Where is Harry Truman when you need him???

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  • Pi
    pissed customer Feb 28, 2009


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  • Se
    seedee Jun 25, 2009

    Capitol One stinks and I hope they go under! When they start treating their good customers like numbers on a spread sheet, then they deserve what ever happens to them. My interest rate was nearly doubled from one month to the next without warning. I since have paid off the card and canceled my card. I will never do business with Capitolist One again and have warmed all my family members and friends as well.

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awful bank

We were recently looking over our capital one credit card statement and came across what cap-one calls 'payment protection', along with it came a charge for $18.15, which looking into we found they charge 1% of your total balance. We went into investigating this, first, we called the number listed along side the charge on our statement. We first spoke to a capitol one representative who said we need to speak with the people at Payment Protection, who apparently is it's own entity outside of Capital One. We spoke with a representative at PPI who apologize for being unknowingly sold the product on behalf of Capital One, we ask the representative how long I've been being charged the Payment Protection Plan and she said it had been since November of 2007! We were blown away, we had never noticed this charge but we didn't expect it to be there in the first place, so we fought with the representative at PPI and after getting forwarded through 4 stages of management we finally got someone who agreed to refund us $100 and that was the maximum they would refund. We appreciated that since the responsibility should be placed on Capital One's shoulder for unknowingly charging for me a product. Our next step was to go back to Capital One to reclaim the remaining charges owed to us, which we feel is in the neighborhood of $235 BEFORE interest. After speaking at length with two representatives we were forwarded to the 'dispute department', and after speaking at length with three stages of representatives and 'managers', one decided to tell me they WOULD NOT refund the money and continued to try to send us back to the Payment Protection Company, which we would not allow them to do. After a heated conversation in which he refused to send us to someone higher or cooperate with us he decided to hang-up! A Capital One representative fraudulently sold us this product for a profit and a commission I'm sure and it is NOT the the fault of the people at the Payment Protection Company since they only provide a product for Capital One the sell and make a profit from, therefore it is Capital One's responsibility to refund us back the remaining balance of what we've been charged.

We've done a lot of research on this and it seems we are not alone, the search engines turned up hundreds of similar cases where Capital has either unknowingly sold or outright mis-sold this product to consumers and refused to take responsibility or properly service it's customers. We've managed to cancel the 'Payment Protection Plan' and as soon as the balances on these cards are paid we intend to cut all ties with Capital One and in the mean time we intend to do as much damage to Capital One's reputation as possible, it sounds like the $135 Capital One stole from me is more important than them retaining me as a customer.

I feel more people need to know about this and should warned about dealing with a company like Capital One who takes advantage of it's customers and then refuses to offer any type of customer services when it comes to handling disputes. Anything the BBB can do to arbitrate this matter we would sincerely appreciate since the last thing Capital One did for us was hang up the phone on us.

Since the amount charges for the Payment Protection Plan is based on 1% of our total balance there is no way to calculate exactly what should be refunded to us. We estimate AT LEAST $235 PLUS INTERESTED paid on the plan has been charges to us, we aren't looking to pursue the interest paid be we feel $235 is the right number, the Payment Protection Plan company has already refunded us $100 of the money, so the remaining $135 is Cap One's responsibility.

capital one customer service is terrible

I had to travel to the UK for work last year and Capital One froze my credit card after making a purchase there, based on the potential for fraud. I called them (a $20/min call), waited on hold for 20 mins, and told them to unfreeze it b/c I had no other source of money w/o the credit card. They said that I have to call them any time I leave the country or this would happen again. They also said that they would reactivate the card, and they did not. I was stuck in another country for 4 days w/o any source of money, so I had to use a friend’s credit card. Needless to say, when I got back, I canceled the card.

Then, a year later, a service that I use still had the Capital One card on file and charged it. I got a bill from Capital One and called them up. I wanted to know why the charge was not denied since I had canceled this card a year previously. They claimed that it was not canceled when I called 1 year ago. They of course had no explanation for this, and so I made it abundantly clear that I wanted the card canceled now. In the process of expressing how this was inexcusable, the representative hung up on me.

I would be very careful that Capital One actually cancels your credit card when you instruct them to. Apparently, there is recollection of events or anyone held responsible for this at these banks, even though they claim to record the conversations. I will never use Capital One again.

  • Wi
    William Woodard Jan 24, 2019

    Terrible customer service. I have personal and business accounts with Capital One. Every few months, I have to call in because I cant access my online accounts. Three attempted log ins and you are blocked. I tried entering forgot password. I am asked for my name, birth date, and account info. The system verifies me and takes me to the same log in page that I could log in to in the first place. On the phone, I give them all my information and they transfer me to another department "who can better assist" me. Then I speak to this department and they tell me to hold so they can transfer me back to that department. Then they try to High Verify me, but their VOIP technology is so cheap the line crackles while you try to enter in your password. Then you can use that system again (only 1 try allowed). They say they can send me a one time code to my phone numbers on file, but they then say they cant send the code to those numbers. This happens every 2 to 3 month. Capital One is CHEAP. They dont invest in CUSTOMER SERVICE or a proper web portal to log in. I bank with 12 banks around the world and only capital one has these problems. CRAP BANK.

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capital one checking account practice

My husband and I have been with Capital One while it was still Hibernia Bank. It has become the most wretched...

recent capital one solicitation cases

We are a group of students in Rockville, MD, who are currently working on Capital One’s deceptive and misleading actions towards its future customers.
We are looking for people who within last year had issues with Capital One.

Those issues include:
a. being solicited by Capital One with preapproved credit cards;
b. unawareness of enrollment in “Payment Protection Plan”;
c. unawareness of the true credit limits, origination fees, and late & over the limit fees;

This is purely educational project.

Please contact us at [protected]@montgomerycollege.edu.

Thank you for your interest.

  • Gr
    Grandma Brenda Oct 14, 2009

    I too am having trouble with Capital One's deceptive credit practices, mostly the protection plan and interest hikes... please e-mail me at "[email protected]" with your address to discuss

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  • Gr
    Grandma Brenda Oct 14, 2009

    These theives are finally taking me to court, where I plan to counter-sue

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charged 14% interest on bt, instead of 0%

The short story is:
When I was transferring a balance to Capital One credit card, I was told that I was going to get 0% APR on the transferred amount (and on purchases) for 12 months.

From the very first month, they charged me 14.37% on the balance transfer. Now they tell me I was never offered a 0% rate on balance transfers

Long Story:
I got an offer for Capital One credit card on the mail, with 0% introductory rates for balance transfers and purchases for 12 months.

After I got the card, I confirmed that I actually received the introductory rate of 0% and transfered around $19, 000 from one of my old credit cards to the new Capital One credit card

From the very first statement, I was charged 14.37% interest on the balance, which came to more than $200 per month.

There is no reason for them to change the higher interest rate, as I had not/have not defaulted on the card, not violated any terms in the contract. I have auto-pay setup to more than cover the minimum payment.

I made the blunder of not reviewing the monthly bills carefully until 5 months later, as I trusted the autopay to work not requiring any intervention from me. It did not help that I chose to have electronic delivery of statements. I remember checking the first or the second bill quickly, making sure the autopay amount appeared on the bill, obviously not bothering to check the rest of the details.

When I realized in Nov 2008 what I was paying I right away sent a message through their web-site asking for an explanation, as I contemplated paying the entire balance, as I did not have good feelings about the bank. I sent 3 messages over a period of 2 weeks, none of which were answered.

Then I called them, only to be told by the representative and his manager that I never had a 0% balance transfer deal! I told them that that's not what I was told when I received the card and also when doing the transfer, but they simply didn't listen to me or cared. They just said their records don't show the 0% rate, so their unstated position was I was obviously lying.

I fought, for a while, but it seemed to be a losing battle. Then I told them that I had the documents that came with the card stating I did have 0% rate, and they asked me to send it over.

It's crazy that I have to go through this, but I will send them the documents and recoup every penny they don't deserve. To stop the bleeding, I paid the entire account balance.

However, unfortunately, I have been away from the country since Oct 2008, with all my stuff in two storage places in NY and NJ. I am not sure when I will be back. Hoping it will be the end of Feb, but not too sure.

I have a fair filing mechanism, so I think I will be able to locate the docs that came with the card, but in case I can't, Capital One will have shamelessly rob me of $1000+ with total impunity.

I read on their web site that complaints need to be made in WRITING within 60 days of the date on which a statement is issued. I am way past that date for quite a number of months. So I don't know what I can recover from this outright robbery.

I don't know what it is about Capital One...perhaps their pervasive ad campaign...made me think they are in the top tier of credit card companies. As far as I am concerned, no matter what their market position, they are at the bottom of my list. I should say off my list. No business ever from me and my family with Capital One. I have had times I was desperate for money, but I never robbed anyone.

Yes, I don't think this is a mistake on their part. Even if it is, the nature of the mistake and their response (or lack of it) is not excusable. I would have given them the benefit of doubt, if the error would have been on my favor.

If you are a bank issuing millions of credit cards, keeping track of billions of transactions, and then can't remember what rate I was promised a few months ago...well that's a level of total incompetence or fraud I will not tolerate. I have dealt with multiple banks for 2 decades and I don't remember a discrepancy of this kind, or lack of concern over it, ever in my dealings with them...except for one time almost 20 years ago. So Capital one, in my world, you are two of the worst and I see enough idiocy and treachery around that I don't want to deal with you.

Let me repeat: no Capital One product/services for me and my family, ever. And Capital One shouldn't be thrilled about the "word-of-mouth" coming out of my mouth either.

auto financing

I purchased a car in September of 07 making monthly payments on time and sometimes early. On September 2008, I totaled the vehicle, since then Capital One has given me nothing but hell. On the day of total loss capital one said that my payoff balance was 16, 000 dollars and some change. My insurance company paid off $13000, My maintence plan was reimbursed, and my Gap was supposed to cover the rest. But to my surprise capital one still says I owe them $1397.61. This is crazy. This company has given me nothing but hell since I lost my truck. Someone needs to really stick it to them. In todays economy who has $1400 dollars just laying around not me. And to top it all of, this case was supposed to closed in october, So why am I just getting a letter dated 12/05/08 with 10 days to pay. No phone call saying that I owed them anything. I feel that I have been hoodwinked and bamboozeled. They need to be stop.


I have had my phone number for 4+ years. From the beginning of that time I have been getting harassing phone calls from Capital One auto at the number of [protected] & 3533. There are other 800#'s too from them. As I write this I just got 2 calls within 45 mins. from them. They are looking for a woman named Jennifer Lutz. I do not know a Jennifer Lutz and have never had any contact with her whatsoever. I have told Capital One to please not call me, that I am not that woman, we don't know her and stop calling. They refuse to believe me and sometimes say things like "oh, right, your not Jennifer huh? Just pay your bills". I have had it with them. I've called them back numerous times only to get someone else who doesn't believe me but said they'd take the number out. They didn't. I have emailed their headquarters etc. with no response and I have sent them a letter in the mail telling them to stop calling me. They refuse. I told them to just goggle my phone number and they can see its not this Jennifer person. Obviously they do not care. I am very upset by this b/c my husband and I have excellent credit and we do not deserve this harassment from them. We have never nor would we ever now have any account or anything whatsoever to do with Capital One. Yes, I could just not answer the phone but I also have an infant and other children here and it's a huge bother to have the phone ringing all the time. Plus, its my phone and I am not wrong.

I googled Capital One and found that I am not the only person who has been harassed by them incorrectly. There has to be somewhere for people like us to turn for help. I do not want to change my number b/c I have a home business and it is very inconvenient for me to do that and also unfair to me as a good citizen who pays her bills on time and has excellent credit.

  • Valerie Aug 08, 2008

    I have had a Capital One Card since 1999 and usually if not always paid my bills in full every month. Here in San Diego County we had a fire and many including my self had to be evacuated for several days. Some how, I misplaced or did not receive my credit card bill and did not pay it on time. The following Month I paid the full amount due and an abusive late charge. That was not the end, recently I made a large purchase thinking I would pay it off over time at the 8% or 9% rate I had with Capital One but found my rate had been adjusted to 27.15%, I also have a blemish on my credit report. I did call them and they offered to reduce the rate to 12% but I still find that abusive. If my company did business the way Capital One does, we would not be in business long.

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  • Valerie Oct 17, 2008

    Capital One No hassle Miles Card changed the terms of their earnings reward program with little communication. They halved the earnings previously earned for cash rewards rather than on a go forward basis that resulted in lost cash earnings.

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  • Ba
    bajaskier Dec 10, 2008

    Record the conversations. In your state, you may not have to tell them you are recording it, but do so anyway. Then take them to small claims court and have a field day!

    Keep us posted on your story.


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  • Al
    Alvin B. Wilder Mar 04, 2009

    I was with Capitalone for A long time. I never was late on payments, I never paid half a bill. My bills ranged from, $280.00/down..I paid in full. Someone from capitalone made an error, and cancelled my account. When I discovered, I could not access my card, I called. They said, "once the account has been cancelled, It cannot be re-opened. I have to file another application. They owe me, $32.00 and some change.And said I must wait two months for my refund. I asked three agents for their corporate number.They said they don't have a corporate number!!! 7202 N. MO; PAC Expy, Austin, Tx;78731 (512)346-2586 Corporate./// Or-- Bureau Of Consumer Protection Office.Nevada Attorney General..555 E. washington Street.Suite 3900. Las Vegas, Nevada;89101 (702) 486-3132 [email protected]

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  • Re
    RedJ76 Dec 04, 2009

    Months after closing an account because Capital One refused to deal with a fraudulent item and being assured the account was closed and paid in full, I am still getting letters and phone calls. I have made it clear my account is closed.

    Phone calls come at all times of the day and all days (Sundays too) of the week. They have threatened to mare my credit rating. I have responded in writing and made it abundantly clear I will not pay for a fraudulent charge.

    Give that the original charge was under $100 and that they have spent much more than that in time to harass me and lost a good customer (I typically charged $1, 000 or more per month on the CO card), I’d say they have a flawed business model.

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  • Ho
    hopeitsnotinyourwallet Jun 03, 2016

    I too am getting calls from Capital One, and have never in the past, not will I in the future, be a customer. Do they think I have control over a relative's business. How did they get my WORK cell phone number? First they would ask for the relative, now when I say hello, they hang up! When I called they said my number would be remooved in 2-3 business days. Not acceptible in my opinion. The manager I then asked to talk to could not do any better. When I told him I thought this was harrassment, he disagreed and said it was more like UNETHICAL!!! This from an employee!!! What's in your wallet? Hope it's not a Capital One card...spread the work to your relatives as well. If they miss a payment, they will let it be know to everyone in your family, cause they'll be calling anyone and everyone they can find!!

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auto finance is the worst thing that could happen to you

My complaint is sort of complicated. I financed my car through a small bank that was based here in New York State. I figured that since the bank was smaller, I would be less likely to run into the hassles that come with dealing with a giant bank. North Fork Bank was its name and I had no problems with any late payments or getting answers.

Capital One Bank acquires North Fork earlier this year, and you guessed it...nothing but problems now. My payments are mysteriously late three times within this calendar year. I have never even been late on a car payment since I took my first car loan in 1997. Maybe the Postal Service has found a way to screen out only my one car payment that goes to Capital One and they are trying to ruin my credit. That must be it!!

Now, I just get done speaking with someone from Capital One and they have no idea if there were any problems with the merger. They also seem mystified when I asked them if there were other customers experiencing the same problem.

This is the exact reason why I have never done business willingly with Capital One before. I have never heard one positive review of them, and have had only problems when I have been forced to deal with them.

  • Bp
    bpeterso Jul 16, 2009

    Unfortunately, your situation is not uncommon. Things seem to always fall through the cracks with the complexity of the data and process integration that comes with large-scale mergers like this one. Capital One Auto Finance is one of the largest auto finance companies out there but if you are not satisfied you should consider refinancing your auto loan with another financial institution. Unlike home loan refinancing, refinancing your auto loan can be a fast and simple process that you can do entirely online. Do a Google search for 'auto refinancing' and you'll see a number of companies who can help you with that. Good luck.

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terrible experience

I hope I read all these reports before I applied or Capital One Auto Loan... Here's the Story... 3...

dispute resolved years ago

While living in Mexico in 2001 I had a Capital One credit card. I did not use it for over a year. I received in the mail a membership fee charge for $50.that was due the week before I received the notice. I tried to telephone Capital One but the only number on the card was an 800 nimber that was unusable outside the country. there was no other number. Plus it would cost me $3.00 a minute to call the US to try to find a number for them. I sent a letter and the cut up card cancelling my capital one account. I kept receiving letters of nonpayment with fees attached. I called capial one many times during this dispute, at $3.00 per minute. I finally sent them the original membership fee, though the account was cancelled, and they would call it even. Capital One said the problem was resolved. When I returned to the states in November 2002, my credit rating was bad because Capital One now had a $295.00 fee on my credit report based on that $50.00 membership fee. I had to put my first home mortgage in my wife's name due to this, only blemish at the time on my credit report. I called capital one. they apoligized profusely and said it was a gross misunderstanding and guaranteed me that they would take this, their error, off my credit report. This was in 2002 or early 2003. I considered the matter closed until I received my credit report from Experian with this $295 charge from a collection agency all stemming from a $50.00 membership fee for a card I cancelled and had not used for a year prior. This has been a nightmare. Can you help me resolve this matter? Sincere thanks, Steve

  • Ox
    oxjr Apr 16, 2011

    Capital One has a credit bureau disputes division, it sounds like human error occurred at C1 and your original cancellation was not completed. I advise everyone who closes an account to double check twice because paperwork can take two months and interest charges take 60 days to completely cycle. You can also dispute the report directly with the credit bureaus (the will send forms to be completed), the debt is so old it should not be there anyway. It also should have a small effect on your score so you may have other issues so I would recommend brushing up on everything that is on your credit reports. It is too bad you did not call the free international number for Cap one when you were back in Mexico but I guess you did not have access to Google in the town you were at.

    btw, customer service reps are people. Yelling or getting angry gets them flustered and causes them to make mistakes. When you call Cap one to request a credit bureau dispute the first agent you speak to may not have experienced that request as they are rare. If they have trouble assisting you just politely ask to be transfered to a supervisor. And be patient, the people who handle rare problems usually have long hold times because they have to take more detailed notes etc so if you are next in line you may have a lengthy hold time.
    Hopefully this helps.

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unreasonable account restrictions

In August, 2008 I applied for a credit card with Capital One. I received correspondence from them requesting...

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