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I transfered my car loan to Capital One Auto Finance in November of last year. I paid my payment on time every month. I have not been late with a car payment ever! Suddenly, I get a notice on my credit report that I am 90 days past due. Then another one saying I am 60 days past due and lastly 30 days past due. I had been reported 3 time to all 3 credit bureaus. When I called to get this straightened out they were like oh, you have never been late with a payment. But still kept on reporting me as delinquent. I have called several times and have been told it has been corrected. Still showing on my credit report. THEY ARE SCAMMERS. I HAVE PAID MY BILLS WITH THEM ALWAYS. BEWARE!!!


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    Anonymous11111222222 Jan 02, 2021


    I know your complaint is over a decade old but the same thing happened to me! I always paid in full and on time — only to get a 90 day late hit on my credit report.

    Capital one refused to take responsibility.

    They did it again this last month — accused me of being 30 days late in payment for a payment made in full the previous month. (the first time I used the credit card after the last 90 day late hit)

    I paid the previous month again and the last month and then canceled the account.

    By refusing to acknowledge payment, they get you to pay twice. you can't even overpay as they won't apply the overpayment to your next month but mail a check for the difference — and then make that check uncashable, so they keep the overpayment too

    Capital one fired all its tech people and replaced them with hi-bi workers from india.

    My thought is either the tech people who left sabotaged capital hill's recording mechanisms, the indians who replaced them are idiots and can't do their jobs properly, the indians are scamming americans — and are being rewarded from concocting schemes like the one above to generate profits for the bank, or the bank is so desperate for money and in such a poor financial state and/or run by such desperately corrupt and greedy people.

    I have never had problems with a bank or credit prior to capital one.

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  • Ca
    Capitaaloneh8tr Apr 21, 2012

    Had a six year loan with them, never late paid in full. Reported 60 days late the month after paid off, we called and after 2 months they removed 60 and put 30 days late, which was also incorrect. Again called rep said it was an error and would be corrected immediately. Upon reviewing my report, they deleted entirely all history of my loan only a year after payoff and wont reinsert. DICKS!!

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  • Je
    jerkoff..ffs. Sep 12, 2010

    You [censor]ing idiots... Just pay your [censor]ing car payments. Seriously. What dead beats... Jesus christ...

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    Anonymous11111222222 Jan 02, 2021

    @jerkoff..ffs. Jerk off? read the post. customers are paying on time - capital one is falsely recording non payment.

    Apparently this problem is rife throughout capital one.

    They make you pay twice by failing to report that you paid when you did. this is being done by their tech department — the hi-bi hires from india who are running these scams. wise up!

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  • Ve
    VegasT Jul 11, 2010

    I have an auto loan with Cap one and due to job problems and such I usually run about a month behind. In four years I have never missed a payment. As soon as I am three days late they call me between 10-15 times a day. They use different phone numbers from different states so I might pick up. Even after I tell the rep when I can pay they say "that not going to work". As an example - last month I got paid on the 18th, but the latest Cap one said they could arrange was for the 14th. I asked them to stop all the phone calls and they said not unless I could arrange a payment for the 14th. I even offered to postdate a check over the phone. Keep in mind that this phone call happened on the 7th of the month. Everyday from the 7th to the 16th we received at least ten calls and as many as 15. I have decided to just leave my damn phone off the hook and use my cell when I am late because the stress isn't worth it. Also, if you have a late payment they won't credit it to your account if you pay online. I hate Capital One.

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  • Lg
    LGN Jan 11, 2010

    I truly believe that they ARE scammers! I wish we had never gotten an auto loan with them. The majority of the people that answer that 800 number seem clueless. They lie about deferrments that you can get then tell you that you do not qualify. They harrass you via phone, and your relative, and that includes Sundays. They add on late charges that you think you've paid. They are extremely suspicious. I quit calling them to make payment arragements, or even discuss ANYTHING with them. BEWARE! I like GMAC financing back in the day when we'd gone through them. They were flexible and fair. Not the clowns at Capital One. All they care about is getting everything that is "in your wallet!"

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  • Mw
    mwb Jul 10, 2009

    I recently bought a new car and have a loan threw capital one. I have made 3 payments on time for 3 months. My fiance ( who is a co-borrower) had 2, 000 to put as a one time payment towards the loan. OBVIOULSY to the principle since I had my monthy payments scheduled to come out of my checking account. Low and behold They didnt put it to the principle. They said that you could not have that option if you make the payment online. How stupid. You have to call in the payment to have it go to your principle. Any company who is looking out for the consumer would make this obvious. Capital One a blood sucking greedy ### that do every loop-hole in the book to get as much money from you as they can, even if you are a good customer and pay on time. I called in and asked if they could change the payment towards the principle. They said there was no way to do that. I asked to talk to a manager and got hung up on. Called back and asked to talk to a manager again, after being on hold for a half hour a finally got threw to a manger and he saud the same thing. After telling him that its IMPOSSIBLE that there isnt something they can do since what I intened to do with the 2000 was obviously the only option that made sence, He finally said they could refund my 2000 and then I can call in to have it go to the principle. Of corse I need to wait for a letter to come in the mail, fill it out, fax it in and probably end up waiting weeks to get the 2000 all the while losing money on the interest during those weeks


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  • Ve
    verizonsdoll Jan 27, 2009

    I purchased an 2003 explorer at an local dealer which uses Chase contracts because Capitalone does not have an contract for NY. Anyway they sold my contract along with a affidavit stating whatever company takes the loan have to agree with the terms of the contract. So Capital one took it at 17% apr which I have been keeping up for 1 1/2 year until my truck was totalled by a driver on a cell. There insurance company (allstae : ) ) sent ME a check for 7136 which was 2000 less than agreed, thats not really important because my contract have an exclusion of any further payments once car has been deemed totalled. I signed the check and expediated it to Capitalone along w/copy of contract with the claus highlighted. I called 3 days later to check whats going on, The check was sent back to AllSTATE and I was told to pay FULL AMOU NT. I asked why was it returned they said it wasnt right. It was only made to me and I figured that was the problem, after speaking to about 4 reps about the issue 1 said it was because they didnt send what ever so Capitalone can send them the title!! I was furious ALLSTATE already gave me the car (didnt want it) and I gave it to the shop that had it. I was left to handle this whole situation, my self so only me and allstate knew what was going on. When I explained the truck was probably compacted somewhere they then hung up on me. Basically what they tell me is "they are not honoring my contract" EXACT WORDS. wish I had it on tape... So my accident was 12/5 my loan 14000 still since they wouldnt accept the insurance check, My credit is in danger cant get another loan this is still on me, which basically means I am stuck in an rental that I am paying for and I have to stop my truck from going into repo status on my credit so I am making payments to stop that. I am about 1 month from total financial ruin. I have contacted the Attorney General and filed a report @2 weeks b4 ne answers. This is the worst experience I have ever had 2009 IS NOT A GOOD YEAR FOR ME. I had plenty of people look at the contract it is legal and binding and I dont understand why they picked me to not honor the dealer explained they usually dont take it this far and is willing to go to court with me!! But in the meanwhile here I am BROKE. More than most likely this is going to be MONTHS, So according to all u guys comments they dont go to arbitration. So now I have to get an laywer $2000 DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO if ne suggestions I am [email protected]

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  • Me
    Melody Lee Sep 23, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Capitol One kept my insurance check instead of paying the body shop for services Capitol One had approved. My brother was using my car when he was side swiped by an 18 wheeler. The trucking company offered us $7000.00 to fixed the repairs and pay for a rental, they made the check out to myself, my brother and Capitol One. Capitol One refused to sign the check over to myself and my brother they wanted us to sign it first, thinking this was odd we refused. After two weeks of daily phone calls to Capitol One we agree that the body shop would to the repairs, then send Capitol One a bill and they would endorse the check send it to me and I could pay the body shop for an estimated $4600.00. The body shop agreed to do the repairs as instructed by the person who handled my account at Capitol One. When it was time to pay the body shop I called Capitol One and found out that in the mean time Capitol One had contacted the insurance company and had them issue another check for the same $7000.00 but only to Capitol One. Capitol One refused to pay the body shop stating they had applied the insurance check to the Balance of the account, the payments were up to date and Capitol One had no reason to believe I would not continue to make my monthly payments. When I called they insurance company they suggested I borrow the money from the bank to pay the body shop.

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  • Ma
    Marisa Jun 04, 2008
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    Verified customer

    We have been with Capital One Auto Finance for 3 years, and have had a stellar payment history, we still do.

    From the beginning, we realize what scam artists they were when they told us they didn't receive a payment, we ran out and re-issued and then tried to stop payment on the one that Capital One said they didn't get. When I got to the bank, fumes spewed from my head as I learned that indeed Capital One had cashed the check they said they didn't get. They posted it after I told them I would send another!

    We decided in order to prevent stress, we would send our payments via Western Union.. more costly, but at least we had a paper trail.

    The currency exchange that we did our Western Union transactions recommended this " checkfreepay" service, which Capital One has a contract with. It only costs a dollar!

    This month, I checked to make sure our payment had posted and after listening to the automated service, dialed 0 to find inform them we had paid and here was our transaction and receipt number.

    I had not one but 5 customer service reps tell me that they did not accept checkfreepay, they called me a liar... nice way to treat a long time customer, go figure.. especially since we never have been late on our payments.

    I called this checkfreepay, and they acknowledged they did send the money to Capital One.. they faxed it over to Capital One, proof that they had the funds> later I called Capital One and spoke with a rep that was actually very nice.. her name was Toytha.. anyway, she confirmed that they did in fact accept check free pay.. and couldn't figure out why the other reps did not know this.

    In a few weeks I think we will pay the note in full, not that I don't have better things to do with my money, however.. I refuse to keep being verbally abused by these flunkies.

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  • My
    M Yancey Jan 09, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I have had my loan with CAP One for years now, but not my choice. My bank sold it to them. I was upset about this. Things were good, then I moved to Georgia. I missed my payment, was late about 30 days before I was able to get a job to pay. I called them to give them my new address. From time I moved to time I was able to get into a place, 26 days. 5 days after I called them, they repoed my car. I was mad about that. I had to borrow money, I just started my new job. Stupid huh.

    Gets better. Have you ever made an online payment? Or made a check over the phone payment. Well last night, I got a call from Cap One, wanting their payment. I told them when they would have it, and apologized, since I was unemployed for about 45 days. They said ok, we can setup a payment for you. What are the last 4 of your SSN. I gave it to him. Then he said, ok, what is the last four of your checking account. I was like - WTF?!!!! How on earth do you have my account information. The only time I would have ever used it was for the online session you can setup to make your car payment, and there is no reason a collections rep should have that information. I WAS SHOCKED. I then asked, can you see more then 4 of my SSN, he said no. I then asked, can you see all of my account number, My mouth dropped when he said yes. He could see my banking name, routing number, THE WHOLE THING!! Everything he could want for the taking. My information is in Cap One's system for them to pass out to all of the high risk employees they have to begin with.

    We all know how collections are - high turn over rate. I immediately asked to speak with a supervisor.

    John Lanford got on the phone, told me that he would see what he could do to get it removed. I never gave them permission to have it to begin with. I am determined to get this information erased. He told me that it holds in the system the last way that a payment was made. So to me that says, that at any moment someone wants to be a jerk, or hates me because I am rude to them, they can initiate and auto deduct payment from my account because they already have my information.

    And who knows how trustworthy their employees are.
    To top it all off, when I called them about 2 weeks before Christmas to let them know my payment would be about a month late due to unemployment, the rep was shockingly nice to me. He told me he understood, and said that I could get a deferment. I had heard of this before because my sister told me about it with her loan company. I asked about it when I moved out to Georgia, the time the repoed my car. THey told me it was not an option, and I would not be able to.

    This time I said something about it, and the supervisor, who did not offer it, then openly said he would do what it takes to make sure I could get it, and help me out in anyway that he can.
    This tells me that Cap One is illegally holding my information, and making it available to all of their employees who have access to the system.

    Thank God I have employee benefits that have allowed me legal advice 24/7. I will be using that benefit before the end of this week if that supervisor does not call me back.

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  • Rr
    RRT9 Dec 25, 2007

    PLEASE contact me at my email address robbyt at g m a i l . c o m. I would love to hear more about your experiences with Capital One Auto Finance. Thank you.

    I am having my own troubles and battles with capital one auto finance. Their customer service is the worst I have EVER experienced. I am considering a class action lawsuit because of all of the similar complaints about CAOF that I have come across online. They are lying to customers, charging late fees for no reason, and holding the title on pain off vehicles for excessive peeriods of time.

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  • Mo
    mothernyx Dec 19, 2007

    Recently, we received a letter from AIC, the collector hired by Capital One Auto Finance to settle the amount of the loan. Complying with the terms of the agreement, we sent the percentage required. We received a letter from the collector stating that the account was paid in full. We then contacted Capital One, requesting a lien release on the vehicle, but were unable to contact a human being. We left a name and telephone number for contact, but were not called back.

    Today, one month after sending payment, my husband was finally able to speak with a human being instead of an answering machine. He was told that although we made the payment, the payment required for a release of lean was the full amount of the loan, plus interest. While the agreement with the collector had been satisfied, the agreement with Capital One was not. Very deceptive practice.

    By our estimation and receipts, we have already paid the amount of the entire loan, and about ten percent over and beyond that amount. We are taking receipts, letters, names, numbers...anything concerned with this a consumer advocate. There is a possibility that suit will be filed. We would much rather settle this issue amicably, but I'm afraid the way things have presented themselves, we will have no choice in order to preserve our rights.

    If you're considering doing business with Capital One Auto Finance, be prepared for a battle. Save receipts from EVERY payment you make. Better yet, keep five copies of every piece of correspondence, no matter how trivial it seems. It's the only way you'll get them to stick to their agreements. Even then, be prepared to fight every step along the way.

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  • Ja
    J. AHearn May 23, 2007
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    Verified customer

    Capital One Auto Finance is the biggest ripp off company around! Agree, BEWARE!

    We paid all our payments, 5 years on time. When final payment was made, suddenly we get letter saying we are 20 days in default of payment of $450.00 more than original payments on our loan. They say these are charges because of interest because of payment history. Right, never made a late payment. Their own read out states exactly that! Yet, when I ask for detail of what occurred to make this amount, I am just told BECAUSE OF PAYMENT HISTORY. Capital went as far to threaten us with repoing our truck for $450.00 My husband say fine, we will make Bank check out now and settle this account and just refund us our monies. Now Cap One doesn't receive ck, another demanding default notice. Back to bank, no ck not cashed. Cap One says to stop payment on ck and reissue another one. That night, guess what, Cap One cashed that ck. Now Cap One has over 900.00 in two check for monies that they can not state are for. Cap One tells me that it will be about 4 to 6 weeks to get back my second ck I send to them.
    Feel like Cap One just keeps sticking it to us!

    Plan to do no business w/Cap One ever again and everyone should read complaints about Cap One!!!

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