Canadian Tirebicycle

H Jul 04, 2019

I used to love CT until today, I bought a Bike from Canadian tire Centre Point Mall on June 6 2019, they told me if there is anything wrong with it please bring it back and we will fix it, I rode the bike and realized it was making strange loud noises, so I took it in, Geeta was the Customer Service Rep, she was immediately rude to me and told me I couldn't return the bike, I explained to her that I don't want to return the bike, I just need someone to fix it, She told me that they have no one in the store to fix it and she doesn't know when somebody will be in, it could take weeks. I told her that if someone buys a brand new bike right now and takes it out for a spin, finds out that its a faulty bike right away, they bring it back, and they have to wait weeks for the bike to be fixed, even though they paid for a Brand New functioning Bike and not the one that needs fixing. She hated that point and started screaming at me, basically telling me its not her business how long it takes. I did not buy the bike in summer so then I wait all summer for the Bike to get fixed. I asked to speak with a manager, she told me she had no managers. I was treated like garbage and felt like a criminal. I will be telling all my family to never shop from Canadian Tire. At this point, I want to return the Bike and not even keep their faulty Bike.

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