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10:47 pm EST

Canadian Tire The security

My name is Leann Nelkenbrecher. I have been coming to the Kelowna and Vernon stores my entire life, as a child with my father and grandpa, and now with my own family. Today I have recieved such poor service and endured a humiliation so large I doubt I will ever be shopping at Canadian Tire Kelowna ever again. I was waiting to be picked up by my partner after he finished work and was planning on getting some items I saw that were on sale this week. It was close to closing and I had more than I planned on purchasing, but my partner had planned on coming in and grabbing an item he needs for the truck and me. The store was about to close and so I decided to get the necessary items with cash as I did not bring our card, we usually leave it in the vehicle. I was rushed and kind of stressed as it wasn't like my partner to let the phone ring and he was over 20 minutes late and the store was closing. There is literally a blizzard outside and I am standing outside in the falling snow right now, writing this complaint. I finished deciding what to purchase but wanted to make sure the boots I found for me that were on sale, the only size left of my size and a wifi extender that we need on clearance could be held until the morning as the doors were closing. I left my name for the items to be held and went to leave the store when one of your security guards ran at me and grabbed a pair of boots that I did NOT KNOW I had left on the bottom of the cart because they were on sale as well and my partner needs a pair as he melted non-work ones of his on the stove drying them out a few days ago and I wanted to keep them easy to access to try on when he arrived. The security guard grabbed them and in a very loud voice told me I was a thief and I was banned from the store and took a photo of me with his phone..

There was even a tag for security, right there on the tongue of the boots. Like I would even dream of attempting to steal boots let alone pick an item with such an anti theft device.

There was a lot said and I don't feel like writing much more atm. My whole body is reacting to the stress of what just went on in your store.

I have never in my life been so humiliated and I am still shaking.

I just was informed that the security company is called BlackBird? And this has happened to people all over town at different stores that have hired this company for security.

I plan on speaking with our lawyer first thing. Normally I am not one for confrontation but I've not witnessed anything this evening that makes me feel like my family has been seen as loyal customers or are valued. We have other options and most likely will be shopping elsewhere.

Happy Holidays,


L. Laing

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6:48 pm EST
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Hello, To whom it may concern I have proof that Canadian Tire ripped me off. 375.60 dollars here At Bath Road that never refund me 375.60 for Alignment that wasn't to be done correctly due to They never fix rim it was badly damaged instead they stolen my new wipers off my car & put on my broken wipers Excuse me 375.60 was new wipers & the tie rod & they...

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2:39 pm EST
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Canadian Tire Christmas lights

I have just tried to return 2 boxes of Christmas lights that were not needed.

I was told that as it was past December 24th I was not able to return them, it is the 27th. I never new this was a policy of yours and as a long standing customer was shocked at this treatment. Home Depot were very obliging as I had some clips that were not needed also and took them back with a smile. my husband and I are seniors and over calculated our needs . Rest assured I will not be spending my hard earned money in these difficult times in your store any longer

Valerie Hughes


Desired outcome: Permission to return the merchandise

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10:11 pm EST

Canadian Tire Tire sales/ installation

I ordered my tires online and found your site to not be insynch with ordering and possible financing which is fine and do understand. I am a network engineer going on 30 years, so I do understand hiccups etc. My issue is this, I was told I could get the 24 month financing once the job was done and I went to to pay but no one seemed to know what the left from the right was doing never mind the fact that I was at my appoint for @2:00PM at 1:50Pm which I even apologized for being late too. My Vehicle never even made it into the shop until 2:30PM and then at 1:48PM I get a call asking about my lugs having a lock which I was not aware of and have had service for tires before and that question never came up. The reason? because people keep them in the glove box as most experienced mechanics know and that's where it was found before and was not bothered for it by previous service technicians. So I finally was able to drive my vehicle out @ 5:00pm but the financing was not in place, so I had to wait until the desk agent redid the paperwork and then told oh, you still have to go to customer service get the refund and then come back here to redo your paperwork. I was not happy. I have to cancel an appointment and make arrangements now for one to be later idf possible. So I went to customer service with 5 people in line in front of me and only one person handling the entire dept. I watched wand waited for 10 minutes and they still did not have the people dealt with that were there when I arrived! I could not wait any longer and just went back again to your service dept. to only wait another 10 minutes for the guy to redo the paperwork so I could just pay for it all on my CT MasterCard. ITS HARD TO BE MERRY AT CHRISTMAS WHEN YOUR TUTTING SCREWED FOR MONEY for services that your paying good money for. You should also tell your techs to stay off their phones and when they get a work order, not to wander around the shop talking and helping others and to just take care of the invoice in hand because yes , I totally noticed that. I'm like why are there 2 wheels off my SUV but the there is no one changing them or balancing them and then near the end of the THREE HOUR ORDEAL to change and balance 4 brand new tires? WOW!, I Then I notice BANG! 3 wheels get balanced and are on in like less than 30 Minutes...explain that one to me. I am 54 and know vehicles and trade among many things, your shop works are not on their game or some are and some rent but in the end you get an email like this from me. I will Never recommend your store to anyone now even to buy nuts and bolts, LIKE what a joke! You have people screaming for Tires installed and your cartoon characters take THREE HOURS TO INSTALL MINE, you must love throwing money out the window and looking like a joke as a business man because that what I see! Hoew could anyone who knows the value of a dollar or how business works not?

Desired outcome: Finance my tires and installation like I originally wanted, anything more I will leave to Canadian Tire to decide.

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8:32 pm EST
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Canadian Tire Purchase

I was trying to buy gift cards. They wouldn’t process my purchase. It was weird I shop at Canadian tire all the time. I guess they thought it walls fraud or something. I didn’t cause a scene or anything . Said okay and walked out. I had to Check my bank account and they did refund me the cost. I wish I could know why they refused my purchase. Be great if you could explain. Thanks

Desired outcome: Just wondering why

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3:14 pm EST

Canadian Tire Briggs and Stratton 1227MDS Elite Series 27-Inch Dual-Stage Snow Blower

Briggs & Stratton 1227MDS Elite Series 27-Inch Dual-Stage Snow Blower with Push Button Electric Start, Heated Hand Grips, and Free Hand Control.

Date of issue December 16/2022

Took it out to do the snow removal, and after 5 minutes I heard a whining sound and the machine stopped. The pull cord seemed jammed and wouldn't get unstuck so I tried the electric start after with no luck. Was able to pull the cord once after but then the same issue happened again where it would jam up. The engine itself is dead and now paperweight in my shed. Oil and gas were all at their optimal levels and it worked prior 2 months before when testing out the snowblower for up-to-date maintenance.

I've had this machine for only 2 years as of 3 days ago and maintained.

Desired outcome: I would like to get a full refund back on my card so I can buy a new one that will work or be sent a new snowblower that is new for the price I paid for. Thank you.

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3:41 am EST

Canadian Tire Tv commercial

I just saw your Christmas commercial (December 18/22) where two older ladies who are neighbours decide to have a competition to see who can put up more Christmas lights on their houses. Then another lady pulls up in a truck thats lit up with Christmas lights too. To celebrate their Christmas light displays they all decide to give the ‘goat’s head’ hand gesture saluting the satanic, goat-headed god ‘baphomet’. Call me old fashion, but I don’t think saluting satan anytime of the year is good, especially during this time of year when we are to be celebrating Christ’s birth. Now I get it’s supposed to be seen as a funny thing seeing old ladies ‘rocking out’ over their Christmas light displays, but its not funny. Instead at best it’s stupid, and at worst its highly offensive. Next year you should hire a different marketing company that actually has some good ideas. It’s pretty disappointing to see that this is what made your final cut.

Desired outcome: Stop saluting satan in your Christmas commercials… in fact maybe steer clear of satan all together.

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2:46 am EST

Canadian Tire Manager Kelowna store

12/12/2022 10-11am Monday morning

If you have problems with people who try to intimidate you or you have a short fuse, stay the hell away from the Kelowna store.

After considerable research, I decided to buy a small wood stove for my older house from Canadian Tire. My local store in Vernon was closed for renovations, so I travelled to Kelowna to pick up my stove. The sales lady in store was awesome trying to locate the product, and even took me outside to measure it.

The warehouse guy was a bit apprehensive when she told him I wanted to load a 285 lbs stove into my SUV. I assured him it would fit as we went into the storage shed and I made sure it would fit. (I have operated a forklift at work for many years and know what I am doing)

Another guy gets on the radio and argues for ages that he will only load it into a truck and it will not fit into my SUV. I assured him it would and I drove 1 ½ hours to pick it up, so just go with it and I will show him. I went to the shipping dock and he immediately started trying to intimidate me. I have no idea what I’m talking about and did I want to run the forklift myself. I responded, sure I’m trained. That really pissed him off and he got worse with his bully tactics, and verbal abuse

Little did he know, as a smaller guy I am always underestimated by bullies?

He even threatened to drop it behind my SUV and I could load it myself. I said no, but I will unload it by myself when I get home. It’s not that heavy. Had I not needed the forklift, he would have gotten a real surprise. He is very lucky I have good control over my emotions. The next person he abuses might not be so tolerant.

When it was finally loaded, and very easily I might add, I apologised to the warehouse guy about the forklift operator being a “real dick”, and hoped he had a better day from this point on. I assured him I was going to contact the store manager. I will be filing a complaint about having people like that forklift driver insulting and trying to intimidate customers.

The young guy in the warehouse just smiled, and said have fun with that one...He IS the manager.

Maybe Canadian Tire should evaluate their managers from time to time. Or at least the Franchisee should.

Desired outcome: No response needed. Just notify other customers to be wary of this guy, he is volatile.

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7:15 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Canadian Tire road assistance

Canadian Tire Road Assistance is the worst service I've ever experienced. They don't respond to calls promptly, and when they do, the service is so bad it's almost comical. The staff are unhelpful and unprofessional, and they don't seem to care about getting the job done right. On top of that, they charge an absurd amount of money for their services. Don't waste your time and money on this terrible service.

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12:47 pm EST

Canadian Tire Damage key fob during service

Dec 10 2022, I gave my Vehicle to Canadian tire Saskatoon for an oil change and tire rotation. When I handed over my vehicle at that time my remote key starter screen was normal. After one hour they gave me my keys and vehicle to me, I notice that my remote key screen was damaged ( looks like Someone seat on the screen) . I talked to the service team and they not gave a positive response or agreed to accept the mistake. They told me to contact the service manager. This is a very bad experience. Please advise. what to do?

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Update by Ashok Patel2022
Dec 10, 2022 1:32 pm EST

Dec 10 2022, I gave my Vehicle to Canadian tire Saskatoon for an oil change and tire rotation. When I handed over my vehicle at that time my remote key starter screen was normal. After one hour they gave me my keys and vehicle to me, I notice that my remote key screen was damaged ( looks like Someone seat on the screen) . I talked to the service team and they not gave a positive response or agreed to accept the mistake. They told me to contact the service manager. This is a very bad experience. Please advise. what to do?

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8:28 am EST

Canadian Tire Service Department

Date of work 11/26/2022

Repair Order#[protected]

Store # 0069

Wayne Ford Sales LTD

17750 Yonge St

Brought in truck to get new brake pads and rotors installed ( Supplied By myself) and agreed upon with the service department to install.

Picked up vehicle on 111/26/2022 and noticed they did work that was not required. Service adviser told me that the mechanic said it required both rear CALP to be replaced. Told that CALP were seized.

Asked for the CALP back and when i got home noticed that CALP were not seized.

/Returned to the store on 11/27/2022 and talked to the service advise and showed him that the CALP were not seized. He agreed that i was right and that i should be compensated for the extra work that was not required.

He said he had to talk to the service manager to authorize the credit.

Went back a couple of times and countless phone calls to the service advisor and he was told that we need to contact customer relation.

Desired outcome: I would like a credit back of $530.96 for the work that was not required.

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2:38 pm EST
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Canadian Tire tire department

I brought my car in to get tire and rims put on my car at new sudbury canadian tires. woman asked me to sign authorizing them to do so. Then the called head office and he said they cannot charge people cost that are not mentioned up front . Then this is only after I called 3 times. He calls the store a woman calls me to explain the cost I paid was for balancing . I told her that I can read the bill. she told me regardless if I was told or not that is the fee. So as far as I was concerned I was ripped off. I will not do business with thieves and as far as I concern that is what the are. SAVE YOUR MONEY GO TO SOME WHERE ELSE THAT DOESN'T BURY THIER COST AND RIP PEOPLE OFF

Desired outcome: they said to bad no one told me

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6:28 pm EST

Canadian Tire Store #678

I wanted to purchase tires plus installation at the Canadian Tire store #678. Service manager McKenzie called me back and quoted me $973.

Online I later noticed that the tires were $588. When I dropped off the car I asked about the difference and reluctantly was told that there were extra charges for warranty and alignment included. I refused to accept these additional charges after which the quote quickly changed to $793.

These are pretty dispicable tactics.

Desired outcome: Explanation, apologies, anything better than nothing

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3:04 pm EST

Canadian Tire Noma Outdoor Christmas Lights 25 lights

Hello , I purchased a set of Noma Outdoor Christmas Lights for my Balcony this morning 12/2/2022 (11;55am) I just installed them on my balcony and the clips attached to the bulbs kept breaking and snapping off. The railing is thin and I've hung many lights there and never had this issue. Right now I have them secured by zip ties maybe that's why they were reduced by half price. Canadian Tire #182 2129 St Clair Ave Toronto. I understand it's final sale, i tried my best and got them on my balcony already witht the ties. I just wanted to give feedback on the product and my disappointment.

Ref; p12172980010019760h

Authorization : FN9929

Operator ; 116

Reg ; #6

Trans ; #:66

Kind Regards,

Shawn D'Eon

[protected] Dundas St W

Toronto, ON

M6S 4Z5



Desired outcome: I'd like a response and possibly a gift card due to the poor quality that I can't return.

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5:10 pm EST

Canadian Tire Winter tire installation

My Wife had a 4 pm appointment to install her winter tires at The Canadian Tire located at 1025 Lake Shore Blvd E, Toronto, ON M4M 1B4. She drives a Mini Copper so I dropped off the winter tires/on rims earlier in the day.

After she waited an hour she inquired on the status of the vehicle and was told they did not have an eta. The reasoning - "It is late in the day and too many people went home, so we don't have an eta".

This is the second time we have received poor service from this location. The staff are rude, obviously the store is not managed properly, and best of all, they are unapologetic about a young woman stuck waiting for hours. This is a 20 minute job tops - an hour, sure.

If they are understaffed, don't take the appointment!


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4:58 pm EST

Canadian Tire Returning a defective humidifier

Dear CT

I am writing to complain about the frustration I experienced at your store Canadian Tire Red Deer South.

I purchased a humidifier in Edmonton Kingsway store over the weekend. It was regular price at about $110. I was looking for good quality which I think I should find at that price.

I took it home and found it didn’t work properly right from the start. It wasn’t producing any mist. I found this very maddening; I didn’t get what I paid for, clearly.

I went to the Red Deer South store which is close to where I live to return it and was told I could only exchange it.

Well, I find that to be utterly unacceptable. Your company needs to back the products on its shelves, particularly when people go out if their way to try to purchase high quality products and are willing to pay that extra money to get quality.

In fact, your company should be embarrassed to sell so called good quality and to take peoples’ money when perhaps it was a piece of junk.

If I buy a product for a lesser price because it’s a cheap version of the item, and it falls apart then I guess I got what I paid for. However, when I pay a lot more money to get something that is a higher end product and I don’t get the quality that is equivalent to the cost, well, then I am totally pissed off. And then to be told I can’t have my money back! Why would I ever shop there again?!

You haven’t got a cookin clue about customer service if you think this is good business practice.

I also want you to know that I am the type of person that likes to share my experiences with as many people as I can. That includes both great experiences and terrible ones. So, a word of advice: never let your good customers leave the store with a terrible experience.

Karen Weisgerber


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12:15 pm EST

Canadian Tire Complaint on curb pick up service

On November 23rd (yesterday), I purchased 4 Winter Tires on the Canadian Tire website. I went ahead with the Curb Pick Up option at the Canadian Tire in Kirkland Quebec-16821, Trans-Canada Hwy, Kirkland, Quebec H9H 5J1).

Caroline received the confirmation email with the instructions to pick up at the Kirkland Store.

Order #: [protected]

Pick Up Code: 4290

Recipient: CAroline Acoca

When I showed up around 6:45 PM last evening, I parked at one of the Curb Pick Up spots, and dialed the number, providing the associate with the Order Info above. No one came out to bring the tires out to the curb location, no one called me back, I tried 3 times to contact the store from the curb location, with no results, NO ONE was picking it up nor taking care of the ME THE CUSTOMER. Terrible customer service from the Kirkland store.

I went into the store and addressed it with the customer service person on service, the customer service checked on a few things to let me know that "no one knows where the tires are". Really horrible service AGAIN...

When someone finally found the tires, they brought them up front, and just dumped them there, not even offering me to bring them to my car... What do you think of that?

I have personally complained over the years about the horrible service of this store, the poor customer service, the bad attitudes when we try to return things... but what do managers do when we complain to the store? They bury the complaint... Independent store owners are destroying the image of your brand.

Another thing, when my cars information (2022 Chevy Spark), the Canadian Tire recommended Tires 185/65R/14 whereas right now I have all seasons 185/55R/15. I surely hope that the tires that were sold to me for the Chevy Spark are the correct ones.

Please let me know what you think, and if you want all the facts, please contact Caroline Acoca at [protected]

Desired outcome: Compensation for the horrible service - and give a poor rating to the Store Manager

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1:03 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Canadian Tire 1X142-6331-8 7QT PRES COK

My mother visited Canadian Tire store #209 on October 13-2022 to purchase some stuff for her new place she has moved.

she then met one of her friend who told her about Pressure cooker being on sale on Ajax location. she then picked one for me and went with her friend to help her with price-matching as she has difficulty speaking English. After she purchased one. She then wanted to go back to the store and continue with her shopping. She was offered shopping cart to keep her purchased item 1X142-6331-8 7QT PRES COK for me on October 13-2022 at 15:04:52.

She continued shopping and pick second Pressure cooker (same Item) for my sister as well.

She then went to the cash holding two pressure cooker (one paid and one to be paid) along with more items October 13-2022 at 16:39:43.

while she was holding both pressure cookers 1X142-6331-8 7QT PRES COK in the same cart (one paid) the cashier charged her for two instead of charging her for only one.

she did not realize until she came home, she called me asking if I can come and help her (due to language barrier) I asked her to wait till weekend as I am working full time at Medical Office.

She did not want to wait and went to the store next day Oct-14-2022. She called me and gave the phone to the store manager. Store manager mentioned she will call us after they checked their cameras. we waited Monday and Tuesday, no one followed up. I called the store on Wednesday October 19th, asking for update. The manager then mentioned that "We saw her carrying three 1X142-6331-8 7QT PRES COK"

I explained to her we are not lying and asked to check their cameras properly.

She said to wait and we will contact you in few days. one week passed with no one calling, I visited the store along with my mother and husband to see the manager in person and explain, the manager said we check our inventory and one 1X142-6331-8 7QT PRES COK is missing (means my mother took it).

I asked again to check properly, she said we will call you guys. no one called again, I called and asked the manager said we have already checked the camera, I asked to see the footage as I am 100% sure they have not checked the cameras and just making up stories. She said we can not release the footage to you, you can ask Police to come and check.

Called division of the area, they said its not consider to be crime and they don't do something like this, asked us to go to Civil court.

I have been going back and fort asking for this issue to be resolved, but does not seem like the store manager taking any responsibility.

I would like to take this issue to your head department.

I'am also attaching copy of both the receipts.

We are beyond disappoint from Canadian Tire.

You can reach me at


Mareena. [protected]

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9:36 pm EST

Canadian Tire Tire change

No surprise that this franchise is averaging 1/5 stars. I suspect the only reason it's not a zero is because that rating is not optional. Just abysmal service all around. I can honestly say that I've never had a worse experience at a business.

My experience:

1) Ordered 4 "in stock" tires on the 30th. According to the order confirmation these would be ready for pickup that same day, at 4:00 pm. I should reiterate that the SOLE criteria I based my order on was the items being in stock. I needed winter tires ASAP.

2) No pickup notice as of the 3rd, 4 days later. No worries, waited a couple more days before trying to call to see what's up. You'd think no one works at this locaton. It took me - no exaggeration - 40 calls before I finally got through to someone in automotive. Apparently the online ordering system is "buggy" (staff members words), and the order did not get completed. No idea when or if they were ever planning on notifying me. No worries though; they located 4 tires and set them aside. Scheduled an install at 2:30 pm on the upcoming Monday.

3) Show up to the install, where I'm immediately informed that the appointment is actually at 3:00. Show the staff member my text notification from the day before specifically stating that the appointment was at 2:30 (I guess that's another "buggy" feature at CT), then proceed to the waiting area.

4) Wait for about an hour. Eventually get bored and go for a little walk around the store to browse before returning to the waiting area. About 5 minutes later. I'm pulled into a back room where a plain clothes security member accuses me of stealing before showing me the "video evidence," which consisted of me placing my cell phone into my coat pocket. Show him the phone that apparently must have resembled some [censored]ty CT product on the security camera, empty my pockets (nothing in there), get told "oh sorry my bad," and back to the waiting room. Extremely embarrassing experience, and you'd think they would need a little more to go on before making baseless accusations. Unreal.

5) Call from the auto dept. Car is almost ready! Great. Get me out of this store. 10 minutes later another call. "Sorry, the tires you ordered don't fit your car." Ok. It took an hour and forty five minutes to figure that out and notify me? I suspect that the "tires they set aside" did not match the initial online order. To call the whole ordeal a complete and utter waste of time would be an understatement.

The kicker in all of this is the [censored] attitude of EVERY employee that I dealt with. I understand that none of these people are making millions, are probably understaffed and overworked, and may not LOVE their job, but the level of apathy on display was shocking. I will 100% not be returning for tires or any other item/service, and will 100% advise others to avoid shopping at this store as well.

Desired outcome: No desired outcome, aside from providing my honest feedback. I wouldn't return to this store for any kind of product/service, even if the company offered it for free.

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Marc Boivin
Addison, CA
Nov 30, 2022 10:16 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Is anyone at CTC addressing these tragic accounts of poor service and incompetence. Emails should be sent promptly to customers making sizable purchases for automotive parts and service

Checking to see how their experience was.

Are store managers not paid for this type of essential queries? Many Canadian businesses do follow through with a friendly invitation to voice their compliments or concerns, it's good business and comes back ten fold.

4:26 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Canadian Tire Area rugs 5' x 7' as advertised in your nov 3-9/22 flyer

On Nov 7/22 I went to your Bancroft On. store to purchase one of the about area rugs. The 5'x7' rug was the only one in the rack with the red sales price of $44.99 clearly marked directly in front of that rack giving me the clear impression it was the area rug that was on sale. In fact it was the only 5 'x 7" area rug on the shelves. When I took it to the check out they wanted to charge me something like $79.99. I advise the sales clerk that was not the price on the rack holding this item, and the sales price of $44.99 was clearly marked for that rack and the rug in that rack. I went with the person who was responsible for that area and pointed out the rack the rug was and the red sales card. showing the sales price of $44.99. She became rather ignorant and said that this particular rug wasn't the one on sale but they a place this rug in that rack because they didn't have the enough shelve space and had not remove the sales card. I will state again that this was the only 5'x7' rug on any shelves and again the red sales card of $44.99 was directly in front of the rack holding this rug. When I go to any store and an item is clearly marked as being on sale, I do expect to get that item at the price. Your personal were the ones that made the mistake of falsely pricing and placing the item not me. I checked the store web site and it did indicate that there were 3 rugs in stock, something the sales girl failed to do.

Desired outcome: To honoring the price of all items that are clearly marked

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