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D Aug 13, 2018

Public awareness my husband to0k our suv to canadian tire at pacific place at 36th street calgary alberta we requested reset the engine light was on they charge us $155.20 just reset it it was done check the receipt they charge us it is not necessary check the tire { etc } never done
what we requested we waited for 20 minutes outside before they tooe the car out of their garage my husband got in the car engine light was still on then my went back inside ask counter the engine light was still on he said came back on while the mechanic was backing out i knew the fact they never reset it canadian tire assumed that my husband willing to spend over a thousand dollar to do the job but take note what canadian tire said are not sure will fix the problem after an hour we went back to canadian tire i let my husband deal with them reason it is completely untrue story then i gave them example my previous car had the same problem toke my car to midas in burnaby, b.C. Midas reset it engine light they charges me $35.00 just reset engine light never came back on after six months they could not accept my reason i told them will bring the car to another mechanic to reset engine light if engine light will never come on i will demand refund told them you just get your customer sweet talk and grab the money my own opinion canadian tire just money grabber they don't fix the problem already had experience canadian tire very first car change oil after 3 days from home to work i noticed there was smoke coming from the hood i have to pull over and check my oil tank they never put the lid back on that's how canadian tire do the reckless job due to money for me i told my husband not to bring the car to canadian tire so dishonest

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