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I ordered an article of clothing off amazon. It was delivered from china and spent time in customs. After checking my mailbox every day for a few weeks i checked the tracking number to see if it was out of customs yet. To my surprise, tracking says "item successfully delivered" 15 days ago. It was not. I have a locked mailbox in my lobby. Normally, if it can be smushed inside they do, but if it's a bigger box they leave a notice and i come pick it up, no big deal. Neither a notice or package was ever left in my mailbox. Meaning the mail carrier either stole my item and marked it as delivered (I mean, what's to stop them?) or put it in the wrong box and a stranger kept it. Now i see on their website that the only thing i can do is contact the sender to file a ticket, i'm not able to. I don't really see how in these circumstances that will help me. I paid for the item, they sent it. It's very obviously cp that screwed it up. So angry.


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    Cat314 Oct 07, 2014

    I had a very similar experience with CP.. I had a couple books ordered online from Chapters, which has never been an issue. Online tracking says "item delivered successfully to front door". I live in an apartment building, its a small building so its not a controlled entrance, and there is definitely no front desk/management office. Usually if its too big to fit in the mailbox, I get a notice to pick up at postal outlet. We have a new woman on our route who is anything but helpful...I called CP and they basically told me "our system says you got it, so basically your problem" I thought they would attempt to help me, not at all. So I happen to see the mail woman the next day and asked her about it...she tells me she left it in the hall, as a "safe drop". How is this considered a safe drop?! On their policy online it clearly states a "safe drop" for an apt building is with management office. Yet complaining/calling CP does absolutely nothing, they leave it at the drivers discretion as to what's a "safe place". And apparently to her right in the hall for someone to steal (which they did) is totally safe. Never got resolved as CP just not give a f*ck. I was also told the sender has to file a complaint, exactly like you said, I paid them, they sent it...I don't see how this is Chapters problem. You have no choice but to deal with them so its their way or the highway. Worst service imaginable and an embarrassment to the country.

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    jerricho1983 Nov 29, 2014

    Same crap here, ordered a lot of mtg cards for a lot of money, tracking says its "delivered", but its not! Neither it was at local post office...employees said 'item marked as delivered, so its not our problem'. I mean some ###ed delivery person could just throw your package into thrash bin, mark it as "delivered" and you can do nothing about it...Canada post service is the worst one i used so far. NEVER ever use non-registered mail if you order anything of value. So f..cking frustrating i cant even express it...((

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    Dr. Hina Mehdi Jul 13, 2017

    I ordered stuff from bath and body works and today when I checked it was already delivered but I haven't received any thing .I don't know what to do ? It's says delivered 1498 .I don't know what that even means .will call Canada Post Tomorrow morning to see if they can do anything about it .

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