Canada Postparcel delivery

S Aug 14, 2018

I've had 5 parcels in the last 2 months gone missing. The tracking information says it was delivered to my community mailbox, but every time I go and check, there's no key. I've repeatedly called and opened service tickets to no avail. I'm getting email delivery notifications from Canada Post itself. This leads me to believe someone from within is stealing people's packages and updating tracking information falsely. What's worse is that you wait on the phone to open a ticket for a good 20 minutes but nothing happens with that ticket. Instead they want the shipping company to call and open a separate ticket. Which company os going to call and sit on the phone on hold for half an hour. Also, that doesn't address the fact that your tracking information is inaccurate or blatantly false. It's time you investigate the people that work for you.

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