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I buy a lot online. During last couple of months NONE of my packages were delivered to my building. I just got delivery attempt failure notifications, although I was at home at the moment of delivery and checked tracking info about delivery. Nobody even tried to call me as it was before. It takes me valuable time to go to the post office and stand in long line to get my parcel 1 day later.
2 times I have seen that mail delivery guy and asked him why he didn't deliver my parcels. He answered "You never are at home". It is NOT TRUE. The service quality became MUCH WORSE during last couple of months. I want to get my packages delivered on time and directly to my apartment building. I pay for this service and don't get it.


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      Nov 30, 2017

    This INFURIATES me also!

    Not only does CDA Post NOT deliver the parcel to the address on it, to LEAVE AT DOOR as indicated, and often a notice is NOT even left in the mailbox (superbox) to indicate that it has been "delivered" to the post office.

    For a current parcel, both CDA Post and the vendor have "confirmed" that this package has been delivered. It was not delivered to the street address, it was not delivered to the mail box, and NOR was any notice left at either location that a delivery had been sent to the post office for pickup.
    NOTE that on the tracking window for this item under "Delivery details, Features and options" it states LEAVE AT DOOR.

    Years ago, CDA post's delivery of parcels was consistently good - parcels actually were DELIVERED to the Street address as per the parcel. For the past 2 - 3 years parcels are RARELY delivered to the house, and often the first notice received is in the mailbox 5 or more days after parcel was left at the post office for pickup.

    Canada Post parcel delivery has been terrible for the past several years. Why does the Parcel Delivery service NOT do what it says it will do?
    Come on Canada Post - DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU WILL DO. And, only say what you HAVE done - ie - don't indicate there was no answer at the delivery address location when delivery was NOT EVEN attempted!!

    Canada Post - are you in the delivery business?? Or in the "drop off at the community depot- and leave you a notice a week later” business??


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