Canada Post Corporation / no delivery attempt


Worked from home today knowing that my package was getting delivered. After checking the door and mailbox multiple times throughout the day, I decided to check the tracking number only to find out that it was delivered to the nearest postal office for pickup. The note indicated that a "Notice Card" was left with details on where to pick up the item - NOPE! Complete LIE! They didn't even have the courtesy to leave me a notice card! They literally didn't even attempt to drop off the package! On top of that, if I don't pick up the package myself, whoever picks it up for me needs to have the notice in-hand or a copy of the email- awesome, I don't have the Notice Card and I don't have a printer. I called customer service and they recommended I go to the nearest library if I need a printer - Seriously??????? Obviously if that's the case, I might as well pick it up myself. Overall, just super inconvenience and definitely UNACCEPTABLE! I guarantee I'll never use Canada Post again.

Mar 6, 2019

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