Canada Post / canada post not delivering to my house and leaving a card instead.


Again, Canada Post just erks me to no end. They are so lazy. It's time for Government to get red of the Canada Post completely and let the private sector look after it. The only reason I have it delivered is so I don't have to get it and drag it home. I can't believe this though. I bought from London Drugs Langley and they happen to be my post office outlet is also there. Then I get a card saying to pick up my parcels at London drugs. If I don't want the delivered I would have gone there myself and bought the items. Gee... Anyways what ever the reason is they can keep it and return the items. I have had it with the BS. When I use amazon not only do I get it faster, they always bring it to the door. Rain or shine. Unlike Canada post. If you don't want to do the work get another job and let the people who want to work take that one!!

Jul 11, 2019

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