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I called yesterday to [protected] to mention the problem and even offered a solution for this situation not to happen again.

Once again yesterday, I picked up my mail at that community box and all of my mail was completely wet. Unable to open the envelops and the ones i opened it was simply impossible to read the content. Once again i had to call the senders and have them mailing me them again or emailing me it.

The one I spoke to didn`t even take our name or phone number to ensure this problem which we mentioned to the post office and to you on several occasions, I felt no caring of delivering proper service.

Mailbox: 5-3543 rue principale Tracadie (NB) E1X 1C9

They have installed a plastic basket to protect but it doesn`t work. A cover over that community box would fix the problem as it might stop the wind and rain getting into our boxes. I`m sure not being the sole one having that problem.

We do not expect any refund as most of the mail were documents however we expect you to find a solution if mine is not available for you else we`ll have no choice to advise our correspondents to use the email or another courier service to reach our company.

Client number: 8070982 Courtiers d'entreprises Canadest Inc.


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    Scottish Lass Nov 08, 2018

    I am in Calgary, Alberta and I'm experiencing the same problem I called to report the problem on October 11th and have followed up today for a status update. I'm tired of receiving magazines (paid subscriptions) that I can't read and receiving my bills and correspondence in such a state that I can't even make out what they are.

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