Canada Post Corporationregular mail

K Jul 11, 2019

I live at 1107 McConachie Blvd, Edmonton AB. This is an apartment building

My boyfriend and I order large parcels on a regular basis and until recently, have always had the postal employee, (a gentleman whose service was exemplary) page our apartment number and then we would go down to get our package.

My complaint is in regards to a new postal employee who has been delivering mail to my building for close to a month now. Several times now, when our packages came in, she didn't try calling but instead left a notice for our package in our mailbox or WORSE, left these expensive items in hallway where we've had them stolen in the past.

We were home each time to receive package but this lady did not attempt to contact us.

In addition, when she went into building today to drop packages off at people's doors, she left a whole bunch of mailboxes open, where anyone could've grabbed my mail.

There has been a noticeable change in our service as of the last month.

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