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retail locations

We are forced as business customers to use a Canada Post location at Canadian Tire confederation mall in...

Saskatoon Other

backed up service

I have been waiting for my DHL package for some time now. I have been told due to the strike everything is packed up.
Get with it Canada Post and deliver packages that people need this time of year!! All your strikes do is put the public against you. Unions are OUTDATED anyway. The days of Norma Rae and employees being treated unfairly are over at Canada Post and many other unionized companies.


that means get the [censored] back to work. Xpresspost delivery the app puts it 2 weeks out and day by day the delivery date just gets further away.. you guys are a [censored]ing joke.. obviously no pride in the work, just we want this we want that lets strike.
Heres an idea [censored]ing suck it up and do your [censored]ing job.
This is an obviously UNsatisfied client from Gaspé, Québec.


Hi there, I understand that the people who work here feel they are being treated unfairly feel the need to strike again like they do every year, but all this does is screw over the public, not Canada post. I pre ordered a sweater on oct 28th 2018, paid an extra $60 for express shipping and i did not receive my mail until nov 20th, and now have no way of getting my money back for the paid faster shipping, when i checked my tracking you people were holding my mail for weeks in toronto instead of giving me what i paid almost 300 dollars for including the express shipping, i also pre ordered a book half a year ago, it was to be delivered this week and the email i received states that it would here yesterday, then i get a second email that your interruptions will delay my parcel again, im beyond fed up with you people, you are beyond selfish, [censored]ing over the public for things they paid for so you can get an extra buck is asinine, you have no compassion for the fact that people rely on mail and parcels to be delivered, why even [censored]ing stay open if you don't deliver mail and then call yourselves a postal service, because of your inability to perform the simple task of taking something and putting it on a porch or in a box i and other are now out money we didnt need to spend, so how does this work? Because i want my money back, i and a rally of angry windsorites are going public with our frustrations, the news agencies will be contacted in great detail about how i and many other who stand with feel we are the ones being striked against and we did nothing wrong, your strike is [censored], be adults, go to work like the rest of us and do your [censored]ing jobs instead of pandering for an extra dollar every year.

late parcels while still paying for express post

I'm just writing this today to express how disappointed and dissatisfied I have been for the last month with your services. I understand there's a strike. And things will take a bit longer than usual. I can deal with that. I'm a very understanding person. But when I'm paying for express delivery and non of my packages are arriving until 2 weeks later I start to get upset. Now I'm loosing money and customers are pissed off cause they can't get there product in time to put on there shelves. I ordered supply's that usually take a day to get here. They don't arrive for over a week! Why am I paying for express post? Is that express? I simply don't understand it. 90% of the packages I've sent out are within an hour and a half drive and yet they don't get delivered for 2 weeks and I'm still getting charged for the full pop!? I don't come in and do one or two transactions. I buy my supply's from can post and send out ten to twenty five packages all with tracking and expresspost. Lately I've totally felt like I've been scammed out of money by your company.

late parcels while still paying for express post

Canada Post Corporation

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non delivery by mailman

Canada Post customer service claims they do not deliver if you live above the second floor. If your mailman delivers to you, it is because they feel like it.
I'm not sure how millions of people are supposed to get their mail. The customer service claims that I have to tell the sender of mail -- every single time -- to put my phone number as a note in order to get a call from them, otherwise they are not obligated to call me and tell me my mail is there.

smartmail marketing campaigns

September 28, 2018- sent pdf postcard to Gilmore Printing for printing October 16/17, 2018 - Gilmore Printing...

canada post strike

It is absolutely ridiculous and disgusting that you would choose to strike just before Christmas, but then that's why you did it isn't it? So you'd get what you wanted!! If you wanted to go on strike, you had the rest of the year to do it!
I'm a Canadian living overseas and my family and I don't get to see each other often. We all look forward to receiving cards/presents during Christmas and it makes me angry and very sad to know that on Christmas morning, none of us will have anything to open from each other. My Father will also have nothing from me for his birthday in January.
Just think of all the kids that won't have presents to open because gifts parents have ordered for them will not be delivered, and all of their little letters to Santa that won't get delivered.
You should be ashamed of yourselves! I will choose to use courier from now on as you are such a disappointment!
How dare you do something like this now. I bet if the tables were turned, you would be fuming! NEVER again will I use your service!!! YOU SELFISH GREEDY [censored]!!!

  • Lu
    Luna Dash Nov 30, 2018

    I think we all need to just constantly call and email Canada post for every single item we order or send and just overload their customer service center, and people close to the head offices of Canada Post should go directly to the office and complain daily until their stupid useless ignorant greedy a** clown workers get back to delivering all our f***ing mail... stupid f***ing workers going on strike just before Christmas, the nerve of these f***ing workers I swear to god I have no sympathy, patience or respect for any Canada post employee right now after receiving this email...all the people this stupid crappy CUPW strike has affected makes me outraged to no end knowing that millions of people's gifts, letters, cards, etc will not be arriving in time and even my gifts to my mother will not be here before Christmas as it is also her birthday, but oh no its okay you can always fork out more money on other postal delivery options that are 5 times the cost of Canada post fees "F*** THAT, YOU F***ING PAY THE SHIPPING!!!" the nerve of you Canada Post to suggest this is appalling and down right disgusting, glad you care about your customers so much to spit in their faces like this. Office workers that run on strict deadlines, Military, Police, Lawyers, Doctors, Pharmacists, and mainly the people that pay your god damn wages...all of us are affected by your f***ing ignorance, if you don't like your f***ing job then there is this thing called the 30 day notice, maybe CUPW staff/members if you don't like the conditions F***ING QUIT! at least then the company would be free to find replacement staff that would be willing to do your job and I am pretty much guaranteed that they would do it a hell of a lot better than what you are showing us right now. Here is a hypothetical situation you need to take into account, if you don't have people using Canada Post services, what happens to Canada post shares? what happens to the value of the company? what happens when there isn't any money to pay for your salaries/wages? Personally if I was the person in charge at Canada post I would have just fired all of you and hired new employees while laughing, not giving a damn about any repercussions from that choice, I also would have made sure they were not members of CUPW seeing as your all self centered anyways, but that's just my opinion but back to the stuff I am waiting for...

    I will be one of the people phoning in to the customer complaint department's head office everyday on the first late package and then every day after that until it shows up, I say we all do that, may be small effort but at least it's a fire ant, I may be small but my sting is mighty-aka-my voice

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  • Lu
    Luna Dash Nov 30, 2018

    not sure why but it appears the photo of the email from Canada Post is not being added

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condition of parcel received

Today, November 26, I received a parcel sent to me by Indigo. Although it appears that the gift inside has not been damaged (I have not opened it because it is a Christmas gift) the parcel box side was torn and two corners on the top of the box were ripped. It also looked like there had been tape added to it to keep it together. I am not expecting any kind of retribution but this kind of service is unacceptable and in the middle of strike action this is particularly disturbing.

condition of parcel received
condition of parcel received
condition of parcel received

Canada Post Corporation

parcel service

Took 3 weeks to find the limited edition item I'm looking for desperately and finally found a location with one in stock. Item was shipped November 21 and has been delayed 3 times until 25th, then 27th and now delayed again until 29th. This should have been a maximum 4 days in transit. Canada Post can do nothing at this point to resolve this issue other than deliver my parcel. I have decided I will never, ever have anything sent to me by Canada Post again.

rules for lettermail

I have sent many mailers in Canada over the past year with regular lettermail postage. They follow your rules defined by your website, they are smaller then 9 x 6 inch and always fit through the slot at the post office. Why are you now returning them too me? Again i have sent hundreds out before that have made it to their destination. What has changed and why are you not accepting them according to your own rules.

From a Frustrated customer

poor delivery times

Due to this strike affecting my government issued cheques, canada post now owes me $397.65 in overdue fees assessed against me by epcor and atco corporations. I rely on these funds to be delivered so I may pay the balance of my utility bills via direct debit. I am disabled and unable to be employed. You need to resolve your internal issues in a timely manner so that the real workers of this nation can function without fear or loss. You aren't inconvenienced by strikes or delays but we citizens who worked hard for our lives are. I survive on a meager $2000.00/mth whereas your employees are making 2-3x that.


Hello my name is Lance Westvelt, i am a business owner in Nisku alberta. I am very unhappy about the disruption in postal services. I do know that the majority of my customers still send payment through the mail. Not happy when i can't pay my bills on time. I won't pretend i know exactly what the strike is about. All, s i know is that if i told my customers that i could not take care of their business, they would probably tell me to hire new workers or, if i can, t supply them, they will take their business elsewhere. Same goes with the workers. Get to work. I, m quite sure many of them would be first in line complaining if services they need are not provided when they need. Please anyone, feel free to call me anytime. Regards Lance Westvelt [protected]/

  • Ke
    Kenneth Tendem Nov 20, 2018

    All we need is more competitor in our local courier service (E.g.: USPS), other than Canada Post and let USA company came in and take over the market. It works also for ICBC for not having a monopoly the local market period.

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parcel delivered to mail box

Please be advised that the postman delivered a parcel to my mail box at the end of my street. Tried to get...

Belleville Other

shipping with xpresspost

Canada post keeps Changing my package delivery date, it's estimated to arrive in three weeks and I have been waiting 1 weeks and 5 business days even though I paid for xpresspost which is next day or 2 day shipping guarantees. Mine was 2 day. They also now refuse to offer a refund for my late delivery due to the strike. The strike is not my fault and if they could not fulfill these guarantees why take people 35$ and leave them with nothing to show for it!!!

delivery delays

My items have been stuck due to the labor dispute for about an extra 9 business already with another forecast 4, these items I require to repair things for my income and to train for new jobs. Extremely poor service and huge problem over relatively small complaints and mostly greed.

2018/11/12 00:01 Canada Delivery may be delayed due to labour disruption
2018/11/11 00:01 Canada Delivery may be delayed due to labour disruption
2018/11/10 12:39 OTTAWA, ON Item processed
2018/11/09 15:42 MISSISSAUGA, ON Item processed
2018/11/09 00:01 Canada Delivery may be delayed due to labour disruption
2018/11/08 00:01 Canada Delivery may be delayed due to labour disruption
2018/11/07 00:01 Canada Delivery may be delayed due to labour disruption
2018/11/06 00:01 Canada Delivery may be delayed due to labour disruption
2018/11/05 00:01 Canada Delivery may be delayed due to labour disruption
2018/11/04 00:01 Canada Delivery may be delayed due to labour disruption
2018/11/02 00:01 Canada Delivery may be delayed due to labour disruption
2018/11/02 Electronic information submitted by shipper

  • Jo
    Jonathan Hanson Nov 21, 2018

    Parcel I need for medical reasons sitting in your Calgary depot for 5 days and not expected to until next Tuesday. Sure glad your bottom line matters more than your customer base, I will be sure to make sure all parcels are delivered via Fed Ex or other delivery services in the future. Sure hope your upper management paychecks from this year are good enough, as I hope this significantly sinks your profit margin. Perhaps you should let customers come retrieve their parcels from your depots, we clearly can do the job better than you. Great holiday season, sure glad your bottom line is worth causing thousands of people financial and medical problems, you heartless people.

    2 Votes

I complained regarding my parcel.

I called [protected]. I bought a TV from best buy. They shipping it through Canada Post. The driver went...

delivery delays on company goods

Hi! I am currently loosing money due to your strike delays. I am neither part of your workers union, nor a Canada Post employee. Why do I have to suffer due to your demands? Does that sound fair to you?

I have lost to orders and there is a current delay on at least, 5 more orders I am waiting for.

Awful care for customers. I am really inspired to never use your postal services again.

Thank you!

labour dispute

End this dispute. Bring in scabs your letter carries are unskilled labourers most people can do their job they are replacable greedy thankless fools. I pay top dollar for shipping so give me what I paid for lock em out bring in scabs and stop their [censored]ing. This is crap you have a strike every few years yet there is no reason for the Canadian public to be held hostage by uneducated unskilled employees who do a [censored] job in the first place. Enough is enough

parcel still not delivered

A parcel was shipped from Amazon Oct 14/18. Went from Mississauga to Stoney Creek on Oct 15/18 (I am in Lindsay). Was returned to Mississauga Oct 16/18 and remains there. Today is Oct 31/18. I put in a ticket to Canada Post, they said if I had not received it by today they would send further instructions. I got an email telling me to contact the sender. How would that help? It's with Canada Post in Mississauga.

parcel still not delivered
parcel still not delivered
parcel still not delivered

Canada Post Corporation

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