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VolarisMy flight from Guadalajara Mexico to Chihuahua Mexico, flight #Y4678

My earlier fight from Cancun to chihuahua was canceled, I received a call that my modified flight # Y4678, which was to leave in the morning was cancelled and that their others afternoon flights were cancelled as well. The worst part is that they said they don't know why?? I cannot believe that Volaris has employees that have no compassion for their clients needing to get home, nor any information to put their clients at ease. This is the worst airline that I've ever experienced!!

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    VolarisVolaris Airlines

    Was looking at possibly changing my flight and I accidentally dropped my phone causing it to change my flights. I called immediately after stating it was an accident and they would not restore my previous flight which I paid a hefty price for. They wanted me to pay an additional 1k for a flight I had initially booked. All I wanted was for the airlines to restore my previous flights

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      VolarisFlight cancelation

      The service at the airport at LAX from Volaris was by far the worst experience ever. The attendees at the desk were very impatient and rude. Being that we are in a pandemic I would expect airport employees and volaris customer service via phone to be a little more understanding and patient with customers who are confused or have questions. On 2/7/2021 I received a call that my flight Q6 4090 for 2/9/2021 from SAL 04:31 PM to LAX 08:04 PM was canceled. I was told that the flight is no longer available and I continuously asked why or what am I supposed to do and I was told that flights will be available in March 2021. I was not planning and cannot stay in the country until March. I was very disappointed in the customer service that is being offered by Volaris. I do not plan to refer Volaris to any of my associates.

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        Jan 25, 2021

        Volaris — Pet in cabin/esa

        I purchased tickets to fly from Guadalajara to San Jose CA. We live in San Jose and visit Guadalajara every...

        VolarisSupervisor Victor Lara

        I've been back and forth on hold now for an hour with a customer service agent didn't get his name... So volaris flight was canceled, never was notified. I called earlier today just to make sure everything was good with flight. Which they have record of just to arrive to the airport to find out its canceled. They offered a flight for tomorrow, which won't work because I need a negative covid 19 test. I ask for a supervisor just so he can get in the phone rudely said I can't help you and hanged up on me I'm still on hold waiting to speak with him. His name is Victor Lara. Volaris need to hire better educated employees

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          • Mm
            MMorales63 Feb 09, 2021
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            I completely agree with everything you said. The service with Volaris is the worst!!

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          VolarisUsing cancellation voucher

          Last year I made reservations for me and my family to travel in June. We had to cancel because of the Covid travel restrictions. During my cancellation I was told that I had a year to make reservations for a flight. I have been attempting to use the voucher/credit to travel in June 2021 a year after our original planned trip. I was told that my credit had expired and that I had lost my money. My original cancellation number is SDD23N.

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            VolarisI lost my flight

            I will never buy a flight ticket from volaris the lady the help us was extremely rude she clean her area and just take off i wish I can know her name i just know she work here on DFW airport the gm try her best to help us at the end but the didn't resolved anything so never again...I have a emergency on mx and she seems like she didn't care about it I just hope she will never be on my situation.. plus she tell my brother that she didn't want talk to him the she was done just because she wants to go sit and be on her phone .

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              VolarisFlight ticket

              I did purchased a flight ticket on the 29th of December 2020 at 11 pm from LAX to Zacatecas, anyway I tried to change the date instead flight the first of January change it for the 30th ( emergency) that I had to go! Well they told me that they can not refund my money from the 29th because is purchased for the first of January and at least needs to cancel 7 days before the flight date ?!! Lol are you kidding me I purchased two days before !!! How they wanted me to cancel 7 days?!! So that's they " policy ", well the second option is change the date for the days they want and time has to be on they terms (which I think is stupid) because is my money!! Well plus whatever I already paid I have to pay $70 extra lmao wow!!! Honestly this is my [censored]ing last time give you business!!

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                VolarisThey don’t let us flight

                We arrive 3 our before to the airport I was on line for 2 hours they was attending other people that arrive later of us... One off the officers ask me how many Americans passport and Mexican passport he only tell me to fill the forms for the Mexican passport no body talk me to fill a form por the American passport 30 minutes before the flight they talk me I can't flight because I don't have a paper for American passports but they only talk me to sign the papers for the Mexican passport and they talk me I have to pay 450 for each ticket to get and other flight ...

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                  VolarisCOVID and travel around holidays

                  I purchased a ticket before the pandemic on 3/5/2020 (X6DVGI) and do not feel it is safe to fly anywhere. When I spoke to a customer service representative Carlos, he told me to call back a week before the flight in addition to send an email to [protected]@volaris.com to see if they can be of further assistance. I sent an e-mail on 12/20 requesting an electronic voucher, got an automatic e-mail saying they had received the communication (#1927799), but received no response as to my request. I resent it on 12/23 but still nothing. I called today 12/25 and was on hold for 3 hours and the call was cut off. This is horrible customer service!

                  Below is the e-mail, I submitted:
                  On Dec 20, 2020, at 2:35 PM,

                  I am writing because I have an upcoming trip scheduled for 12/26/2020 and feel that air travel in this time of the COVID pandemic is not only unadvised by the CDC but also irresponsible on anybody's part. I would like to request an electronic credit for my tickets.

                  I purchased airline tickets from Chicago to Morelia for myself and family (5 tickets total for $2, 392) on March 5, 2020 because my grandparents in Mexico were going to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary. The mass and reception had been in the planning stages since summer 2019 with close family (including us) staying at my grandparents house. Shortly after purchasing the tickets for my husband, myself, and 3 young daughters ages 13, 9, and 4, it seemed the entire country began to shut down due to the pandemic.

                  We have been watching and waiting to see if things would get better, but unfortunately I don't believe they have. In fact, since the summertime months, the infection rate has increased from 3.4% to a current 10.4% in Chicago. I undeniably want to see my grandparents who are 83 and 89, but I do not believe this is the time.
                  - We are suppose to stay at my grandparents house and have no reservations at any hotels due to them living in a small town and hotels being scarce. I do not feel it is safe to stay with them due to the pandemic.
                  - I have 3 young daughters with whom I do not believe it is safe to travel right now. They are in school partial time, but the 4 year old is strictly at home and has never worn nor I believe will be able to keep a mask on for longer than 30 minutes. Her taking her mask off at the airport or on the plane and having a tantrum regarding keeping a mask on is a very high probability.
                  - My husband's aunt recently passed away due to COVID and we are highly sensitive to everyone's safety at this moment.
                  - I have heard that that border between Mexico and the US may close at some point, but I am not certain

                  I am a stay at home mom and our family is living strictly on my husbands salary. We have not been to see my grandparents for many years because tickets for 5 can get expensive. We decided to go for this very special occasion but safety for everyone including my grandparents is first. I absolutely want to see my grandparents, especially since they are getting older, but want to wait until they and we are vaccinated which I expect will happen within the next couple months. I would hate to lose my airline tickets and money I used to purchase them! At this point I don't know what to do! I feel like my hands are tied! I am to the point that I have not been sleeping well at night because of the stress of what to do about these tickets.

                  I always use Volaris when I travel to Mexico and so do several family members. I would love to continue my relationship with Volaris so I hope that while not typical, you approve an electronic credit for our tickets at this time.

                  Thank you in advance

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                    VolarisFlight flexibility due to Pandemic

                    I purchased a flight for my family before we were aware of the pandemic. We are supposed to fly during the holidays but we do not feel safe traveling for non-essential purposes and feel a sense of responsibility to slow the spread of Covid-19 as we continue to shelter in place but Volaris repeatedly refuses to offer a voucher for flying. Every phone call with them is indifferent towards the severity of the virus. We are incredibly disappointed at their lack of flexibility towards this unprecedented matter and would not recommend this airline to our family/friends nor will we consider flying with them in the future. Volaris has given us 2 options- both of which only benefit them, not the consumer. Shame on them for not taking into consideration the current status of the pandemic. I would like a refund or a voucher at the very least. Why would I need to pay more money whether it's for the Flexibility Combo add on or to change the date of my flight over something I CAN'T CONTROL.

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                      VolarisRESERVATION A9M3NJ DEPARTING 12/26/2020 WANT REFUND

                      A flight was booked with Volaris leaving December 26, 2020. I received an email stating they have changed my flight to leave 24 hours later. This new flight does not work. In the email they provided two options..either change the flight or get a voucher. We tried to change the flight to next year on the same date date but that date is not available to us. The voucher only allows us to travel within 12 months from the day it was issued which will not work either. The email stated if those two options do not work to call but and find out other options. When i call they say i have no other options. in order to complete our travel this year i would need to book another 4 flights with is not an option as they will not give me my money back.

                      I have tried to resolve this with a manager but they keep disconnecting me when i ask for one.

                      I would like my money back as they have proven they are an unreliable airline. This is a significant trip and I will not be able to change everything if they cancel or change my flight again next year.

                      reservation number A9M3NJ
                      STEPHEN VANDER HART
                      DIANA WEHRLI
                      HAYDEN WEHRLI
                      MIKAELA WEHRLI

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                        Dec 01, 2020

                        Volaris — voucher

                        I was in LAX on November 18, 2020 to take a flight from Los Angeles to Guadalajara. When I got to the front...

                        VolarisNegaron subir al avión.

                        3 noviembre 2020 el día de mi vuelo
                        No, me permitieron subir al avión que porque los documentos de mi mascota no consistían con sus reglas. Los operadores de volaris me vendieron el boleto y me dieron las instrucciones de los documentos para la mascota. Pero la manager de San José California, me ignoraba y me negó el viaje sin regresarme mi dinero para atrás y ayudarme en ninguna otra forma. Perdí $1, 100 por boletos y veterinario sin impórtales mi bienestar. Que mujer más arrogante y grosera me dijo aquí yo soy la manager y no hay más nadie que te pueda ayudar. No recomiendo volaris fue una experiencia terrible

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                          Volaris AirlineEmployee Cynthia

                          This incident happen on 10/27/2020 I was on the Volaris air plane when a man starts coughing and sneezing and he sound like he was very sick. I believe people should be getting screened before going on the plane and it was obvious this man was not screened. This man was sitting behind me my seat number was 12F. I got up to go to the restroom and I told a team member he name was Cynthia that I needed a mask to have more protection because I felt like my mask was not enough protection for me and my husband. She only asked me what seat I was sitting at so I told her but she seem like she was bother for me even asking for a mask. She never gave me the mask. She came to me during the flight and asked me in front of the man who was I talking about I felt so uncomfortable that was so un professional on her end because that could've got out of hand if the man was aggressive. Thankfully the man did not say nothing to me but I don't think I will like to fly out of this airline again.

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                            Jul 16, 2020

                            Volaris — Useless vouchers

                            So we finally got through to the call center after hours of wasted wait time on the phone back in april and...

                            May 21, 2020

                            Volaris.com — Excessive fee for changing the flight date due to covid-19

                            We where forced to change our flight dates due to the covid -19. Ticket # ohrsqr Karina zarate and my son...


                            I made a reservation from Chicago to Zacatecas D9UP4G. This flight was canceled. So I did not go to Zacatecas. I've called Volaris many times for a refund with no solution. I've spent close to 10 hours on the phone trying to resolve this between long waits, transfers and disconnected calls.
                            I also wAnt a refund for the return flight E6UC6P.this is the return flight. If I didn't fly out to Zacatecas then I can't return, right? Volaris refuses to work with me. Can someone help please. I can be reached at [protected]

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                              VolarisNo way to communicate with the company to cancel flights due to covid-19.

                              I have been trying to call them, email them, messenger them since March 16th to cancel/refund my husband and my flight to Mexico City from Tijuana scheduled for May 18 - May 21 because both of us fall into the category of more vulnerable because of our ages (over 60) and the fact that we use CBX to access the airport since we live in San Diego and there's no "non-essential travel" happening there --- a voucher for future travel is moot because we cannot know when we will be able to travel again -- So it's looking more and more like we've either lost our $350 USD or I'll have to start dispute with the CC company to see if we can salvage that money. There is NO customer service - period --- I tried calling their US contact number for the "Call Center" various times -- different hours - to no avail -- after waiting for 30-40 minutes it drops the calls, I even tried calling Mexico and the exact same thing happens -- this company will certainly go bankrupt and they deserve to!

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                                Apr 12, 2020

                                Volaris — Offer to change flight without penalty but then show no flights available.

                                Volaris airline sent me an email April 10, 2020, that due to COVID 19, before April 15, 2020, I can change...

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