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General Vehicle Registration Address, for USPS
Vehicle Registration Operations, Department of Motor Vehicles, PO Box 942869, Sacramento, CA 94269-0001
General Vehicle Registration Address, for FedEx, UPS, etc.
Vehicle Registration Operations, Department of Motor Vehicles, 2415 1st Ave., Mail Station C271, Sacramento, CA 95818-2606
General Driver License Address
Driver License Inquires, Department of Motor Vehicles, PO Box 942890, Sacramento, CA 94290-0001
International Customers
Department of Motor Vehicles, Customer Communications, MS H165, PO Box 932345, Sacramento, CA 94232-3450

Complaints & Reviews

Registration refund

Submitted the refund application on-line after I paid colorado registration fees. That was on feb. 22, 2020, I heard nothing back what so ever. Submitted application again on may 20, 2020, again on-line, I again heard nothing back. Submitted refund application again on june 1st, this time by mail and have still not received my refund or any correspondence from the dmv. Their own policy states that they will refund your fees or contact you for more information. This is some sort of joke right? Spent over 4 hour on hold and finally hung up well after 6:30, 1 and a half hours after they close, figured they might honor the 2 hours I was told to wait for an agent, nope. If they had just dropped the call at 5 pm when they closed, at least I would have know I was doomed. Tried the chat on-line, got to an agent who was less than useless, gave me a number [protected] that is so over burdened that it hangs up after telling you they have a high call volume, wtf? Just keep trying stupid! Is california so broke that they can't honor their agreements? Or is it just a middle finger to those who have fled? I think we all know the answer to that.

No appointments to reissue my past suspended driving privilege

My license was suspended then released by Child Support services as of last Monday but I cannot get an appointment to pay and have it reissued. I am a disabled senior nearing 70 years of age and can't drive legally to get food, medicine or see my physicians or care for my disabled children and wife.

HELP...this is a 911 request.



My license needs to be renewed by the end of the month. I was told I needed to go to a DMV office and renew in person. I am a disabled person recovering from severe trauma to my legs, ankles, and feet. There's usually a separate DMV line for disabled people to handle their business. At the Glendale DMV Office I was told very bluntly that there isn't a handicap line and that I'd have to stand for two hours to get my license. I told them that standing for long periods is very painful for me. The DMV officer replied that my options were to stand and be in pain or not get my license. I understand these people are stressed out, but this is uncalled for and extremely discriminating.

Unable to register a new vehicle

I purchased a small camp trailer in Utah and towed it back to California in April, right in the middle of the...

Application for refund

January 2020, I submitted an Applction for Refund for my 2000 Nissan, plate# A924A0 with several attachments explaining the reason for my refund.

It is now June 2020 and after fedexing it to DMV since they lost the original refund request, the sent me yet aother letter requesting a reason for the refund. Seriously? wait another 3 weeks? Come on

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Car registration

During the pandemic crisis California DMV office neglected to send me my invoice for one of my vehicles (Hyundai Sonata lic # 6u0L846 vin# 5npec4Ach460021) registration until it was already past due and I supposedly owed a late fee of $86.00.
I called the office and was told that it was a glitch due to the pandemic and that the late fee would be waived. I was told to just send in the regular payment, which I did.
Yesterday, I received a notice that my car will not be registered until I pay the late fee. Really??!! Why didn't DMV tell me that in the first place?
This is extremely upsetting to me because this is not a bill that I can put in my calendar and pay on a regular basis. I am totally reliant on the whims of the DMV as to whether I will randomly need a smog check and what the fees will be.
I would also like to express my disappointment in this government establishment for its role in taking advantage of an international crisis to extort extra fees. I do not know if the DMV office personnel were not able to complete their job or if the US mail was the affected party. Either would be understandable in these troubled times, but to stick it to the people who are desperately trying to support their families the best they can, is wrong on multiple levels.
By the way, in case you check my payment record, you will find that it is exemplary.

I would like a refund of the late fees that DMV is forcing me to pay for my registration

Kathleen R. Adamiak
8836 Hummingbird Ave
Fountain Valley, Ca 92708

Non receipt of registration stickers, junking of my vehicle and erasure of file records by dmv

After returning from a long trip overseas I noticed that my registration for new stickers for my Toyota Echo...

DMV testing

I dont understand why the DMV test is given in so many languages in the US!
The way I see it English is the first language being used here. If you haven't learned enough english to get around in the US then go back home because you may have a hard time living here otherwise. Does this mean we should have to have everything in all the different languages such as street signs, store signs or names or drivers license, registration, text books, etc?
I'm not trying to sound racist it's just that if the street signs are not in all the different languages then I guess it doesn't matter! Not that I want them to be but the tests are in all different languages!

  • Updated by Sandy Pre · Apr 07, 2020

    Well I'm quite upset with the person who was able to do this and the DMV letting it happen. This person (no name) was able to put my name on a vehicle registration without my knowledge or my signature. So the reason this is a problem is because I have never owned that vehicle, never had any interest in that vehicle and never had anything to do with that vehicle. It seems the vehicle got towed for what ever reason and the person who forged my signature on the DMV registration did not get the vehicle out of impoundment. They charge $300 a day if it's not picked up. So I received a letter from a collection agency saying I owe $4000 because this is what the impoundment place is trying to collect do to the vehicle not being pick up. Because this person who forged my signature onto the registration making it look like that vehicle belongs to me which it doesn't and never has never picked it up. It was pretty damn easy for this person to do this and I didn't know until I get this letter from the collection agency saying I owe $4000.00. Yes, I'm going to press charges on the person who forged my signature to teach them a lesson. Plus I will let the DMV know they screwed up by allowing someone to easily do this illegal act. If I don't, more people will learn from her how easy it was for her to do this but I'm not going to let her get away with it!!! I believe this is in the same category as stealing my identity right? Now I have to go through hell to get this straightened out and I'm not the one who did anything wrong. The person who forged my signature and the DMV did!!!

DMV licensing

Went to Santa Paula DMV to renew my license. Had to take the car and motorcycle, I failed the motorcycle test 3 times, not because of law, or fact, but because of the opinion of the [censored]s who have never "drove" a motorcycle in their lives. That they insist they know everything cuz they been "driving" motorcycles for years, and their experienced "drivers" so yes, their opinions are fact.
So rather then argue with idiots who know nothing about riding, and those same idiots who answer, it doesn't matter what is right or wrong, that's Sacramento's answer ( unbelievable, but true ) I just agreed to start over, until they said, I have to pay again!
At that point of being on SS and not even getting $950.00 a month, I told them I couldn't afford to pay it again and would just settle for the car license that I passed everything on. They said, nope, you don't get that either. So knowing you can get a Ca ID card for free after age 62 I went with that. After finishing everything and about 2 hours later, the girl says, her manager wants to see a birth certificate, proof of residence, etc. I explain I'm not there for that new "real ID" cuz I guess all this time our license hasn't been real ID, just some useless ID card you can get in a bubble gum machine. And the manager says I'm not getting anything till I bring back all that stuff. Then as they all sit there and all point and look at me as they all speak Spanish to each other. It's then that I look around and notice I'm the only white boy in the place and the DMV is run by a bunch of racist! That's right racist, why else would they be giving me a hard time? Because I didn't bring my Mexican girlfriend with me? They never treated me like this when she's with me, o you tell me, what's up? And I've been there 3 times now, and the same bs, and going back now, with my hidden recorder, to have my girlfriend tell me what they were saying when I get home.


It is well known that the backlog at the local DMV office is out of control. Two processes that create a meaningless 10 fold increase in contact is removing a car from non operation and getting the ability to tow a 10, 000 - 15, 000 lb 5th wheel added to your class c drivers license.
Non-Operation It is illegal to drive your car to get it smogged because it is not registered. You can get a one day permit (visit to DMV and not Online). You drive the car to the smog station and they can not smog the car because the data in the engine computer has been lost due to DMV rules it can not be smogged. The car must be driven over multiple days (warm up cool down cycles). So now your one day pass is meaningless. Go to DMV and get multiples? Break the law and drive it unregistered.?
Towing 5th wheel with GVWR of [protected]. Apparently my life savings and house have been at risk because I did not know a special license was needed to tow it. The DMV had no idea what I was talking about 7 calls before visit and 7 people at DMV to figure it out. All documentation conflicts, DMV uneducated. Sad DMV knows the details of my license and trailer registration yet I was never contacted. Only figured it out when turned 70 and had to renew license. This law appears to have happened after I purchased trailer.
So I go to Von's to day and see DMV kiosk that does what you can do on your smartphone or computer. Money better spent on fixing your existing documentation and processes. Tom Hannah [protected]

This is meant to help others to avoid situations like this.

Adriana Fuentes was asked by one of her employees (who was helping me) if a W-2 can be used to verify a SSN...

customer harassing me and manager and security not being tentative

I'm writing to mention that security and the management at the westminster, ca dmv needs to up their...

my license fee for 2017 electric car

To whom it may concern;

I looked over my vehicle registration for my 2017 VW e-Golf and there is a $145 license fee and a $143 registration fee.
This is an outrage! This is 12% of my disability income . How am I supposed to eat? I will be forced to skip paying other bills or medical treatment in order to pay your criminal penalization of used electric car fees in California.

This was a used car.
If I were polluting the planet with a combustion engine vehicle you would happily cut the fee in half and poison the population.
End the clean car penalty now!

handicap placard "intentional" delay - complaint against dmv sacramento

This complaint is against DMV Special Processing Unit MSD238 in Sacramento. On or before November 21, 2019 DMV received a $6.00 payment from me along with a Physician Completed Handicap Placard Application for the purpose of issuing a temporary placard. DMV cashed the check of $6.00 dollars and sent me back an incomplete notification on November 26, 2019. Within that same envelope DMV included a "sealed" return back envelope (See attached pictures) along with list of requesting additional information from Physician. Today 1/10/20 I visited my Physician and explained to him the situation and we are sending the form back to you for further processing, Physician included additional information. The envelope was cut open due to your sealing of it making it impossible for me to reasonably comply and mail it back to the DMV.

handicap placard "intentional" delay - complaint against dmv sacramento
handicap placard "intentional" delay - complaint against dmv sacramento

permit appointment

I am online trying to get my son an appointment for his permit - he is eligible after Jan 20 so I thought I...

inaccurate real id processing

Nov. 4 at 3:40 I had an appointment to file for a real id. Everything was in order, all the paperwork, etc. I...

real id service

My husband had his paperwork to apply for a new real id. We are traveling on dec. 21st from az. to ca. the...

[Resolved] drivers license never received

My name is Mauricio Klamt. Im a green card holder, took my drivers test in 9/20/19. However, I never received my drivers license. I went to DMV on 10/31/19 to complaint and I was told it was returned to the DMV. I filled out more paper work to request another Drivers License. But did NOT happen, so far after one month I still haven't received anything.
Please help. I called and called phone numbers in Sacramento, and they don't answer the phone, or give me vague answer (such as, wait...).

Mauricio Klamt



  • An
    Anonymous567079 Nov 27, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Could not agree more! They are slow and my California license lost in the mail? Seriously?? Come on, California get it together.

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vehicle registration

My Registration is due today, I realize I waited till the last day, but planned on using the Kiosk Now, which I've been using the last few years, I went to two different ones that came up as "Not eligible to renew here" I tried online, and received "must be mailed in".
I can only assume this is because the DMV is postponing this process to collect a late fee, I will now need to wait till Monday for a Over-packed, lines to outside, inefficient office to open, utterly ridiculous.

refusal to honor paid duplicate title request

I have submitted multiple forms and documentation to the CA DMV in Sacramento from April 2019 to November 2019 in an effort to obtain a duplicate title of my car that has been own outright since day one.

The documents I have include a copy of my driver's license for identification, print out of the cleared check payment to the DMV, completed forms they requested, along with a copy of my registration and letter pleading for the request to be processed.

The only response I ever get is another request for the same form to be filled out. Again. And again. And again. I have filled this form out and mailed it back at least 5 times. Each time I have to wait weeks for a response.

It is close to Thanksgiving and I haven't heard anything from the DMV since the last form was completed and sent back to them.

They also refuse to cancel the request for duplicate because they cashed my check. This means that I can't sell it (as intended when I bought a new car).

They won't refund the month, cancel the transaction, or honor the request with their pile of forms that I sent back.

There is no phone number to call them, email to contact, and having moved out of state sure means I can't just drive up there to talk to someone. '

What in the hell do I do?