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California Department of Motor Vehicles (CA DMV) Customer Care Service

State of California

2415 1st Ave., Mail Station C271
United States - 95818-2606

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 777 0133 0 0
+1 800 368 4327(Hearing Impaired: TTY) 0 0
Web: dmv.ca.gov

California Department of Motor Vehicles (CA DMV) Complaints & Reviews

California Department of Motor Vehicles (CA DMV) / harsh treatment

Giooo1996 on Jun 30, 2017
Today June 30, 2017 I went for the third time to try and pass my behind the wheel test. I admit I was very hesitant the first time I had passed the written test and let time pass by so I had to re-do the whole process. however on the first try the driving instructor I got was a lady in her...

California Department of Motor Vehicles (CA DMV) / office safety

bigpapi on Jun 29, 2017
June 22, 2017 Banning, Ca DMV 1034 West Ramsey St. #B Banning CA 92220 As I was waiting to see a representative I noticed a gentleman and the lady he was with totally degrade the rep with racial slurs and threats when she was only trying to assist them. She really looked afraid as she walked...

California Department of Motor Vehicles / paid twice

Hayden Santin on Jul 10, 2016
A few months ago I decided that I wanted to get the "Protect Lake Tahoe" license plates for my car. I went online and ordered them, paid the $50 and a message came up that they would be mailed to my home address. I did not get an email confirmation for it. I do not currently live...

DMV State of California / accessing own information "printout"

Reviewer44730 on Jan 1, 2016
Why does the dmv charge you a two dollar fee for a online printout when they don't print anything out for you? the DMV states the record provided online is not considered an official document is the reason they need to charge you this fee. If is not an "OFFICIAL DOCUMENT" then there should...

DMV / mail delivery

idthieft on Feb 25, 2015
there is dmv id 209217908 address 6393 brodway ny 10471 mailing address 390 9 ave manttan ny 10001 . there is change address forward to 129 fultion street manttan ny 10038. date 2/25/2015 be at 129 fultion street manttan ny 10038 there been incdent were american passport was send by mail for...

CA DMV / rude and unhelpful

afz1977 on Apr 4, 2014
THIS DMV IS THE WORSE DMV IN THE WORLD, YOU GO THERE JUST TO WASTE YOUR TIME BECAUSE THEY SKIP NUMBERS AND RESET THEM JUST TO MAKE EVERYONE WAIT LONGER: tues and wed of this week I was not happy tues I went to the dmv to pay my reg fees for my husband's truck and they made me wait for 3...

DMV / i keep getting the run around

Adrianna Martinez on Dec 30, 2013
I have been getting the run around from the Ca DMV for over 5 years now . About 5 years ago I found out that a girl in southern california somehow ended up with my information on her DL but her picture and when i went to my DMV here in northern california to get my address up dated i wa...

California Department of Motor Vehicles / money taken from my checking account

Nicole Jayne on May 8, 2013
On April 29, 2013, I noticed a strange charge in my checking account for $707.20 (incidentally, every penny I had to my name at that time). I thought I had been hacked, so I immediately called my bank to report the fradulent charges. I was told by the CSR that it was a Legal Order...

CA DMV / ca dmv - ms. k. williams - misrepresented truth

CA DMV - K. WILLIAMS on Aug 24, 2012
I lost my license for a year because Ms. K. Williams of California DMV Licensing Operations Division did not tell the truth. The police officer even said he was "NOT CONTESTING IT". The report stated I put out my arm for the blood test. I have a copy of receipt showing I had TWO glasses of...

California DMV / unprofessional harassment

Glad to not be in CA on Jun 2, 2012
Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt. That is the best way to sum up the California DMV and in particular the Costa Mesa DMV. I purchased a truck in February 2012. The truck last was registered in Nevada in 2010 but was impounded in California in July of 2010. In January 2011 the person I purchased...

DMV / impossible driving test expectations

Walioe on Mar 21, 2012
My mom went to DMV today to get a Ca driver's license. She had problems from the beginning. She was unable to pass the vision test the first time due to allergies. She was told to go to the optometrist to see if the doctor felt it was unsafe for her to drive. The doctor filled out the...

DMV / i feel really frustrated and I don't think it's fair that they let me go through all this

Aploder on Feb 27, 2012
In December 2010 I took and passed my written test for the California DL, by the end of January I passed the driving test and I was told that due to heavy processing it might take two months to get my DL. No problem, I can wait for two months. Three months passed, no DL - didn't worry, my...

DMV / waiting 10 months for renewed license

Olibbeiro on Feb 13, 2012
I sent application to renew my CA DL along with required documentation to DMV Sacremanto on Aug 4th 2010. I called almost 20 times after that to do a follow up, and personally went to DMV's in my areas.But every time they told me to wait and give me excuses and issue the paper...

DMV / torrance dmv's office unprofessionalism

Duplate on Feb 12, 2012
1)On April 11, 2011, I showed to a lady in Consierge desk that the 1st word of my 2 word last name, renewed by mail license, was separated. She gave me a number to wait & said it will be corrected for free with no charge. 2) After 1 hour wait, I approached the desk again & inquired this time to...

DMV / obtaining a tag is a nightmare

Orbeke on Feb 12, 2012
At 2:45pm I spoke to a woman who disconnected our call without giving me a phone number of who I needed to speak with or any other information. My VIN is 2G1WF52E459200125, hopefully you might be able to pull my record and see who did not have any customer service skills. Here's the deal...

California DMV / did not clear my check - charged late fees

Poofile on Feb 9, 2012
I did not receive a registration renewal notice this year but I knew my registration expired on April 2nd, so I called DMV to ask what to do. The person on the phone told me I couldn't pay online so I had to go to an office or mail it to the address he gave me. Since I work full time...

California DMV / dmv rip-offs making me pay twice

Rutes on Jan 25, 2012
I got a letter from my temp agency stating that the Franchise tax board collection agency was notified by the DMV that I never paid $395 a few years ago, I paid in person! now they are going to garnish my wages up to 25 % until the bill is paid. What a freaking rip-off the DMV is just...

California DMV / i never received a renewal for my registration until my tags were expired

Bevoroke on Jan 23, 2012
I am a mailman and deliver mail to my own house. I never received a renewal for my registration until my tags were expired. The DMV claimed they sent the renewal three time. But when I asked them for the dates they could not provide me with any information on when it was sent to me. I only...

California DMV / the dmv is hurting people and their lives

18 on Jan 13, 2012
I went to the DMV to pay the registration on my car that that had been in the shop for weeks. The mechanic told me it will not pass smog as required by the DMV. After paying the registration fees I told the clerk I need a moving permit until the truck was repaired. I told the clerk my...

DMV / identity theft

lawmaker on Dec 31, 2011
I am posting this complaint with the hopes that someone who has been through the same experience or someone with legal knowledge may be able to give me some helpful advice. In 2006 I found out that I had been a victim of identity theft and it appeared as though several people in several...

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