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Online Dating Services Complaints

Singles50 & Be2 / same company; dating scam

KS4 on Jan 14, 2019

I'm posting this and hoping it will help others by not falling into this companies total scam. I'm amazed with all the reviews (something I should have checked prior) that this Company has not been brought to Justice. I can only imagine the amount of money they are scamming... / my account got terminated

JuliaGoolia on Jan 13, 2019

I bought the 6 month membership with match and 2 days after they approved my account, the terminated my account and wrote me an email stating that it was in the best interest of the community to terminate my account because they claim I violated their terms. I'm bewildered and have no idea...

Tinder / banned for no reason

vio nace on Jan 13, 2019

I woke up in the morning to find an error on my log in. I didntbknow what was up just thought the servers were down or something. Then aftr couple of days I started to wonder what was up, turns out i got banned for violating tge terms and conditions of the app. I looked through all of it...

Together Networks / verification procedd

Richard Watts on Jan 13, 2019

Together NetworksI was told to meet someone I had to be verified but my card was declined. I was told to buy 4 vanilla 50 pound mastercards. They were all declined but around 32 pound was taken off each card. I was told to get 4 more cards, which I did, also declined but money taken off each card. Trisha...

Cliff058 London is a scammer / cliff058 london on plenty of fish

Beware of Cliff058 London on Jan 10, 2019

Cliff058 London is a scammerNothing worse than to find out that cliff058 from London is a good compulsive liar and cheat. His profession was not at managerial level. Looking for a good friend with benefits is the words that he should have used. Scamming money of people giving sob stories about his lonely life...

Meetville / a subscribed it was an unauthorized charge

Margaret Busby on Jan 10, 2019

There was an unauthoried charged to my debit card of $87.39. These people have charged alot of things to my account and all has refunded me my money but yall. yall have taken the longest. If you need anything to prove any of this I will. If you need any information from me I will be more...

IMVU / misuse of imvu privacy policy.

Fight Gaming on Jan 8, 2019

IMVUHello, I am complaining about a situation I am in with a person that put a photo of my private parts in IMVU on the mobile app this person stalks me in chat rooms she verbally abuses me online and she wont leave me alone please help. My username is BleedUndead. The person that put thi...

"hank" / "henry Boatsmith" - / fraud, flake, & liar who screwed me over

Dushawn on Jan 8, 2019

Attention gay masseurs & gay escorts! Warning: do not set an appointment with "Hank" / "Henry Boatsmith" - He is a fraud, a flake, and a time-waster! I need to report my experience with a man from Toms River, NJ who calls himself, "Hank"... / the messages I send to patential partner's are not being sent word for word.

Vanessa Ford on Jan 6, 2019

6/1/2019. I messaged a person that I wanted to contact. Then when I pressed the send icon, the message did not appear on the message board as I had written. This is very embarrassing and totally unacceptable. It portrays that the sender is illiterate and the person receiving it will not... / Plenty of Fish / dating site

Lorraine Borgese on Jan 5, 2019

My account keeps getting locked out of my POF account for no reason and I can't get help anywhere. Their customer service phone no. doesn't receive calls and their email only responds with automated messages. I had to keep recreating a new account every time this happens. I can't even...

Omegle / lost connection

CowgirlJessie on Jan 5, 2019 This guy and I really liked each other. :( Then his server lost connection, which has happened to me before for no reason. Is there any way you can reconnect us somehow...? I honestly really liked this guy and I never got the chance to respond to him... / unauthorised credit card charges

Ayse Berry on Jan 4, 2019

I have been a free trial member for a short time on I wanted to cancel my membership on 19 December 2018. They were quick to response and dealt with it diligently however when I received my credit card statement, I saw charges USD15.99 four times on 19 December 2018. I... / dating service

saltywater61 on Jan 2, 2019

I recently joined dating service and the service has been lousy. I never received different pictures of possible dates the same pictures and information kept coming up, I called the customer service 3 times and NO help... I stopped the service today 1/2/2019 ands I was told... / taken identity

Maria Palmqvist on Jan 2, 2019

Flirt.comHello! My namn is Maria Palmqvist! I live in sweden in Karlskrona. Someone has used my pictures and my name and put it on your site flirt.. The person is writing to different men.. and som of Them has contacted me on my messenger.. and of course then they think it's me who's been writhing...

Badoo Trading / dating website

Nadya Bozhinova on Jan 2, 2019

I am registered on badoo for more then a year chatting with different people.On 30 December 2018, Sunday there was an add between the profile of the people to take a quiz and have fun.I decided to waste some time and was asked questions about my different people which I know.Later realised... / account payment and login

Jordan Michaels on Jan 2, 2019

I have been being charged for this website and I would like it to stop I can not even log in. I had deactivated the payment after I had tried it for 3 days it wasn't something I wanted to continue and now I am being charged and can not log into the website it just brings me right back to...

Badoo Trading / badoo premium

johnsean on Jan 1, 2019

I upgraded to Badoo premium service but only meant to do so for the shortest subscription period which costs £4.99, but then received an email saying that I had subscribed for a life-long subscription costing £119.99. Being on benefits this is far more than I can afford. I asked Badoo for a...

NoLongerLonely / deceptive business practice – this site takes financial advantage of the mentally ill

johns655 on Dec 29, 2018

Webmaster inexplicably plays favorites with certain members, allowing them to bully others and create multiple accounts to troll. Numerous complaints fall on deaf ears. This has been going on for years. I had a legitimate reason for creating a new profile awhile back, as I was locked out...

Peoplemedia / our time

Jan Vanderhave on Dec 29, 2018

I paid for 1 month access to the site. In that time I have only been able to access the site less than 70% of the time. If I access the site with my mobile phone, their system senses that my ip address has changed (surprise suprise, its a mobile network and all ip addresses are doled out...

Tinder / unjust ban without info as to why

AJFlip^~^ on Dec 28, 2018

Iv been conversing with the customer support drone that gave me the same copy and paste support as any other with no info or insight or proof regarding my ban or why it has been justified. If they banned me a little bit later i would not have been able to be eligible for a refund. Thi...