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Online Dating Services Complaints

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Francine Martel on Sep 17, 2018 / Plenty of FishI was alerted by a friend that they saw me on this POF website. I was absolutely frantic as I have never signed up to this service. A profile was created using very recent pictures of me from my Facebook. I have written to POF asking that they contact me and remove this fake profile. I... / Plenty of Fish / website and discrimination and deletion of accounts unjustly

Sophie Jade Gardener on Sep 17, 2018

To every transgender sorry people who have been wronged by Pof like deleted for no reason or been discriminated against stand tall with me and we will get them I won't rest till they sort their [censored] out and stop this [censored] or have the website totally erased from the internet I've had enough... / terminating my subscription with no just cause

Shelby Travers on Sep 15, 2018

Match.comI was sucscribed to for less than 48 hours when "access to my account has been blocked by match". I was to reach out to an email for more information which I did. The first email response said "I appreciate the time you've taken to contact Match. I am happy to look into this for...

Plenty Of Fish / found two men using other men’s pics to try to catfish!

Marie2u71 on Sep 15, 2018

Plenty Of FishThere are two profiles on your site that I know are fake profiles and are trying to scam my friend. There needs to be a place on your site where these things can be reported and you can have their profiles removed immediately before someone gets seriously hurt! One of the profiles is using...

All About My Hair / my roots

Water1972 on Sep 15, 2018

All About My HairWent in on Friday September 14th to the JC Penny in Washington Mo and wanted to get red and blonde highlights when I got home and was fixing it my roots are still showing for $105 and a $20 tip I am not a satisfied customer this is the first time I have had any problems with my hair. I...

Tinder Dating Online / lack of communication

Gothangel on Sep 15, 2018

I have been trying to request a refund since the beginning of September. The site is rubbish and I have clearly just wasted £66.99 on a subscription. I have requested a refund several times and just keep recieving the same emails saying my transaction number is not recognised. It is the... / Plenty of Fish / my account hasn't been deleted even after several attempts

Cy / Plenty of FishI've deleted my account (username : cynalena) on POF dating app and website several months ago but it's still online. I've wrote multiple emails about that situation and never got an answer. I'm receiving a lot of weird messages from really creepy guys who's been saying that they saw my...

612-240-6201 This is on texting jerk / I do not recommend anything from this number

Joanjet on Sep 13, 2018

All he's going to do is text you to death. I asked him to stop texting me and they came in like allot. I was at an appointment and had to mute this guy. I gave him my address and of course he never showed up he is just a guy that likes to text working ladies. If you find this I would... / censorship of chat and and video content.

Harvey Ottovich on Sep 13, 2018

I try to exchange economic, Phone numbers to make business contacts and messages are censored so that the message is distorted or a video is distorted were som messages have not been sent. When messages are censorship, I am still charged the same commerce rate offerred no credit without...

Tinder / purchase restore token

Willie Visser on Sep 13, 2018

I subscribed to Tinder Gold for 6 months. After 2 weeks I had to delete and recreate my Tinder account due to technical problems with the app. I lost my purchase token and requested Tinder to provide me a restore token. Samantha responded to me once requesting information which I supplied...

Tinder / recurring charges

Sophia Jules on Sep 12, 2018

my grandson used my bank card for Tinder last year. He has since joined the Marines and Google continues to withdraw $14.99 every month for Tinder. I have addressed it with Tinder and Google and have gotten no where. I called last week and google was to respond to me through e-mail and I...

Tinder / tinder gold

Stoyan Dimitrov on Sep 12, 2018

Hi! The promised service, if you pay for "Tinder Gold" is not what they provide. What they say is that if you purchase Tinder Gold, then you will be able to see all the other people that have liked you. I got Tinder Gold, but the list of people I see is definitely not the complete list. I...

People Media /

Baker on Sep 12, 2018

I paid for a 6 month membership in Feb of 2018. I hardly used it because the guys on there were not my type. I forgot about it for a couple of months, and then logged on two or three times. Then around May, I logged on to cancel my membership and made sure i selected to turn off the...

Tagged / my account reactivation from tagged

Mizz no zone boi on Sep 11, 2018

My tagged page was deactivated and I haven't received an email to activated reactivated I'm a 7-year veteran on Tagged and I haven't caused any problems and unfortunately I have been falsely deactivated from tagged when tagged has my personal pictures and will not release them or...

Skout / identity theft / fake account

IvyMontana on Sep 11, 2018

There's a person named Sonia cheeks on skout dating app with my pictures. And created a fake profile of me with the name Sonia cheeks and I wrote to the person saying that they took my pictures and made a fake account and to take the profile down and still has it up writing to ppl thi... / profiles


(Be patient, I'm Irish by ancestory, and a non-fiction book writer, we don't know the meaning of a short story). You don't hear much about Christianity today but I can attest to the fact we are alive and well. 231 million in the U.S. (True, some in name only). As a Christian a thing a...

BE2 / cancellation of account

Aoife39 on Sep 11, 2018

I sent an email as directed on the website to to cancel my account on 7th September...i also cancelled it on the actual website. I have been charged 99.99 euro on the 7th September. I have sent 2 emails to ask for a refund and my membership to be cancelled but have had no...

Hi5 / unnecessary harassment through whatsapp sms.. wrong/fake tagging of cell number on hi5

Sam73 on Sep 11, 2018

I am using cell number [protected]..Someone has tagged this number on Hi5 site and because of which i am getting lot of requests through whats app sms leading to harassment.This is leading to lot of frustration and also it is disgusting...Ideally no app/social networking site should allow...

Tinder / unrightly banned

Amelia Micallef on Sep 10, 2018

Hello, my account has been under review for a while so i have not been able to login. I have read all the reasons why an account would be under review and i have not done any of those violations, so am dissapointed this app had put my account under review when i have done nothing for thi... / Plenty of Fish / anderson roberto (sugarhoneymix)

Lisa Koszalka on Sep 10, 2018

I was communicating with this man for a month. He was on a trip--he said. On Aug. 6 he phoned me, in a panic, stating that he could not access his money from some odd entity. His account showed he had over a million, however, he could not access. He asked me to help him wire transfer $25K...