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SeniorPeopleMeet.com / My profile being compromised!

Yesterday afternoon (May 27th, 2017) I went to log onto my account. When I did, some guy's profile and picture came up under my username. I sent a complaint immediately to SeniorPeopleMeet and cancelled Automatic Renewal. As of right now, I haven't received a response, nor can I even get...

Tinder / I WAS INCORRECTLY BAND FEOM the sites because i didnt share my contact details with few isers

Shalini Dey on May 26, 2017
Dear sir/maam I am 20years old just made an account 4 to 5days back made many friends 50 60 few have my contact details and few people asked for my number i didnt give so they started irritating me my only mistake was i didnt unmatch them so out of the one person was completely fakew hom...

Fubar.com / fubar.com not responding to many complaints because of user using false identification

noub19 on May 25, 2017
Someone is putting false information on the site and no matter how many times Fubar.com has been asked to take down the profile. The false information is her name real is Haley Timmerman and false is Haley Henn court ordered that she go by her real name. There is also disturbing picture...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / someone is using my account

Jane Lancaster on May 24, 2017
I have been talking to a gentleman and he said he needed to get my username and password so he could send me pics of him and his family so I gave it to.him. Almost immediately I could not log into my account. I am an upgraded member and I am afraid he may have got my billing info. Can you...

Escort Babylon / escort ad

Lisa Hearst on May 24, 2017
There is an ad slippery when wet that I need deleted immediately I never posted anything on this site and I want it removed this has destroyed my reputation as well ad my relationship I don't find it amusing for someone to post this without my permission I need immediate action this site...

EliteSingles / elite hidden payment service

Kirstyb on May 22, 2017
I joined Elite singles not so long ago, I'm so angry with Eliete because I can't access anything with out paying, if any one emails me and I click on it it says I have to become a premer member, I want to see who's looked at my page I can't I have to pay to look at emails it's a bit...

Match.com / Match.com hidden payment service

Kirstyb on May 22, 2017
I joined Match not so long ago, I'm so angry with Mach because I can't access anything with out paying, if any one emails me and I click on it it says I have to subscribe, I want to see who's looked at my page I can't have have to pay same with winks, boosts and I can't access who made me...

Ramesh / dating services

ramesh54321 on May 22, 2017
Main cheater Kavya cell number 8100601602 Second cheater cell number 8861827396 Am foolishly caught in the hands of a lady boss Kavya of TeleBiz Communication, who gave me a false promise that she will provide a married lady who will pay 18000 for giving her satisfaction, I thought I...

Match.com / dating site account

Tracy Meme Taylor on May 21, 2017
I opened an account for my brother on match.com and discovered his e-mail address is not right it should be edoedoo@yandex.com can you please fix it for me I can be contacted at Yellowrose2727@gmail.com My brothers name is Donald ressler Your quick attion to this matter would be much...

Tinder / tinder

Jaron123 on May 21, 2017
Apparently, I have an account using my photo, but a different name, age and I am apparently in a different location! How is this possible? Surely there must be something illegal here? Can't find an email address to contact tinder directly. This happened to anyone else? I am nervous that...

BE2 Online Dating / online dating

Esteban Diaz on May 19, 2017
I join this mob on the 24/04/2017, since then I being trying to get in touch with them, with no luck I join in Australia, on Australian dollars YOU did not mention a rate exchange that is not legal (you have to tell people of the cost before they join second all your email addresses are...

eHarmony / Scammers on eHarmony

Sam on May 18, 2017
I joined eHarmony not a long time ago and I have enough of it already. As soon as I finished updating my profile info and uploaded some photos I received several messages. At the beginning I was very impressed with how fast everything worked. I really thought these girls were real, but...

Digi Telecommunications / prepaid change to postpaid

Boey515 on May 16, 2017
my plan digi prepaid change to digi infinite 150, im start subscribe 07/5/2017 until today not active yet. Full payment is done. Call more then 3times customer servise, 3day after i make call, first time told me is one week working time, ok! I waiting, u work slowly, never mind. After one week i...

Twoo.com / taking money without any permission

Hoegang Kim on May 15, 2017
Twoo.comI purchased the premium last month and it was finished this month. It was alright for a few days after expiry of the premium. However, I did not want to subscribe automatically but suddenly, my money was taken by Twoo on 14 May 17 without any permission. I do not know the reason so I tried...

Match.com / automatic renewal / customer service

Joanne C on May 11, 2017
Good Afternoon, Today just over £44 was taken automatically from my account for the automatic renewal of my match subscription. I called to see if I could claw back the money as I'm a single parent who didn't realise the renewal was automatic. What I'm actually here to complain about...

Be2 / stopzetting lidmaatschap

Geachte, Reeds weken probeer ik mijn lidmaatschap op deze datingsite stop te zetten en blijkbaar is geen enkele poging mij gelukt dit te doen want vandaag kreeg ik op een stand van mijn creditcard de som van € 179.40 afgetrokken voor een nieuw lidmaatschap. Ik vind dit niet kunnen. De...

Be2.co.nz / dating site

Leen Auperle on May 10, 2017
I signed up to the dating website be2.co.nz about 2 months ago and paid $40 with my credit card. But today I found out that I had been charged $239.40. I have tried to contact the website but only get automated answers back I tried to fax them to terminate my membership but failed twice. I...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / pof dating website i've never been on

BrookeUnruh on May 10, 2017
There is a fake account username Brookelarson21 this fake account has my personal pictures and has been speaking to multiple men pretending to be me and these men have searched me now on Facebook and contacted me and brought this to my attention for I have never used this site I am married...

South Carolina Matchmakers, LLC / Dating service, large amount of money, assurance of well researched backgrounds, claims of high rate of success

PAINTRESS111 on May 9, 2017
I joined.. After almost 6 months had a call from guy.. Who sounded ok until he started telling me of surgery on penis etc. Notified service didnt go on date.. The next guy was a dr. Met him went out a few times.. I felt something was off. Did a bit of research..in 5 mins found the legal...

John Garcia / Never ever get a return message!

JohnL6978 on May 9, 2017
I must have messaged at least 50 women & I have not gotten even one response! I feel that for whatever reason my messages are not getting to the lady I am writing to. Please investigate why or tell me that now one in 50 women who message me back!! I have been a member for at least 3 week...
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Top 10 Consumer Complaints
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