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Dear Mr. Andrew Bolton Today morning it is surprising, that you people have removed my Updated status. After payment of INR.1800.00. This is just unethical and cheating. I want my Platinum...

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Scam site
1 paid for 1-month membership, then opt out of auto renewal option the same day
I received a bill renewal for next month despite of opting out of auto renewal
Once, I disputed the payment though PayPal
Cupid Media/ both took the money and suspended my account
So, I ended up to paying for the service that I've never received

Call your Credit Card and dispute. This may be a Zionist Israeli website. If so a serious CURSE has been put on owners & all anti-Moslems. The curse is "MARRAKESCH CURSE".
Harvesting Muslim names, addrsses & phone numbers to give depressed Zionist suicidal ultra racists? - scam

This person is call Rima Dalal she add me and text me we start exchange text message she said she is from Tunisia currently I Canada. She text her number to me and I also texted my number to her. She call me on an app call timo when I was in my room naked she too was naked after the video call she texted back and said to me I am not woman am a man. She wanna blackmail me and take money from me. If not he is going to upload my video to the social media site. Am report this issue to the management of to find out who is this person. His number is [protected].

NEVER show your video. Specially naked. There are looney schizophrenic ZIONIST Israeli Godless are creating "Moslem" website.
But, a huge serious curse was put today ehich will paralyze them. "MARRAKESCH CURSE"!!!

We have zero-tolerance towards members of the nature you described. Our fraud prevention team works 24/7 to remove non-genuine profiles. However, in order to take immediate action against this member, we need you to send us a copy of the evidence that you have to - unjust permanent band


I have been a member of for over 7 years off and on, I have never intentionally set out to deceive, to mislead, to grossly associate myself with having a "double" account, so if I mistakenly entered the wrong email address when login in please accept my sincere apology, I use the email address: Abusiddiyq.[protected] / [protected] simultaneously so I possibly confused the two. Please reconsider the permanent sanctions that you imposed on my profile so I can resume my quest for Matrimony. Also, please provide correct email/password associated with my account.

Thank You Much,

We apologise for any inconvenience. Please contact us here: for further assistance.

Jan 25, 2019 - money taking new method.

This application i used many days and deleted due to fake accounts in it. Although i am muslim, i thought to get a match for my life partner. But tons of fake accounts in it. After that people asking...

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Incident Number:[[[protected]]].
Hi, my fiend in North Carolina ( Nuvia Guevara) has informed me that she has already sent you all the required files including a signed letter from her although she's used her credit card herself to pay for me as i live in NYC and i dont have a credit card or Paypal . It has been 48 hrs now and haven't received anything from you guys, i'd like to know whats the issue, Thanx ! - worst help support team and issue with my profile

My email ID is [protected] and I am having many issues with my profile, first of all my pic disappears itself everytime I upload and all of sudden it gets suspended without notification and when I call, help support is not friendly and they blame I or either someone from my home login to my account n changes the information. they are not ready to listen or resolve problem. They ask to email my proof of ID which I did and even couple of days i was facing the same problem. If they dont let me log in or release my email, how many new email account and muslima profile should I create. This is my 2nd email and profile I have created so previously I had the same problem. I even ask to speak to one of your supervisor but they said we cant let u talk and I email twice to complain but no reply as always. My previous email was [protected] Please help me to resolve this matter and I use both email so you can contact on both my emails.
Thanks - I am complaining about my membership

I hate website;because I paid full membership and they got money, later on they said me this message . I am sharing this e-mail to everyone. My master card account showed that my money ha...

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Oct 03, 2016 - Fake messages

I have signed up for Muslima and haven't used it for a while. Recently when I logged into my account I saw that I had many received messages. Then I saw that someone was chatting with men from my...

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I have upgraded my account to Gold on Muslima and as soon as I payed they suspend my account. Then I got a message saying that I have to send them my governmental ID and my real name.
This is a dating website and you don't know those people . I don't know also what they want to do with this personal information. I mailed them that I can't give them my personal information and requested a refund. I got no answer and I send again and again. They still ignored my messages. At last I contacted PayPal and told that I am dealing with real scammer and a need help. In two hours, I got a message from the adim saying that they will issue full refund.

This website is a scam for certain reason:

1- Robot message: Before I finish my registration, I got contacts from standard members. You should know that the standard members can't see you unless you finish and they don't have that facility. This is a robot generated messages.

2- Payment: They recommend that you pay with your bankCard. If you don't have 3D security Card it is better to use Paypal. They don't like to use Paypal because it is easy to make a case against them on PayPal.

3 - Your email: I only created an email for them and after two weeks, I get Ads from other companies. This means that they sell members' emails to other companies.

4: Personal Information: If they have your personal information, you are under the mercy of Muslima admin. They are only missing little personal information about you. Let us say that they are honest. But if the website is hacked, your personal information and your bankCard details will be in Black Markets.

5- Online memebers: Some time I see 5000 members are online. This is a exaggerated number. Even the best websites of dating don't have this number.

At last, you can deal with this website but you should be in safe side.

My recommendations:

1- Don't use your real name just take a nickname
2- Pay with PayPal so you can make a case against them if they cancel or suspend your account
3- Don't write your exactly your date of birth just change the month or the day. You don't how your personal information will be used. You don't know these people

At last, you can deal with this website but you should be in safe side. - Panzy scheeme

The have independents operators not real people that look for relationships .when u get short text, quick umbiguous calls and also the timing of the events between parties arises a lot of question...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - used my photo for advertising

This company have been using my photo to advertise their website for months despite me asking them to take it down over and over again, I don't want my photo up everyone, I don't know what to do they...

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