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Suspended account

So I signed up 3-4 days ago, the day after my account was suspended because I was "soliciting myself", which I wasnt. I tried signing up again, and that account got suspended too, I couldn't even post a picture of myself. I tried signing up yet again on my laptop, and I got suspended again. This website is [censored]. I'm so upset. Why? Just why?

Dating site for married people

Wim6en join for free. I was on there for about a year. I had met several people. Never broke any of thier rules. I am real and not a hooker. Then one vf day out of the blue I got logged out n when I try to get back in it says my account has been temporarily suspended. Thos has been 6 months now. I tried to set up new accounts from different devices but it wont let me. No explanation as to why I am suspended. Sent them numerous emails. No response.

Temporarily suspended account

Account suspended yes I opened several because the website kept kicking me off soon as I signed up
I did nothing wrong
My email- [protected]@yahoo.com
Funkinkysex2020 my user name
Restore it please
This needs to be fixed it's my first experience on this site

temporary suspension

for some reason my account has undergone a temporary suspension and i just want my account back and to know the reason why it was suspended seeing as i didn't violate any terms this was my very first time on the site and it's very upsetting to have this happen but yeah i just want a reason as to why orrr i'd be happy to have my account back up and running

temporary suspension

account suspension

I created an Ashley Madison profile less than a month ago. I've been very lucky to have met some wonderful people, made successful arrangements, etc. As of today, I tried logging in and it says "Account TEMPORARILY suspended". I'm confused for starters because I am still actively receiving Ashely Madison email and notifications, but am not able to log in to respond or see activity. I attempt over and over and over again to log in, with no luck. I then find the customer service number at the bottom of one of the notification emails
[protected], so I call. After waiting for hours to speak with an agent I am told that my account was suspended, not temporarily, but INDEFINITELY and permanently with no chances of reinstatement due to "solicitation". I then ask the representative, "Where on my profile am I soliciting?" He then begins to read me A PRIVATE MESSAGE I sent to my sugar daddy regarding money, gifts, etc. More specifically what I wanted from our meetings. So, basically, for 1, your messages with other users are NOT PRIVATE or DISCREET, for 2, you're basically supposed to have sexual intercourse or be willing to uphold discreet relationships, but it's against the rules, to have expectations in return and discuss them within the site. I practically beg for my account to be reinstated, and am told no repeatedly. I did inquire about creating a new account and was told by the representative that when I create a new account, once the site realizes I'm the account holder, my new or attempted accounts associated with me, will be suspended as well. So, this site is NOT where I'd refer you to be if you're seeking a mutual Sugar relationship of any sort. If you so much as mention money, gifts, or anything in exchange for sexual favors or any relations, your account will become immediately deactivated with no chance or reinstatement. I think this site should be deemed as an affair website and only that. Here, you should seek sex and that be your only expectation mutually. Asking for any more or any less, will result in account suspension. What a joke this site is.

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account has been temporarily suspended

My 1st account has been temporarily suspended so I tried opening a new one and that was suspended as well so tonight I tried a 3rd one and could'nt log in as it has been temporarily suspended...now I have 3 accounts which I can't use...why was my 1st, then 2nd and again my 3rd account suspended? I have met a guy about a mont ago on Ashleigh Madison and got on really well, but now we cant connect, since nearly a week past, as I can't log in.
How will this be rectified? Please reply

they banned my ip address for no reason

So i was using ashley madison for a while now. I am a legitimate person and not a prostitute, not a hooker and definitely not a scammer. They first suspended my account for some reason (i think its because i rejected to show my pictures on a couple of people. That's the time when they banned me) so i made another account then after that, i cant even go to the website anymore. Its frustrating if you're getting banned for no apparent reason.

dating services suspended

Why is it that every time I make an account that you guys suspend it within 30 minutes of having the account?!?!
I have made 4 accounts and cannot use any of them.. I feel you all is discriminating against me or there would be an email sent to let me know what I did wrong !! This is absurd.. Please reactivate my account as soon as possible.. This is very inconvenient and causes more work on people due to having to make accounts. Good way to lose business!!

suspended account

I v tried several times to email to AM to find out the reason of my suspended account but i never had...

account suspended

I am a genuine woman who has been on and off AM for a few months now. I have had a couple of successful meetings with guys I found there. For security reasons I delete an account after a week or so of using and then start anew after some break. Recently though, AM decided to block my account for no reason.I tried registering from another e-mail, another device - no luck. They choose to let the camgirls and hookers stay on but block genuine users - why this happens is a mystery to me.

  • Ta
    Takiyha Reed May 07, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ashley Madison is a joke. You suspend someone account because you’re saying that they are soliciting and how do you get soliciting out of two grown people who clearly knows their situation being married and all but having discreet meet up’s that you promote and because someone is saying you won’t be disappointed and that they will take care of you now I'm hooker or prostitute and now your account gets suspended for soliciting. How retarded is that when you’re promoting people cheating on their spouse’s come on now

    3 Votes
  • Ha
    Hardbody Foxfitness Oct 01, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Takiyha Reed crazy I too got suspended and I'm not a hooker either but I'm a single woman and I do require that a man takes me out to dinner or do a few things for me but it's okay to cheat on a man if I have one and they cheat on their wife it's okay but soon as I get to talking about taking me out to dinner I get suspended what type of shit is that I guess they just won't every one fucking for nothing and just fucking and get nothing out of it but a fucked nut, I can get that on my own time

    2 Votes
  • En
    EnigmaticJuju Feb 08, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My account was suspended as well. I keep reading the terms and conditions and fail to see where I did not comply. The first time it happened, about a year ago, they told me I had provided my personal info "too soon". This time, I don't know what I did. I wonder if it hasn't been suspended because I turned down a few men who insisted on meeting me, despite my refusal? It is very strange. I'm disappointed because I do like how we can set up our profile, the concept of key exchange, etc., and I think the quality of men is superior. But their protocol is absolutely outraging. I hate the thought that my friend might think I've ghosted him.

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defamation of character

A person has created an account as Tarnee Louise and is identifying themselves as me. I am in Townsville, QLD, Australia and am consistently getting fb messages saying that they spoke to me on Ashley Madison. I do not own an account. I am single and do not believe in dating men in relationships. This is now impacting on my career as my personal information is now being provided by this person on this site using my idefintifyer (Tarnee Louise). I have exhausted my efforts trying to get this account taken down and of action is not taken, I may have to take this further with the authorities.


This website is a huge rip-off and nothing else.
They want money all the time and soon you will realize you paid too much for sending messages.
Because their quantity is limited, all you can do to get more of them is to pay more.
I was shocked when they asked for more money after I sent 20 messages only.
I didn't pay and now I have no opportunity to talk to anyone who wrote to me. Oh well, it's crazy to pay for something you can get for free.


This is a fraud from the very beginning to the end. Being a man who wants to find love is very tough. Why?...

misleading sign-up for credits

Stephen Brooker - Profile: [protected] - Order ID: MSW0SVK1YM

I thought I was using a free zone on your site last night - I woke up to a 199.99 GBP debit message from my account via Apple pay @3.54am.

I have contacted Apple & my Mastercard provider. (I also mailed you - ccashleymadison.com @8:05am from my pers email acct - [protected]@sky.com)

I am hoping you will be able to deal with this amicably and issue a full refund, please.


scam emails

I was contacted again by a scam email, she wanted money, I refused and she reported me to you saying I done something, it's unbelievable if you attempt to find me, you have charged me around £400 and I only joined last week. Its disgusting, your whole site is a complete scam with all fake profiles. This seems to be the way, a woman can demand money and obviously I am going to refuse as it's illegal, you are promoting prostitution and I want a full refund and this profile shut down. I have been a member maybe 2 days and it's a complete scam, I don't even expect a reply because it's obviously a complete rip off.
Gary Watson

hi someone found my password. changed my profile and used my card

Hi. I am the second month with a shot Madison and someone stole my password. Changed my profile and used my...

payment options

Hi, i tried to upgrade my membership with a prepaid credit card yesterday, June 25th, but the fee exceeded the value of the $150 card by a few dollars. Is there any way to split the transaction, and use a second card to complete the purchase? My profile number is [protected] and my email is [protected]@outlook.com, please reply at your earliest convenience, thank you.

it's a fraud! stay away!

When I joined AshleyMadison website I immediately received several messages from local women. I could not...


Do not use this site, AshleyMadison is a real scam. I tried to find a nice girl there, but only later I realized that 99% of the female profiles are fake. They are also going to send you tons of messages in order to get some money from you. You need to pay money for almost everything. Even reading and sending emails costs something. These fake women send you messages every day, they say how much they love you, but that is only a trap. Their main goal is to deplete your account. I was really hoping that there are real people on this website, because almost every online dating service is a scam. But, unfortunately, AshleyMadison turned out to be a scam as well.

  • Ug
    Ugfghgg Jan 18, 2016

    Um, you tried to find a "nice girl" on Ashley Madison? Nice girls don't go to websites that specialize in affairs.

    0 Votes


I am sick and tired of getting emails multiple times a day every single day from this site. It's always different though. Says 18 and abused raw but its wanting you to sign up for a affair. These kind of emails I'm sure causes problems in already established relationships. I have reported this company before and they even contracted me back and said it'll stop after 10 business days, its been over 10 days now. I'm tired of getting sexual emails from this panama location. This company or whatever they are have no way for you to opt out because it says you have already unsubscribed. I will contact a lawyer if this doesn't stop. I've never signed up for online dating, I don't want to have a affair. It's disgusting and honestly at this point it's beyond harassment. Please make them stop or shut them down. What if this was a child's phone? People don't think about that. It's ok for children to get sexually explicit contex in everyday emails now?! I have a major problem with this and it makes people want to cut them selves out of the whole Internet world, unfortunately this world can't work without technology even though the world went round years back without all this technology. It's sick and I want it to stop. I don't take the time to contact people and report abuse to keep getting these emails.

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