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Ashley Madison Complaints & Reviews

Ashley Madison / Fraud

Jeremy Bailey on Oct 5, 2017
This is a fraud from the very beginning to the end. Being a man who wants to find love is very tough. Why? Well, they want too much money each time you'd like to speak to a woman. You can't even see all of their photos. Want to see more? Pay the money and watch. Why would I ay for this?...

Ashley Madison / misleading sign-up for credits

Stephen Brooker on Sep 5, 2017
Stephen Brooker - Profile: 56237583 - Order ID: MSW0SVK1YM I thought I was using a free zone on your site last night - I woke up to a 199.99 GBP debit message from my account via Apple pay @3.54am. I have contacted Apple & my Mastercard provider. (I also mailed you - ccashleymadison.com...

Ashley Madison / scam emails

Gary807 on Aug 27, 2017
I was contacted again by a scam email, she wanted money, I refused and she reported me to you saying I done something, it's unbelievable if you attempt to find me, you have charged me around £400 and I only joined last week. Its disgusting, your whole site is a complete scam with all fake profile...

Ashley Madison / hi someone found my password. changed my profile and used my card

Ofir60 on Aug 7, 2017
Hi. I am the second month with a shot Madison and someone stole my password. Changed my profile and used my credit card. Please cancel my account and I want my money back. Some one loved in my account changed my profile information and used my card. Can you please refund my card if there were...

Ashley Madison / payment options

Ftd999 on Jun 26, 2017
Hi, i tried to upgrade my membership with a prepaid credit card yesterday, June 25th, but the fee exceeded the value of the $150 card by a few dollars. Is there any way to split the transaction, and use a second card to complete the purchase? My profile number is 51567077 and my email is workinghard13@outlook.com, please reply at your earliest convenience, thank you.

Ashleymadison.com / it's a fraud! stay away!

Ethan on Feb 10, 2016
When I joined AshleyMadison website I immediately received several messages from local women. I could not read those, so I subscribed and became a member. When I checked their profiles, I discovered that these women were from all over the state! When you join the site it automatically...

Ashleymadison.com / scam

Rick on Jan 18, 2016
Do not use this site, AshleyMadison is a real scam. I tried to find a nice girl there, but only later I realized that 99% of the female profiles are fake. They are also going to send you tons of messages in order to get some money from you. You need to pay money for almost everything. Even...

Ashley Madison / harassment

Brandie is annoyed on Sep 29, 2013
I am sick and tired of getting emails multiple times a day every single day from this site. It's always different though. Says 18 and abused raw but its wanting you to sign up for a affair. These kind of emails I'm sure causes problems in already established relationships. I have reported...

Ashley Madison / false pretense

sjc04k on Jul 15, 2012
Felt I was mis lead to believe that once I registered and paid my entry fee I would have total access to the website, however after paying initial fees I find out to continue I have to then buy additional credits to gain access to anything else. Called phone number provided and stayed on...

Ashleymadison.com / scam: have an affair guarantee... gurantees you'll be caught

AndyinNYC on Jun 17, 2011
AshleyMadison.com runs a big scam. I purchased their $250 "Have an Affair" Guarantee package thinking I was going to really meet some amazing women, but instead, I started to receive a lot of spam from escorts and prostitutes, and also from their female (who really knows?) staff member...

Ashley Madison / suspended accounts

Kim Ashley on Jan 8, 2011
I have found AM quite good for contacting men (I am real, and young, and attractive, and I’m not a hooker) EXCEPT that AM randomly suspends my account – i can be in mid-conversation with someone, fixing up a date, and suddenly my account is suspended. I’ve no idea why...

Ashleymadison.com / stay far away from ashleymadison.com

Here's my experience using AshleyMadison.com: I can't say if it's a scam or not, with the employee-posted profiles you find on sites like xxxmatch.com, but here's what I've found after using the site for a couple months: --They have HUGE turnover on the site, at...

Ashley Madison Agency / misleading information / poor customer service

Unsatisfactory purchase ($249), tried to resolve but have not been satisfied by company. misleading information.

Ashley Madison Dating / fraudulent profiles

Well, like quite a few guys- I was sucked into it. After joining out of curiosity, I kept receiving "winks", or collect messages from other "members". Well, after writing a few- and no responses, I googled a few of the names of the supposed women messaging me. Well, a site called...

Ashley Madison Agency / discrimination

Now i have been on ashley madison a so called popular website for people who are married that want to have affairs. now i was accused of something . that was not true. mind you have no criminal record. live a clean life. etc. the so called Boss of this establishment. and customer service...

Ashley Madison / cancel membership

Dear Assistant: I have no idea of the company name. All that appeared on my Visa statment is a charge for $46.93 and the name associated with the charge was; PAY-CARDHELP.NET 6616219188. I would like to cancel my subscription and charges. Thank you, Joe (another email address is: joseph.capogreco@ottawa.ca)

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