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Tinder site

There is a man on tinder who is scamming women he is a black man age 49 his profile says Brian 49 he's a...

Can't sign into account for 2 days

I hate to write complaints but I am out of ideas. Since the 30th June, I am not getting any verification...

A man is using tinder to take tens of thousands of dollars from women. I can't contact tinder to warn them.

His alleged name is Ryan Diego Olvera. He claims to be a skilled Major of Combat in the Army who's still...

Tinder is corrupt

Good Morning CNET, I like to show you that Tinder is a corrupt company. I subscribed with Tinder a month...

Fake account using my photos and information

Hello there,
I was just notified by an acquaintance that my profile was on tinder and he saw it yesterday. Someone is using my photos and details on there, how do we track the account down and delete it.
I haven't been on in a while and when I was on I deleted the account. Prior to that I haven't been on in 4/5 years.
This is ruining my family and reputation with my in-laws and friends,
Please return a response to either this email or my personal one [protected]
the customer service email keeps bouncing back to me

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Being banned

I got Banned from tinder. So my friends tried to access there accounts on my phone and it says that their also banned. So is it just my device banned because this is ridiculous. My account was just banned not even reviews or anything. I want to understand what's going on and I'm pissed because I paid for gold now I have to wait till the 24th because my subscription is attached to my device.

Purchase @ tinder for consideration of upgrade

The fact that I ordered tinder plus thinking it was tender gold and I would like to know if I can pay the $10...

Selling sex on tinder

This member is still selling sex on tinder please see original complaint below The member iim complaining...

account being reviewed

I just bought Tinder plus and I did absolutely nothing wrong to get reviewed. so this is a wrong accuse...

Banned for no reason

I just signed in and got the same banned message for no apparent reason. I LOVE how they don't cancel your subscription, seems like someone should really sue these people. They gave no reason whatsoever and I already know they skew results to favor more right-swiped people to show them more often and fake their reviews on Google play as well. Pathetic and fraudulent.

Some one has created a fake account on my name and uploaded my pictures

One of my friend has come across my profile in tinder which was not created by me
I don't hold any account in tinder
Kindly close the account
Please take immediate action on it

I am submitting this complaint for one of your members

The member iim complaining about is selling sex on tinder and than she is robbing men at gun point which is exactly what she did to me. I met her on tinder and I met her in quito ecuador however she is from venezuela. I met her at the sheraton hotel in quito the quicentro area and once there in the hotel room she demanded all my money and my wallet. I filed a police report but she has no been found or charged. Her name is misleiydis vasquez and her number is +[protected]. After speaking with other member of whatsapp she has been know to have done this to others. How does tinder screen their members this is horrible!!! Please address this accordingly

Banned without reason or explanation

Seems like this is a common problem. I just think it would be the decent thing to do to give customers an explanation as to why you have denied them the services they have paid for.
It's nice to think that it's being policed correctly but all too often nowadays we hear about online applications being disproportionally sensitive to quite run-of-the-mill content/conversations.
I fear Tinder will become obsolete if it aims to align itself with the current overblown social media ethical standards


im not being seen by anyone on tinder for some reason, i can't find any information as to why, no email address to get information, ive just become invisible, and i pay a subscribtion.this is so annoying. They have my email why don't they just send out an email with an explanation ? does anybody else have this problem it would be interesting to see how many other people are being robbed

Tinder dating site

I want to cancel my subscription I just signed up for 6 months. I've been on this site for 6 months prior to signing up and most the men that I am in contact with are cat fishing. I cannot express to you strongly enough how frustrating this has been. Please cancel and refund me my money. In addition I list I want to meet men in my area and I get men from all over the country.

fake account

It has been brought to my attention that a fake account under the name toral listed to be 29 years old in india is using my profile picture pulled from facebook. I have emailed customer service to request that this account be deleted/canceled immediately as it is not me. Please confirm that this account has been shut down. Thank you in advance for your assistance in this mattter.

fake account

tinder gold

I was a member for a few months now and I can't think of anything I could have done to have gotten banned from tinder. I thought I was always respectful and didn't violate any of the terms of service that I know about. I've spent thousands on boosts and tinder plus and despite this they won't even tell me why I was banned. Tinder needs a formal appeals process.

banned for no reason

As no doubt, this has happened to a lot of other people, my account was banned out of no where, no review, no explanation, just banned. I used tinder for just over a year. I'd like my account back and an apology as well as tinders bam system updated. Like really? You can ban me but not tell me why? Extremely unprofessional for such a large company!

banned for no reason

person misrepresenting himself

I responded to someone who said he was from Texas.
He said he started a contract in Turkey starting today which is for an 18 month term.

His name is listed as Nicholas Philip
I asked him to correspond via email
His address is: [protected]
Anyone with a business would not be using a gmail account.

His phone number is: [protected] This is not a phone number for Texas but Indianapolis
If he were in Turkey he would not be using a US number

He refused to use FB as I wanted him to see some photos

He sometimes has poor English terms

He sent a photo of a young lady wearing. a Toque - why would she need one in Texas?

Please eliminate his web site or ability to use Tinder as he is going to cause a problem

Joan Gerber

  • Updated by Joan Gerber · Jan 06, 2020

    Thank you for your assistance

tinder gold

I need the subscription and account gone ASAP.
However, it is unable to delete account
No one is helping me! Emailed several times and no response
I don't know if I will get billed again and I certainly do not want my account especially as I know it is not working!
I will never use this app ever again
Outcome I want is for it to go and not to be billed ever again
I want confirmation I do not have an account and I do not have subscription.