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Apr 26, 2019

I had signed up with this website under the impression that it was free then I went to sign up and message other members and it would lock not let me message under ma'am members so then it wanted me to sign up for a free trial I tried to sign up for the free trial and it will not work it... / membership credits

Nov 18, 2018

I tried to send a message & it said I have run out of credit So I put £5.50 on when I sent my message i checked my credit & was informed I only had 3 credits left after I had sent my message I should still have 4 please rectify My credit card is for Malcolm I Chilver & my a/c is 45431223317032620 on... / about website

Aug 09, 2018

Hello, yesterday my credit card is used for 49 dollars without my notice. It was about membership. I don't know the membership and I didn't subscribe to any types of membership on Today, when I check my credit card statement, immediately I opted out of the Please, I... / social network

Aug 02, 2018

i pay 9.99 for 7 days and send 2 messages and now, whenever i want to send a message to anyone it says that "message limit exceded". Is this really whats happening after i payd that?? Its really stupid that someone pays for a service, if its like i imagine now, that its for a very restricted time... / payment & account removal.

Jul 10, 2018

Good day, I attempted to cancel automatic subscription (three times) 2 days ago and this morning I see a charge of £49.95 from you guys. Thank goodness it was declined. I am extremely dissatisfied with your services and not only want auto sub to be disabled but I also want my account to... / re: renewal of firearms permit

Mar 27, 2018

We did not use your service, but we are charged for it on my credit card; We went straight through the police dept. The date was March 14 and the phone number that was given was 1885269691, when it called that number they said they were not taken any phone calls only on Internet. Tran... / subscription

Feb 26, 2018

I tried to get a hold of you people to cancel my subscription. I am very unpleased about your services. I pay to what, to find prostitution going on, I think this will be turned over to the authorities if I can not cancel my subscription. I will also hire a lawyer to sue you people for false... / 7 day trial service

Jan 04, 2018

Message limit exceeded... You know what i'm talking about!!! It's suppose to be a trial for a reason not you get to send 2 messages and your done!!! Then I go to send this and it says it's has to be atleast 350 characters or it won't be read!!???!??? What kind of scam service is this?? My... / dating site

Dec 16, 2016

12/16/2016 Very misleading site! purchsded a trial membership that didnt tell of any limits on texts or being able to see the videos which is the highlight of the site. After sending 5 messages was blocked from sending anymore. Totally misleading site. Buyer beware! furthermore the... / membership

Jan 14, 2016

I purchased a 3 day trial membership for 1.95. After viewing their website for approximately 10/15 mins, I figured out its a fake website so I called and cancelled the trial membership within 20 mins of purchasing it. Not only they would not refund $1.95, I was charged another $9.95 the... / fraudulent charges

May 03, 2014

So I signed up for their silver membership for $24.95 a month. Then was charged $1.98 and $40.01. So I went to the billing company's website and sent them a message notifying them of these charges and requested a refund. The next day I was contacted by the website and copied the... / hook up guarantee

Sep 21, 2013

I joined flame month ago looking to hookup with local singles. upon my membership I was given a guarantee, that I don't flame next month will be free. well I got close but that I was cut off. do to that I feel it is a scam and they set you up with fake profiles of women. customer... / unable to log in

Jul 04, 2013

I'm highly upset. I created a doing account and I have been unable to log in for almost four days now. It keeps telling me that I have the wrong password and/or email address. I created my profile so I KNOW which email address and password that I've created. And when it tells me... / phsyco

Aug 06, 2012

u've got a real phsyco on u want to end my membership?go for it but i'll see u in federal court for fraud-aiding and abedding and a few other things-this woman tngirl2 in chritianna tennessee is out of her mind she wont stop emailing me, i'm not interested in her... / spam

Jul 26, 2012

I never heard of Fling. Suddenly I am a member and getting dozens of spam mails for all the girls that want to meet. Yeah right, scam smell all over :P But point is: I never did subscribe or signed in. I did never ever heard of Fling. Yet somehow I suddenly am. Did contact them but I had...

Fling / scammy

May 21, 2012

I have used fling in the past (it's not hte best, but I have gotten laid from it). I am that rare "unicorn" woman who is real on the site. Well today I tried to set up and an account and now they are no longer letting women be on for free. Everyone knows women get on free becuase... / false advertisement

May 10, 2012

I joined on april 25th. Single female. On may 3rd I called cust serv cause I cld not send or recive emails.was told to add more pix n fill out more info.i did.tonight I tried to chk msgs.nope.called again.they said tht on april 16th I was sending msgs abt my husband. Im NOT... / fraudulent profile in my name

Mar 21, 2012

Someone created a dating profile using my name and photo with a fake email address. I recieved a call from a friend that said they saw my profile on I had never heard of never knew it existed. How can I get it removed? / I did not sign up for this service

Jan 22, 2012

Some how Fling got my email address and made a free account for their site. I have never used this site and would never. I think this site is deplorable. How they got my email address is suspect in itself but making an account and then sending me emails is something entirely different. My... / withdrew from contract

Jan 08, 2012

I wish opt out of this sit as i did not know it was sexaul if you do not cancal this contract i well go to the police about it yours peter ross / created fake account/profile in my name

Dec 13, 2011

How to cancel your fake account/profile!!! Let's SPAM them back and see how THEY like it! Be sure to threaten them with a lawsuit if they don't cancel your membership/account/profile. It works like a charm! : ) They canceled my account with one hour of emailing them. We... / unauthorized charge

Aug 22, 2011

i recieved a charge on my credit card saying i signed up for meeting very happily married and i never authorized any thing. i called and asked them to return the payment but i was told that they can and will keep charging my card . can you please help names joseph scott... / scam

May 03, 2011 has to be the worst $60 I've ever spent. After I registered, I of course decided to try to upload some pictures. I couldn't because the website wasn't working properly and it kept giving me an error any time I tried to upload any picture. Oh well, I thought... / paying for service

Feb 11, 2011

this web site for dating is not good because the guys have to pay for the service and the women get a free up grade for life means that the women would never pay for the been a memberbut the guys have to pay every month if you chose the monthly pack aqnd i dont know why are women free and...

Fling /


Unauthorized charges for $ 59.95 by GPNETHELP.COM posted n my bank debit account statement on Nov. 30, 2010. They apparently work with billing for a sleezey dating / affairs company called Fling, who I understand may be based in Ft. Lauderdale. Through google, I was able to get a phone #... / did not subscribe


I've had a similar experience. I have access to my boyfriends yahoo account. I was deleting spam when I saw the fling email that said thank you for signing up and here is your password. It got worse because the email tells you what date you signed up and we were apart the night he... / scam/spam/unauthorized account


My husband discovered an email from this company in his inbox this morning. The email included his email address and a password for his so-called "profile". The email was titled, "Welcome to". Funny thing is that when he discovered the email he called me over to the computer and... / cannopt cancel bogfus account


I recently looked at a card statement and found that money had been taken from my account. After looking into this it is for a site called I later found that my stupid younger brother had set up a profile using my card details. I have no idea how to delete the account and they continue to take money from my account. Please help!

Fling And Xxxblackbook / hugs scam and rip of


how is it possible that the dating site and can charge lots of money from your credit card without making there prommisses come true???? you get a membership after paying and then nothing happends?? Not one mail you get answerd and if you are not a member then... / cancelation and deletion


I have just recently subscribed for membership on this site just to try it out cuz i heard it was good from friends...I tought it wasnt worth it and now that i dont wana use the site anymore i cant find a way to delete my account and stop the money being taken off my account monthly from... / fraud


This is a fraudulent company. They show you pictures from girls in your city, but when you join you find out they are not in your city, they are not even members, they have not been with fling for years. You can join, pay a gold membership and still cannot talk to anyone that also... / someone help me


I started reciving these e-mails from I have no idea how they have my e-mail and why they keep sending me these stupid dating things. I am a married woman who has no intrest in dating or "flinging" with anyone. I first tried to reply back about a month ago with a... / did not subscribe to this


This website has cost me a relationship that i have been into for for 2 years, with a man that i was suppose to marry and thanks to this website, I cannot get married anymore beause he has no trust in me. Have never even heard fo this website and i want my profile and everything delited... / review


My name is Bryan, and I have been a member for quite some time now and I have to say its one of the best adult dating sites available. I notice all of these fling fraud posts online and I don't agree with them at all. I've never had some super-hot girl try to get me to... / billing underage people


my son who is only 17 managed to join and he's payment was excepted by the web site without checking he's age against he's card i have emailed 4 time and not had a reply from 1 of the emails. bearing in mind that you have to be 18 to be able to join the... / non consent/34.95 charge from my account


My name is Tracy G. Martin, and i was charged 34.95 without my consent.It was probably adult friend finder/or Fling.comI closed my account on 12-5-2008.I did not have automatic renewal for this as i was just wanting to try out the gold membership.I would like my money transferred back to... / redirecting my internet


we never visited this site, and have not downloaded any software from the web. This site keeps coming up, opening new browser or tabs without any action from us. We have changed browsers since we understand that IE has security holes these sites may exploit, and even with firefox, thi... / faked user ids and pictures

Ma provably fakes search results, implying pretty girls are waiting for you in your geographic area. For example, their opening page shows a list of pretty girls under the title Search Results, and today includes a "Beth" in United Kingdom. Beth is listedwith a picture of the back a... / unauthorized use of bank account




i have tried unsubscribing from fling a million times but it does not allow us to do so. it rejects the email address and password even though it is correct!! WORST WEBSITE EVER