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Doctors Complaints


MedFirst Primary Care / I am complaining about dr. felicitas b. gonzales

CYRAllen on Mar 21, 2019

My first complaint is my BP medicine has been recalled. I have been trying to get another prescription. I have been on hold for over 20 minutes waiting to talk to someone. once some one answers they say they will have someone call you back. it has been almost 2 weeks I have not got a return...

Dr. McCanna / surgery

Mark Mazza on Mar 13, 2019

I am filling a complaint against Dr. McCanna from Goodman Campbell brain and spine. I was scheduled for spine surgery on 3/12/2019 at the Richard L. Roudebush VA hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. I had asked to meet my surgeon before surgery. When I met with the 4th year resident...

Dr. David Rekar / awful service, lack of ethics

jeffreyelp on Feb 19, 2019

My review won't hurt your business, your awful service will. I'm not sure how you'd like me to show "evidence", your services did nothing for me. Also, the fact that Dr. Rekar intentionally posted information about my visits on yelp should be a clear sign of his lack of ethic...

Center for Orthopedic Rehabilitation (COR) / pain medications

Christopher R. Baker on Feb 18, 2019

I have been and am being treated for a workman's compensation injury at COR at the behest of the City of Los Angeles. I don't receive any disability pay but have retired and draw my pension. When I first started going there I had been a victim of a Doctor Younai who was under contract with...

Dr. Herman C. Heikkenen, MD / he did not show any signs that he values the hippocratic oath that he swore to.

John Witte on Jan 30, 2019

Go to this link and look at the reviews, PLEASE!, +MD/@34.5604011, -112.481101, 17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xd305a083e66a1952!8m2!3d34.5604011!4d-112.4789123 Dr. Herman C. Heikkenen, MD, doesn't deserve ANY stars! If there ever a person...

Family First Medicine / Dr. Jerry Smith / refusing to release my medical records until I pay what he says I owe.

gatorgrandmaw7 on Jan 24, 2019

I submitted a complaint yesterday about this Facility and doctor. My new doctor, Dr. Bobby Ensminger requested my records first on 12/29/18, then again on 1/22/19. Family First Medicine keeps telling him it will be 2 weeks on both requests. ***Then Dr. Jerry Smith called me on 1/23/19 @...

Mount Elizabeth Hospital Orchard / complimenting the only amazing highly dedicated doctor this hospital has ever given me in my admissions to their hospital

Sunshine666 on Jan 20, 2019

I am a patient of dr. Chia whom I have to state from the beginning is an amazing doctor, absolutely dedicated, highly intelligent and caring, all the qualities of a doctor that I saw in the movies and never thought they are such dedicated and highly knowledgeable doctors around till I met...

Centennial Hills Hospital / billed by shadow emergency physicians

Jamie Whaley on Jan 19, 2019

Centennial Hills HospitalI just got an updated credit report and I am billed three times at $1712 for nov 29 2018. And two other times for $75 and 62$ for the same exact date. One I was living in Illinois at the time so this is impossible and two, I am now living in Vegas and I have always had Medicaid. Medicaid...

Fairview Clinic / fairview clinic, mt. iron

littledeb92001 on Jan 13, 2019

On November 14th, I contacted Patient Relations and they told me they would file a formal complaint. Didn't hear from them at all so, on January 5th, I contacted them on Facebook. Seems they can't find my complaint or never filed it. I had a county worker violate my rights regarding medical...

Dr. Raju Vaddepelli / medical neglect

Angelmar on Jan 8, 2019

Dr. Raju VaddepelliMy mother was diagnosed with cancer and referred to Raju K. Vaddepally, MD located at 2375 S Ridgeview Dr, Yuma, AZ 85364. Since the initiation of my mother's care, he has not done what is in the best interest of my mother's health. He has delayed treatment and has a negative attitude when...

Dr. Richard Gerhauser's Natural Health Response / this company wants to place a yearly account on my name

MacAndy on Jan 5, 2019

I joined dr. Richard Gerhauser's natural health response as of interest. The service was free. Now all of a sudden they want money. I have tried to cancel the deal with a prompt that says, "to teminate this service"click"here. I do and the reply says they have no record of...

Dr. Ivanics Gyorgy (George Ivanics MD english version) / dr. ivanics gyorgy professio clinic

Dr. Ivanics Gyorgy on Dec 26, 2018

Professio Klinika Dr. Ivanics György, / plastic surgery 1 Budapest, Hungary Add a Comment Contact information: Ez egy engemet és cégemet rágalmazó, és ellenem...

Gerard Gianoli MD / Ear and Balance Institute / Covington Louisiana / harming surgical procedures

Donotgothere on Dec 20, 2018

Dr. Gerard Gianoli from Ear and Balance Institute and OLOL Pontchartrain Surgery Center in Covington Louisiana is coming of as a very caring and compassionate doctor, and he also comes off as a competent doctor, unfortunately, for my experience it turned to be a false pretense. I had a...

OLOL Pontchartrain Surgery Center / Dr Gaerard Gianoli / quality of healthcare

Save your ears! on Dec 17, 2018

Dr. Gianoli from OLOL Pontchartrain Surgery Center is coming of as a very caring and compassionate doctor, and he also comes off as a competent doctor, unfortunately, for my experience it turned to be a false pretense. I had a surgery at Pontchartrain Surgery Center to repair a fistula...

Fortis Hospital / incompetent emergency

anuuj23 on Dec 8, 2018

My Mother had severe gum bleeding at 12.30 am, we reached fortis at 1 am, the emergency doctor took the blood pressure and did blood tests. and gave one injection till 6 am bleeding didn't stop and they discharged saying we don't have a dentist and on Sunday morning dentist doesn't come in...

Dr V K Narang / wrong diagnosis of my family member landing him up in icu on ventilator for over a week

vipul9809 on Nov 28, 2018

Dr. Narang did a fately wrong diagnosis of my uncle landing him up in hospital in ICU for over a week. He diagnosed typhoid while it was dengue all along, gave him meds for it which caused brain fever and landed my uncle in hospital in a fatal position, he struggled for his life for over 1...