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GoodLife Fitness / Because of the rudeness of an agent I am cancelling my membership

Michele Gmitrowski on Feb 16, 2017
February 16th, 2016 8:55 a.m. Member #GL1198524 Because of how Agent #1191, Heidi, dealt with my issue of extending my Medical Leave, and not refunding a payment which went through and threatening to hang up on me I am canceling my Membership. I called today, as I was requested to do last year...

Pearle vision / Told me I have to pay $$$ but never submitted a claim to my insurance. Over a month now.

fedup2017 on Feb 15, 2017
Early January of 2017 I went in for my routine eye exam. I was told that the contact fitting was not covered by my insurance (not true) contacted my insurance carrier and was told I am covered. The insurance carrier called 2/15/17 and was told that a claim was never submitted. No one in...

Eye Pros / Dr. Jacobson/also retina doctor

27790 Vista Rd. on Feb 15, 2017
I had cataract surgery on both eyes. The 2nd eye which was the left, after everything said and done, my retina is swollen, never had a issue with this before, I believe it was from the surgery there was leakage that developed. Now I have to have dye in the eye to see what if anything can...

Acute Care Home / Senior care

michelleverandes on Feb 13, 2017
My father 86 years old was in this care home. They inserted a catheter and it wasn't draining. I asked twice once in the morning and once in the evening why there was no urine in the bag and I was told that it had been emptied I returned the next morning and told them to call 911. He spent...

Justanswer / Money taken out of my account by the medical site without my permission

Anna Mercer on Feb 7, 2017
I typed a description of a medical problem into a search engine, and was directed to Just Answer. Here I was led to believe that I could ask one question for $5, although pop-ups kept appearing trying to convince me to 'upgrade' to $10, whereby (it said) I could ask more questions. I only...

Riaan R. Marais / Payment to provider not done

Riaan R. Marais on Feb 6, 2017
My wife (A Marais) went for a hearing aid inplant. Its been claimed that I as the main member was paid an amount which by the way I don't know or have any records of been done. I want to know: 1) why was the provider not paid in full as been said. 2) when will my wife get her hearing aid 3...

Dr. Richard Ellenbogen / Deformed my face while performing plastic surgery

Deanna Alexander on Feb 3, 2017
Dr. Richard EllenbogenI had surgery with Dr. Richard Ellenbogen and he ruined my face. Without my consent, he put fat in the sides of my cheeks. I only gave him permission to put fat transfer in the sides of my mouth. My face is uneven, bumpy, and looks horrible. I have told Dr. Ellenbogen of my...

Marshfield, WI Emergency Room / Deceit/ lack of care/concern/ unprofessional conduct in reporting information

Angela Jacobson on Feb 2, 2017
When I came into the emergency room, I was treated with no sense of urgency or care. I was left alone in the room while everyone outside chatted, laughed, and gossiped. Hmmm... Shows so much care in the emergency room. I went in because my entire left side went numb. They treated it a...

Vitals / False and patient review

NatPed on Jan 30, 2017
As a provider I find vitals extremely discouraging. I just discovered that someone anonymous has submitted a review on Vitals site calling my family member an utterly depraving name. Not only is it a false statement, it is a blatant abuse and affects my business. There is no protection for...

Aurora Health Care / Wrong diagnosis, unprofessionalism

saruccia on Jan 29, 2017
I saw my family care physician on 12/27/16 and was diagnosed with ringworm all over my body. No testing was done, no scrapings of the skin, it was just a visual diagnosis based on images found online on google images during my visit (in addition to this the rash did not look anything like...

Meijer / Pharmacy

dorokrueger on Jan 26, 2017
Pharmacy experience I saw my psychiatrist yesterday and due to some issues she changed my vyvanse script from 7mg/1x a day to 40mg 2x/day. I brought the script to the pharmacy last night and was told by the tech that the pharmacist didn’t feel comfortable filling this script until she spoke...

LabCorp / Blood work

Alvin Taylor on Jan 24, 2017
Three weeks ago I brought my daughter to go do blood work to check her liver and her doctor called yesterday stating that lap corp had tested the wrong test so basically everything that my child went through was for nothing after waiting 2 hours before even being seen to get a 5 min...

I'm trying to find out the name / Payment inaccuratcy

steitz on Jan 23, 2017
I'm trying to find out who submitted this claim to my credit report and why. It shows on my credit report as Berks Credit & Coll., (acct. #121009001070). They need a 16 digit number. This is all I have. I can not fix this on my end without knowing who the main party is. I have 20 or so...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / Authorisation number

allister ferreira on Jan 17, 2017
hi guys my girlfriend has been sitting with her wisdoms irritating her to pieces . she has contacted you guys for the authorisation number and its been over 3 months now that no authorisation number had been given through so that the process may be started of extracting her wisdom...

Mehodist Stone Oaks Hospital / Billing and general management of the hospital

thomas w.dickson on Jan 14, 2017
I am writing you today to detail Shirley M. Dickson's experience during her stay at the Methodist Stone Oaks Hospital from December 4, 2016 through December 6, 2016. It was a bad experience! First, I want to assure you that their staff in the ER Unit did all they were allowed to do to make...

Concentra Urgent Care / Pre-employment drug test

Rosef425 on Jan 12, 2017
Concentra Urgent Care01/06/17 6:45pm When I first walked in and went up to the counter I could tell the lady was unhappy, she was rude in telling me to sign in. (Zero eye contact) then I was greeted with, you'll be here for at least an hour, fill this out and come back up to the counter.. I waited for two...

LabCorp / Rude front desk employee

Gail Langner on Jan 2, 2017
On Thursday December 29th I went into the LabCorp, 14131 Metropolis Ave #102, Fort Myers, FL 33912 for routine blood work. The phlebotomist was so upbeat, nice and friendly. She made my visit a joy. The following morning on December 30th at 8:00 am I returned with my hemoccult test. The same...

LabCorp / Billing

Bemike on Dec 24, 2016
I received a LabCorp bill for Vitamin D, 25 Hydroxy lab test for $273.00. I was told at the time of my test it is coded correctly and Medicare will pay for it. The test was done on September 8, 2016 It's funny how there other $510.00 charges in the same blood test were paid by Medicare for...

PSEG (Public Service Electric & Gass ) / Care free

hani tawfeek on Dec 20, 2016
Dear sir /mam yesterday i had a services appointment for a gas heater unit, the service man arrived and diagnosed the problem it was a transformer need to change, he have only one of this item after he replace it we discovered that the unit is defective and he didn't have another one, the...

Memorial Hermann / Doctor and staff not doing job performance

tammyclark on Dec 16, 2016
Dr. Cynthia Ripsin is recently new at this location 2095 W. Main suite B League City Texas 77573. It is under Memorial Hermann. I have met with her one time. (she took over for previously Dr. Roeser), She was vey rude and she would ask me a question and then just cut me off and never let...
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