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MouthShut.com / want to remove a unwanted review who done wantedly on my hospital

prashanth_ on Feb 15, 2018
MouthShut.comHi A guy gave a fake review in our website to damage my hospital reputation it is coming on top in google search so please kindly remove the link from the google search, please call me personally and let me know what you are requirements like that link of the review and the current existing...

Total Vision New Smyrna Beach FL / eyeglasses

Thebareman on Feb 12, 2018
I went to total vision approx 11 months ago got a exam and they ordered glasses for me. They said I would have to wear them awhile to get use to them, Only needed them for close up. They were giving me a headache, Took them back and they said they were crazed? Well they claimed to have...

Elizabeth Rayo / not been able to sail

Elizabethrayo on Feb 12, 2018
Hello I was not able to sail on carnival cruise ship victory reservation # 1gwt31 on february 12, due to the fact that i've been in the hospital since february 10, 2018 since I was diagnosed with leukimia (cancer) and they have been running test on me. Can I please get a refund on thi...

Adam Wierzycki- user name:1-32082204188@vodaftth.co.za / fibre internet openserve

Adam Wierzycki on Feb 11, 2018
I made an application for migration from uncapped 10mbps to capped 300 gb 20 mbps on 18.01.2018. Since than after a few calls migration has been confirmed with status active, but nothing happened. I have still contract with 10mbps uncapped. How long it will take for people of vodacom to...

Aspen Dental / denture repair

momadini on Feb 8, 2018
On January 31st I went to Aspen dental for a lower denture repair. I paid the $197.10 fee for seeing the dentist and getting the repair to denture done. After wearing me repaired denture for a few days, I realized the denture didn't feel right. I was going to call them on Monday, February 5th...

Emcare Billing and Invoicing. P.O. Box 37836 Philadelphia, PA. 19101-7836 / unethical business, practices and improper billing of supposed services.

Joseph Ryan on Feb 7, 2018
To whom it may concern: My name is Joseph Ryan on 4/13/17 I was involved in motor vehicle accident. I was transported to Johnson Memorial Hospital in Johnson Co. Indiana, where I received treatment for several abrasion, lacerations, bruising. And a broken toe all due to someone hitting my...

Mrs I Wessels 466700481 / msa -

isabeau@whitezulu.co.za on Feb 6, 2018
I visited my GP on the 10th January iro of my chronic previously approved condition & medication. The drs bill was paid from my Msa. Discovery explained that wrong code was used on invoice and dr had to amend it and charges will be reversed. My GPs accountant refused to amend it, as she...

Lifescript / doctor finder

SD18 on Feb 5, 2018
Hello, My name is Dr. Sylvia Diaz, I am an endocrinologist working in Bangor, Maine. My name and personal information is listed in your physician finder without my authorization. I would like to use this as a formal request to have my name to be removed from your site. Please communicate by...

Teladoc / dr luu

Dee007 on Feb 2, 2018
I have been seen by Dr. Luu two times within a years time feeling like I have a sinus infection. Informing her that I feel it's bacterial and need antibiotics. She only recommends Nettie pot treatment and states it's a cold. I have had to seek treatment elsewhere and each time it has been...

ISL, LTD Dr. Ilan S Levinson / medical care

NeilSpear on Feb 1, 2018
I am hook on Opioids try to break off twice could not do it went to Dr. Levinson First thing because of the number of people in the waiting room he could not talk to me about my condition ask couple of question and wrote a script for more medicine. It was fine for the first three visit...

Kaiser Permanente / lack of care, rude service, misdiagnosed, ect.

Angryatunited on Jan 30, 2018
I strongly advocate for never getting Kaiser Permanente health insurance. I do not think this organization is dedicated to offering the best healthcare, but the opposite. My family switched to Kaiser six years ago and for the first four years I was relatively happy with the service we all...

Lifescript / doctor finder

morecnow17 on Jan 29, 2018
LifescriptThis is not a complaint but a correction. Your site has me listed in your Doctor Finder under Acupuncture. I need to update the phone no. and address. The listing is located at...

Netcare / private patients emergency unit

Juanita Van Vuuren on Jan 24, 2018
NetcareOn Saturday 13 January 2018 I visited a local supermarket while opening a fridge door a class bottle fell out and cut my leg. I rushed to Bougainville Hospital on arrival they informed me the consultation fee is R750 which I then paid. After I have received 6 stitches I had to pay an...

Quest Diagnostics / inconsistent & discriminatory billing practices

sweetpat on Jan 19, 2018
I had labs completed 5/5/17 as part of an annual physical. Invoice# 4998447764 & 4991973825. There were tests coded incorrectly either by the physician's office or by Quest to Anthem insurance. After months of unsuccessful calls, I sent a letter dated 12/20/17 requesting the codes that...

Aspen Dental Management / issues with dental work done 2 months ago

Amanda L. H. on Jan 15, 2018
Saw dentist at Foley, AL location 11/9/17 to fill 2 small fillings, one on left top and one on bottom right. I did not have any issues, no pain, or anything when I came to the dentist. My reason for coming to dentist was because I received dental insurance (which later I discovered the...

Humana / humana medicare advantage doctor is playing with my wife and my appointment as first time patients

pompei on Jan 10, 2018
My wife and I are disabled senior citizen and we decided to enroll our self with human hmo gold plus. We start calling humana in december 2017 and we were enrolled by medicare with a doctor that asked us to pay around $300 to be our primary care physician. We denied it and we called humana...

VAMC Cincinnati / hateful dr. sara naren

PaulR070856 on Jan 4, 2018
VAMC CincinnatiMy primary care doctor, Dr.Cunningham, was on maternity leave since October, 2017, and Dr. Sara (Saraswathy) Naren was selected to assume the responsibilities of caring for her patients. I saw my doctor in September and didn't have any further appointments scheduled. Now to the problem: In late...

Dr Richard Alexander G OD / eye glasses/contact

Nikki Lucarelli on Jan 2, 2018
This man is not a nice person, nor is he anyone I will EVER go back and see. After insisting my son needed glasses and basically insinuating he can't see anything, I felt pressured to place a charge on my credit card for his glasses right away. He only has METAL frames and a 2 year old...

The Coca-Cola Company / diet coke 6-pack 16.9 ounce bottles

tatersmasher on Dec 30, 2017
I have at least two 6-packs that are extremely difficult to open because the ring at the bottom of the lid that separates from the lid and stays on the bottle will not separate. That ring then gets hung on the top of the bottle preventing the lid from being removed. I've tried cutting it...

Noel Tenenbaum / botched left eyelid

Botched Eye on Dec 21, 2017
Noel TenenbaumDr. labeled my botched eyelid surgery result a "success." Refused to address horrible surgery results at follow-up and omitted all concerns in the medical record. Also committed fraud by insinuating to my bank that I never went to my follow-up on Oct. 9, and was looking for a "free...
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