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BodyLogicMD Complaints & Reviews

BodyLogicMD / Antiaging Doctor located in Woodbridge NJ

LgLg on Mar 6, 2016
Follow up: Excessive cost I'm broke with no results. Sorry it took so long for a follow up but I was waiting for Vinny Albano a Patient Service, Team Lead at Bodylogicmd to contact me regarding my 4, 000 testing fee sudmitted to my insurance from Dr. Ohri office located in Woodbridge NJ...

BodyLogicMD / Excessive Cost, I Am Broke, With No Results

LgLg on Dec 2, 2015
The cost of visiting the BodyLogicmd doctor in Woodbridge NJ are OUTRAGEOUS. Plus I was lied to by the phone representative about the cost of treatment and payment. Here is the current breakdown on what I owe and what I have paid. Office visit $395.00 paid at time of service. Medication...

Body Logic MD / Scam

Reviewer53635 on Aug 29, 2015
Please do not waste your hard earned money at this place. They are not qualified to make an accurate diagnosis, have no interest in finding or correcting the cause, are grossly incompetent and will bleed you dry of every dime you have. I truly don't know how they sleep at night...

Body Logic MD / Bad Advice Nearly Killed My wife

FredDawn on Mar 24, 2014
We paid over $1122.94 out of pocket expense as our insurance would only cover $230.78 Total waste of money since Dr. Michelle Schultz was not able to help in treating my wife in her Hypo Thyroid condition. Michelle advised taking large doses of Kelp herbal supplements. My wife had a bad...

Body Logic Md-Smita Ohri MD Woodbridge, NJ / unethical practices

NJCarol on Jan 18, 2013
read the other complaints here and you will get an idea of what your dealing with. I have been on NRT for seven years and was trying to find a knowledgeable physician that was closer to home. Short but sweet body logic trys to get you to submit insurance claims for services you do not...

Body Logic MD / The Homeon replacement doesn't work

Alice Roberts on Jan 10, 2013
I went to Body logic hoping for help with my premenopausal symptoms, I payed over 1500.00 dollars for tests, doctor appointment and hormones .I was hopeful it would help me, it didn't help.My last appointment the doctor said my hormones were up, I ask her why my symptoms were worst...

BodyLogic MD Cincinnati / Very bad choice of doctor

CLSchlake on Oct 25, 2012
Dr. Julie Kissel is a good doctor. She is very knowledgeable and willingly shares her knowledge with her patients, with every good intention to help them balance their hormones. I just wish she had not chosen to affiliate herself with a practice (BodyLogic MD) that is clearly a scam. So...

BodyLogic MD / MAJOR SCAM! Unethical Practice!

CHDEKE on Jul 18, 2012
I have been suffering with migraines and other system and the doctor/practice preys on the desperation of the sick and takes advantage of them for finacial gain. I conducted the initial blood and saliva testing before seeing the doctor for the first time. I went along with her plan for...

BodyLogicMD / Employee &Poser& of BodyLogicMD Plugging BodyLogicMD on Website

Exposing Deception on Jun 4, 2012
BEWARE: There is an "employee" ("Poser"/ imposter, etc.) of BodyLogicMD, who is using the website 'MenopauseManiac.com' to promote BLMD. According to this Complaint Board, 'she' is Barbara Smith, a.k.a. bsmith@bodylogicmd.com, as is the named from BLMD responding to...

BodyLogicMD - Dallas / Waste of Money

TheRockasaki on Apr 26, 2012
Reposting from another thread: My wife and I were with BodylogicMD for 6 months, which equals two office visits, each. All I got out of it was HCG shots (used for weight loss, but I was already skinny) and supplements ($580/month), and all my wife got out of it was more belly fat. The...

BodyLogicMD / Would not recommend!

dissappointedandtaken on Apr 6, 2012
I would NOT recommend the BodyLogicMD franchise doctor system. I really wish I had done more research on this organization and the way it works before I got myself into their system of over-priced proprietary lab testing, over-priced doctor visits, and proprietary pharmacy. This i...

BodyLogicMD / unethical practice

Linda Gennari on Nov 11, 2011
I found Dr. Kaye online when I googled Adrenal Glands. I called Body LogicMD, Dr. Kaye's medical franchise in 9/11, and spoke with an office personal. Dr. Kaye’s next opening was 01/12.  I made an app. for 01/24/12.  Making an app. with Dr. K requires pre-paying...

BodyLogic MD / Unsatisfactory Service

mommabear6 on Aug 24, 2011
Everyone at this office were so nice, friendly and helpful... that is until I needed more info for insurance/FSA purposes. The Doctor, Dr. Rudy Madlang of Ogden, gave me an office visit receipt for me and my two daughters. I did not notice until later that he had put "Daughter #1" and...

Bodylogicmd.com / not responding to my email

acorns on Jun 28, 2011
i emailed my doctor at her web site to cancel my july appoitment no responce back so i thought i was ok to day june 28 i get a call from the pharmacy wanted to charge my credit card for my pelletts i told the pharmacy to put it on hold i call and talked to jason he cancelled my july app...

BodyLogicMD / Made Me Worse Almost killed me

PopaBear007 on Feb 25, 2011
I will make this very short. Please believe all those people that have written and filed complaints against Body-logic MD. I did not listen and they almost killed me. They gave me testosterone shots that thicken my blood and never once in a year took my blood pressure. My BP when I went to...

BodyLogicMD / Charged for services not rendered

Stop charging me! on Jan 20, 2011
This company has charged us for blood tests that we have never gotten. We have been phoning them for 3 months explaining that we were charged for something we did not have. Each time they say they will take care of it, but never do. When we call back we always get a different person...

BodyLogicMD / Treatment made symptoms worse

In july of 2010, i went to one of bodylogicmd's doctors to discuss a wellness program to help me maintain or improve my state of health. I had minor symptoms of perimenopause, and a "sluggish" thyroid that had been treated by a endocrinologist for twenty years. I was switched to a...

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