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Charleston Pain Relief Center
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Our verdict: While Charleston Pain Relief Center has an above-average resolution rate, there’s room for improvement. Investigate common issues reported by customers and understand how they were resolved. Be prepared to follow up on your queries if needed, and keep detailed records of all interactions.
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12:28 am EDT

Charleston Pain Relief Center unethical behavior

I went to charleston pain relief center in alot of pain and went to the bathroom. as I was finishing up i overheard the old lady with the brown hair and brown glasses who was taking my pain information and asked me all the questions talking to the big doctor with the bald head making fun of me and mocking me very load so that others can hear them. They were very unprofessional, cussing, and made entire experiece there terrible . i will never go back and will tell everyone who will listen about my experience with these non pofessionals. if i wanted to be mocked and made fun of i would have went somewhere else.

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12:58 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Charleston Pain Relief Center neck injury by chiropractor

Beware if you dont want to live in sever pain, do not go to this office.

I went to charleston pain relief center because I was told my back spine was starting to curve and may present problems later in life. I wasn't really having any back shoulder or neck pain but decided 2010 was the year I get myself in the most maximum health. I was placed in this little room, manipulated and talked into signing up for a 3 month 3 x week plans. For 1 month, I was treated very nicely with compassion and respect. During that month I told dr. Mathew jenkins that I was expecting a child, he said he could continue to treat me safely. My treatments consisted of manual back manipulations with me laying face down on a table, light exercises and tens 3000 muscle stimulator. One dreadful evening, dr. Jenkins decided to without consulting with me, manipulate me by doing doing a standing up manual manipluation on my neck. I screamed out in pain as he snapped my neck. I asked him why did he do that and expressed how badly he hurt me. He told me I would feel better in couple days. Well, it has been almost 3 months now and I have been in sever chronic pain since that day. Every day, morning noon and night I suffer in sever neck pain. Although, he has apologized for hurting me, he has refused to give me my personal records chart. Stating by law he has up to 30 days to provide me with my chart. It has been over 30 days since my request. I went to office to ask for my records and was treated horribly by both dr. Jenkins and his receptionist nancy. They called the police to have me removed all because I was insisting on getting my records. I am 4 months pregnant and have been told there is nothing I can do but physical therapy and take tylenol for the pain due to the pregnancy and would have to suffer in pain until I deliver my baby. Please, please, please beware this man is very dangerous.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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