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American Medical Association [AMA] reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Aug 10, 2017. The latest review Medical provider at rome medical group was posted on Sep 14, 2021. The latest complaint coding guidelines for colonoscopy vs. park nicollet clinic in st. louis park was resolved on May 21, 2019. American Medical Association [AMA] has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 83 reviews. American Medical Association [AMA] has resolved 2 complaints.

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American Medical Association [AMA] Complaints & Reviews

Sep 14, 2021

American Medical Association [AMA] — Medical provider at rome medical group

I would like to request assistance in filing a formal complaint against my sons Medical Practice and...

American Medical Association [AMA]misled by surgery skills and last minute dates cancelled

I am really upset by how my condition was handled over the last few months by Dr. Sean Egan, his staff and the Riverside Medical Group in NJ.

The first few years while on medications with Dr Egan for my condition was fine (although consistent was the less than helpful office staff). I had been trying to schedule a procedure for FOUR months and was forced to find a new urologist. My surgery was cancelled THREE times only 24 hours before each date and after running around to get 3 Covid tests 48hrs prior. Each time, no warning, just a call by Riverside Medical (Liza, Dr Egan's Office mgr, never even bothered to get back to me!) the day before (after they even sent me to a COVID testing site that was CLOSED!)

Each time I was lied to (by both Dr Egan's office and Riverside staff) about not having the proper "machine/equipment" that they supposedly contract out from another vendor (what?!? made no sense to my new Dr either). I also knew something was fishy when Egan could only do this when "another doctor" was available (he obviously is not doing the surgery). Also, they gave many excuses as to why my medical records could not be forwarded to the new doctor ("it's out of our hands, has to come from Riverside's HQ, their fax was broken"...seriously?)!

My new urologist got me in ASAP, did the surgery (Urolift) with a quick recovery which SHOULD have been administered by Dr. Egan. I want to file a formal complaint, thus my first step with this post.

Please direct me to the proper contact.

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    Jul 11, 2021

    American Medical Association [AMA] — Unprofessional mistreatment and misconduct of a physician

    Date of Incident: July 06, 2021 Appointment time: 1:30 p.m. Office address: 101 Madison Ave, Suite 304...

    American Medical Association [AMA]Service from a doctor

    Finally got a return call today 7/1/2021 from Dr Kevin Lax of Doyelstown Health at Holy Reedemer Hospital 1650 Huntingdon Pike Suite 258 Meadowbrook, Pa 19046 re my husband Edward C. Weiler. He was on speaker phone and seemed totally distracted. I could hear him walking away from the phone and doing something else. I answer his questions and the he repeated them when I said I just answered them he got angry. He mentioned that my husband had an abnormal result to a test and I asked what do we do. No real answer. I gave him my of my husbands blood pressure readings and they said they were good. I said it goes up and down and he is on 8 salt tablets a day and I don't think that is right. Again he had no answer. He then said we don't had a working relationship and to find another doctor. Meanwhile my husband keeps having these episodes.

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      American Medical Association [AMA]Coding for a procedure

      I had to have a cystoscopy because the doctor found blood in my urine on two consecutive tests. My primary doctor sent me to a urologist who sent me for a CT scan and scheduled me for the cystoscopy. He explained to me that it was a simple procedure where they go up through the urethra into the bladder with a camera. You are wide awake no anesthesia possibly a local in the area but that was all.
      I pay $170 a month for my health insurance. When I arrived at the doctors office for this procedure I was charged a $40 co-pay. That led me to believe that that was my responsibility for this procedure. I then received a statement from federal Blue Cross Blue Shield advising me of what they paid. Their portion of the bill was $79.87. That's it! that's all they paid out of over $400. My responsibility is the $170 I pay for this insurance monthly plus the $40 co-pay plus another bill of a $110 making my total contribution $320 Blue Cross Blue Shield paid less than $80. When I called the billing department about the bill they sent me I was told it's because of the coding that is set by the American medical Association. They have this procedure coded as a SURGERY!! This procedure is no more than a Pap smear done in a regular doctors office with no anesthesia no utensils other than the camera no knives no cutting no incisions nothing that even remotely resembles a surgery!!! And I am FURIOUS! This is nothing more than an attempt to blatantly rip off the American people. THERE IS ZERO JUSTIFICATION FOR CONSIDERING THIS SIMPLE PROCEDURE A SURGERY!! This coding needs to be changed and it needs to be changed now, yesterday, immediately!! I am not paying this bill you people can pay this bill the American medical Association can pay this bill because I'm not. How do you even consider it remotely fair that I would pay three times more than the insurance that I pay for every single month? The AMA is nothing but another government organization that takes advantage of poor people. Who gives the AMA the authority to make these decisions clearly the money isn't coming out of their pocket! I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and I do not have the money to spend $170 a month for an insurance policy and then get hit with a bill for an extremely simple procedure that's three times as much as the insurance covers. the American medical Association is a disgrace to this nation and this authority needs to be taken away from them!! They are not suited to make these decisions. Please I want someone to justify to me how you consider this even remotely close to a surgery because it there is not one single thing about this procedure that you could remotely say resembles a surgery. This is nothing more than robbery!! Entire government should be ashamed of themselves you do not care about the American people you only care about stuffing your own disgustingly greedy pockets. And you think the American people are stupid trust me we're not we can see what Obamacare did to our healthcare we can see that Obama care was nothing more than a way to get the working people to pay for every single person who doesn't work and I am sick to death of it! I worked my entire life and I can't enjoy retirement because I can't afford the [censored]ing medical bills!!
      Change the coding on all and every single medical procedure that you are trying to rip off the American people with. If it's not done in a place that does surgery if it doesn't require anesthesia if there are no knives no cutting no stitches involved it's not a [censored]ing surgery!!! FIX IT!

      Coding for a procedure

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        Apr 18, 2021

        American Medical Association [AMA] — Never listened to me when I told him I had a thyroid specialist, he misdiagnosed me.

        March 2020. Had a follow up visit to review blood work. He lost his temper and told me to stop taking...

        Mar 29, 2021

        American Medical Association [AMA] — Doctor's practice/staff

        The following incident took place on March 24th 2021 at the East Northport office of Dr. Jennifer McMonigle...

        Mar 26, 2021

        American Medical Association [AMA] — Dr. Barbara Anne Spinelli, Sutter Roseville Medical Center, California

        The absolute worst. Showed her the rash on my neck and shoulder and she said he didn't see anything...

        Mar 05, 2021

        American Medical Association [AMA] — Dr. Caroline Rao - Durham NC VAMC

        Dr Rao assumed the position of the chief of dermatology in December 2019. She was assigned my case at that...

        Feb 17, 2021

        American Medical Association [AMA] — Beyond pediatrics / venture pediatrics refusal to release medical records

        10/30/2020 and is ongoing. Pediatricians Luisa Rita Del Castillo and Debra Harmandy refuse to release my...

        Feb 11, 2021

        American Medical Association [AMA] — Covid 19 vaccinations

        Dear AMA, I am issuing a complaint against the whole Association and those who make the decisions of what...

        Jan 04, 2021

        American Medical Association [AMA] — Dr. Howard Baruch

        As a former patient of Dr. Baruch where he performed a Total Hip Replacement in January of 2009 I wish to...

        American Medical Association [AMA]Karl A. Lozanne,

        This complaint is from a long time ago, but after much reflection I feel it is time to have my say.
        The surgery was performed at Lexington Medical Center, Lexington SC. The following is what I have I remember and what I have gone through since that day
        In a word, I have been in more pain, constant pain since the surgery than I was ever in before surgery
        The anesthetist was Dr O'Sullivan. (more about him later)

        Jan 21 2011, I had Karl A. Lozanne, perform spinal surgery where he fused my spine from C-3 through C-7 .He went into my neck from the back side. I have been told numerous times since that it is better and widely accepted that going in through the front of neck is much better with less post pain and problems.
        After I had been in surgery long enough for Dr.Lozanne, to have opened my neck, the intubation fell out, so Dr had to close and O'Sullivan had to re-intubate me.
        Dr O'Sullivan I later learned had been put on medical leave for apparent brain tumor. Shorty after my surgery he was again put on leave after a driving accident. He passed away right after that from tumor.
        When Dr.Lozanne, finished I was sent to recovery and then my room with zero orders for pain. I was given Valium. Nothing else.It took several hours to get Dr.Lozanne, to order me a pain med. Only when my family got to point they were going to take me out of hospital and take me someplace I could get care was I given anything. Also When I came to my room my left arm was extremely swollen and was purple color. I was unable to move arm or even hand the whole time I was in hospital, nor for months after.

        I still have loss of muscle in L arm.
        I still have not gotten any relief for the pain I had surgery for.
        On December 21 2011 I went to S.E. Spine Center in Charleston SC and Dr Don Johnson went in through my neck and fused T-1 to C-7.
        It was his opinion that this fusion should have been done with first surgery. He also felt it would have been a better outcome had Dr.Lozanne gone through my neck in original operation.

        I feel Dr Karl A. Lozanne, failed me as a Dr, failed his oath as a Dr in several areas.
        First he should have researched my type surgery and presented me with option of going in front or back and the expected outcomes long term of each. I was never aware of nor given any info to compare which I would choose.
        Second, he should have known about the problem with Dr O'Sullivan and IMO not have had him in his OR
        Third, he failed my completely post op with no medication nor any other means of control of my considerable pain. I think this had affect on my recovery then, and to this day I think it contributes to ongoing pain.
        Fourth, and this is on whole hospital staff, Dr's and PA's
        Their failure to address the lack of arm use! Their failure to address this issue caused me months and months of painful rehab, and to this day I still have lost 20% or more use of L arm.

        Bottom Line. I will carry this pain and loss to my grave since no one can offer any way to fix what Dr. Karl A. Lozanne, messed up. His failures are my life story

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          Nov 11, 2020

          American Medical Association [AMA] — seiu local 1 & participating employers health trust

          My Son Rodney Holland and his Daughter Yasmine Holland is insured by this Local 25 Union. They both are...

          American Medical Association [AMA]Trios Hospital @ Southridge Kennewick, WA.

          I can not wear a paper or cloth mask, because of allergies to dust and mites. I wear a full face shield. Several times this year I have had a hospital admin cancel doctor appoints and testing in this hospital because of the shield. This is very troubling as I have Stomach Cancer and she has denied me treatment. I believe she has my registration information flagged in the computer system and is notified each time I appear at the hospital. It is always the same woman and she will not ID herself to me. Last Friday was the most recent event. There are doctors with specialty clinics within this hospital. This woman has cost me my Family doctor because of her unwillingness to accept the fully approved full face shield. All the other hospitals and clinics and doctors accept this shield, and the dr. I was to see last Friday knew in advance that I would be wearing the shield and his MA and nurse accepted that shield, it is this admin that has a problem wit h it.

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            American Medical Association [AMA]Failure to suspend the license of Dr Scott Atlas in the covid 19 Task force

            Any person with any common sense knows that THE CDC's covid 19 safety procedures are correct. Dr Scott Atlas, advisor to the president, has repeatably argued against wearing a mask, keeping social distancing and inferred that herd immunity would stop the spread of the virus.
            The AMA would be derelict in its duty to protect Americans from misinformation that this radiologist spews on FOX news and twitter. Twitter has even censured his false and misleading information why doesn't the AMA?
            It would save countless cases of this deadly disease. An stop his reckless misinformation.

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              Oct 08, 2020

              American Medical Association [AMA] — Refused treatment by northshore health systems

              I was refused an office visit on Wed [protected] because of my health insurance Meridian. The office visit wa...

              American Medical Association [AMA]Crozier/keystone center for occupational health, Susan Dormstein D. O

              Hipaa and ethics complaint.
              On 8/262020 our company arranged Covid test for all employees through this company and this doctor who signed the scrip.
              A waiver was signed to allow the testing facility to share the results with the company. Share!
              To this date 9/17/2020I as the patient Has yet to received the results. But we've learned that the company receive the results of our test on September 1.
              the priority and loyalty of the doctor and medical staff at this facility is to the patient.
              I have received nothing! I only agreed to share the results with the company but in order to share I must first possess the results!
              This if anything is highly unethical!
              If not in violation of HIPAA laws.
              Thanks you
              Please contact me.

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                American Medical Association [AMA]Sunnyvale texas baylor scott and white hospital

                My 77yr. old husband went by ambulance Monday morning the 24th. of August 2020 for severe dehydration. After 4 hrs. of testing transferred to a room. I found out by accident after over 30 hrs. there, he was in the Covid ward. My husband is very ill with COPD has been house bound all year, we have nurses come in. Not only did they not tell me he was in the Covid ward they were letting me spend all day Monday and Tuesday with him. When I told his respiratory therapist I was told to remove him at once. So at 10:30 Tuesday night I had to drive 80 miles (round trip) in the pouring rain to get him. No one would help me because they were mad about me taking him out. The Dr. told me that everyone that came in was put in the Covid ward until they tested negative. To me that is saying you don't have it lets make sure you get it! My children are convinced this was intentional because of the extra money they get for Covid patients. Now my husband and I both are quarantined for 14 days.

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                  • Updated by BudandDee Donovan · Sep 01, 2020

                    Please reply with any helpful information [email protected] they haven't called with test results of his test and my Dr. is going to test me on September the 11th.

                  Aug 17, 2020

                  American Medical Association [AMA] — Bryan Scott Shaver, pa-c - malpractice

                  Thursday - Aug 6th, 2020 Having recently relocated to Elkhart Texas, I needed to find a new physician. I...

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