Advanced Dermatology PC Complaints & Reviews

Advanced Dermatology PC / Dr. Joshua Fox no complaints


I have no complaints on Dr. Joshua Fox. He is an amazing doctor, caring and courteous. I have been his patient about 7 to 8 years. My only complaint is that the office is over crowded, I can understand that many people wants to be seen by this famous doctor but the practice should come up...

Advanced Dermatology PC / Dr. Joshua Fox - Caring care


I can honestly say that after going to Advanced Dermatology P.C. and receiving treatment, that I will continue to go there. I went in for a procedure that required surgery and the removal of some things. Well later that night, I got a call from Dr. Joshua Fox asking me how I was doing. He...

Advanced Dermatology PC / Dr. Joshua Fox


I have been going to Advanced Dermatology for the better part of 6 years. The first time I went it was when I was still a teen and had some of my acne scars removed. Dr. Fox did a great job and the doctors know their stuff. Since then I have gone back to have other scars removed, laser...

Advanced Dermatology PC / Dr. Joshua Fox is horrible


Unfortunately there wasn't an option to give Dr. Joshua Fox a half a star. He missed my skin cancer twice. I saw him two times for skin cancer check. He did not notice my skin cancer. Another dermatologist brought it to my attention. I went back and showed it to him and he said, "Oh...