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Roses Complaints & Reviews

Roses - North Carolina, Whiteville / negligence

Dec 24, 2018

I had a layaway at Roses in Whiteville, NC. When I went to pick it up I paid for it only to wait around for an hour or so. I left and came back only to be told they couldn't find it. They said that they would call. This was in November. It is December 24th and I have heard from them. This will definitely be my last time shopping in this roses store.

Roses - Virginia, Chesapeake / a bag of peanut block bites

Aug 18, 2018

I purchased a bag from the store in Chesapeake, va I got home opened bag and the tasted funny so I asked my husband to check the date on the bag and the exp date was June or. Jan 2015. 3 yrs ago why are they still on the shelf im very upset iam a constant shopper at Rose's and very surprised they was still on the shelf every since I have been having stomach issues

Roses - Georgia, Decatur / employees customer service and price check policy

Jul 5, 2018

I was at a store shopping with my kids. Went to purchase my items and the total was off. I asked the cashier what was the prices of the items and there was a discrepency she called for a price cheap as i told her it was posted under the item. When the male came to check (Tyrone) i went with him. He saw the price and said oh they are all in the wrong space and that shoudnt be there let me take it down so i immediately snapped a pic. He then starts getting smart with me saying that it was not neccesary for me to take a picture im going to get it for the price of the sign but its not that...

Roses - North Carolina, Kannapolis / Bathrooms

May 21, 2016

As I always go into the store the bathrooms are always open, but today I visited the store and the sign says Public bathrooms are unavailable, n I ask were they broken n employee said no, somebody messed it up for everybody, I guess she meant tht the bathrooms are dirty, so my thing if a dept store has public bathrooms they should be in use at all times, ppl shop n needs to use the bathrooms, kids, elderly people, etc, I always thought public meant other people can use them, your response is truely needed..

Roses - Missouri, Rocky Mount / rude employee and manager

Jun 17, 2015

I recently bought a pack of two men's small tank tops to wear under my scrubs at work I'm a nurse, they were way too small like children's small, so I went to return them when I went in the store on Tue June, 16 2015 the lady working customer service just stared at me and said what... I said hello I'd like to return these and she cut me off and said uh uh we ain't takin dat back it open we da sign.. it said no opened undergarments I said no this is men's tanks not underwear. So she gets her manager named Annie she was just as nasty actin and said refund it but u...

Roses - North Carolina, Durham / Rude and Unprofessional Cashier/Assisted Manager

May 30, 2013

I recently visited Roses and made a purchase. In that purchase a pack of male boxers were included. When I arrived home I opened the pack and realized that they were entirely too big for my son, so I repackaged them. I returned to the store the following day. I stood in line and when it was my turn I walked up to the counter. The employee would not greet me so I stood there. She finally rudely said can I help you. I then said hello to her which she still at that time did not return a hello back. So I handed her the bag with the item and receipt in it stating that I needed to return them they...