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RCA - Arizona / television

Rosalind Tucker on Oct 3, 2017
ITALY MSP' Aug 30 to rca.tv.support Your name Email address Contact # Television size and model # Date of purchase, with receipt Any past communication regarding the warranty claim Rosalind Tucker tucker.rosalind@gmail.com 718-902-2928 50" model # LED50B45Rq unsure about date just moved and never open it until 8/15/17 It will not power on ITALY MSP' Sep 23 (10 days ago) to rca.tv.support will not power on ITALY MSP' Sep 26 (7 days ago) to rca.tv.support This is my third email my TV does not have any power will not power on I just staring using this TV In August my next step is the...

RCA / android tablet model RCT6973W73

nilknarf on Aug 4, 2017
this tablet will not stream more than 8 to 10 minutes. it will stop and I have to reload the station I am listening too. this happens with Pandora and Sirius radio streaming. I called rca tablet support and they told me this tablet does not support streaming. nowhere on the box does it say anything about this. they basically said I am out of luck. no refund. I cannot take it back to Walmart as it is past 15 ya.

RCA / Portable DVD Player

Reviewer80219 on Feb 7, 2016
RCA has the worst service ever after a lengthy attempt to get help I finally was assured that sending my unit back would get me a new one but not the refund I would rather have since their product is crap. We used the player twice and it was broken. They now have had my unit for 2 months and will not assist me. No one to call. Cannot find the CEO contact information and am beyond frustrated!! I want my 130.00 back that I paid for the unit and I want to be done with this miserable company. Ticket # 187765

RCA / Warranty complaint

Bubba2015 on Mar 16, 2015
Defective unit in less than 2 months. Filed a warranty claim and received an email on Feb 27th that a replacement was being sent and I would receive it within 10 days. No replacement after 3 weeks. RA# they sent in email had no information found on RCA website when I checked it. I sent another email to get update and was told they would send a prepaid return label through email and I would need to send defective unit and they would either fix it or replace it (this after they said the replacement was already on the way). I never got the email. I am still trying to get the issue resolved with them

RCA - Ontario, Cobourg / TV Shuts off by itself

MonaBenz on Jun 11, 2013
As a disabled person, any purchase I make of an item that is hard to move is stressful. This purchase has made my life a living HELL! Within a couple weeks of getting this TV installed into my house, it started to shut itself OFF all by itself.. and then turn back on without me doing anything! I immediately contacted the company... and got some kid who informed me that I just needed to push the button at the back of the TV to make it stop doing this. I complied with him...and he dismissed my concern that this wasn't normal. Now... if I had been any other customer, I should have been told...

RCA - Iowa / Product REview

ksjdlfkjasldf on Apr 22, 2013
I am the unfortunate owner of the RCA Wi-Fi streaming Media Player. this is a complete pile of crap to say the least. It works only half of the time and when it does it is as slow as dile-up internet. The pathetic remote that comes with this product could have been better designed by a five year old! The product costs enough but is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!! It takes a special kind of stupid to design something this unreliable. Huge waste of time and money. I will do my best to NEVER buy an RCA product of any kind again!

RCA / If this is the type of product you sell I will NO LONGER BE A CUSTOMER

Sikolizze on Dec 15, 2012
I purchased a RCA 48″ TV> In the 6 months I have had 2 repair persons to come to fix it. The repairman said this panel may also be defective. It has been over 2 months waiting for this to be fixed. WHY DO YOU SELL RCA? RCA DOES NOT EVEN HAVE THE COURTESY TO RESPOND TO A COMPLAINT. If this is the type of product you sell I will NO LONGER BE A CUSTOMER!

RCA / Poor customer service

marknmlis on Jul 16, 2011
I purchased an RCA 46" LCD HDTV 3 years ago. Within the first year, the sound went out of the tv. I had to drive the tv 50 miles to have it repaired (warranty) only to be told it couldn't be fixed and they gave me a replacement (though it was not the same model). Two years later, the exact same thing happens only this time they say there is nothing they can do except extend unwarrantied service. For a company who's motto is "if you're not thrilled, we're not satisfied", they don't back it up with action. Instead, I was told a "top of the line" LCD tv is only good for...


DR. WATSON on Jun 15, 2011

RCA - Indiana, Brazil / Class action lawsuit

I have a rca d52w20 big screen tv and have the same problem everyone else has had with it power lite flashes on at me but no picture or sound i bought this at wal - mart if anybody knows of a class action lawsuit about this tv please email me at trick33patrick@yahoo.com thx patrick

RCA / Very upset

I am very upset that RCA has a product, that, with very little hour use has burned two lamps out in 6 to 7 months, I have tried to get help from RCA and the company where I purchased it. I feel that I have a defective product. Consumers beware of the HD TV. After warranty the service is poor from the manufacturer, and the expense is great. The TV is not inexpensive either for a large screen like I have. Their customer service is not helpful at all. They do not even want to hear you out.

RCA / Fraud and scam

We bought a RCA 50 inch HDTV. It broke. It is under warranty. We called RCA and they give you the repair service to use. The repair service came out and said they needed to order parts. That was over a month ago. Every time we call RCA they say they ordered the parts and will take seven to ten business days. Each time we call we get a different person and they say they will order the parts. Guess what the repair service still doesn't have them. When we ask to speak to a supervisor the RCA people will not connect you to one. They are doing this to a lot of consumers.

RCA - Ontario, Sault Ste Marie / Resolution of complaint

My son had purchased a microwave and grilling oven for me at Christmas. Since using it has thrown a spark twice while boiling water to make a cup of tea. The cup was plain white with no design. I contacted the store (Walmart) who said that there was nothing they could do as it was a promotional item they got only at Christmas. I contacted the phone number on the back of the microwave and spoke with someone there. They told me to do a factory reset on the oven and then use it to see if it sparked. If it did I could bring it to Walmart with the receipt (which I explained already that I did not...

RCA / Nothing but trouble

I purchased an RCA 32" television on 3-24-06, It worked fine for 10 months but went out the latter part of January 2008. I called the consumer line to file a claim under the 1 year manufacture waranty. I was asked to power down the set and then turn it back on after 24 hours (to disipate all electricity) I called back after the 24 hour time frame and was again on the phone with the rep when I tried to turn the TV back on. It did not work! the rep told me it was because I used the remote control instead of the switch on the front. Repeat step 1 and call back again to use the switch instead of...

RCA - Ontario / Shipping labels keep getting lost in the mail - yeah right!

My father, an elderly man, has purchased 2 RCA Televisions within the last year. Both products have failed. The first within weeks. It was returned to the store and a different model purchased. The second model failed after about 5 months. I am acting on my fathers behalf and I have been trying to get the faulty product replaced every since. Model L26HD31 Serial # 1281E8347 Case # 3FG5T Return Number 375 954 290 I called the RCA service line 1-800-951-9582 in May 2009, inquired about the procedure to have the TV exchanged. I had the required receipt faxed repeatedly to your RCA repair centre. I...

RCA - Nevada, Reno / TV Malfunction

In 2004 we purchased a TV, RCA model D56W20, for over $3000.00. Almost a year ago the power supply quit working. I have researched this defect for this particular model and found that it is more than common for this tv to quit working within the first 4-5 years of purchase. We thought we were making a long term investment in a product with a great reputation. Should there not be a recall on this product for repair or replacement? I have been an avid consumer for RCA for more than 20 years and expect them to make some sort of concession for a defective product. I am currently disabled with...

RCA / Awful quality products

Less than a year ago I purchased this T.V for one thousand dollars.3-15 09 the tv blew and I found out that this model has had several complaints for the same problem. RCA only gives 90 days on this product, Now we know why! They know this tv is a pile of junk yet they still dump this model on consumers. When I called RCA they said that if the 90 days were up then just grin and bare it! They offer an exchange on this model because they are aware that this t.v is worthless as long as you are in the warranty time frame. I also talked to tv re[air shops that said they don't carry the part...

RCA - Nova Scotia, Halifax / Ripped off

Went to the brick this evening to buy a RCA 32'' LCD HD TV. Found what we thought was the perfect purchase. Paid for it and went home. When we got home we went to set it up and when we opened the box to set it up the screen had major scratches on it. We were only home 15 minutes when we discovered this. We called the saleman that sold it to us and he said bring it back and we will exchange it. Well this is when the fun began. When we get back we are told to go to customer service. We explained what happen and what we discovered. The so called manger said that we would have to contact...

RCA - Texas, Houston / RCA 52 HDTV D52w14 Power Button

Along with the rest of you I am just as disappointed. Hearing that HD was coming I was proactive and over paid for a RCA HDTV model 52W14 Projection Monitor. The HDTV was purchase in 2005 and like the rest of the compliants, when you go to turn on the TV the power light flashes several times but the TV does not come on. I even went to the point of disconnecting everything thinking it may reset itself but again nothing happened. So I go to the internet looking for solutions only to find numerous people having the same problem which tells me this is a manufactures defect. I would appreciate if...

RCA - Georgia, Marietta / warranty

03/01/08 I purchased an RCA DVD recorder at Walmart#0861 + a 2 year service plan. St# 0861 OP# 00008235 TE# 94 TR# 02393 Model DRC8335 S/N:PA091H265A0121 10/5/08 it failed, I call PCP (Product Care Plans) they said their coverage began after RCA's warranty expired. On 10/5 Barbara (with RCA 1-877-805-0519 ) talked me through some reboot steps and determined the unit was defective and told me to take it to Eatrada Service to be repaired. I took it to Estrada on 10/6 and they only service TVs. I called RCA back, they said they would mail a return request for it in 1 to 2 weeks. I said that...
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