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Macaroni Grill Complaints & Reviews

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Macaroni Grill - Texas, Cedar Hill / food and service

Kathryn Cain on Jun 18, 2017
Father's Day supper...totally a ruined event. Our son and family took us to Macaroni Grill in Cedar Hill, Tx. 1. Even though it was only a quarter full...we had to wait about 20 minutes to be seated...(they couldn't't push two tables together for a table of 6?) 2. We were seated with menus and told our server would be right with us. The person cleaning the table next to us looked up and said "y'all haven't Placed your order yet? (This was about 10 minutes later) 3. Waitress comes over to take orders...a little flustered...forgets to take one order and had to be called back to take last...

Macaroni Grill / Lisa Gillett in Corporate Guest Relations

Anonymous2013 on Mar 15, 2012
I had a very negative experience with Lisa Gillett in Corporate Guest Relations. Lisa treated and questioned me like a criminal even though I'm the victim. She lied to me about different things. Lisa said she had spent a lot of time replying to my emails when it was somebody else who replied to my emails. She said the manager called me twice when it was only once. She said she had called me many times when she had only called me once. Lisa was very rude, unfair, and inconsiderate. She didn't care about what I (the customer) want or don't want. She demanded that I act according...

Macaroni Grill / Fraud

pastalover on Oct 1, 2011
After a year of not patronizing Macaroni Grill in Westlake Village, I decide to give it another try. I called in a takeout order of Chicken Scallopini and Spaghetti with meat balls...they were both awful. The scallopini was so salty it was almost impossible to eat, and the smoked prosciutto was like jerky. The meatballs were cold and hard to chew. For the record, we ate the take out within ten minutes of pickup. I would not recommend the RMG at Westlake Village unless you like really salty and inferior quality food for high prices. I knew there was a reason I stopped going there in the first place.

Macaroni Grill / poor food

markinal on Aug 10, 2011
The menu has changed for the worse. Apparently they are in dire straights and have cut back on everything. Meatballs that used to be normal size are now like swedish meatballs and taste like they came from the frozen food section at walmart. The Lasagna is mostly pasta with little cheese and a meatsauce that is like a thin gravy. The carmellas chicken and pasta is flat and tasteless. It appears that they are not paying the staff as well because they used be crisply dressed and moved spritely about the place. Now they hang out at the hostess desk and chit chat and prop themselves up on the counter behind it.

Macaroni Grill / A Total Disappointment

Rick T on Aug 5, 2011
I've eaten at Macaroni Grill s during my travels in other parts of the country, but never like Romano's Macaroni Grill in El Paso, Texas. There was no one at the front desk to great and seat me. I just stood there for ten minutes. Other staff walked past, and some were obviously sitting around, off duty, and paid no attention. Then table service was slow. The place was not that busy. The salad was made of limp, old lettuce and tomatoes that should have been tossed a week earlier. I set that aside. The fish was late arriving and was undercooked and oily. The bread was cold, and the...

Macaroni Grill / Dont eat there

Peter1 on Feb 2, 2011
Its not right to set amount of tip by the amount of your total ticket without the concent of the coustmer. Iwill not use your place of business being the macaronigrill, bakersfield ca date 1/21/2011. I willbe sure to let other people I know obout how business is done at the macaronigrill.

Macaroni Grill / This by far the worst experience we have had at a restaurant

On 02/14/2009 me and my family were in the Redlands, CA area and delighted in a repast to end our day. The time tested and accepted restaurants such as olive garden, Outback, and Red Lobster restaurants were full to capacity, and could offer nothing more than a hour wait at minimum. We happen to pass your restaurants and notice no hungry patrons lingering out front. We should been smarter, but resolved that no food could be that bad. We ordered the sausage salentin, pasta bolognes, and the beef spiedini for a total for $44.oo dollars. I have never suffered through a meal as I did this night. The...

Macaroni Grill / They have ensured that my family will never again attend one of their restaurants

My family went to celebrate my wife's birthday on Christmas eve. The food and table service was great. However, when the bill arrived, we tried to remit payment using a gift certificate given to her for her birthday the day before. Much to our surprise, the waiter came back and said the card was invalid. I suggested to the waiter to call the number on the back of the card to ensure validity. The waiter did so and said the card was not activated. There was another number for us to call and that we would have to pay the bill now using another method of payment. I informed him that this wa...

Macaroni Grill / It will be a long time before we go back

The Macaroni Grill on Hall Road in Shelby Township, Michigan was our favorite place to eat; until recently. Approx. one month ago, I order the Salmon and it was the dries piece of fish I have ever eaten (I can make better). And, last week my husband wanted pasta with the seafood so we went to the Macaroni Grill. When it arrived he wanted to know if it was the appetizer, there was no food in his bowl. It will be a long time before we go back.

Macaroni Grill / Bad value, service and taste

Every time I go to this restaurant (which I try to avoid but it's by my office and people always choose to go here for birthdays and lunch meetings etc.) I find they WAY over-charge for things, and they give you MEASLY serviings. I ordered the caprese salad. Probably paid at lease $7 for it, for lunch. Usually I love this kind of salad, but theirs was bad because it was maybe 5 simple slices of tomato with one blob of mozzarella on top and a tiny sliver of basil and balsamic. The mozzarella is supposed to be about as big as the tomato circle. And it's supposed to be chilled, so you can...

Macaroni Grill / I will never go back there again

I took my daughter to macaroni grill for her birthday. She was turning 12 the next day. Along with her 6 year old sister and nine month old brother we were having a great dinner. I had them bring her some birthday cake and a singer sung happy birthday to her. It wasnt too long before my 6 year old said she had to go to the bathroom. Well that meant we all had to go. So I picked up my son and his diaper bag( I might as well change his diaper while Im in there). I asked one of the waitresses were the bathroom was and we all went in. Both my daughter used the restroom and I changed my son...

Macaroni Grill - New Jersey, Mt Laurel / multiple complaints

Last evening, my dining companion and I decided we would enjoy a little pasta and vino, so we set out for Macaroni Grill in Mt Laurel, NJ. The restaurant was suspiciously empty, but we thought perhaps it was because it was the last long weekend of the summer. When our waitress arrived, she began to spout off the names of soft drinks, in an effort to get a beverage order. We told her we were ordering alcoholic drinks, and she informed us that the "company" had made the decision not to renew their liquor license. I was shocked. The waitress said that business is WAY down now. She said they were...

Macaroni Grill - South Carolina / Macaroni Grill Greenville manager is a jerk

I had a problem at the Macaroni Grill near Greenville South Carolina when I visited friends there. We were in a large group of people and the waitress was doing a great job of keeping everybody happy. The only problem was with the manager named Smiles or Smiling, who was a total jerk the whole time. He "helped" us a few times by berating our waitress when the waitress' assistant brought out an order for another table, and by making her get more silverware to replace a set that was dirty. We were embarrassed for the waitress because of the way he was treating her, and we could tell that...
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