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ING Direct - California, Ojai / ING Stole $8,500 From me !!

AngieR on Feb 16, 2012
I opened an ING Electric Orange bank account 4 months ago, along with a savings. I transferred $50 from my Bank Of America account into ING. I sent my tax return money, of $8, 500 to my ING bank, and they immediately froze my account and had me answer security questions. They were all off, asking about my ex husband from 12 years ago. After I answered them all, and offered to fax my drivers license, they told me my account was suspended and my funds were frozen. Then I was told that my funds were to be held indefinitely...so...they stole my money. I am a single mother of 3 kids with an ### ex husband. Now this? ING thinks they can just steal this money from me and my family? Can I sue them?

ING Direct / ING is not a good banking service

Ing sucks on Jan 5, 2012
I have been an Ing direct costumer for years. I have not had issues until recently. A couple of months ago, Ing asked me to change my password for security purposes. After that I had forgotten the password. After many attempts, I was locked out. I asked for a pin to reset my password. The first pin did not arrive and then I requested a second pin. Which also did not arrive. I have contacted them many times. I even asked them to send it another way or by priority mail. They refused. They were not at all helpful. They left me on hold for more than 30 minutes. I had to freeze my account and wait...

ING Direct - Minnesota / No diligent effort made to contact owner

comrade on Jun 26, 2011
When I opened a savings account with ING Direct the disclosure stated "...I can close my account at any time and will receive all of my money in full, with no fees or service charges, along with any interest owed to me." But what ING Direct failed to disclose is that if ING Direct decides to close my account for inactivity I will be charged a $25.00 fee. The website notes all the ways the customer can contact ING Direct: by email, phone, mobile, mail, and fax in order to reach the bank. Do you think ING Direct will make a diligent effort to contact the customer in the same way by email, phone...

ING Direct / Poor appraisal only looks at low property sales, charged $350 for nothing

Cels81 on Jun 15, 2011
Warning ING Direct has scam appraisals. Company charged $350 nothing. Poor appraisal would not consider recent sales in correct town.. Went to other town over 5-10 miles away/. Applied for refinancing ing did a pitiful job of appraising my home and then charged me three hundred and fifty dollars!. I sent them comparison in my development that sold in the 2011, the would not review/. I had a realtor pull a comparison analysis and the average number was keyed incorrect which caused a bad appraisal/. No one would listen at ing, what a rip off company". would not put a dime in their bank;. Online line rip off

ING Direct / No refund for fraudulent charges

H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!!! RUN from this bank. They will allow fraudulent transactions on your account and offer no remedy to return the stolen money! Most reputable banks investigate your claims and return funds promptly. ING has rude and LAZY customer service who are clearly trained to take the path of least resistance, which is to deny you of basic consumer protection against predatory thieves. Do NOT trust them with your money! You will lose SOME if not all of it.

ING Direct / Rate Renew Offer Declined

ING Direct recently made an offer to me via email to extend my current 5/1 4.5% for another 7 years at 3.375%. The one time fee to do this is $2, 300 and this which result in a savings of approximately $300 per month on my 450K mortgage. ING Direct subsequently rescinded their offer to me after checking my credit. While my credit has definitely eroded in the past couple of years as the result of a reduction in my household income (no surprise in this economy), I have never been more then 30 days late on my mortgage and when I have, I have always paid the late fee. Their decision is forcing me...

ING Direct / horrible service, illegal practices?

Be very careful dealing with them. RRSPs, mutual funds, and other accounts there don't allow you to list a beneficiary online. You need to search through their website to find the forms, and then fill one out for each account. Don't bother to ask them to mail you the forms because that can take weeks. Also, they are not very forthcoming with information. You have to ask very specific questions to get any answers, if you are lucky. If you have a relative that has an account there, and they don't have a will or list someone as beneficiary, it is a completely frustrating experience...

ING Direct - New Jersey, Carneys Point / Customer Service Practices

This bank has the worst customer service department. The reason they give high interest is they hold your money from you for inordinate amounts of time. When I transferred my money from my regular checking into their "savings" account they said they'd hold my money for 5 days. I put it in on 11/20 and didn't have access until 12/1. This was a total of 12 days. I understand that they don't count weekends or holidays but someone should have explained all this fully before we opened their account. Also when I called to complain I got a little abusive on the phone...

ING Direct / Unfair business practices

They advertised no fees and just last month charged me a $25 fee because my savings account was 'not used' for about 2 years. I contacted them within a week after seeing the fee and they claim they attempted to contact me to warn me of the impending fee which they never did. I contacted customer service several times to no avail. I filed a complaint with their customer satisfaction contact to no avail. I even filed a complaint with the BBB to no avail. I just closed my account and hope I will not be charged a fee for that also but I probably will. STAY AWAY FROM ING DIRECT UNLESS YOU ENJOY GIVING YOU MONEY AWAY TO PEOPLE WHO COULD CARE LESS ABOUT YOU AS A CUSTOMER.

ING Direct / Awful experience

Contacted ING on 7.2.09 to transfer some funds from my ISA to my current account. Was told unable to perform this action as my current account was not linked to the ISA, it would have to be transferred to my old closed current account. Told ING that due to not having access to my closed bank account, I requested the close the account & return the funds. Was advised by ING send a 'copy' of current bank statement & cheque will be issued within 3 working days from receipt. Sent the letter 12.2.09. No reply or funds received, contacted ING 26.2.09 was advised needed to send original bank...

ING Direct / Stole Money

I tried to open a business savings account with this company, they said they couldn't verify me so, yeah, whatever, I've only been in business 8 years? They still withdrew the initial deposit out of my business checking account, won't give me access to it, and won't give it back. They basically stole $200 from me hoping I wouldn't do anything about, well I am. This is a very rude, irresponsible company and I'm glad I found out about this before I gave them more money.

ING Direct / Rip off

I had a savings account with ING Direct. I used it to pay for my wedding in 2006. After the wedding I turned off the automatic deposits but left the account open. There was about $18 left in the account. In April 2009 they sent me an email saying I needed to log into my account or it would be closed. The email went to my spam folder. The next contact from them was a letter saying they closed my account and helped themselves to the remaining balance to help them recoup the costs they incurred in trying to contact me. I emailed them and asked them to review this decision, I didn't want the...

ING Direct / Unauthorized charges

Our debit card information (including our pin) was stolen and manufactured into a new card. Our real card never left our possession. The crooks withdrew $100 NINE separate times at a Las Vegas ATM. Including transaction charges, our loss is $927. The fraudulent withdrawals were disputed with the ING Direct. Our bank rejected our dispute because our pin was used. We submitted a second dispute so that they can look into it further. Our second dispute was rejected. Based on the timeline of the fraudulent charges and real charges, we can prove that our card was in California and never left our...

ING Direct / Atrocious Customer Service

Today, while speaking to an ING Direct Customer service representative to find out how to open a joint ING savings account in which to invest substantial funds from the sale of our home. I was told that I could not do that as my wife was joint on my existing account, and had not activated her PIN – that account has been open for some period of time, during which we have been living at two different addresses in Florida and one in Massachusetts from which we moved just 2 weeks ago to our current address. . My wife took the phone and ‘failed’ some security questions – most...

ING Direct / Fraud and cheating

Someone was able to access my Electric Orange account and withdraw $800 from it. INGDIRECT says it was my card used and will not investigate the unauthorized use of my card and will NOT honor there service guarantee. They promise the money would be safe, but it is not.

ING Direct / Fraudulent actions

Over the weekend, 1/10&11/09, the market figures ING used were incorrect. I made several trades that with the figures were $3, 000 buying and $1000 profit in sales of stocks. When they opened Monday and changed the figures, the stock that I sold were at a loss and the stock bought was $12, 000. I called customer service, they told me they were sorry and they gave me 2 free trades for my $12, 000 loss. Unless you like loosing money, don't trust any information on their quotes and they won't back anything up. They sent emails to confirm the problem and they knew about it at opening. They took no action to correct this or stop any transactions.

ING Direct / Ing Direct Complaints File with BBB

If you are having trouble with ING Direct, file a complaint with the BBB. I accidentally received notes on an email that I received from them. Turns out they do not like BBB complaints and that will help you get your problems resolved!

ING Direct - Texas, Dallas / ING Direct will not close my account and send my remaining funds

I have requested my account be closed with ING Direct and my remaining balance be refunded to my linked checking account on November 14th. I was told my funds would be sent over Monday November 17th, but as of today November 26th I have not received them and my ING account is still open. I have called almost every day, but I am always told that they are in the process of closing the account and the funds will be returned within 2-3 business days. All of my information is correct, but they are refusing to send my money back to me. How long can they hold my money hostage? Why do they keep lying...

ING Direct - Minnesota, Saint Cloud / Account screwed up

I had been a happy NetBank customer for over 10 years, and have had nothing but problem after problem since the sale of NetBank to ING. It all started with the sale. I received literature notifying us of the sale and advising us to open an Orange account, which my wife and I did, on November 10, 2007. Unfortunately, and probably the root of all our problems, during the online account creation my computer froze (my daughter was logged on at the same time and for some reason an application she was running must have interfered with the process). Anyway, we managed to create a joint account (for myself...

ING Direct / Illegal unfair practices

I had unauthorized charges on my account dated 03/23/08. I disputed them on 03/24/08 and sent in the corresponding required paper work on 03/31/08. I called in April and again in May to verify that the dispute is under investigation. I was told that they had up to 90 days or two billing cycles to resolve the dispute and not to call again. I received no communication regarding the dispute through email or phone. I decided to call in June since it was almost approaching the 90 day period to see what the status was. I was told they needed me to refax in all the information I had already faxed in. I...
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