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I had a trial version of The Sims: Life Story on my computer and I decided I wanted to purchase the full version of the game once the trial ended. It gives you a link which directs you to I then proceeded to purchase the full version. I entered all of my information including my credit card number, once I was finished and clicked submit it gives you a link to download the full version of the game. Once I clicked the link, the game downloaded to my computer and I installed it. When I attempted to play the game it comes up with an error that reads 'error:10000:78003... - Florida / Cancel pogo account


How do I resolve the issue of my visa getting charged $39.99 for I don't remember signing up for anything and I can't even contact this place to cancel something I don't remember signing. Please help. I don't want to have to change my visa number but I may have to. / Taking money out of my bank account!


I signed up for a "free trial" membership on POGO. They require my credit card info, just in case I decide to continue with the full membership. I cancelled before the "free trial" period ended (that was in November 06) and guess what??, they still have not refunded my money. I have emailed them SEVERAL TIMES and have not received even 1 response. They sure were quick to take my money though! I am going after them through my bank & whatever other means are necessary! Here is my warning to potential POGO Games customers... DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A FREE TRIAL!!! Only do so if you are absolutely certain you want to be a member.