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Ally Bank - Indiana, Michigan City / Auto lease

Reviewer91664 on Sep 14, 2015
Do not look for any help from ally bank, if for good reason (like your income is cut but 75% or you ran into a little trouble and need a little help. Their own people will tell you not to accept the conditions of as "a last resort", and the words were, "you will hate that you did it". I asked for an extension so that i could get my finances arranged and so that i could catch up the lease account, just a little help is what i needed. I wanted to continue paying the lease payments, i just wanted to extend them a cou0ple of months so that i could catch my breath. But no there was no...

Ally Bank / Forget privacy

alargnahs on Nov 21, 2014
Ally told me it would close my account if I did not provide a physical street address. I value my privacy, and I have a post office box which receives all my mail. This is a common practice in the United States and has been so for a very long time. Anyway, I told Ally to go ahead and close the account. There was no attempt to transfer me to an account recovery specialist, no understanding of privacy; it was goodbye to the customer, full stop. This is a despicable bank. That must be the reason why so much official effort is being made online and elsewhere to portray Ally as "number one, " as if this bank is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It isn't. To Ally, the customer is an adversary.

Ally Bank / Payoff

melissa B11 on Jun 20, 2014
I purchased a vehicle as a lease option to buy. My plan was to lease for 3 years and purchase at then end of the term. I was explained by the dealers and finance reps at GMC that it's basically the same as a purchasing a vehicle with additional options. Such as you can turn the car in at the end of the lease, trade it in for a newer vehicle or purchase. I asked how that works insurance wise and they said it works the same as a purchase, if there is equity you will get it back if upside down there is gap insurance. So here I am today with 1 year left in my lease and a car ran a red light...

Ally Bank - Michigan, Dearborn Heights / car payment

lathisa j on Jan 16, 2014
i talked to numerous people about the fact that I sent a 200 payment for my car and they in turned added 60 to the late fees. after talking to several of their reps even a manager I was told the problem would be taken care of. well they called and said it was rejected. they just put my monies and applied it where they wanted instead of where I had it set up to go.

Ally Bank - Pennsylvania / Illegal Banking Practices

Ally Is A Scam on May 14, 2013
I opened a checking account with Ally via the internet. Supplementing the application, I mailed the signed signature card and a money order to be used as the initial balance for my account. After waiting 4 weeks, I finally call to inquire when I will receive my debit card, checks, etc, only to be told that there is a "block" on my account. The person who put the bock on my account - Cathy Kaufman - is the only person who can answer ANY questions I have and also remove the block. I was given a number to reach Cathy, which I called several times and even left voice messages for. She never...

Ally Bank - Pennsylvania / bad practices

arbogast on Feb 9, 2013
I received a letter telling me that my account was to be closed. i asked why, and was told I had too many "REG E" claims. here's what happened: Fall of 2011 and Spring of 2012 someone hacked into my account or somehow illegally got my card number and purchased gas at far away locations three times during each--a total of 6 transactions. Each time I called Ally and was told to file a REG E claim to get my money back, and so I did exactly what they told me to do. The money was put back into my account, and the investigation showed each time that the fault was not mine. I was issued a new...

Ally Bank / Poor service, inefficiency

debjel36532 on Oct 12, 2012
I had nearly $16, 000 in a Money Market at Ally, yet they bounced a $950 check! When I called to complain, it took them 10 minutes to even locate the check (at first they said there was no record of it). Then they put me on hold for another 10 minutes and came back on to say they had no idea why that had happened. And that they would call me back. That was 3 or 4 days ago and they have not called. I have also sent 2 secure emails (using their site). They have not responded to those either. Stay away. The little bit of extra interest that they pay is NOT worth the hassle.

Ally Bank / Poor customer service

debjel36532 on Oct 2, 2012
From my letter to Ally Bank: If anything goes wrong, beware! OK. When I called in to check on something yesterday, I got my social wrong. Shoot me. I’m old. So, my account was totally blocked and I was told that “someone” would call me within 48 hours. 48 hours? Is that a joke. There was “nothing” that could be done by the phone people. “Someone” would call me in a day or two. Nearly 24 hours after all of this, a Cathy from loss prevention called. I went through the song and dance with her and was told I was unblocked. Everything was operational. No...

Ally Bank - Virginia / Trying to get my IRA transferred from them to another place.

Febenz on May 19, 2012
I have an IRA with Ally. Since the beginning of April I have been trying to get it transferred to another institution. Customer service at Ally has been extremely poor!! Every time I call or email I get a different set of answers. I don't think that they want to transfer my IRA. I have finally gotten them to agree to send a "new" check since the last one never materialized, but I keep sending them the correct address and they keep verifying a different one. I am very frustrated with them and I would never recommend as a bank because if there is a problem NO ONE can help you.

Ally Bank - Pennsylvania / They just give your money away and send you an email afterwards

Bruce S. on Apr 16, 2012
BEWARE of "ALLY BANK" (originally GMAC BANK-went broke and cost the taxpayers money) They're a bunch of JACKASSES. I had a 5 year CD that was nearly $100, 000.00 and received an email today telling me "We closed your High Yield CD - 60 Month account ending in 6952. If you have any questions, please give us a call". I called them immediately and asked "WHY WAS MY ACCOUNT CLOSED WITHOUT ANY ADVANCE NOTIFICATION?" The idiot I spoke with knew from nothing. I "suspected" that it was my wife, that I'm in the process of divorcing because she's a thief. However, the CD had two more...

Ally Bank - California / Stalled funding of CD

silcanannie on Mar 2, 2012
On Feb. 22, 2012, I went on-line to open a CD account at Ally Bank. After I filled in all the information I called them to make sure I had completed everything correctly and to ask how to arrange funding. I gave them the acct. number where the money was and the routing numbers. 3 days later nothing had happened. I called back and got firm with the rep and the next day they gave me a funding date and a comformation number. Today Mar. 2nd, the funding date, it still was not funded. When I called they continued to stall me. I used to be a bank branch manager so I know this is absolutely bad customer service!!! I closed my account and cancelled everything. My advice: Don't ever open an account with Ally Bank

Ally Bank / use of innocent children

ticked!!!! on Aug 24, 2011
Take the commercials which use young children as pawns to a supposed adult trying to teach them a lesson in meaness !? It is a cruel and hurtful ( I am hurt each time I hear it as I race to my nearest "mute" button. These ads were on quite often as I recall, Then, they disappeared for awhile and are now back in force. Remove them, please. Children are cruel enough on their own without being given free lesson by some boob of an actor teaching them how it's done ! Thank you. T. Lawson NY 14450

Ally Bank / Customer Service

RobRock on Aug 11, 2011
Boy...what a mess this company is! First of all, I needed to fax some documents to their bank so I could get my vehicle registered in a different state. I faxed the paperwork on Monday and called Ally Thursday to verify if everything was sent off to the state. The girl on the phone had no idea what I was even talking about. She checked and showed nothing where my faxed was received. I explained to her that I had a fax verification that it went through successfully. Again, she got confused. I verified the fax number with her. After getting know where, I had to speak to someone who actually...

Ally Bank - Pennsylvania, Fort Washington / Duplicate Withdrawal - unauthorized

veecat on Jul 29, 2011
Ally bank took TWO wire transfer withdrawals (a duplicate) from my Credit Union, when I only approved one. To make matters worse, this caused an OVERDRAFT and overdraft fee by my CU. And now it just so happens to be month end, when all automatic bill pay will be also debiting my account. It is VERY unsettling that as of this time NEITHER of the transfers are showing up the ALLY site. So I guess I am just expected to TRUST they will be there on Monday, which will make for a very unsettled weekend. According to customer service it takes 3 days to show up. Having DOUBLE my money in limbo i...

Ally Bank - Michigan / Lease buy out

These guys really take the cake. Had a lease thru GMAC and decided to buy the car at the end of the lease with one payment remaining. Called Ally and they told me to go to the dealer I leased the car with. So I went to the dealer they got a pay-off and we did the transaction. For the next weeks Ally kept calling me about he last payment which was included in the buy-out. To make things worse they left my account open and refused to close it even after receiving the funds from the dealer. Endless calls to the Philippines to close this account when I was informed that part of the paper work...

Ally Bank - District of Columbia, Washington / Discrmination

In the Late Sixties or early seventies, test was taken to prove how separating one distinct group of people from the other can distort their ability from learning. The test was give to; elementary students, middle student and some adults. The groups were blonde hair blue eyed children and adults along with dark haired dark eyed students and adults. The dark haired children were told that they could not play with the blonde children and the blonde children were told that they were superior to the dark haired children and the were not to communicate with them. At the end of the day, they both...

Ally Bank - Alaska / sanctions fraud

I have a friend that has had two ACH transfers requested from fraudulent Ally bank accounts, and succceeded in stealing near $50, 000. the second account was a new account and only 3 government agency's had the account numbers, the theif is wise and well, Ally Bank unofficially sanctions identity theft, you would be wise to contact your bank and have a permanent stop payment on any ACH transfers requested by Ally Bank, then again if you have stole someones identity, and they have a great credit rating, you can steal freely from anyones account that you can supply account numbers to if you open an ally bank account

Ally Bank - Ohio / tv commercials

The tv commercial with the pony is the worst! Besides being mean and unfair and creepy, I am most bothered about the chuvanism, the discrimination against the plainly-dressed dark-skin girl, and the continuation of the female beauty syndrome many girls and women fight against--weight, hair color, make-up, plastic surgery, etc. The white, blonde girl wins over the minority girl. The boy who gets the cardboard truck or the girl who cannot ride bike out of marked area are annoying, but this pony commercial contains insidious messages. There is a hidden, subtle, and injurious message here, that is close to evil. You can "contact us" at the Ally Bank site to express your dismay over this ad campaign.

Ally Bank - Louisiana, Metairie 700032906 / TV Commercial

Ally Bank commercials which taunt children are vile, tasteless, corrupt, and just plain disgusting. They should be banned from the TV airways. Just how cruel do you want children to grow up to be. What a poor example for fulfilling the tenets/creed of this organization which I guess exist to serve the public? This Ally Bank commercial projects a heartless, mean, and pitiful organization, staffed by individual's who meet the same charateristics! Ted C. Mc Neel Sr. Major USMC Retired

Ally Bank / TV Ads Taunt Children

Ally Bank TV ads are pathetic. They taunt children. They are sadly mistaken if they think I will do business with them when they do this. Yes, the message they are trying to portray is that they don’t play games with their customers. But, they have so overstepped the boundaries of human decency they will fail.
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