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AirTran Airways Complaints & Reviews

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AirTran Airways / Pet Policies

Mindy R. Glover on Nov 21, 2012
Boo on you…AirTran. The pet policies on AirTran are atrocious!! FYI: I have already spoken w/ your customer service rep on Monday…day of flight…for 30 min. I haven't received any response yet. I'll see how long after Thanksgiving it takes for a response…if @ all. What's even more interesting is that Southwest's pet policy is: "Southwest Airlines accepts small vaccinated domestic cats & dogs. All in-cabin pets must be carried in an appropriate carrier, as indicated below & are subject to a $75 pet fare each way/pet carrier. The pet carrier count...

AirTran Airways / Package deals scam

Jennifer P on Dec 20, 2011
I recently traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada from Boston, Massachusetts using Air Tran Airlines. I booked both the flight and hotel accommodations for a group of six people through Air Tran’s website. The package I booked included a round trip flight with a layover in Milwaukee, Wisconsin both ways and two hotel rooms at Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas. The actual booking of the trip was very straightforward and easy. The website was user friendly and took very little time to complete the reservations. The website itself is very familiar to booking a trip on Expedia or other travel...

AirTran Airways / I am not asking a lot out of the company and would wish for better out of a leading airlines

Smires on Nov 18, 2011
I booked a flight on Airtran.com from Atlantic City, New Jersey to Orlando, Florida. I recieved a confirmation number and a ticket reference number via the website acknowledging the reservation and via e-mail. I then purchased another ticket for another person using a different credit card and received a confirmation for that as well. However, the confirmation number that showed up was the same as the confirmation number for the first flight. I immediately contacted Airtran about this dilemna. Although an email confirmation for the first flight was sent to me, Airtran said they could not find the...

AirTran Airways / Bogus service

Customercircus on May 11, 2011
I booked a flight on line with the big corporate, sucker 'em, their just numbers airline. Their website, (no doubt written by outsourced developers), made an error I noticed when I checked the confirmation email just a little later. I called them about it and the customer service was 'it's your fault' all the way and insisted there would be a $75 charge to change the flight. Like AT&T, I will never, never, never deal with these people again. Anyway this company can squeeze extra money from you, they will. That's called bloodsucking. That's called 'oops we...

AirTran Airways / Rewards will expire before you can use them!

The selling point to flying Air Tran was that you can earn a 'free' flight every 8 flights. True, but the rewards flights are restricted to those only worth about $60 and always leaving in the wee hours. So, if you want to fly from Detroit to Toledo on a Monday morning at 4:00am, this program will work just fine, or you can drive the hour and save your nerves. No longer an Air Tran fan. The customer non-service 800 number are staff with folks, although clearly in the US, act like they are doing you a big favor by answering the phone and like a defense attorney when you ask them how...

AirTran Airways / Poor customer service

I am a frequent flyer. I had to experience AirTran in 2002 when I took a flight from New York (LaGuardia) to Kansas City, MO. I was really disappointed, but a few months later decided to "give it another try" and as I had to make an emergency trip to Minnesota, took AirTran again. It was a nice experience till last week when I realized that the first impression was so true, and I COMPLETELY lost my faith in the airline. I booked a flight on-line (www.airtran.com) from Minneapolis, MN to Washington, DC (DCA) with a layover in Atlanta, GA for 45 minutes for my husband. We had an international...

AirTran Airways / Complaint

We understand that weather related conditions do impact departure/arrival times and ultimately cannot be controlled by your airline. However, we do not understand why the following occurred on March 12, 2010: 1. Gate Agent made an announcement that he was too busy to load the plane and he should have loaded us 15 minutes prior to his announcement. His words and I quote, “There was too much going on at the counter.” 2. Slightly after this announcement he opened the plane to board. While sitting on the plane for over 15 minutes the co-captain announced that the pilot had not arrived...

AirTran Airways / Scam and lies

Airtran Airways new improved truth equals this company defrauding customers. It is hoped that potential customers of Airtran Airways read my experience before booking a flight with them to avoid being cheated and defrauded as I have been. Details are as given in the correspondence below. My first contact with Airtran Airways follows: This submission is made to formally request return of $39.00 inappropriately taken under false claim that my luggage was oversized. Your employee said the bag measured 63 inches overall and weighed 41 pounds. The Airtran Payment Receipt for the collection of thi...

AirTran Airways / Awful airlines

After arriving for a flight at 4:00pm 8/13/09 on Airtran which was suppose to leave at 5:55 to find the flight is now delayed we finally boarded. We sat on the runway for 2 hours not leaving until after 7 (which we were suppose to arrive in Atl. at 7:30). (I even asked could I get off the plane after the first hour and they said 'NO'). My connecting flight was to leave at 10:10 to Los Angeles.. we did not arrive until 10:15 (connecting flight gone) and they said they could not put me on another flight until 11:55 the following day. They offered no comps, no hotel, no food NOTHING. I...

AirTran Airways / stranded, scared and humiliated

Story - Nightmare Puppy flight on AirTran. I always thought the safest way to get a new puppy home from another state was to fly him home under the seat in a carrier so you can feed, water or comfort him on the way home. Boy was I wrong! This past Thursday I flew from Denver to Charlotte to pick up a very special puppy( His Daddy was a Mastiff Westminster winner) and fly him back home to Conifer under the seat with me. I flew Airtran for the first time and followed all their pet polices on their website. I was in shock and very frightened when they removed me from the flight from Atlanta to...

AirTran Airways - Georgia, Atlanta / Sedule issue

On Sunday, December 28, 2008 I arrived at Orlando International Airport on time to check-in for my 8:39 AM flight to Philadelphia. I was then notified that I was late to check-in to the flight as the flight was rescheduled to 8:05 AM. I informed the manager at the ticket counter that I never received the email and I check my email daily. She then began to argue and raise her voice to me. Although, the flight was not full she would not provide confirmed seats or accommodate for Airtran Airways mistake. The Manager put us on standby for the next flight which departed Orlando International at 11:45 AM...

AirTran Airways - Arizona, Atlanta / Extorting Customers at Baggage

Airtran is EXTORTING customers at the airport with phony baggage measurements to make phony profits. I just flew Airtran over Christmas from Phoenix to Atlanta. The Airtran employees at Phoenix were professional and friendly. They measured by bag at 59 inches and there was no "Oversize charge". On my return, the Airtran employees in Atlanta (every single one) was rude, apathetic and completely unaccomodating. The airtran employee "robot" at baggage check measured my bag (which was smaller this time with no presents to return) and told me it was over and i had to pay $40. I knew she was lying...

AirTran Airways - Ohio, Dayton / Unwarranted baggage fees

I'm not much of a complainer and don't have an issue paying overweight/oversize fees when they are warranted but my AirTran experience really bothered me. If there's a link to other AirTran baggage complaints I believe the agent I had in Ohio moved from Philadelphia and "helped" me as well. I flew to Dayton from Baltimore on Dec. 30, 2008 with no issues. Flying home my suitcase suddenly became oversized. Typical Samsonite rolling suitcase. The limit is 61 inches and somehow the bag that has flown for the past 10 years with zero additional fees is oversized. She measured it at 62...

AirTran Airways - Maryland, Baltimore / Bruce, customer service at BWI

This is the letter I sent to AirTran: Dear Corporate Complaint Resolution Officer: I am writing to complain about an incident that happened while checking in for a return flight from BWI to Boston Logan Airport on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 2, 2008. My wife and I had checked in online several hours before our flight was scheduled to depart and indicated that we'd each have one bag to check. We arrived at the AirTran ticketing counter 90 minutes before our flight. Upon arrival, we proceeded to the self-service kiosk and entered our confirmation numbers. We each received our boarding...

AirTran Airways / Stay away

This is the letter I wrote to Airtran after my last flight they finally offered a $50 voucher, which as of now has not been received. To Whom It May Concern: I emailed the following letter to you weeks ago. Because I have gotten no response, I am following up by sending the letter to you. All I can really say at this point is your customer service as a company in general is lacking, not only do you “over sale” but your people are rude to the customers. You don’t answer consumer concerns. I have no intention of ever using your services again; furthermore, I plan to tell everyone I...

AirTran Airways / Disaster

Last month (May 2008) I have had the worst airline experience I have ever had with Airtran. I was incorrectly charged for an oversized bag and Airtran seems to be unwilling to do anything helpful. If you are flying Airtran, beware, they look to charge you extra even if your baggage does not warrant it. Below is a copy of the correspondence I have had with Amy Baker in their customer service department about refunding the money for the oversized baggage fee. This will by my last time flying with Airtran. "On Thursday, 5/29/08, I flew Air Tran for the first time in several years from Philadelphia...

AirTran Airways - Florida, Orlando / Worst customer service I have ever recieved

When we arrived at the Airtran Airways podium 41 minutes before the departure of our flight we were informed they would not take our checked luggage. They did not tell us why, we had never even heard of this policy before in any airline, and since the price of a ticket includes the checking of one bag, I naturally asked to speak to a manager. I was told this was not possible. I told them it was not possible that they would not check our bags, as it was part of the contract between ourselves and the Airtran Airways instated when I purchased a ticket. After 10 minutes of asking to speak to a...

AirTran Airways / Verbally abused

Airtran Airways is the worst airline I have ever flown. After being treated rudely because we arrived 4 minutes after their cut off time for checking baggage (which we were never informed of), and after not receiving any answer at all as to why they would not take our bags, we asked to speak to a manager. The "Station Manager" at San Francisco Airport came out to tell my mother and I that she would, "Rather give us a refund than deal with *** like us." Customer service did not care at all that we had been verbally abused, made no attempt to help us or reconcile anything. We were issued a refund, and I will never fly their airline again.

AirTran Airways / Avoid them

I had the first and worst experience of flying when I took airtran. All their flights were over booked. The flight to ATL from where I had to catch a connecting flight got delayed cus the crew wanted to be well rested ( I was taking a red eye and the PA system mentioned that the crew were onboard well rested). So I could not get the connecting flight and since their flights were overbooked, I had to stay in ATL for a whole day. They never paid any compensation and their costumer service was pathetic to say the least. I met several people in the same situation and some in the airport for more than 2 days. Things I will do to avoid flying airtran include volunteering on a manned mission to the end of the universe.

AirTran Airways / I will not use them again

Somebody in aitran needs to be fired! I booked to single flight at Airtran, I never flew with them and will never again. The 1 flight was booked for September 20 White Plains to San Francisco. 3 weeks later I receive a confirmation schedule by email that it was changed to September 20 with another schedule, that's fine but the rental car reservation has to be re rescheduled... the second change was worse. I booked for October 1st San Diego to White Plains and I receive it has been re-scheduled to October 2nd. That’s unacceptable rude. When you call customer service they say that it...
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