Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Vidor, Texas, United States / etsy removed me items for sale after being paid 480.00 worth of listings 2488 of them.

Jan 12, 2019

Etsy wrongfully suspend my account 14 days early. When I paid what they wanted and they only put 774 of my items back on. 2488 items where not put back on..20 each. I called them and told them what happen. they wanted me to check my email and had no emails form them. He said Etsy made a...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / plumbing leak

Aug 10, 2018

Around June 9, 2018, AHS was contacted to check my rent house which had water leaking under the house. I have been a customer for 6+ years. A plumber came out about a week later, without getting under the house, stating the house had shifted and that was the cause of the leak. He said that...

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen / food safety violation

Jun 09, 2018

Most of the behind the counter employees have no head protection on. I understand hairnets are usually hard to see, but when a hair net is worn hair lays flat. One lady's hair looks teased and one young man has jerry curls hanging out all over his head. One is wearing only a sun cap but a...

Audible / audible adbl

Apr 22, 2018

I was changedriving 15.95 and did not approve this. I have never signed nor want this. This is the second time I've emailed y'all concerning this matter I would appreciate someone reply. I really can't afford money being took off my car to do believe someone else was using my card that did...

Church's Chicken / unfair to white employees & lower class


This restuarant treated us very wrong. The manager was told to work at another store, even though she didn't have trasportation.When she was able to get a ride to work at said store, her co-workers at her (home) store were told to go home. Why? Because other employees from the other...