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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Staten Island, New York

MTA / sim22

MTASucksButt on Oct 19, 2018

Thank you mta for proving that you are nothing more than a joke. A laughing stock. I work in Soho and I have to take a train all the way to 42nd st because some genius decided to have the buses that run down Broadway, not run during rush hour. So anyway, now that you decided to change all...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / fresh kirkland chicken breasts

Danwilz on Oct 18, 2018

On my last few purchases of the fresh packaged chicken breasts at least half of the package contains breastmeat with white lines. These breast when cutting the meat raw have a rubbery texture, and when cooked the meat is rubbery and completely inedible, it almost has an uncooked texture! I...

Speedway / customer service

Hoptammelser4 on Oct 17, 2018

Trans#2019623 Borrowed E. I came in on Sunday to get Gas and, I when in and requested $20.00 regular give the cashier my Speedway card and swipe my credit card the cashier then walk away. Another cashier came behind the register and I requested a receipt not realizing my gas order was still...

PC Richard & Son / washer (whirlphool) (credit needed)

Prakash Christian on Oct 12, 2018

Washer was bought before two years, so many problems and finally PC richard told us they can't fix so they want to give us credit. i calling them since last three days, but all the representative giving us runaround. Nobody is taking responsibility, also when you can called them and tell...

Sim Express Bus Service / sim express bus service

Shauquan Alvarez on Oct 4, 2018

The Express buses run soo infrequently it's horrible. The schedule their on doesn't even make sense. I take the SIM34 in the mornings. I'm at the bus stop at 6:45a, no bus until 7:15 sometimes later!! I get off at 6p and take the SIM33. I wait from 6pm til 6:55pm for a bus sometime...

Michaels Stores / door mat

Sam SD on Sep 29, 2018

I do not have the receipt of my door mat but the sticker is still on the back and I have attached a picture. I have only had this door mat on my back concrete patio for about a week and it has stained it beyond belief. This has never happened to me with a door mat before and I have tried...

TV Land / bring back golden girls and reba on weekends!

MonDaz on Sep 29, 2018

Please remove Two and a half MEN from your weekend programming. Please bring back the Saturday and Sunday Golden Girls and Reba episodes to where they were just a couple of weeks ago. The new shows you have substituted are the worst. My elderly mom which has dementia loves the original...

MTA / sim 1c

Albotoni on Sep 24, 2018

The service on sim1c is horrible. Please reinstall the hylan and steuben station. Your service went from bad to worse . Added 15 min walk each way for a total of 30 min a day of walking were before was only 10 min . The busses are not consistent. Long wait and crowded busses is all we been...

MTA / new sim express bus routes

Cain4705 on Sep 18, 2018

The newly revised staten Island express bus routes do not save any time! On the contrary, I now get home 20 minutes later than I used to. Commuting back to Staten Island I used to have the option of taking the X11 or X12. Now if I catch the new X12, (the SIM34) there are only 4 (YES FOUR!... / sim2 express bus service; more buses needed during rush hours.

Marina Jacobson on Sep 12, 2018

Not only you remove convinient stops, but you also reduced number of buses running dituring rush hrs. As a result bus comes to the stop super full. Today there was not enough standing space for all people. I took bus #2355, it was 6 pm at Buttery Place stop. Had to stand and bus driver wa...