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RoseGal reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jun 29, 2014. The latest review Clothing was posted on Nov 24, 2020. The latest complaint wasting time and money was resolved on Dec 15, 2014. RoseGal has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 96 reviews. RoseGal has resolved 3 complaints.

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RoseGal Complaints & Reviews

Nov 24, 2020

RoseGal — Clothing

Below is a string of communication with rosegal. They promised a full refund when they received the clothe...


Called yesterday about old address showing up on shipment despite address change. They assured me it would be changed to the new address. Received yesterday's shipment confirmation to see it had been shipped to the old address. I called my old apartment complex to try and get them to hold it and call me but they said they must return it to the sender. With international shipping charges showing up on my bank account I'm afraid both packages will never get to me.

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    • Updated by Vickie McCrary · Oct 08, 2020

      Please call me about my 2 most recent orders. I see they were shipped to my old address at Sesco Drive. I called my old apartment complex and they said the packages will be returned to the sender. Is that out of the country, since my bank account was charged international fees? I'm afraid I've wasted over $100 for which I will not receive my merchandise or a refund. I have changed my mailing address on your system and actually typed my present address of 248 Albany Dr, Hampton, VA 23666 on my order page, but the shipping evidently defaulted to the old address. What can be done? Please call me at [protected], if there is anything I can do to assist in receiving my items. Vickie McCrary


    I placed an order for 3 sweaters/hoodies about 3 weeks ago, and I have yet to receive the clothes. I have now called three times to request a refund and have been given every single BS line in the book. This company is a SCAM, so AVOID AT ALL COSTS! They have the entire ripoff playbook: Mislead. Confuse. Ignore.

    In my latest phone call, I asked to speak with a manager or supervisor 25 times (I recorded the conversation) and was told (lied to) each and every time, that no supervisor was present. I was also told (lied to) that it was impossible for the rep to process a refund, and that I would have to first return the clothes I ordered ... You know, the clothes that NEVER ACTUALLY CAME??? (For the record, they do this to further frustrate customers. Since you are responsible to pay return shipping, their ploy is to sell you garbage quality clothing, that will now cost you a bunch of money if you want to send it back)

    So yep, avoid this company like the plague. My next step is to report them to the BBB, PayPal, and the credit card agencies they work with that are IMHO complicit in robbing people! I'll send them the recorded conversation if I have to. This is utterly ridiculous. If companies like Visa & MasterCard continue to do business with scam-artists like Rosegal, then they should be sued at this point ... they ARE JUST AS GUILTY. Just take a look at the reviews across the internet! Every single review of Rosegal is a rip-off complaint, yet the CC companies apparently only care if they are getting their cut of the scam. How very sad.

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      RoseGaldid not receive my package

      In november 2018 I have ordered some christmas dresses and such. The tracking system didn't work. I recieved one dress, packaged in brown paper and a lot of tape, by februari/march 2019, I was told after some calls and emails:

      ''Please kindly wait for 7-15 business days, we are checking with our colleague.We will give you the solution once getting reply.''

      After waiting more months and no reply or refund I tried to get into contact.
      This seems not to be possibe. The Rosegal support centre works on order numbers.
      The company deleted my order numbers in my account.
      Also the telephone number nobody awnsers. Email contact is not possible as I only have noreplyemail adresses in my inbox.

      I have never had anything like this happen before in my life. I paid after ordering, and I never received my package. Or any note from the postoffce to collect my package.

      Order Number:
      Message Type:Support Email
      Subject:package not received
      Ticket Status:Rated
      Full Name:betsy wahlen
      Rosegal Customer Support At 04/30/2018 05:35:29 CST
      Dear betsy,

      Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

      Here are items we delivered to you, please kindly tell us which items you have nor received yet. We will give you the solution once getting your reply.

      The delivery information
      customers: Betsy Wahlen, Shipping Address: I TOOK THIS ADRESS OUT OF THIS COMPLAINT DETAILS, city: Amsterdam, state: Noord-Holland, zip_code: xxxx, country: NL, phone: xxxxx
      Tracking number: RG966642027BE, shipping method: BERAMHQ,
      tracking site: http://www.17track.net shipping date: November 29, 2017 21:44:16, estimated time: 15-20 business days,
      [protected] * 1, Flowering Branch Bird Printed Chinoiserie Shawl Scarf
      [protected] * 1, Christmas Square Neck Sleeveless 50s Swing Dress
      [protected] * 1, Christmas Deer Long Sleeve Dress
      [protected] * 1, Christmas Printed Lace Panel Vintage Dress
      [protected] * 1, 10M 100-LED Silver Wire Strip Light Battery Operated Fairy Lights Garlands Christmas Holiday Wedding Party 1PC
      [protected] * 1, Christmas Santa Claus Print Lace Insert Dress
      [protected] * 2, 3 Pcs Christmas Hanging Decorations Snowflakes
      [protected] * 1, Christmas Snowflakes Pattern Wall Art Stickers For Living Room
      [protected] * 1, Snowflake Cottage Print Christmas Dress

      Tracking number: RN434571011CN, shipping method: FZRAMYT,
      tracking site: http://www.17track.net/en shipping date: November 30, 2017 07:37:02, estimated time: 40-60 business days,
      [protected] * 1, Lace Insert Printed Christmas Pin Up Dress

      Find out more about our policy see here: http://www.rosegal.com/warranty-return/

      We look forward to hearing from you soon.

      Best Regards
      rosegal Customer Service

      betsy wahlen At 04/30/2018 06:28:16 CST
      Hi, Thank You Very much for your reply.
      In the attachment is the picture of the dress I received.

      Warm regards,
      Betsy Wahlen
      Rosegal Customer Support At 05/01/2018 10:54:15 CST
      Dear betsy,

      Thank you for contacting Rosegal.

      Please kindly wait for 7-15 business days, we are checking with our colleague.We will give you the solution once getting reply.

      It's our pleasure to offer our service to you, have a nice day!

      Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

      Best regards,


      Rosegal Customer Service


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        RoseGal — a dress I want to return

        To whom this may concern I am sick to death of being ignored by your company.. I have sent endless email...

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        I have ordered 3 of the mini Nintendo's and non work properly. A blouse which is poor quality, earrings that...

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        Hi, My first complaint is that I ordered my scratch map on Dec 3rd 2017. I emailed on Jan 7th- a month and...

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        I order these things on the 17 of dec and now it's the 3rd of January and still nothing I either want my...

        RoseGal — zzp1712050453197563

        I order two clothes pieces for Christmas on 5 Dec 2017, I was pay for extra delivery 15.02 $ to recive it in...


        RoseGalchristmas tapestries

        Was supposed to receive order of 28th November, paid extra to have shipping within 8-10days, have left several messages even one requesting refund for postage and response was to be patient, am really not happy with service and if don't receive order in two days will request full refund. Have since seen many terrible reviews online and am considering legal action. Will never order anything from you again😠😠😠😠😠😠

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          RoseGalordered a dress

          Donna power
          27 prospect mews kilcohan

          My email address [protected]@outlook.is becaude I would like a reply as to where my dress is

          Hiya my friend ordered me a dress in November and it still hasn't come I went for the fast delivery as I have a wedding on the 30th this month n need to c what the dress is like and if its fits its getting very late now for it to come the tracking number. I was given is not working . can you tell me why I haven't got it and what's happening if I don't receive it by the end of this week I want my money back as I have to go look for another dress

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            RoseGallack of communication and still haven't received my order

            I made an order of two bikinis from your website on the 21st of November, it is now the 6th is December and I still have received my order. I have contacted your Facebook messenger a total of 8 times since Saturday and I have had no response! Even though you have on your page that you reply ‘instantly'. I have tried the online chat on your website and can't get through to anyone, and when I call your customer service number, I also cannot get through!!! I have tracked the parcel and it has been at the same status since the day I ordered it! I would like my parcel to arrive ASAP or I want a full refund and an official complaint for the complete lack of customer service. Order number ZP1711211929590365

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              Rose Galproduct and service!!

              To make I a long story short. You are ripping people off and I have had it!! I am getting ahold of the bbb and my lawyer and tell them what rose gal is up to!!! I want my money back or ship all the thing that I ordered!! Rose gal is a scam!! Do not forget I am getting ahold of the bbb and my lawyer!!! I will call rose gal monday to talk about this!!

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                RoseGalwinning prize

                I'm begging for someone to help me this man that told me that I winned 25000$&that I had to pay 2900$ for tax&I paid 2500$ &he told me that I couldn't have the prize because of that.once again i'm desperate for someone to help me by calling him at 3012885871please.perhaps investigate for me&I will be very, very, very please.thanks for taking the time to read my message, I hope you do your best to help me please out your kindness

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                  • Ni
                    nicolewilliams Nov 08, 2017

                    Teach yourself to always read the reviews and the company policy before sending them our money because once you hit send its over they have excuses after excuse reasons why you don't received (your) money back. Don't be in a rush take your time in the long run it will pay off yes pay off by not losing our hard earned money.

                    0 Votes
                  • An
                    Anita Bawnghit Oct 23, 2017

                    You got scammed nitwit.

                    -1 Votes
                  • Ni
                    nicolewilliams Nov 08, 2017

                    @Anita Bawnghit I had to learned this lesson the hard way the company by the tb dresses done me this way so I have learned to always check accurate company phone number and the reviews thanks to this am not ordering nothing from this company its best for customers to do our research first before sending these scam company our money and yes I also learned to read their return policy which didn't sound right to me. once I read their policy and their reviews I knew then not to deal with this company they have these clothes and all their merchandise pictures looking eye catching but knowing they don't give or do good business to customers. thanks again reviews you all help me not to be scam by this company.

                    0 Votes

                  RoseGala winning prize

                  I was told by aworker of rosegal that iwinned25000$ &I had to pay 2900$for tax&I payed it, but missing $400.yet, still I didn't receive no prize after 3weeks.I felt use &I will like for some one to help me solving this issue by calling that # in Maryland please3012885871.will appriate it very, very much&thanks.it will serve me justice if some one can take his/her time to help me with that, again ithank you so much for your time.

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                    RoseGalnever order from these jokers

                    Everything is bad.
                    I purchased two dresses three months ago. They never arrived. Called and wrote them multiple times. Rare responses with useless information that had nothing to do with my problem. The worst thing is that they charged me right after I placed the order before they even shipped it (if they actually did, I doubt they did).
                    Eventually, they answered 4 weeks later and said that the refund is possible, but only 50%. Why? It turned out they have different hidden fees hat not mentioned anywhere on the website.
                    Absolutely terrible. Never order from them if you don't want to be cheated.

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                      RoseGalyour company is terrible

                      Stay away from this company. Unfortunately, they have a bad reputation. Judging by reviews, my matter is not something new. They never shipped my order and I am out of money now. They keep sending me bot-generated emails that have nothing to do with my problem. So I really have no idea how to resolve it.
                      I don't recommend you to buy anything from them. You will regret.

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                        RoseGalbe careful

                        I've lots of adds of their clothes, but each time I tried to order the items were always out of stock. It happened to me many times. Maybe you have a huge stream of customers who buy everything, but maybe it's also a sign for getting more items for sale? Another issue is that they take money for items that at the moment of the order were in stock, but in fact, they weren't.
                        So what I'm trying to tell you - be careful and be sure what you're doing, guys. Don't waste your money if you feel you may be cheated.

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                          RoseGal — shirt I wanted to return for a refund

                          I placed an order for a shirt on September 1, 2017. Two minutes later I requested the order be cancelled and...

                          RoseGal — I want my money back

                          This would be funny if it wasn't so sad. I ordered 6 items in April. APRIL. Now it's the middle of September...


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