GearBest Complaints & Reviews

GearBest / semi - fraud business module

Oct 08, 2019

As part of a case study, ordered 3 random items from flash sales and promotions. As per previous cases studies and current experience we can tell with reasonable confidence that the whole business of Gear Best counts basically on silent/voiceless customers who lose their buys. A proportion...

GearBest / Undelivered order

Sep 01, 2019

I place an order on 19.08.2019 -order number [protected]. Gearbest took the money. Until now I did not receive my order and seems i will no longer get it. Instead I contact these guys twice till now: at first they told me the product is no longer in stock, but going to be shipped in a week...

GearBest / refurbished ilife v7 super mute sweeping robot home vacuum cleaner dust cleaning with 2500mah li-ion battery - sapphire blue eu plug

Aug 29, 2019

I made my order on 28.06.2019. Gearbest took my money. Until now I did not recieve my order. They let me to pay more and more for other things and tell me that this product is selled. In the same time they continue to offer it and to sell it. I can not imagine how many people are already...

GearBest / order [protected]

Aug 14, 2019

Ordered two pair of shoes from the site. I live in Germany, stationed here as supporting a US entity and have a German mailing address. However, my billing address is a US mailing address (APO- Army Post Office, AE- Armed Forces EUROPE) I have lived overseas for 16 years and have ordered...

GearBest / item digital video camera: e190719001286

Jul 27, 2019

Just bought a camera, and it is not switching on. No matter how many times I complain and send emails, with video attachments, to gearbest, all i'm getting is links to their page, with a ticket number, saying that they will investigate the problem. Also they haven't refunded me, or sent a...

GearBest / smartphone

Jul 22, 2019

I bought a smartphone from gearbest and it was defective, I noticed the screen simply stopped responding to touch everytime it screen locked. This just a couple months after buying but since 45 days had gone by they refused to refund me the total ammount, they offered a partial refund...

GearBest / continuous nonsense going on at gearbest

Jun 09, 2019

I have had very bitter experiences with gearbest lately... Firstly they are continuously selling stuff they don't have stock of... Then make us wait for 2 months saying shipping will be in 7 to 15 days... Then force customers to cancel the order as they are incapable to send... If...

GearBest / my order has not been sent for almost 4 months!!

Apr 25, 2019

The robot vacuum cleaner I bought almost 4 months ago has still not shipped. According to product reviews, other customers orders are being sent. I bought this product with discount price at 05.02.2019. I think they don't send my order for discount price. If they don't send my order for a...

GearBest / electronic

Mar 28, 2019

I ordered an item through this doughy (gearbest) peoples. They have only and only nice photos and wording on them website! after given time limit I havent received my item, so I contacted these idiots they said go to your local post office and find out! I did it 3 times!!! still these...

GearBest / huion novo 1060 plus

Mar 01, 2019

I bought this product on 22nd January. After that, GB wouldn't even send this item to me. It was available when I did the purchase but, apparently it was out of stock. I tried to contact support multiple times and everytime they'd say the item was out of stock and will be restocked on...

GearBest / product shipping

Feb 20, 2019

GearBestI ordered some stuff for my personal purpose but still not yet shipped and contacting method is worst then ever... . Their is no live contact for communicate and every time i open the website page and got o the my order still not yet shipped, its slow and dumb service i am faceing. What a...

GearBest / very bad client support. my product * snow chains* buyed in dec. 2018 (it was on stock) was postponed to last days from february.

Feb 10, 2019

GearBestHi. I ' ve placed the order for snow chains in 9 dec.2018 . It was a long time to wait, until 9-29 January, but i waited ... until February and nothing. The order tracking was showing the same place where the package was more than a month before. I have send a mail to gearbest but no...

GearBest / my monney back

Jan 13, 2019

BărbațI confortabili jachetă de agrement pentru bărbațI inutilizabil marime neconforma cu comanda 3xl diferente doresc returnare Culoare negru Mărimea 3xl Cantitate 1 $ 50.41 Livrat Revizuire 12/11/2018 15:46:28 detalii> Bocanci de zăpadă pentru femei bocanci de bumbac casual...

GearBest / cn-099 warehouse order no: [protected]

Jan 07, 2019

Made an order on 21.12.2018 JIMMY JV51 Handheld Wireless Powerful Vacuum Cleaner from Xiaomi youpin Before especially contacted support manager and asked about item availability. Manager told that item is in stock and would be shipped out in 1-2 days. I made an order and contacted support...

GearBest / jrc highlander 4x4 remote control car

Jan 03, 2019

Having purchased this for my daughter as a Christmas present from Gearbest UK, within 3 days of her having itband only 2 uses of about 20 mins each time due to the battery life it develped a fault rendering it unusable. When the remote is pulled slowly to drive slowly the car goes full... / broken tablet-not honoring warranty

Dec 17, 2018

STAY AWAY! I bought a Chuwi Hi10 Pro and after 3 months the SD card slot stopped working. I have been going back with a customer service rep for about a month now just trying to fair treatment. The information they provided is inconsistent & unclear. Now they are trying to offer me an $80...

GearBest / mobile phone

Dec 15, 2018

I order a Mobile phone more than a month ago. Have not received the product yet and the shipping company doesn't have any clue about the product and they asked to contact gearbest. But gearbest customer is worse and terrible experience. They are not ready to refund the product and alway...

GearBest / [protected]

Dec 14, 2018

Regarding Order No: [protected]. I ordered this item as a Christmas present for £300 at the end of October. It is has still not arrived. There is no tracking update since 30.11 and the last two updates were, rather uselessly, in Chinese. The customer service agents on my ticket do not know...

GearBest / delivery not attempted

Dec 05, 2018

the courier company have not tried to deliver nor they have tried to contact on my phone number. But updated 'customer not found'. without enquiring whether the courier company is telling a lie Gearbest returned my order back and offering me 20% refund. Thus I am losing 80% of my money...

GearBest / item not delivered

Dec 04, 2018

I ordered a mobile phone on the 9th November, which was sent out by gearbest. On receipt of the item in my country, the delivery company had lost the item. The delivery company admit they have lost the item and simply ask gearbest to raise a claim. I cannot deal with the delivery company...

GearBest / shipment number: nl15414996722962

Nov 27, 2018

GearBestI ordered 2 Xaiomi IP cameras. I have not received it yet. It has been held by custom as they wont release as the information you provided was wrong. The order clearly says Netherlands post registered but your parcel says China and according to custom department I will have to pay charge...

GearBest / still not shipped

Oct 09, 2018

Dear Gearbest Company, On 29.09.2018 i've ordered two items with order number of [protected]. Normally this order contains three products which all of them were in stock on pre-sales activity, that effects to my choice of products around many options. So, i've choosen the items in the...

GearBest / refund

Sep 03, 2018

Hey, I send back a package where the China post sad they delivered it in 2days and the Gearbest costumer service are saying that they didnt got any package from me.They dont wont to refund me anything.I have the proof from china post but still they say that they dont have the package.There...

GearBest / huawei honor 6x - defective charger

Aug 22, 2018

Purchased an Huawei Honor 6x in april 2018. The charger came defective, so i contacted the gearbest customer service, described the issue and provided photos trying to charge the phone with the charger. Gearbest answered that they would send another charger. Asked for the charger model, and...

GearBest / non delivery of order

Aug 21, 2018

I made an order for a card reader from this company. I did not receive it. When I asked about it they said that their policy was that had to wait for 2 MONTHS before they could help. After 2 months, they said that they had already delivered it they would not help. I have made other other...

GearBest / out of stock after 2 weeks of waiting

Aug 17, 2018

GearBestI'd like to express my disappointment with Gearbest's services. On 2018-07-29 I bought a Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus 4G Phablet 3GB RAM Global Version which had an estimate time of shipping of 2 weeks. I waited for more than two weeks and it hadn't been shipped, so I contacted support to know what...

GearBest / no delivery, no refund

Jul 25, 2018

GearBestI ordered hair with Gearbest on the 4th of May via Express shipping which suppose to have taken 7 to 14 days to be delivered. I contacted them several times and kept on getting different responses from different agents. They told me to wait until the 21 July, they kept on dodging my...

GearBest / faulty item, from factory

Jul 01, 2018

Ordered a helmet for 23.25 EUR, over 1 month later it arrives with a factory problem. One of the stripes that holds the helmet to your head is not attached, obviously a factory problem, an item that should never be sent to begin with. The helmet poses a real threat to safety, impossible to...

GearBest / fake e commence which doesnt deliver in conjuction with singpost, bpost and cyjy ecom co, ltd

Jun 30, 2018

I bought electronics items as samples for my business this group of crooks could not deliever even following up for 3 weeks please people world wide woke up and never dare do business with these thieves its a well codenated ring of thieves, fraudsters / scammers they will even issue you...

GearBest / I didn't receive my items but I get half of the money

Jun 18, 2018

I paid 55$ for wifi router, universal socket and iphone data cable with charge adapter But I got nothing. Then they make me a favor and give me 27$ back. So finally, I paid 55$ for get 27$ how lucky am i. Date: [protected]:21:38 Order number: w1803120521389551 I didnt recieve any items and I told...

GearBest / faulty product delivered and gearbest neither refund me nor change the product

Jun 12, 2018

GearBestA great deception. Thieves! There are more than 6 months I purchased a vacuum cleaner robot. After 6 months waiting, after having to pay usd 200, 00 on fines due to gearbest misinforming the cost of the product (I paid 229, 33 usd while the shipping company registered it as usd 20, 00!...

GearBest / lack of information and customer service

May 25, 2018

I have placed on order on GearBest. Suddenly DHL wants me to pay taxes ( more than half the amount of the purchased product ). Since I wasn't informed about this beforehand I refused and informed DHL kindly to send the package back to GearBest. This is well within my rights as a consumer...

GearBest / gearbest / nontrustworthy

Mar 30, 2018

It seems Gearbest offers products few dollar cheap than other competitor to attract customers. Then the order is never received. It seems they keep the shipping money to themselves add some fake tracking number which never gets tracked even completely till origin country. They use the product...

GearBest / 3d printer

Mar 07, 2018

GearBestI ordered a 3D Printer on the 21 November of 2017 and it was only shipped out on the 16 of December of 2017. Until today 07 of March of 2018, almost 4 months later they claim that the package was lost by their shipper and that I should be held responsible for a service that they provided! ...

GearBest / never received what I bought from gearbest

Mar 04, 2018

In October, 21, 2017 I bought some products from GearBest. The order number is W1710211018525498. The tracking number provided by store is RS997610381NL. The product was spected to arrive in february/2018 but I did not receive the package until now (March, 4, 2018). I have contact GearBest...

GearBest / quelima sq12 mini 1080p fhd dvr

Feb 28, 2018

Shipment number: NL15127254069563 Netherlands Post surface mail: Dec 09, 2017 11:47:22 AM PST Download Invoice Tracking Number: NL15127254069563 By Update: Dec 09, 2017 11:47:22 AM PST nao recebi minha mercadoria nao consigo rastear pois este numero de envio NL15127254069563 nao esta dando...

GearBest / order not received

Feb 26, 2018

It is regrettable that I have not received my order. After reviewing my order in detail and opening several tickets since December of 2017, I have contacted the shipping company to investigate responsibility for the loss of the package. The shipping company SEUR claims that they never...

GearBest / i'm complaining on my missing item

Feb 18, 2018

Ive placed my order in November and didnt receive it. I want to buy a mobile phone. It costs almost 140 $. I sent a complaint at their website support. But they dont answer me at all. At first they wrote me that everything is gonna be ok. Then they started to ignore me. I thought that...

GearBest / ipazzport keyboard and tanix tx90 pro

Feb 08, 2018

The keyboard would not charge at all and no dongle was included which is needed to make it work. The Tanix had no instructions on how to set up the software and get the system to work. Watched several utubes but they never covered the software. I have now purchased a Roku from Best Buy...

GearBest / they are not trustworthy

Feb 07, 2018

GearBest try to deceive their customers? that's what happened with me, after 3 month waiting and procrastination from gearbest, I decided to open case with PayPal, then They tricked me with their promise that they will send me a new order for free, and after I close the case with PayPal they...