Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Moriches, New York, United States

Lpl financial, llc / harassment for not buying from him

Sep 08, 2017

SCOTTY Andrew valentine, DBA a DRUG ADDICT FINANCIAL ADVISOR.Called my sister because he was to afraid to speak to me.he is a dead beat father, dosent pay child goes to drugs or drinks.its not safe for him to handle other people's posting this as a warniwarning for...

Nycb scott a valentine financial advisor caught stealing hartford insurance company check.Attempts to cash on mobile app. / uneducated financial advisor

May 13, 2017

Scott valentine invited me to stay at his apartment in march.Little did i know of his plans to try and steal my money.He stole my meds, drivers lic, social security number.And now i got a call from my insurance company, that this bum tried to cash my check.So i'll be coming back to new...

New York Community Bancorp [NYCB] / Scott Andrew Valentine [protected] trying to steal money from me on a fake annuity

May 09, 2017

In February of 2017 scott Andrew valentine of new York community bank was trying to sell me everything under the sun. He came up with a annuity from MET life.he told me that if I were to give him $100, 000 THIS annuity would pay me $2000 a month.he had no INFO on how it worked, or the...

LPL Financial Young Nazi Scott Valentine Advisor??? / Banking.5/3/2017 scott valentine was seen dressed as hitler getting his mail. His cry for help

May 05, 2017

This is a young scott valentine as his grandfather had dressed him.This must have twisted his mind.The nazi gay bars, the gay PROSTITUTe' s he picked up.Just to play nazi games.I am a person who lives in the same development has this ###.We have all complained about this sick...

New York Community Bancorp / scott valentine the jew hater dba financial advisor

May 04, 2017

Scotty valentine is very well known for making nasty remarks against the jewish community. According to his fellow advisor's. This is no surprise to anyone who knows this two faced #. He makes a living selling products to the jews, then talks behind there backs. Not a surprise from a...

New York Community Bancorp / Scott valentine crooked financial advisor

Apr 28, 2017

Scott valentine needs to look into the mirror and accept that he is the one who started this crazy behavior. I myself have never been to a psychiatrist. Scott valentine goes to one every two weeks. Maybe he needs to go every week. Instead of getting advice from a old drug dealer. I gave...

coldwell banker realtors / failure to close

Apr 20, 2012

The broker William Lemaire and his mother/seller Roberta Lemaire are not honorable people. They listed thier house as having COs and unfortunately it did not. Took my money then started to negotiate over responsibility for COs. Unwilling to reimburse me for the expenses I incurred trying...