Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Burnsville, Minnesota, United States / my refund please... sike you thought I was gonna say please? I am not that flexible

Aug 26, 2018

I cancelled so many items on august 23 and 20 but they still havent texted me saying that I go my refund. This is what they said "me: I did not receive my refund. Wish: we have checked our system and can confirm that the refund was processed on saturday, august 25, 2018. Sometimes, it...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / false advertising

Jul 21, 2018

The attached picture is of a Nashville hot chicken sandwich combo meal. From the advertisement it looks like the sandwiches some speed doused in the hot sauce, however my sandwich looks like it was barely touched with the sauce. When spending a dollar more for Less food, I expected to have...

La Quinta Inns & Suites / commission not being paid for church conference

Jul 19, 2018

We have 2 contract for motion conference july [protected] in birmingham, al. Laquinta fultondale & laquinta homewood. Both locations have not paid for commission. Total $1433.00. To date I have not rec'd payment. I have made several attempt to resolve these issues with both locations, and... / ups and its drivers

Jan 30, 2018

We did not receive a package, we filed a complaint with ups, the driver came to the door when we werent home and asked my daughter if we ordered a package that wasnt delivered and she said yes, he then said ok I just need you to sign here stating you didnt receive it. Now we get a call...

Viking Magazine Service / unauthorized credit card charges

Dec 05, 2017

I have called this company to correct my order because I needed to cancel my subscription. I have spoken to 4 different operators and have been told 4 different things. I called on 11/27/2017 and was informed that my account was paid in full. However, upon checking my bank account today, I...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / order

Nov 06, 2017

I rarely get fast food but when I do are usually choose Wendy's I want to the Wendy's restaurant in Burnsville Minnesota off of County Road 42 address 2101 West County Rd. 42 ordered a double cheeseburger with fries and a drink. When I got home to eat the dinner I got half of a patty of...

Nike / moa nike returns

Nov 05, 2017

Bought zoom/ strong 8.5 on line. Love them but too small. Call MOA location to see if 9 are available for a exchange from an online purchase . No but 9.5 is. Ask well can I return them in store, Yes. Drive 20 minuets to the MOA. Try to get help on the floor to at least try the 9.5. But...

Northern Tool + Equipment / my order never arrived

Nov 01, 2017

3 months ago I ordered this item: Milwaukee M12 FUEL Cordless Impact Wrench — Tool Only, 3/8in. Square Drive, 12 Volt, Model# 2454-20 for 150 dollars, thank god the shipping was free. But the problem is that I never received it. Customer care is aware of that, I called them numerous times and...

Northern Tool + Equipment / Clueless support

Oct 26, 2017

I was on hold more than one hour. They transferred me from one person to another. One of them was away, another one said my issue is not the one he can resolve, the third one said she would prefer to call me back because at that moment she was very very busy. Busy with what? Hello, guys. I...

Applebee's Restaurants / service

Oct 09, 2017

On 10-7-17 Saturday around 12:20 I was at Applebee's in Burnsville MN with my daughter in law and 2 granddaughters for lunch as a celebration as my granddaughter just won 3 metal at a gymnastic meet. She is 9. It took over 20 mins to get a server at our table to place our drink & food...

America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses / poor service and lies.

Sep 21, 2017

I bought 2 pair of glasses back in March of this year. The only reason I went there is because I got vision insurance and they were listed. I spent almost $300 for two pair of glasses and within days noticed that I could not see very well with them. It seemed to me that the bifocal part...

Lemon Squad / vehicle inspection

Jul 11, 2017

I contracted with Lemon squad about an RV inspection. They ran the report and came back saying it was a great vehicle, Because of family issues we were not able to use the motor home for 5 weeks after purchase when we complained to Lemon squad. We voiced our issues to them and here is how...

Chipotle Mexican Grill / unethical behaviour on 6/26/2017 at 8:30pm

Jun 27, 2017

My husband went to Chipotle around 6/1/2017 and his order was messed up. He called and the manager on duty offered him a free burrito next visit. My husband (Harry) was so excited he talked about that free burrito for about 3 weeks before he had the chance to go to chipotle again. (He would...

General Motors / motor

Jun 20, 2017

I have a 2008 Chevy max 6.0L motor blew and I bought a new motor from Chevy that motor blew with 11300 miles on it and now got another motor in it and something is wrong with this one . Took it I to the dealership in spruce pine n.c. the tech said it was my bank 2 sensor 1 in which is my...

Sears / craftsmen black steel two boots (vader)

Mar 08, 2017

I got a pair of craftsman work boots a couple weeks ago and I am very very disappointed with them I have them laced as tight as they can be and which is making them curl where the laces start and they are getting looser every day and there not even broke in yet I have never had thi...

Jeulia / ring

Dec 12, 2016

Immediately after i ordered my ring i noticed that they charged me $20 for shipping. They advertise free shipping on all orders so i didn't really pay any attention. I tried to contact them but they didn't get back to me until after it shipped and said i "chose" expedited shipping. I did...

Viking Magazine Service / They don't let me cancel

Sep 16, 2016

I don t understand why they will not me cancel the orders they claim that they have me processed for an entire 859 when I clearly stated that if I wanted to cancel I would be able to. Now they are telling that I need to pay all of the amount of they will send me to collection. This is a bad service. Moreover the gift cards are not even worth it.

Stratfor Enterprises LLC / I was renewed automatically and was denied a prorated refund.

Jul 06, 2015

Stratfor renewed my subscription automatically. I noticed it a month later and called to cancel and asked for a prorated refund and was told that somewhere in the agreement was a clause that states once the card is dunned there will be no refund. In short they are keeping my money. I just... / Coins overpriced

Apr 16, 2015

90% of the coins this company is selling is not worth a third of what they are charging One example I paid 164 silver coin called London and the lion took it to the Coinshop said he would give me $17 this is just one example check on all the other Coins I bought and I was sick all of them... / No confirmation info and seller provides fake promises

Jan 01, 2015

I ordered 2 items from the company I didn’t get any confirmation info, ‘coz the seller only promised to deliver the tracking number or info, which confirmed that the order was shipped and I would soon get it. I sent tons of emails, but each time I heard...

Frontier Communications / termination

Oct 26, 2013

I used to work for Frontier until I was fired for not making sales goals. However, during the time in question, I was out on FMLA and Disability. And the kicker is that the call center director, Jen Brown, called me several times on MY DAY OFF. I spent well over an hour trying to return... / Stole my camera and my money

Oct 08, 2012

DO NOT send this "company" money or equipment! I sent my camera for shutter button replacement in August. I emailed Thomas Drayton, the owner, after two weeks because I had not heard a thing and the camera was supposed to have been shipped back by then. He answered me and gave me a sob...

Iowa Steak Company / rotten meat

Jun 08, 2012

I worked for Jay, the main crook. The leader of the other crooks. They are in fact travelers and will swindle every red penny they can manipulate out of you. The leader teaches prospects how to be crafty and talk like a snake. He reminds me of a carny at a fair, a fast talker who will try...

Twx Magazines / Charged without notice

Mar 27, 2012

If you shop at FYE or any other similar retailer PLEASE READ AND BEWARE!!! A company called "TWX Magazines" has teamed up with a few retailers. They employees at these retailers are given orders to push the magazine onto customers. From my experience the employees at the retailers make...

Darntoothysam / Internet SCAM

Jan 08, 2012

DARNTOOTHYSAM.COM IS A SCAM SO WATCH OUT!!! He got my camera and my money and that was it. Not much more to say. He pretends it's a repair service so you'll send him your expensive camera. That's the last time I saw mine. He took my money and I ended up with zilch! DO NOT TRUST...


Oct 28, 2011

ZKarlo eBay Sales [protected] 12002 12th Ave S, Burnsville, MN 55337-1406Z [protected] I made a complaint against ZKarlo for non refund or replacement of faulty product In a nutshell I ordered an e-book reader.I received it but it did not work properly. They instructed me to return...

Zkarlo eBay Sales / NON REFUND OF MONEY

Oct 26, 2011

ZKarlo eBay Sales [protected] 12002 12th Ave S, Burnsville, MN 55337-1406Z [protected] I made a complaint against ZKarlo for non refund or replacement of faulty product In a nutshell I ordered an e-book reader.I received it but it did not work properly. They instructed me to return...


Jul 27, 2011

Paid for a lens almost two years ago, YRES I GAVE UP ALREADY. But I stumbled into the site while looking to get a part for a Sony camera I have with a broken button to take pictures. I found this again and I'd like to warn others so it doesn't happen to them. I...

Straight Talk Phone Customer / phone slamming

Jun 14, 2011

When activating my phone to the automated bank charge I was given a confermation & a 33$ price for my 1000 minutes per month fee's that will be deducted from my account... All seems well till two days later my bill appears as unlimeted fees of 50$... No big deal mistakes happen & I am...

Perfumania / rude customer service


I will never return to this store because of how rudely I was treated. I work in customer service myself and CUSTOMERS ALWAYS COME FIRST I had went to the mall on November 27 2010 to purchase a colonge for my fiancee. I didn't remember how much the full set had cost from Macy'...

Goodman Jewelers / Repair


Dropped off watch for battery replacement on Oct 11th. We were told it would be done in about 2 weeks. We called in week 3 when we didn't have it. Clerk said it shouldn't take that long and would get back to us. Clerk never called back. Called again in week 4. Manager said it...

Wendy's / managers


I used to be a Wendy's employee. My head boss, Thien Ngyuen, treated my very unfairly. He was racist against his employeesand gave all his hours to the people he liked. He hired his wife when he was nt allowed to and he bent the rules for the people he liked. My friend who was also...

Stauer / refund denied, false advertising


I ordered jewelry from this company and paid for it with my MasterCard. I returned a set of pearls which were fake and before I realized they were fake, they called with this "great offer". I would get another set of pearls and 2 ruby pendants by just paying the postage. The postage...

T-Mobile / unauthorized withdrawal


T-Mobile went into my account and withdraw funds without authorization to do so. When I spoke to them about this they told me that I would not receive a refund because my bill would be do soon (a week out)

Cosmopolitan Magazine / did not order, do not want


I have not ordered Comopolitan for my office and I keep getting it delivered. I talked to someone a while back and they said they knew who to contact concerning this matter and that he would take care of it. He did, for about 2 months I did not receive any issues and now again here they...

k designers / Fraud Alert


I started working for this company with the promise of a six figure income. Right! I am a seasoned salesperson that has excelled in all sales jobs I've had including K-Designers. I sold almost 40, 000 dollars worth of windows for this company and was paid $876 dollars. The company...

Luther Auto / Burnsville Volkswagon / bad practices, lousy customer service


My wife decided on a car, and put it on hold, with paperwork, called me to come over and look over details. 15 minutes later as I pulled in I saw the car being driven out on another test drive. They came back and bought the car over my protest. Nothing could be done they said, "first come...

Golden Eagle Leasing / Credit card machine leasing


I am a small fine arts craftsperson located in upper midwest. In July 2006 I signed a 3-yr contract for credit card services and machine rental with Jim Eng, a local Bloomington credit card dealer. I thought that would help as I would have a local person to help me with the credit card...

Sears Kenmore / he2 front load washer


I purchased an HE2 front load washer Qpril 06 for $799.88 and have used it three years (light use - only my wife and I at home these days). Because it was making an unusual noise we called a Sears repairman who told us the machine needed a repair costing $890.00. His only advice was - You...

Slumberland Burnsville / Bad service

I ordered several items from Slumberland in July, all items have also been paid for. It is now November and I have still not received my order in full. I was told I would have all of my items within 30 days when I placed my order. I have also had problems with the deliveries. They first...