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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Edgewood, Kentucky

Casey’s General Stores Edgewood Iowa / unethical behavior

Kara Kearns on Nov 6, 2018

I work in small town grocery store were not everybody knows me. Rhonanda(employee) and her "friend" Brittany(assistant manager) both work Caseys in Edgewood IA Rhonanda I have known for yrs cuz she is with my brother and Brittney I dont know her. I no longer talk to my brother or Rhonanda. So... / usa blue 100's

Chellescott on Oct 8, 2018

I paid just over $60 for a carton of USA Blue 100's, and several cigarettes in each pack have the filter pushed in way too far, leaving paper hanging off at the end that gets wet and nasty when you're smoking it. I am asking for a replacement, as I am a long time customer and would really... / lost items

Sandi Christenson on Jun 19, 2017

I have had the worst time trying to communicate with Over the years I grew very fond of this site, but now I can not get them to read my messages. The just send the same automated response for different questions. It's like they don't care anymore and that makes me extremely...

Smith's / money order

Beavischrist on Apr 27, 2017

About a month ago I bought a money order from the Smiths in Edgewood NM. I sent the money order by mail that same day but as for some reason the mail didn't get to them in time they mailed the money order back. The had apparently stamped on the back of it but I didn't realize it until I...

Smith's / checkout line 6 rep. 4.1.2017

Charles E King on Apr 1, 2017

On 4.1.2017 in Edgewood NM my mom and I decided to shop at smith's rather than our local walmart - her choice. We entered smith's it was very clean as usual. We proceeded to shop within the hour we had two carts and we were heading to checkout. We were guided to lane 6 as it was empty. My...

McDonalds Edgewood, KY / order messed up

Jenny Hadorn on Aug 29, 2012

Last April we went to this McDonalds and part of our order was two fish sandwiches. We arrived home opened our food to eat and there was no fish on our sandwiches. We called, complained, and they offered to give us two more fish sandwiches...everyone else had finished their meals - WHY...

St Elizabeth Medical Center / mental health

The mental health staff at St E. is completely incompetant. If you need mental health services I would avoid St Elizabeth, Edgewood completely, and seek help elsewhere, such as University Hospital, Cincinnati. If you only need a doctor, then St Elizabeth may be a good choice. For...

DJ Services / Solid Gold Sound or

Solid Gold Sound should be put out of business. The police should go there and lock them up. They are crooks, theives, liars and a disgrace to the DJ-Videography market. No one should rely on them for anything. Google should take them off the search engines. They are scammers, they...

A Solid Gold Sound / Don't use them


John Kruer, owner of A Solid Gold Sound calls DJ's and Videographers in your area at the very last minute and tells them that the person who was supposed to DJ or shoot the video has cancelled last minute and they need help. They do this because they have no DJ's and...

St. Elizabeth Medical Center-Edgewood, KY / Verbal abuse from Surgeons/Management Ineffective

Only place I have ever worked that allows MD"s to scream at you and make you feel threaten. You inform management and then end up with awful assignments and treated disrespectfully by the rest. Lost alot of top notch nurses because of this. Glad to OOT.