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Black &becker Coffee Maker / used item sold as new



Worldwide Rebates / Rebate


$100 rebate scam. After filling out the long applications and submitting the "original" UPC barcode label, they send an email indicating it is denied because the bar code was not sent in. Shop NBC is no help. Their copy of the documentation submittal shows the bar code but there is no...

TruTech T600-D DVD player / Broken


I bought an inexpensive Trutech DVD player (T600-D) less than a year ago, and it will now only allow the DVD drive to go in 1/2 way, so I very angrily threw it in the trash. Obviously the inexpensive price was a reflection on the fact that it is a piece of junk. I wish I could find a web site for them. Bye y'all, Richard

Sukam Battery / Battery Faulty is not Replacing and Missbheaved by Customer Care


We have complaint on 15th April. 2007 at Sukam meerut Auth. Service Center. Then service enginer visited my home and narrated my wife that ur complain has been ok. and battery in under observation but after the fact is that the problem is asitis till date. Then again i requested to meerut... / So much for customer service.


After seeing an ad for in Shutterbug magazine, I decided to check out the website. Although clearly laid out by someone with very limited web-building knowledge, George had some great prices on used camera lenses--one of which caught my eye immediately. Since he didn't... / Bait and Switch


I was looking for the new Panasonic TZ5a and was surprised to find it over $100 dollars cheaper than other places. I should have taken that as a clue (as well as the "Proffessional" (sic) services they provide), but decided to try. I got the email stating they needed to verify and I...

Polaroid / Take your money elsewhere

I purchased two Polaroid izone 300 cameras on 04/12/06. Both are currently useless. Upon contacting Polaroid, they indicated that the one-year warranty has expired and that I would need to write a letter to their Warranty Center. If anyone else wants to waste their time accomplishing... / false advertisement


i place an order for sony dsc t300 digital camera, and everything went ok, the cam in stock and it was going to be shipped the next day. then they sent me an email asking me to call them for order verifying, which i did. and again everything went ok, until they sent me another email...

Sunshine Electronics / Terrible company!

Bought a Canon 40D kit, with two lenses, extra 'long life battery', 4 GIG high speed memory card, and a bunch of cheap crap they added in along with a 3 year warranty. They over billed me and never sent one lens, as well as sending a regular 4 gig card and a regular battery...

prima television / tv breakdown right after warranty expires


Shortly after the one year warranty expired for my Prima television, the picture tube busted. Now I have to come up with over $600 to get it repaired. Even my tv repairman said that these tvs are defective. I am blaming both the retailer (MDG Canada) for selling and over-charging such a...

Consumer Financial Trust / unauthorized withdrawal from bank


Yes someone used my info to these people without my knowledge and they withdrew $149 from my bank account without my permission. I called the number [protected] and they said it was non refundable

visionquest/picasso / there is something wrong with picture


my tv i bought is barely a year old and there is sometthing wrong with the sides of my picture, every time someone on the program im watching walks near the sides it looks like a fun house mirror / Terrible company!

This company ripped me off for $200 last week. Took down their webpage from to I ordered a Nintendo Wii from them. I have never gotten it. They took $200 off of me and no I didn't get my game system either. Beware of them and don't order from...

American Elecronics / Salesman lies about extended warranty

On Jan 21 2007 I purchased a HDTV made by Toshiba Model # 50HM66 from American TV, I was talked into purchasing an extended 3 year warranty for 199.00, I was told by the salesman that it was a must have extended warranty based solely on the fact that most bulbs only last 2 to 3 years and... / scammers-advertising rip off artists and bait and switch .coms


guys, please review top sellers on the list, they are rip off artists and bait and switch msg to bbb and complaints board, please investigate business practices broadway photo ...

Akai Sales Pte / Bad service

Purchased new 42" HD Akai TV 7.01.07 with 1 year warranty on parts & labour. TV picture went black on 3.08.08. It has taken the contracted customer service department of Akai over 1 month to determine they have no authorized repair shop in this area that they sold the TV. They now say they...

Custom Phones, Inc. / Horrible treatment of customers

Custom Phones,,,, Fun Home Products Inc.,,, Here is the complaint that was submitted to the Better Business Bureau that they did not reply to. I don't know the exact date...

Samsug/Referigerator / Irrepairable Referigerator


We had bought a Samsung Fridge modl SR-29EMBW/XTL with serial no. 010149ATC00769. The vegetable box was broken on the very first day and we asked for the box but the company was not able to provide it till date. Referigerator starts giving problem of cooling and we have had complaints number of...

magnavox 42MF521D/37 / tv turns off then on over and over


i have a magnavox and it is the worst product that i have ever bought in my life. i spent 1500 on this tv that after 3 months it turned off then on over and over again. For a year magnavox would do barely anything then after my warrenty was up they said soory but we cant help you anymore... / Rip offs!

CHEATERS/SCAMMERS: I placed an order on 2/21/2008 for a digital camera that was advertised on; my credit card was billed $640.70 on 2/22/2008. Product delivery was received on 2/25/2008. The product received was not in accordance with the description of the...

175 Oxy Freeze Refrigerator / Not provide the service during garanty period


Dear Sir, We should like to bring it to your kind notice that We have purchased one Electrolux refrigerator model no. 175 Oxy Freeze SR No. [protected] on dated April 29, 2004 from Sandeep Enterprises, 31/9G, Opp. LIC, Building Sanjay Place, Agra-2, Which has four year warranty period. Since...

Aquaguard (Booster model) / Carbon particals comes at out put


I purchased Aquagaurd (Booster model) on 12th of FEB. 2008, instalation was done on 13th Feb & from the same day, Carbon particals are visible.i had made complaint many times. Engineer came twice, but unable to solve this problem. He told us the "NET ON THE CAP OF CARBON CYLINDER" i...

Global Navigation / Terrible customer service

January 13, 2008 - placed an order by phone. Offered a 7-10 day delivery time. Feb 4 - Called to check the status of my order, told it couldn't be found. "Richard" promised to call me back after he did some research - he never did. Feb 5 - I called again, they said they would re-submit...

Onida/ Color Tv 21 Iq / After 20 days of the complaint, i feel like cheated, insulted & decepted.


I had complained about my Onida 21 IQ colour television on March 9, 2008. Now after 20 days of the complaint, i feel like cheated, insulted & decepted. My Name : Aditya Gupta Mobile : [protected] Complaint Number : I1528 ( with Delhi Onida Care Point ) Nature of Complaint : Video & audio...

XM / scam!!!


The receiver "pitch" is a scam. You will not ever get a person in the united states through customer service. And don't bother to explain because they cannot understand. While they seem nice enough, they just can't understand. Xm took a very happy customer and wiped it all away in a 38...

Deals4all(Compactinternational) / Fraud (Inferior product)


I had Purchased An Motorola Phone Which was difected . I had sent them back, once again they had sent me an same piece which is also difect. Now i will sue this matter in consumer forum. Try to stop the functioning of this type of fruad company. Dear Viewrs Plzzz dont buy anything from Deals4all, As this is the cheating company.

1GB RCA Pearl MP3 Player / Big disappointment

I received the 1GB RCA Pearl for Christmas from my mother. I use it fairly regularly, maybe 3x a week for the gym. I took good care of it, but it didnt take long for it to start acting strangely. It would skip songs suddenly and just start shutting off. I assumed it was the batteries. I...

INESUN / Terrible service!


Warning Warning: Don’t buy from (in Hong Kong), or on the Ebay site. They sell second chose articles (mine has worked for less than a hour). I bought a rear back mirror for my car. The send me another mirror (but they did not replaced the connection cable). That mirror...

PriceMad / Bogus company!


They say they have an item in stock, you order, they send an email stating you must call to confirm your order, then they try to sell you something else, then they tell you what you want is on back-order, then they tell you it is shipped & then they tell you it is on back order and...

EA Sports / Return Policy


Purchased 2 NBA Live 08 games for kids on 12/21/07. My step kids live in London, Ont. Canada. I live in Indiana, USA They came for x-mas vacation and we gave them these games for x-mas. They took them home and started to play them. They said that they put them in there psp's and...

Good Guys Photo / Accessory up sell , canceled order!


After ordering online, including giving my ccard CCV number, they called me to "confirm" my order. Instead, he tried upselling me a battery pack. When I declined, he hung up. After numerous attempts to get a live person on their phone line, the guy informed me my order had been...

BestPricedCameras / Scam and rip off!

I looked on line at I found a Sony digital hard drive movie camera that I had been looking at and seemed to have the best price. I ordered the camera on line. A few days after the order, on a Mother's Day Sunday I received a call from...

Girias, Coimbatore / Worst after sales response


This is one of the worst dealers in Coimbatore for consumer electornics as far as after sales is concerned. These people treat the customer respectfully only till they sell the product. Once it is sold, they dont even care to talk/listen to the customer. We had got a new washing machine from...

philps, vcd player, model no, fwv320 / services problem


Hi , I am mr. TAPAN KUMAR PODDAR, This complain for a mini music hifi system v320 vcd player, this is not working properly for last 3 month , I also have amc it no:- ilo [protected], I went to 1430 hitech laxminagar 101 kali ram 1st floar, anand nagar delhi:- 92, This is a philip...

City Advantage Protection Plan / Unable to resolve my issue, then terminated coverage due to technicality


I bought the CityAdvantage Protection Plan when I bought my HP Pavilion dv1000 laptop. After the manufacturer's warranty expired, the laptop began shutting itself down randomly. On some days, I would be working on a big document and would lose work when it happened, not to mention...

JVC Everio GZ-MG130 30GB Hard Disk Drive Camcorder / False Advertisement and a Scam


I ordered the camcorder. Got an email telling me to call them to confirm the order. Great. So I did. Then the guy told me that the battery comes with the camcorder only lasts for 15min for all camcorders under $500. I thought that was odd. But I needed the camcorder so I told him to...

Onida/ Microwave Oven / Sales promotion by false offer


I have purchased Onida microwave in the month of october, 2007. The demo person came to my house after ten days. That too after making telephonic complaint to Mumbai office. Moreover there was pre puja offer of gift worth Rs.1000/- with this purchase which I am yet to get after 5 months of...

Camcorder / Exercise Mat / Mail / Screwing up for 4 months straight!


Just absolutely ridiculous. On 2-11-08 a UPS driver came to my door and slapped an already written out InfoNotice on the door. My neighbor tried to informed the gentleman that I was home, but to no avail. She called me and informed me of the situation and I ran outside and made an...

Micromania - Cyprus / Unethical business style by Micromania in Cyprus

Ive been a customer there for about 3 years. Every gaming console and game i own, have been purchased from Micromania in Cyprus, but that is deeply regretted. Ive always known about it being quite pricey in relevance to its competitors but because its close to where i live and it ha...

Fortuna Enterprise / Bad quality products!

First of all I really wish I would have read these posts before I decided to enter into a business transaction with Fortuna. Moe from Fortuna enterprises sold me off $16,000.00 in merchandise. He put in writing and verbally committed that the items were refurbished in GRADE A condition...