Consumer Electronics Complaints | Page 4 / estate agent ripped off changed fee

Aug 21, 2018

This agent is been investigated by the Estate Agency Ombudsman, for misrepresenting and numerous other complaints on the internet, we had a terrible experience with them and had to get our solicitor involved, the whole process is hostile and unpleasant we got to exchange and they put 2%...

BatteriedePC/Cross Ocean Electronic Co Ltd / ac charger andd battery for sony camera

Aug 21, 2018

BatteriedePC company located in Perpignan France came first on my screen when looking for purchasing a Sony camera AC charger and a battery. The payment through Paypal was made to Cross Ocean Electronic Co, ltd. I got a payment connfirmation and for my commande saying it would be delivered...

Chaudhary Traders / super mini earpods bluetooth 4.0- black

Aug 21, 2018

Chaudhary TradersHead phone mic not working &size is also not fot in my ear. So i want to refund this item. Costomer servise no 021 [protected] is not attend by any body. My order no was [protected].please be ashure that this product to be refund & my mony back to me. I am the reguler costomer of

Shoes Supermarket / three waterproof flashlights.

Aug 19, 2018

Shoes SupermarketI ordered these flashlights July 13th 2018. At first it said I was supposed to get them on September 8th. Then when I complained it chainged the delivery to the 15th, And I still have not received them. I want my flashlights. Everytime they change the delivery date it says to wait a month. No update since July 18th. It's in the picture below. Help.

C Surance / I am complaining about a windscreen claim I lodged a month ago, it hasn't been resolved till today.

Aug 19, 2018

I logged a call to submit my claim for my broken windscreen, which broke shortly after I had gotten back my phone, the cellphone was of bad quality firstly, I dropped the fone once and the LCD was messed up. Anyway I tried to get ahold of the contact centre, after being made to hold the...

Best Buy Auburn Hills MI / return policy and manager

Aug 14, 2018

Purchased a 50" Smart TV and wall mount 19 days ago. I was NOT aware of the 15 day return policy. I tried to return the mount only — never opened the package with a receipt. We are keeping the TV. They would not accept the return. The Manager was not friendly, warm or empathetic and refused...

Shenzhen Mobile Shop / electronic device

Aug 14, 2018

Shenzhen Mobile ShopLeonardo offer me buy one get one free promotion. I accept and I sent money company account hsbc via wire transfer. 2 and half months later I got some goods from him wich is I never ever order or in my mind. I paid $3269usd but I got some junk products which is not even worth 40 canadian...

NAT Autos Spares / westpoint wf-8916 - knight rechargeable stand fan

Aug 05, 2018

NAT Autos SparesDear support Very disappointed with fake warranty advertised of this product from your team and power supply kit not designed according to Pakistani electricity conditions by vendor. Following is the product display link. The attached image is showing burnt supply...

Pogo (Part of EA) / they shut down for maintenance 07/31/18 and they stripped all loaded games off my computer.

Aug 04, 2018

This was a brand new computer 08/2017 - it was loaded by an IT and played great until 07/31/2018. Never had a problem with any game loading in that year. Pogo shut down for maintenance on 07/31/18 and I have been basically unable to load games quickly or for them to stay loaded. They...

E-Chargr / echargr for iphone

Aug 02, 2018

Order #CC667C8BB1, ordered 7/31/18. This company has no website or phone number in order to contact them. I have sent SEVERAL emails, with no response. They are falsely advertising. I wanted to order one of these and the price showed $4.99 on Facebook, but after I placed the order, they took...

Okanogan Highlands / customer service

Jul 31, 2018

7/31/2018 My name is Daniel Pratt, I called today to reactivate my phone, I have now spoke to 3 reps and 2 supervisors in you company. 1st call, can I have your information so I can put it into our system, hold on the system is loading your information, gave the my name, credit card #...

Elizabethtown bluegrass cellular / customer service

Jul 26, 2018

I've been a customer a long time, but have had little interaction with elizabethtown store until recently. My iphone did a factory reset and locked me out. I went to the store for help, and they were not very helpful, didn't seen to want to help. They called apple, handed me the phone and...

Diamond Plus Used Electronics / bompani electric oven

Jul 26, 2018

Diamond Plus Used ElectronicsOn 14 June 2018, we bought a Bompani oven with an electric ceramic top from Diamond Plus for Dh 1500, about half the price of a new oven. The vendor was unable to show us the oven as they dod not have a store but insisted on delivering the oven to our premises, after which payment could be...

Super Poor Service / how come a contact line can always in busy line

Jul 19, 2018

My gosh. Damn [censored] the puching pos laju. I calling for 30++ over something calls but no one want to pivk up the phone or just keep say line busy. Hello what's the service is this. My ordered has been arrived for one week and stuck at the puchong pos laju. Keep calling in and no one answer...

toshiba el araby group / fridge

Jul 15, 2018

toshiba el araby groupyousry hassan shabban [protected] [protected] my fridge is not working and its new i tried to call the warranty center and they didn't answer me they talk to me in a bad way i want to solve my fridge i cant eat and drink any thing and my complain is science 20 days can you help me please in...

Ellux / scream safe

Jul 13, 2018

The ad attempts to deceive the potential customer by stating something similar to "Ex XX Policemen: Every person should carry this device for their protection". The "XX" is the city that Yahoo has determined to be the location near the Yahoo user. However, the "XX" city changes every time...

Romoss Power Bank / romoss polymos 10 air

Jul 10, 2018

Romoss Power BankHi I have recently bought a new powerbank from you guys. The whole powerbank now has started to blow up and it looks like it will explode in a short while I have not used it alot as you will see on the photos. My wife also got one which be bought together and hers is still fine. I...

N Jagadeesan, F5, Alankar flats, 8/38,Selvi street, Dr.Seethapathy Nagar, Velachery, Chennai-600042, Tamil nadu / h96max 3328 4k hd tv android box

Jul 09, 2018

N Jagadeesan, F5, Alankar flats, 8/38,Selvi street, Dr.Seethapathy Nagar, Velachery, Chennai-600042, Tamil nadu1.Order no.RB557094525SG for H96MAX 3328 4K HD TV Android Box. On 01.06.2018 Paid $81.65 through Citibank credit card. 2. Product received on 28.06.2018 from Velachery Post office after making payment of ₹1713/- (Postage ₹1683 + Customs duty ₹30/-). 3. Suddenly product hanged couldn't browse...

LG Philippines / warranty

Jul 03, 2018

Attention: do not ever buy a lg product in the philippines.. My tv broke after 2 months of buying it and have been trying to get it fixed for 4 weeks now. They refuse to cover the repair saying that the warenty does not cover lightning, but this is an excuse they uses on all repair...

Aphrodite / all winner a33 tablet pc

Jul 02, 2018

This is the first of 3 items I was supposed to receive this month and you ask every day if I have received it Today I asked for more information on tracking the tablet and found out I can no longer claim compensation this is very unfare as I was not informed of a time limit. I will be...

Netgear, Inc / netgear ac 1750 model c6300 modem - router

Jul 02, 2018

On June 22nd my Internet would not work, after several reboot attempts I contacted my Internet Provider Spectrum and they tried with me to get internet up & running without success.The next day they sent a repair technician. He spent 2 1/2 hours trying to get the Netgear modem- router...

Hiseeu Security Store / the product received is not mine

Jun 29, 2018

I bought a 4.3 inch Digital Peephole Viewer (Order [protected]) from HiseeuSecurity Store. I received another product in which both the supplier and Aliexpress forced me to bear the returns charges. The return charges fess is around 39 USD and the refund amount is 38 USD. after 2 month...

Missing / usb power banks/ battery pack (2)

Jun 28, 2018

MissingMy name is mr. noel javier palomo. I took the flight from can to mnl june 28, 03:20 I even paid y870 rmb for my 1 checked-in baggage. When we arrived t3 manila airport, my black luggage was chalk marked with "x". It has now a yellow packaging straw marked "baiyunport". After checking my things when I reached home, I am missing my 2 original power banks.

Eliterio Alonso Rodriguez / 4-a id drone

Jun 22, 2018

Eliterio Alonso RodriguezLes pido por favor que el género que he comprado no es el mismo que me mandaron, y por favor quiero que me devuelvan el dinero y me recojan el dron, espero que ustedes tengan más formalidad que lo que han tenido ya que lo que me ha mandado ha sido una porquería por 87 con 54 €Así que como...

Love Trendy Store / order number: [protected] come to wrong address

Jun 21, 2018

I receive mail that inform Delivery success, but i check detail. It come to wrong address in other province. See the detail that i copy under here Tracking number: RX717999903CN Logistics company: China Post Registered Air Mail Shipment time: [protected]:38:28 Order information Order...

Coin Mining HQ / mining electrical unit

Jun 19, 2018

I paid about 6000 for innosilicon d9 (a mining unit for mine crypto currency) but they just sent me a very cheap electrical board. After that they never answer my emails at all. of course they don't have any phone number and any physical address. They have just an email address for cantact...

Huy Vu / hd camera

Jun 06, 2018

I bought the camera but when received them one of them did not recognized the Flash drive and other did not hold the charge. They sent one for replacement after 8 months the camera no longer able to charge agian. They said the camera only warranty for 2 months. Any products that said...

Tempoe LLC / fraudulent account set up in my name

Jun 05, 2018

Tempoe LLC purposely makes it so easy to set up an account and gain credit fraudelantly. Someone created an account in my name (misspelling it) and they did it with no ID, didnt run my credit, didnt use any references, didnt have my address or phone number. They used an address that I had...

Nutribullet RX / stopped working

May 30, 2018

My NutriBullet RX has stopped working. It began being temperamental rather early on. I make sure I client the blades after use and did try the warm water trick but in this case it seems to be the motor that just stopped spinning. It should still be under 12 month manufacturer warranty as I...

JTF / canon printer imagerunner c3525

May 29, 2018

JTF is a SCAM. Stay away from them. JTF shipped me late. I paid overnight but they shipped ground. very disappointing. I paid a new $ 8,000 printer but instead they shipped a refurbished one, non new printer. When I opened it there were sharpie marks here and there and 2 burn signs close to...

Macro Carnival / defy fridge

May 28, 2018

My mom bought a Defy fridge from Macro Carnival in 2016, before six months was up it broke and Defy was contacted and they sent a technician to come fix it. The fridge broke again and a defy technician was sent again and they said the fan had broken. So they could not fix it because they...

Sears Master Agreement Warranty / electric stove

May 22, 2018

I have had a sears Master Protection Agreement for years. I placed a service call for my electric range as it was not working properly. The technician came out and inspected the stove. He noted a few issues, including small items such as the door hinge, but his biggest concern was the bottom...

Aeronang / cctv bulb

May 15, 2018

AeronangI order of 2 items first.. It arrived as I expected time.. I order again but defective so the seller and I talk that he will change the items as long I order again and he will shoulder the fare of the said items but after I send the products back I pay the expenses and I order 5 items last...

Mckel Johnson / ps4

May 15, 2018

Mckel JohnsonI messgaed Mckel Johnson about buying his PS4. His original price was $200. I specifically asked if the game worked and if it came with a controller. He said yes to both. I made him an offer of $150 and he agreed to that price and asked could I pick it up that day. We agreed on a meeting...

An % Associates / wireless chargers

May 14, 2018

Two Wireless Chargers for my IPhone which do not work.. You guys need to doe the wright and refund my hard earned money.. product info sent via USPS Tracking # eVS [protected] [protected] HAWB #[protected] DHLec# [protected] Product wireless Charger / Socle DE Chargement SANS FIL Pad...

Order No. 300998856 (Daraz. Lk) / ld-082 super bass bluetooth subwoofer.

May 12, 2018

Order No. 300998856 (Daraz. Lk)I orded ld-082 blutooth soubwoofer and received it today. I am surprised it is different one. Different model number as well. Sound quality is like small pocket radio. I paid 6500lkr. Plesae take this back I don't need even my money back. Start investigation to find out some body ha...

Energizer Batteries / energizer batteries

May 08, 2018

Energizer BatteriesHello. Last Saturday, May 4th, I purchased 2 packs of Energizer batteries. They were $12.98 if you bought two or more packages. I bought AAs and AAAs. As soon as I got home, my husband put the AAs into our garden lights. Last night, we noticed that one of the lights stopped working and thi... / jammers

May 01, 2018

I purchased this product from them for a $149. I receive the product about 3 weeks later. I pulled the product out of the Box read the instructions put the product together as instructed and I noticed the number 1 antenna was very very loose wobbled around as you kind of shook the product...

Shopster / ear buds

May 01, 2018

I purchased Bluetooth Ear buds from this company and received the box January 3 2018. Even though the advertisement and the Box show 2 ear buds I only received one bu. I have written to their customer support 5 emails and a Facebook message with no response. Now the one Earbud I did... / never received merchandise after payment

Apr 24, 2018 pukong-electronics.comon march 20, 2018 i placed an order for 14 cellphone as a gift for my english class with pukong -electronics and mr terry li whon asure me that my order was being protected, only to get scam after they receiced my payment, they never again answer neither their phone nor emails. i got in...