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Wendy Siow Yun Wen / ramadhan festive promotion & extended warranty

Dec 13, 2018

Wendy Siow Yun WenSince my earlier complaint around mid Nov 2018, provided all the details with proofs & evidence especially the Extended Warranty Booklet which beyond your Malaysia Authorized Dealer, ETCM's denial, but regret that still no proper investigation being carried out 9n the branch & appropriate...

Auto Zone 2901 E. Florence Ave., Huntington Park CA 90255 / terrible customer service

Dec 13, 2018

On November of 2017 I purchased a a Duralast battery from this November of 2018 the battery no longer wanted to charge so I took it back and your facility exchanged it for a new one. Now on December 9, 2018 this new battery is not charging. So I took it so they can charge it...

EWS Vehicle Services Division / them so tasting me. by letter

Dec 12, 2018

I recently received a letter from this company offering an extended warranty on a vehicle that I don't own. I knew it was a.scam since it doesn't list the kind of vehicle or model that I was supposed to own. The letter suggest that I contact them by calling [protected]. Please note that...

Ford Focus 2014 / fuel system faulty

Dec 11, 2018

I was happy with this car until recently, my fuel pump was replaced and my purge valve and now my purge valve needs replaced again and if that doesnt solve it i need a new gas tank...So on line seeing this that it is a consistent problem with the year of vehicle. Not cool that ford would...

Midtown Kia / returning my new kia soul

Dec 10, 2018

I bought the kia (my third one with midtown kia) it was on a 11/23/18. It had 48 miles? I put some miles on it now has total of 120 miles. I got at call late fri. The day I got the car. From my dr. I have cancer and will not be able to drive. So I call sat. The 24th and talked to mike in...

2013 Silverado LTZ Truck / 5.3 engine with fuel management system

Dec 5, 2018

I purchased a new truck from Chevrolet Dealership. After 150, 000 miles I am having to basically re-build the engine due to the problems associated with the fuel management system. In talking with the maintenance group at the dealer, GM have known that the enigines with this supposedly...

Gico / gico claim

Dec 4, 2018

GicoHi my Name is Kerron Fortune, I was a previous Gico member under my mother's insurance for the past 15 years. In 2015 I moved to Atlanta and switched to insurance with State Farm. Two months ago I relocated back to New York and last month I decided to join my mother's insurance again. I...

Wondefoo / dsp ips screen 4g android 8.0/android 8.1 2 din car multimedia player for ford focus mondeo s-max c-max galaxy kuga gps stereo

Dec 3, 2018

This seller was a completely nightmare for me. They did not had in stock the radio I bought and they even gave me a fake tracking number from dhl to gain more time. After 3 weeks I had to open a dispute to gain my money back. I am still waiting for my money, most probably this is the last...

Mountain Gate Trailer Park / parking /manager

Nov 29, 2018

Mountain Gate Trailer ParkMore than two cars in our driveway no matter how big the family is absolutely ridiculous we are supposed to walk a half a block to get our cars out of a fenced-off area they try and say it's for the community is it really when most of the community wants to move they will not give us the...

O'Neil GMC- Warminster / service department

Nov 28, 2018

I took my car for service, I fixed couple things and hold the most expensive one. I called back to order it, but the store clerk asked for 745 instead of 530 dollars. I had to call the service advisor, but I was chocked with the phone operator complaining that I am calling a lot. So...

Govender Law / audi rs5.

Nov 28, 2018

Good Day Audi Germany team, As an avid Audi driver and member of Audi South Africa's Cape Town chapter of the club as a paid member. I wanted to bring this to your attention of the poor service and workmanship of Audi Centre Cape Town. I am receiving no appropriate feedback or...

Scrubber Doctor / 2016 ford transit 250 van

Nov 27, 2018

Took to dealer for Oil Change and problem with dashboard display going on-off intermittantly. Dealer repair the display saying that is was a corroded wiring harness in the drivers footwell and had to be rewired. The van is 2 years old it does have about 70k miles to here that a wiring...

Auto Pedigree Groblersdal / financing

Nov 26, 2018

Hi I am Naso Makeke, I bought the car with auto pedigree Groblersdal on the 01 November 2018 and the day I had to collect the car was lot of faulty on it and I asked them to fix everything before I can take the car, it was taken to repair, but till today I didn't get the car, the manager...

Paryus Patel MD a Medical Corp / jeep grand cherokee overland version 2012

Nov 25, 2018

I purchase a new jeep grand cherokee overland version in 12/2012 vin 1carjfct8cc190839 as my 3rd car. It's stored in my garage and has 33120 miles till now has had multiple recalls and take n to service dealers and most of the time the recall parts are not available in stock and have...

Ford Motor Company. Muscat Oman / service: fault not fixed complaint

Nov 24, 2018

Dear sir/Madam The issue I Have experienced: I have taken my vehicle twice this month on 10/11/18 and 17/11/18 to ford agency Muscat; Oman for a problem of sudden slowing down during driving, they kept the vehicle every time for 48 hours and claim that it was fixed. But still I have same... / tire installation

Nov 21, 2018

NTB.comI ordered tires on the website 4 touring a/s on november 17th 2018. I made my apointment for november 21st 2018, when I arrived they said that all my tires are not in yet. The clerk told me hed call me when they come in didnt offer me another brand of tire and he didnt try to see if...

Acura TL Dashboard Cracking / 2006 acura tl

Nov 18, 2018

I got up this past Friday morning to go to work to find a 6 inch crack/slit in my dash over the air bag on the passenger side. I could see a spot that looked odd for a while and solid not realize it was where the air bag is. I just hit 100, 000 miles and take care of the car as get...

Comm of Mass / 2015 chey silverado 1500

Nov 14, 2018

To Whom it may concern, My name is Marcus Warner, I have a vehicle that has a defected roof part a part that should have been weather resistant for a longer period of time. I have taken it to my local dealer, I've talked to customer assistance and no one seems to able to assist me with...

Battery king zambia / cancellation of hosting services

Nov 7, 2018

We step up an email service subscription ( in October, 2017 to be hosted on your platform for 12 months through Comtech Innovations ([protected] and we had put in a request with them two months ago to cancel the subscription so that we can use another...

big o tire east cheyenne wyoming / my tires and the work they did on my car they messed up bad...

Nov 6, 2018

I went into big o about a week or 2 ago to have my thermostat replaced. My car was damaged where it wasn't before. My tires were too big and damaged my car. My receipts were taken from my glove compartment. The tires were changed and now they're too small. I was then told I wasn't allowed...

Napoli Kia Indoor Auto Outlet / service at kia napoli indoor auto outlet 241 boston post rd milford ct

Nov 5, 2018

Hi I have been a kia customer for almost 16 years. I purchased 2 kia sorento's, a 2003 and a 2015. I took very good care of my cars at the dealer for service for over $10, 000 for the 2003 and i would like to explain about the service for the 2015, of which i bought the extra ins for $1734.57 i...

Smith & Sons Auto / commercial mgr

Nov 4, 2018

Talladega Soto has superseded themselves and not only unprofessionalism but ignorance letting an employee arrest and sexually misconduct herself in a business owners place appals me we went above board and called every district manager in general manager to resolve this situation that...

W.d. Construction / burnt valves on 2013 ford f150 need new engine

Nov 3, 2018

we are a dedicated ford family, we have mustangs, ford f150s. we have bought 4 new ford trucks and 1 mustang. since I have purchased the trucks I have had nothing but lemons. we are just about ready to move to the other side. bought a new 2011 f150. didnt even have 10, 000 miles on it and...

Nissan Canada Inc. / nissan titan xd

Nov 2, 2018

Nissan Canada Inc.Hello, My name is Kristie Istead, I purchased a brand new 2016 Nissan Titan Xd on Mother's Day of 2017. This was my dream truck that took me 10 years to get, and honestly I've never been let down my a company so much. In the year and half that I've owned it it's now been into the shop over...

Dublin Hyundai / service

Oct 31, 2018

You can read my complaint on Yelp. It was posted today by Rich S. It's in regards to bad service at your Dublin location. I will never buy anything from your company again. I'm a bartender and I plan to let everyone I know to steer clear from your Dublin location. We have a saying in the...

Julian Hutto / windshield phone holder

Oct 31, 2018

I ordered a cell phone window holder and have not received it yet $ 29.76 supposedly order number C4456279933029.1, I received a email from [protected] saying that it was mailed out on 10-25-18, I believe it is a scam I see a lot of honest working people are complaining about not recieving their products and if so I'm going too report to BBB.

Middlebury Union High School / 2017 pacifica

Oct 30, 2018

My 2017 Pacifica has an issue with the power steering. The power steering will become unavailable while driving. The van is nearly impossible to steer when this happens. The problem started in May of 2018 and continued to worsen until we convinced the dealership it was a problem. The...

The Lincoln Motor Company / safety recall notice 17s01 / nhtsa recall 17v-024

Oct 29, 2018

Back in March 2017 I received an "Important Safety Recall" for my 2008 Lincoln MKX related to the passenger frontal airbag inflating and the possibility of it rupturing with metal fragments striking occupants. My husband immediately went into Juettner Motor here in Alexandria, MN and wa...

Jeep Renegade Trailhawk 2016 / frequently break down

Oct 28, 2018

Jeep Renegade Trailhawk 2016This car broke down again!! For the fifth time. Before the 36000 had b en in the shop because it's was overheating and the sunroof didn't want to closed, now have been without a car since Tuesday October 23, 2018. I had canceled May vacation again! I really need a dependable car, please help...

Showcars Fiberglass & Steel Body Parts Unlimited / terrible quality, terrible service

Oct 26, 2018

Showcars Fiberglass & Steel Body Parts UnlimitedIf anyone is looking to purchase Fiberglass parts, DO NOT buy from Rob Johnston at Showcars Unlimited Fiberglass and autobody parts. I had ordered fenders and a nose which he said he would have them done in 3 weeks. Well 3 weeks came and went and all he had done was the nose. I paid him...

Lia Hyundai Albany, NY / 2012 hyundai repairs

Oct 26, 2018

Brought 2012 in for repairs when returned the remote would turn the ignition with smart key in my pocket had to turn the steering wheel very hard and this happened every morning after the car sat in the garage overnight. Call Service advisor left messages twice he did not return my call...

Honda BRV / reverse parking camera & lcd + quality music system

Oct 23, 2018

Being passionate about Honda, bought BRV (Petrol/auto version) in 2016 at a high price in hyderabad - India with some vital features missing in today's time which are standard on many other equivalent brands. - unable to understand how Honda can compromise or allow Indian dealership to sell...

Pepboys-Raleigh, NC Davis Circle Drive / tires services/billing

Oct 23, 2018

Pepboys-Raleigh, NC Davis Circle DriveFriday -10/19/2018 tire blew and called pepboys towing and they tow my car to the nearby location to the pepboys on davis circle, raleigh, nc. I already wanted to get a full tire set but I was told during my appointment that they only had two tires in stock for my vehicle from pepboy...

Curtis Burnes / 9638 mesa drive houston texas 77078

Oct 23, 2018

Curtis BurnesI purchased a Short fan wrench for the auto shop that was repairing my 98 Dodge waterpump. The package was already opened before I purchased but I did not think that I would have any issues. I have never had any issues with Oreilly but this store has so many issues. The manager being a...

AES Electrical A.Dilley / netstar tracker

Oct 23, 2018

Dear Altech Netstar I entered into a contract with netstar purely because my insurance company insisted on it in 2011for my Jag 2.2 diesel estate. It has never worked since then I have complained several times for someone to attend, but no one bothers to return the call-the original...

NTV / oil change appt

Oct 22, 2018

I was very disappointed when I get to my appointment and NTB wouldn't honor my online price from their website. They said I need another type oil, but I ask if they could honor my online since I left my job early to have this service done. My online amount was 24.99 and they wanted me to...

O'Riley's / heater core hoses

Oct 20, 2018

I took heater core hose in to get 2 new ones cut they cut 3/4 I need 5/8 hose took back next day when I tried put them on wrong size took them back said no refunds or exchange on rolled hose I didn't cut them so not my mistake so not right I have buy new hoses for ur employees mistake I...

Strutmasters / conversion kit for e 500 2004

Oct 19, 2018

StrutmastersBad experience with not only their bad design conversion kit but with the sales people, strut masters lied about the delivery time, 2 weeks delayed to begin with, c/s did not have answers for the delay, always lying, once i got the product mymechanic had a hard time installing the front...

Cheryl A Campbell / vehicle registration

Oct 17, 2018

We were gone for 3-1/2 months over 2018 summer. Our mail was forwarded while we were that process, we did not receive the renewal notice. We did receive the notice of delinquent payment, along with a late fee. How do I contact someone to refute the late fee? I call the 800 number...

Nafila Bellemou / mazda cx9 engine check light repeated times

Oct 16, 2018

Nafila BellemouMultiple times I had my Mazda CX9 checked at Sterling, VA store, and each time I was told the "gas cap" causing engine check light. I replaced the cap twice, but light persisted, and had inspection repeated. Was told again, the gas cap. Finally, after the 3ed time they told me FIX will...