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Gex International review: Rebuilt engine

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I purchased a 1600cc VW engine in June of 2023 and it came with a faulty flywheel, had oil leaks and started to knock on the #3 cylinder. Drained oil prior to shipping engine back to them for evaluation and oil had metal filings.

Prior to shipping engine back, I had them ship me a replacement flywheel and installing the replacement required removing the engine at my time and cost. At this time, I complained of the oil leaks at the sump plate and oil pump cover and they told me they now use metal washers instead of the VW copper washers and sealing nuts.

They had the engine over a month after I sent it back to GEX, so I called to check the status. They told me the knock was from a cracked rocker arm spacer block and was normal for metal filings to be in the oil. I didn't want this engine back due to lack of confidence and wanted to get reimbursed. It took them 2 weeks of me calling only to be told that all sales are final.

Claimed loss: ~$3000

Desired outcome: Get reimbursed for this sale.

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